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Kagome sighed as the warm water, flooded her body. Her senses dulling and she leaned against the wall slightly jumping when the cold contrasting wall pressed against her back. Her hair had grown considerably since she had first boarded the ship. It was easily making its way to her waist, but not quite there yet.

It had been a couple weeks since the incident of the bedroom, and Kagome noticed some very weird things happening around the ship.

She hadn't seen Miroku or Sango talking at all, and every time she asked her friend what was wrong she gave her a sadden look and walked away. Kouga and Inuyasha were miraculously getting along, unless for those stupid arguments they got in.

She closed her eyes and held in her laughter at the memory…

"Hey Kagome tell the scrawny wolf I'm going to be showering okay, so his gay ass doesn't barge in on me." Before letting Kagome agree he turned and closed the door behind him as he entered the bathroom.

Kagome was walking to her room when she noticed Kouga walking with a towel and a fresh pair of clothes. Kagome remembered what Inuyasha had told her and she quickly walked in front of Kouga blocking his way.

"Kagome I can't talk to you right now I really want to take a shower tell me later alright?"

"B-but Kouga Inuyasha-" Kouga didn't let her finish and side-stepped while continuing his journey to the bathroom.

Kagome kept trying to make him listen but Koug simply wouldn't let her get a word in without stopping her. Kagome blushed when she saw him walk into the bathroom and closing the door. She could hear his clothes dropping to the floor and him walking to the shower.



"What do you mean why am I in here? I'm fucking showering get the fuck out!"

"Whatever man! You could've stopped me I know you heard me walking!"

"I thought it was fucking Kagome!"

"Why would she come in here with you?"

Kagome had sighed when she heard thrashing and simply walked away.

Coming back to reality she closed her eyes and thought back to the very beginning, Inuyasha had been a jerk. Sango and her barely talked, Miroku was a stupid perv. She rolled her eyes and giggled Miroku hadn't changed at all.

She leaned over and turned the water off, scrambling to grab a towel. She was absolutely freezing. Finally grabbing the towel she carelessly wrapped it around her body, and another one over her hair.

Opening the door she slid into her room and went over to the door closing it and going back over to her bed. Throwing her towel off she took the towel off her head and started to run her finger though her lovely black hair. There was a rather rude knock at her door and she figured it was either Kouga or Inuyasha. Grabbing her once abandoned towel she quickly covered herself.

"You can come in now." Kagome said smiling when she noticed Kouga and Inuyasha were both at her door and arguing about who was going to come through the door first. They both looked at her and their jaws dropped from the lovely sight of Kagome sitting on the edge of her bed. Legs crossed exposing some of her tanned skin; she was slightly leaning forward causing her breast to press together.

Both walked in the room not paying attention at who had won their petty argument moments ago.

"Did you all need anything?" Kagome asked smiling her dazzling smile while pushing a stray lock of hair behind her ear. They both just stood there staring at her like she was some sort of prized meat. Kagome coughed trying to get their attention to where it had been before they saw her like this.

"Oh…yeah me and Kouga just wanted to hang out, is that alright?"

Without really waiting for her answer they both headed to a chair and simply started starring at her.

"Uhhh yeah right…let me go get changed and I'll be right out!" Kagome got up from the bed and calmly walked to the still steamy bathroom.

Kouga looked back over at Inuyasha and a smile played across his handsome tan features. Inuyasha looked confused at Kouga still not figuring out why the hell Kouga was smiling about.

"Why the hell are you smiling for?"

Kouga looked at Inuyasha with a blank expression; looking as if that was the stupidest question anyone could've asked him.

"Okay we both know Kagome is one of the most beautiful woman we have ever seen right?" he continued when Inuyasha nodded 'yes' "Well I say we seduce her and fuck her."

Inuyasha frowned heavily and crossed his arms over his chest. "You do know that she's a virgin right?"

"This makes it all the better, she knows us and knows we love and care for her."

"Yeah…I guess you're right, but you do know it's going to be hard to seduce her. Oh and her mouth feels so amazing." Inuyasha smiled as pride filled his chest, he had been Kagome's first in practically anything sexual. He smiled wider when he realized how jealous Kouga seemed to be, fisting his hands and his body shook.

Kouga's frown disappeared and he smirked at Inuyasha. "Well when we do get her to agree I will be the one who takes her first."

It was Inuyasha's turn to get mad and he immediately stood up and looked Kouga straight in the eye, tilting his head up just a bit.

"And what the hell makes you think you're that special! We both know that she actually 'loves' me, so don't waste your breath."

"Maybe because she will see that I'm bigger then you."

"What the fuck are you talking about!"

"Come on Inuyasha we all know wolf demons are the second biggest. Your kind is the biggest but you're only half demon Inuyasha."

Inuyasha paled at that and put a finger to his lips silencing Kouga, Kagome still didn't know that he was a half demon.

"Shhh…She doesn't know I am, so don't say anything like for real, okay?"

"Yeah sure whatever…Haha now where were we my small friend."

"Will you shut the hell up I'm bigger then you!"

"There's only one way to figure it out Inuyasha…and of course this isn't meant to be gay just a friendly completion." Kouga watched quietly as Inuyasha thought things over.

"Okay Kouga get ready to be embarrassed!"

Kouga nodded his head and they both started unbuckling their belts and pulled their pants down, leaving them both in their simple black boxers.

Kagome had finally gotten changed and blow-dried her hair. She looked in the mirror wondering why she cared how she looked like anyways, it was only Inuyasha and Kouga.

She walked to the door and opened and standing frozen in place, she half screamed and both men looked at her.

Kouga smirked and quickly pulled his pants up, trying really hard not to let himself blush. Inuyasha was the one who blushed heavily and grabbed his shorts throwing them up his torso.

Kouga was the first to break the awkward silence. "Kagome it's not what you think honestly!"

"Y-yeah what he said!"

"You know what I didn't see anything!" Kagome blushed and pushed past them heading for the door and walking out. Kouga and Inuyasha stayed frozen in place and heard her open the door once again.

"Oh and I know who's bigger!" With that she closed the door and went on her way to find Sango.

Kouga and Inuyasha smiled to themselves and looked at each other frowning when they saw the other smiling.

"Wipe that shit eating grin off your face!" Inuyasha yelled as he pushed Kouga.

"You know I'm bigger!" Kouga let himself be pushed and continued smirking.

"You know what lets prove this for real! I'll go get a ruler and you go get a porn magazine!"


With that they both left the room…