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warning: there will be rape read at your own risk. its nothing really graphic.

Kagome awoke and groaned when she realized it had not been a nightmare, but it had been real. Her thoughts went to her mom who had been slaughtered. Tears fell down her face and she curled up in a little ball, wanting all of this to go away.

"Hey wench come to my room." The captain sounded mad about something. But she wasn't going to move from this bed no matter what happened. Inuyasha waited for what seemed to be forever and got fed up with her stubbornness.

He came down the steps towards her; Inuyasha came and pulled her hair to make her look at him.

"Ugh, stop it your hurting me!" he smirked and let her go.

"I thought I told you to come to my room." He towered over her and he waited for her reply.

"It's not like you control me, I'm not anything with you, and you can't tell me to do anything." She had that fire in her eyes again.

"I was going to say that we have found a town and I need you to show me where you sense a dark aura." Kagome got up and walked past him. His eyebrow twitched, she had been extremely rude ever since she got on his ship. He ran over to her and pinned her against the wall, he went to her ear and seductively whispered into her ear.

"Don't disrespect me human or you will pay dearly." He was prepared for her to cry or scream but he smelt arousal. He smirked he now knew that she liked it rough, her and him are going to get along just fine. He let her drop and went to his room, he sat on his bed and frowned remembering something he never wanted to remember.

A young Inuyasha had come back for the love of his life; he saw a girl walking along the shore and ran towards her. She looked just like the girl he had seen five years ago.

"Is it really you?" She smiled and nodded her eyes glowing with happiness. Inuyasha walked up to her and embraced her. He gently stroked her hair and looked at her deep in the eyes.

"What's your name?" He realized that he had yet to know her name.

"My name is Kikyo." She smiled and stroked his cheek. A terribly crash was heard behind them and Inuyasha stood in front of her protectively growling and drawing his sword. There stood a man with a black and red coat. He had a devious smile and lust filled eyes looking at Kikyo.

He disappeared and appeared behind Kikyo grabbing her and jumping into the air with her squirming to get away.

"Help me!" Inuyasha jumped into the air and tried to snatch her back only to be thrown back into the ground.

"If you wish to retrieve her just lend me the pearl and a girl named kagome." With that he disappeared with Kikyo screaming.


Inuyasha snapped back to reality and sighed heavily realizing that he had to trade the girl at the bottom of his ship for Kikyo. He had been so sure that he wouldnt mind giving up that kagome girl but now he was having second thoughts...

Kikyo lay sprayed out on his bed, she was sick of waiting for Inuyasha. The foolish half-demon had believed her little lie. She and Naraku's plan seemed so good at the time.

But now she doubted it was even going to work, she closed her eyes when she heard the door open.

"Naraku I see that you're done." She got up and pushed him against the wall running a cool finger across his cheek.

"Naraku our plan isn't working he won't get Kagome and we won't be able to get our revenge!" She retreated from his hold and calmly sat down on the bed and pouted. She had hated Kagome since they were little; she even got the handsome boy to want her instead of her.

She didn't even love Naraku; he had in fact stolen her innocence. She shuddered when the memory crept back into her mind.

It had been six years since Naraku had kidnapped her and today he looked at her differently. He had told her to meet him in his room. A shiver ran down her spine when she opened the door and saw a sixteen year old Naraku lying on his bed. She tried her best not to let her gaze wonder to his exposed organ.

"Yo-you needed me." He didn't respond but nodded his head forward, telling her to come closer. Kikyo cautiously walked over to him and sat on the edge of the bed. Naraku smelled her fear and crawled towards her pinning her down on her back underneath him. She squeezed her eyes shut as he licked her neck and begin to unto her kimono.

"Naraku no! I'm only thirteen, I want to save myself!" Tears formed at the corner of her eyes. But he ignored it and pressed on. Her young under developed breast fell out into view. And before she could protest he quickly licked her pink bud.

Realizing how wrong this was Kikyo slapped him and scrambled to get away, and ran to the door. Naraku grabbed her hair and yanked her back into the bed. His eyes were flushed with lust and annoyance this time he wasn't so gentle and roughly clawed all of her clothes off, leaving her bare and cold.

He smirked and planed a kiss on her neck.

"Naraku pl-please stop this!" He growled loudly and pinned her arms above her head and placed himself between her legs. He rubbed her sensitive bud ravishing the look on her face as she held back her moans.

"Does it feel good bitch!" He roughly penetrated her tight entrance with three fingers."

"You bastard! You don't know the first thing about pleasing a woman!" She quickly regretted her words when he slid his fingers out and slammed his impressive ten-inch manhood. He growled at her tightness while he felt her blood trickling down his shaft.

"AHHH!" Kikyo cried out in pure pain. Her legs trembled and she was soon crying. Naraku couldn't care less and started to slam inside of her, without any concern for her wellness.

Soon though Kikyo felt warmness spread around her and an unfamiliar feeling came and exploded inside of her. It was her very first orgasm and she went wild.

"Ahhhh…. Naraku Fas-faster pleases!" Naraku smirked and flipped them so he was on his back and she was on top of him. She blushed and gasped when he grabbed her hips and started to buck underneath her. She placed her hands on his chest and started to meet his thrusts.

They were both soon panting heavily and she came once again screaming his name in pure bliss, Naraku hearing her scream his name came right after her. And she collapsed on-top of him and rolled to her side. She smiled when he pulled her closer to him and hugged her sweetly.

"I love you Kikyo."

"I-I love you to." She shuddered in disgust, how dare he take her innocence.

"Kagome will you stop trying to escape!" This was her tenth time that day she had tried to escape his ship. He caught her and threw her over his shoulder, holding in his laughter when he looked at her face. She is quite beautiful when she's upset.

Kagome blushed when she noticed him staring and looked away.

When they had reached the bottom of the ship he placed on her bed and sat on the edge of the bed.

"So um what rown were you talking about this morning?" She tried to make the awkwardness fade away.

"Oh yeah, we have spotted a town and we are going to investigate it tonight, I have a few warning to tell you though. But before that MIROKU SANGO STOP LISTENING IN!"

Outside of the door Miroku and Sango nervously laughed and hurried away from the door. Miroku picked up Sango and grasped her hands in his. Looking her deep in the eyes.

"Sango i…" he didn't get to finish when she hugged him and tensely walked away. Miroku sighed and flopped onto the floor.

"Anyways." Inuyasha started again.

"This town there has been rumors of a dark and evil demon I'm thinking its Naraku, and he has someone very dear to me. I need you to go around town with me and remember this kagome don't drink anything this people give you. They love to take beautiful young women and turn them into prostitutes."

Kagome shuddered where she came from prostitutes were the lowest class of women.

"Did you just call me beautiful." It had come out without her knowing and she quickly blushed and played with a loose strand of hair.

"Keh whatever I said young women not an old hag like you." He felt his ears flatten at the sight of her face. Her face was filled with sadness.

She got up and started to walk away Inuyasha got up and walked behind her grabbing her shoulders making her stop.

"Look I didn't…"

"I will help you find Naraku and that woman for you." She pushed his hand away and quietly walked up the stairs to the very tip of the boat. (That place where Jack and rose were in titanic when he held her arms out) Inuyasha followed her and his breath hitched. She looked stunning.

The sunset teasingly made her look like she was glowing. Her black ebony hair flew back, and she had the biggest smile he'd seen ever seen on women. Her eyes were shut and she just plainly looked stunning.

"Inuyasha." Sango's voice made his gaze leave the young women quickly and looked down at her.

"Yes Sango?"

"Do you want me to dress her up for tonight's mission?" Inuyasha nodded and went his room getting ready for tonight's outing.

After hours of getting ready looking in the mirror and smirked. He had a white tight dress shirt with three buttons undone, to show of his well built muscle. His hair was tied up in a high pony-tail, his face looked extremly sculpted. All an All he looked sexy as hell.

When he was done admiring himself, he stepped out and his crew actually looked sophisticated, not like their usually sloppy appearance.

"Sango, wench will you hurry up already!"

Sango came out very well dressed with a light blue dress that clung to her body, she never took off her boots and Inuyasha rolled his eyes. Her hair was straightened to its limit. Inuyasha was over taken by his desire to see kagome. He spotted her coming up and looked dumbly at her.

She was wearing a dark red dress, with slight make-up on. Her hair was curly and half of it was pinned up slightly. When she walked her curls bounced with her. The way her hair decorated her face was flawless. She showed a bit of cleavage and it went up a little past her thighs. When she leaned her face upwards he noticed she had red lipstick on matching her dress.

The deep red color made her black hair stand out. She walked past him and followed Sango and the other men off the ship.

'How dare he not compliment how I look?' She crossed her arms and entered a bar waiting for Sango to return. She noticed the man behind the counter eyeing her.

"Miss do you want a drink?" He innocently smiled and handed her the drink. Still mad over what Inuyasha had'nt said she stubbornly grabbed the drink and swallowed it in one gulp.

Remembering what Inuyasha had said she sprang upwards but fell to the ground her mind was racing.