Fallen It hurts. Sometimes more than others. But its always there to remind that he left. Everthing reminds me of him, of THEM. The first four months where sheer agony. I would hardly eat, I didnt leave my room if necessary. I feel empty, hollow except for the hole in my chest. I get nightmares that scare and scar me. To others it would seem stupid, but I know the meaning of it. Im searching for someone that I will never have again. That I never had in the first place. Im a empty, broken shell that will never be fixed completely. But I finally realized the pain I was causing Charlie. He was suffering with me, and he didnt need to be. So I tried to not let my pain show. I started working harder on my homework to try and distract myself. That might be how I ended up in this situation...

"Bella, did you hear me? Damn it Im trying to talk to you and your not even listening,"
Charlies voice brought me out of the recap of my poor excuse for a life.

"Sorry dad, I'll try to-"I was cut off by my dads fist slamming into the table.

"No dont apologize, I dont think I can stand to hear you say your going to try harder,
you already try so damn hard its not funny!" he exclaimed. After he had calmed down he continued, "as I was saying, I wanted to bring your brother, Aaron, out here and take you with him back to Quantico with him" he finished, looking at me to see my reaction.
My face broke into a grin, suprising him and me. I missed my big, overprotective brother.
Ed-he always said I was observent. Its because my brother is a FBI agent. Not just that but he works in the BAU. He rubbed off on me. I bet I could become a BAU agent. All I had to do was get a degree, if not even that. Hmm...

"Dad, what I said I wanted to not only live with Aaron but become a FBI agent?" I had to ask him but I knew he would be happy, just because I was finally showing a emotion other than depression.

"I think that would be a awesome career, Bells. But are you sure? i mean you've seen how it affected your brother-" but I cut him off.

"Theres nothing wrong with Aaron! So what he doesnt smile as much? I don't smile anyway,
plus there are good people he works with, they would watch out for me. Please dad, this could be my only chance to be happy again" I finished in a whisper. he searched my face to see if this was what I truely wanted, then sighed.

"Okay" he said.

"So when will he get here?" I asked, excited that I would see my brother soon.

"He should be here in about-"he was cut off by the door bell. I looked at the door then at Charlie.

"Now? Hes here now?"I sreeched at him. He just nodded. The door was now knocked on.

"Coming!"I yelled as I scrambled up out of my chair. I rushed to the door and launched myself at my brother.

"I missed you! Where the hell have you been!" I screamed at him as I pushed away from him.

"Work now whats your excuse?" he said while smiling. I huffed and was pulled back into Aarons arms, gentler than before but still crushing. I hugged him back just as tight. Now that I think about it, its good that Im leaving for the fact Victoria would be looking for me. Looking for revenge. I shook off those thoughts and focus on the way I felt safe in my brothers arms, just like when I was little.

"How long will you be here?" I asked asked while I pulled out of his arms.

"As long as it takes for you to pack up your things" He answered grinning. I gasped.

"How did-" I cut myself off."Profiler" I muttered. He answered me still grinning,

"Welcome to the team".