AN: In case you were wondering, my story takes place one year after the Fourth Shinobi War. As for some of you who are requesting for more girls, I am strictly doing these eight first. Oh and Lemons start in the next two chapters(Yay, look at the drop of readers :P) so wait till then. I also have a Naruto x Samus story under works so please look forward to that, as well as Naruto x Morrigan but that one is still in its early stages. Anyways, Enjoy.

In the middle of the calm ocean, a small boat carried seven beautiful women. This particular boat was not your usual boat, it had weird engravings of frogs and it sailed without oars or anything else it just magically sailed towards its destination. It was small but enough room for them to fit comfortable with no luggage. In the first row, Hinata and Kurenai sat facing towards the others. In the middle row Kushina and Mikoto sat back to back. In the back row from left to right was Konan, then Shizune in the middle and finally the Mizukage, Mei Terumi were all facing everybody from the back. They really didn't have much to do, none of them wanted to talk to each other since they all had the same common goal. The quiet sounds of water hitting the against the boat was all that could be heard.

Kushina sighed, the heat was getting to her head. "It's... So hot -tebane!" she whined breaking the silence.

The raven haired beauty turned to her leaned in closed and gently blew on Kushina's face.

"How's that Kushi-chan?" the woman winked at her with a smile.

"Ahh, Mikoto-chan, do it again" pleaded the sweating red-headed woman.

"Okay but Kushi-chan has to blow on me too!" the other women playfully pouted. "Okay!" As Kushina grinned she leaned in and gently blew on the glistening skin of her friend.

"How's that?" with a sultry voice, Kushina whispered. "Feels great" her friend moaned.

Like a light bulb, Hinata furiously blushed at the scene across from her. She had her hands placed on her lap as she stared with wide eyes at her crush's mother and her friend acting like school girls.

Kurenai, who sat next to Hinata, ignored the two and just admired the bright blue ocean which brought her to think of a certain someone. "How Beautiful..."

Mikoto giggled "Kushina-chan you're spitting now"

Kushina looked at her friend and noticed that her face was covered in her saliva.

Kushina scratched the back of her head and nervously chuckled. "Sorry" Then an idea popped into her head. "Oh!" Kushina leaned in closer to Mikoto's face and slowly licked her cheek.

"How is that gonna help?" The dark haired woman asked and giggled as Kushina kept licking different parts of her face.

At this point Hinata was many shades of red. She wondered if Naruto would ever do that to her. She wondered if he was skilled with his tongue, soon Hinata had many dirty thoughts about her and the blonde that she didn't notice Konan's deep stare. She had been eyeing the girl since they departed. Konan did not hate Hinata Hyuuga infact she was quite fond with the girl and had a lot of respect for her. However during the time Konan came to fall for the blonde she made it clear to Hinata that they were "Love Rivals". Hinata was snapped out of her thoughts when she noticed Konan's scary stare. Hinata looked away trying to shake away the Paper user's glare. Konan raised her hand and used her chakra to form a small paper air plane out of the front of her hand. She sent it flying towards the timid girl, Hinata stared at the girl across from her before picking the paper plane in her lap and read the message.

"Naruto + Konan"

It also had a small drawing of a chibi Naruto carrying Konan in a bridal style while she had hearts in her eyes. Hinata took noticed at the chibi version of herself, she frowned as she was on the floor dead while Naruto stood on top of her. Hinata sweatdropped as she gave her love rival a small nervous smile.

Konan rarely showed emotion the only time she'd show a genuine smile was when she was with Naruto or when she thought about him. The blue haired angel however liked showing Hinata her scary sadistic side, a side that rivaled the Dango loving woman, Anko. Every once in a while she'd show the girl many images of who she was going up against or torment her with origami.

Konan smirked a little as she thought how she was going to get her man and crush the Hyuuga girl. She looked to the middle row where Kushina and Mikoto were sitting and noticed they stopped all their crazy licking and blowing, trying to catch their breath. There was more than just Hinata in her way to get Naruto. She looked to her side and noticed that the Hokage's assistant had fallen asleep on her shoulder mumbling in her sleep. She decided to give one last cold look to Hinata before waking Shizune up with a gentle tug at her shoulder.


The medic-nin then yelped "Naruto-kun stop it!" and pushed Konan out of her seat.

The dreaming woman then opened her eyes and look around at her surroundings. Everybody was staring at her, she felt a burning sensation on her face. "I'm so sorry!" she quickly bowed up and down. Shizune then noticed she had pushed down Konan on the floor. The medic-nin then did something that didn't help her situation. She had grabbed Konan's rear and managed to give it a soft squeeze which it was her turn to yelp and push.


Konan stood up, she fought the tears threatening to come out as a scarlet spread was over her face. She rubbed her butt where Shizune pinched her. She couldn't believe how embarrassing it was screaming like a little girl in front of everyone.

"S-sorry, Shizune-san" she apologized and sat back down. Shizune then apologized for her out burst as well. "No it was all my fault, I'm sorry". Konan then straighten herself up and pushed back the tears before shooting Hinata another glare. Hinata however just sweatdropped and nervously laughed.

Mei Terumi sweatdropped at her fellow shipmates. This was her competion? "This is going to be a cake walk." she then only had one major problem: Kushina Uzumaki. As far as she knew Kushina did not like Mei seducing her son. She still did not know about Naruto's promise he made to Mei, he probably didn't even know. Mei, however, didn't plan on seducing Naruto because of his current status of Hero of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. No, Mei saw something else in the blonde before he became the Hero, Kushina misunderstood her intentions. She, like many of the women on this boat, had fallen for him and found him husband material. When Naruto had mentioned to her that she had become one of his precious people, she felt her heart skip a beat he probably didn't know how much that meant to her. In other words, he made her feel loved and by no chance was she going to give him up.

"I just need mama's blessings" she thought to herself. "Either way Naruto-kun will be mine!"

Mei saw Kushina glance towards her direction, she knew something was up maybe it was a mothers intuition maybe it was something else. She gave the red-headed woman a small smile making Kushina narrow her eyes. "What's she up to...?"

Soon they all could see an island in sight. They were almost there, almost ready to begin their paradise with the blonde. With each girl with a different plan in mind this was sure to become a wild getaway. All each girl could hear was the sound of their heartbeat as they got closer to their destination.


They could all feel it, their heartbeats were simultaneously beating as one as they all sailed together.

"Naruto-kun, I'll definitely do my best to make you mine!" the indigo haired girl thought with a strong sense of determination.

"I won't lose! She may have got your attention but I will make sure you'll be mine!" Konan referring to her Love rival also held the same determination.

"I'm so hungry... I wonder if Naruto-kun has a good meal prepared for his hot mama" Kushina's fantasy of a good meal was more than just ramen and dango, she gave a toothy grin as she'd give anything to taste her son right now.

"Sigh... I wish Kushi-chan would share with me more" Mikoto stared at her best friend next to her and smiled a bit, "I wonder how she'll react when I tell her..." She imagined a nine-tailed Kushina on a rampage as Mikoto raped her son. "Teehee!"

"Maybe I can seduce him...? Or should I ask him out on a date?" The genjutsu mistress shook her head as she rested her head on both of her palms. "No, that's too desperate..." With her ruby eyes she stared at the women in the ship, "But it might seem like I won't have any other choice"

"I hope dreams do come true" Shizune, blushing at her dream with blonde, had hearts in her eyes.

The Mizukage stared at everybody and frowned, "I'm surrounded by idiots..." she muttered and as they came closer to their destination, our chapter was wrapping up-

"No wait! I take it back! I also want Naruto-kun to notice me! I want him to hold me while he kisses me, oh so passionately!" the Mizukage held her cheeks as she described her fantasies out loud. "I want to make sweet passionate love with him and make him mine!" Mei squealed like little girl, unaware of the vein that popped on Kushina's head as she heard every word Mei had just shouted. "As if I'd let you any where near my son!" She charged at the auburn haired woman only to be detain by Mikoto and Konan.

"Let me at her!"

Mei was embarrassed that she had shouted every word and now the Kushina wanted her head. The boat rocked its way towards the island as Kushina struggled in Mikoto's and Konan's grip.

"Kushi-chan, please calm down"


"Kushina-san is very strong"

As they neared the island, a woman stood ashore as she waited for the seven special women.