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The special ceremony was finally under way and everybody was getting excited as today's special event was going to be the Butt Battle contest. It was an unconventional game that would test your ability to... well use your butt and nothing else. Naruto was going to be the lucky judge where he'd announce the winners, how he'd gotten stuck in this position he didn't know. He blushed at the idea of the game, it was basically two lovely contestants that stood back to back on a floating platform that was in the middle of the pool. The objective is to push your opponent with your butt until they were forced into the water. Naruto secretly thought it was a brilliant idea having two women use their ass in order to play but he wouldn't admit it to anyone, after all the Hero of the Great Fourth Shinobi war can't be a pervert, that's just wrong. Naruto looked over the brackets once again to see who pit against who. There were a total of four strating brackets.

The first bracket was Mei Terumi vs. Kushina Uzumaki. Oh boy, the first match and this was sure to be a heated battle top begin with.

The second pair was Naruko vs. Hinata Hyuga.

The third was Shizune vs. Konan.

The fourth one was Mikoto Uchiha vs. Kurenai Yuuhi.

Naruto was afraid this was gonna end badly. Why did he have to be judge again? Oh right he was the only guy here unless he wanted to compete. He sighed and decided he might as get this over with. His seat was starting to annoy him, Naruko had forced him to sit on a black chair that was made out of leather. If that didn't annoy him enough, there was still the table in front of him with a decorative gold table cloth. Why was he being treated like some sort of king anyways? At least he wasn't wearing a crown.

"Alright first contestants take your place" Naruto saw his mother take stage with a sexy red two piece swimsuit. The audience which consisted of the other competing females and several of Naruto's clones cheered. Mei not wanting to be out done by Kushina wore a blue string bikini only much more revealing, the crowd roared even louder as they witness both females. Naruto couldn't believe how incredibly hot both Mei and Kushina looked in their bikinis. His cheeks glowed red when he realized how perverted he had been getting over the last couple of days.

"Damn Ero-sennin rubbed off on me"

He shook the thought away and put his attention to the game, he could already see Mei and Kushina getting warmed up before the match. "Looks like Naruto-kun finds me more attractive than his mother" Mei taunted, Kushina however was not phased. "Oh please your not going to get him like that" which made the Mizukage narrow her eyes at he red headed woman. Naruto cleared his throat catching the women's attention. "Ladies"

"Are you ready?" both of them nodded and stood on the platform back to back. Mei and Kushina grinned confidently as they were both sure they would win and be on step closer to their goal.

"Get set..." Naruto gulped.

Naruto caught both of women's determination in their eyes to win. "Go!" Kushina with quick aim bumped Mei's bum sending her to the edge of the floating platform. The red headed woman went for another bump only to be avoided by the auburn haired woman who used the momentum to push her opponent with one powerful bump to the rear.

"Kyyyahh!" Kushina cried as she was pushed to the water. The crowd cheered as the winner winked at the blonde judge and blew a kiss to him making Naruto grin sheepishly. Kushina swam out of the pool with a look of defeat. Mikoto came to the edge of the pool to help her out, she gave Kushina a cheerful smile and tried to cheer her best friend up.

"Kushina-chan did good" Kushina then smiled with a look of determination "I'll win next time, dattedane!" Mikoto giggled at her friend's optimism, she knew defeat didn't bring Kushina down and it only fueled her even more. Naruto saw this from his seat and grinned. "That ended better than I thought" he sighed in relief, he was glad he wasn't going have to break up another fight.

"R-Right next round!" he called out the next contestants. "Naruko!" The said blonde girl came out wearing a sexy orange bikini, her orange top held her perfect shaped bust while she wore an orange sash around her waist. The crowd of Naruto's clones were going crazy while cheering some names along with "Hot sister" and "Sexy Naruto". Which only gave Naruto a shudder, were his clones actually checking him out? Checking Naruko out? Wasn't it the same? Naruto didn't even know now.

"Watch me Naruto-sama!" the girl squealed at him in a very fan-girlish manner.

"Versus Hinata"

Hinata came out wearing a one piece high school swimsuit. It was one Naruto was familiar with or at least he had seen this particular one in one of Jiraya's dirty magazines. It was dark blue just like her hair and skin tight which made her breast look like they were about to burst out. Naruto's nose exploded, blood didn't stop pouring out as he covered his nose with his arm while giving the girls a smile.

"Ahh no fair Hinata-chan! You're turning on Naruto-sama with your sexy swimsuit" the poor girl furiously blushed, it wasn't her intention to make Naruto react like so she just wanted a swimsuit that didn't get much attention and wasn't revealing but it seemed it had done the opposite. The jealous Naruko poked Hinata's breast with her index finger making the timid girl glow red. Before Naruto could get into any deeper fantasies, the blond shook any dirty thoughts that he was going to do to Hinata once this was over and began his speech. "Both contestants get ready!"

Both Hinata and Naruko got butt to butt. "Get set...!"


Hinata wanted to show Naruto that she could be confident now that they were intimate so she wanted to win, Naruko wanted to show her creator that she was more than just permanent female clone she wanted to prove to him that she could also love him and so both Naruko and Hinata had strong feelings that they both went for the first strike.

"Kyaaahh!" both girls cried out as they went each other flying towards the water. "That... was quick" said Konan as her brow twitched in surprise irritation. She was expecting more from her rival she hoped that she'd win so that they could go at it.

Hinata swam to the edge of the pool. Had she disappointed Naruto? She then felt something pull her leg and then was pulled under water. Hinata's eyes widen as she met eyes with Naruko's. Her eyes snapped wide open when the blonde girl was kissing her under water. A girl was kissing her! Naruko released her and made her way to the surface. She grinned as the Hyuga heiress gasped for air. "I get something after all" as she pulls herself out of the water. "Hinata-chan's lips" Naruko smiles and extends her hand to Hinata for support.

Naruto saw the girls and couldn't help but to smile, this was turning better than he thought. He was afraid everyone was going to get in a fight of some sort but it was turning out that the girls were getting along, luckily or unluckily he failed see Naruko kiss the Hinata. He then proceeded to the next round but Naruto felt something snake its way around his leg. He paled as he actually thought it was a snake. The blonde slowly looked under what was in front of him, he lifted the covers and saw Kushina on her knees smiling. "Kaa-san? What ar-" she shushed him as she winked at him.

Kushina grabbed his crotch and unzipped his shorts. Naruto yelped and quickly leaned back so nobody would catch her. "Not now, Kaa-san!" he thought anxiously. Kushina took Naruto's dick out and started carressing it as it quickly became hard. Naruto with no choice decided to continue with the competition as if nothing was happening.

"Th-The next contestants please take your place" he grunted as Kushina started to lick him. Naruko was the first to take notice of her Master's condition.

"Shizune!" Naruto announced as the medic-nin came out a black bikini that had white straps. Naruto grunted out again as he took Shizune's form, he had never noticed that she looked so sexy. His older like sister was hot! Kushina could feel her son tense up in her mouth and continued to relieve him.

"Versus Ko-Konan" the blue haired angel formed out of paper. She wore a bright blue bikini with orange straps. It was very tight fitting, one that could come off in a single pull of a strap. This made Naruto much harder, he quietly let out a moaned. All of this must be turning him on. Watching half naked women shaking their ass in front of him while his mother was sucking him off.

"Get ready..." he struggled from moaning out loud.

"Getsetgo!" he quickly said catching Konan off guard as the medic-nin did her with one single bump.

"Kyaahh" she squealed in her non-usual stoic tone as she was sent to the water. This was the second time Shizune had pushed her down and touching her ass. "No! I lost" Konan surfaced to the side of the pool, disappointed at her quick loss. "I can't believe I won!" thought a smiling Shizune. She started grinning as she made her way to her seat.

Konan still bummed at her loss saw the hand infront of her. She then saw it was Hinata extending her hand to help her out. Konan took her helping hand but blushed and looked away at the smiling Hyuga. "Th-Thanks" she said softly enough for Hinata to hear. The girls smiled at each other then made their way back to their seats for the next round.

Naruto leaned his head back as Kushina started to deep throat him. "Kaa-san! I'm goin to-" Kushina felt his cock start throbbing as he came in her mouth. She pulled back as the sticky substance was getting all over her mouth. "Mmm... Delicious" Naruto rested his head on the table as he started panting. He saw Hinata and Konan getting along for a brief moment before Naruko blocked his view.

"Naruto-Nii is everything okay? You seem like your in pain" she whispered and seemed worried from his earlier state. "Naruto-Nii?" Kushina thought under the table. Naruto scratched the back of his head and nervously laughed. "I'm fine Naruko just this chair is uncomfortable"

"I can get you a new chair if you want?" she suggested alarming the blonde once again. "No! I mean its fine" he started sweating bullets when he saw Kushina's hair stick out of the table.

"O-Okay..." she wondered what was going on as she slowly turned and left to her seat. "Phew that was close" He felt his cock starting to get hard again. "The next contestants please get to center stage"

"The final round before the semi-finals..." Kushina took Naruto's cock between her breast for another round as she lovingly licked the tip "Mmm Naruto-kun's cock is so good" Naruto grunted "Damn Kaa-san is making it hard for me"

"Mi-Mikoto" the dark haired woman came out with a sexy purple bikini with spaghetti strapped top and bottom unknowingly causing Naruto pain. "I wonder where Kushina-chan went to? She said she be here to cheer me on" Kushina heard the woman and then remembered her promise, Kushina jumped up and bumped her head on the table.

"Oh no I forgot I was going to cheer Mikoto-chan!"

"Versus Kurenai" the blonde's eyes widen as he saw his sensei wear nothing but her white bandages to beraly cover her woman parts. Right there he erupted to the unprepared woman below. He covered her in his seed all over, it had gotten on all over her face and on her hair, her tits were also drenched in his cum. The blonde was in total bliss that he didn't even give the girls time to get ready. "Go..." he said in his blissful state.

Mikoto quickly got to her stance as did Kurenai. Mikoto swiftly pushed towards Kurenai's bum but she feinted and pushed back sending Mikoto to the water. Mikoto pouted as she surfaced. "Kushi-naaa!" she cried out as she splashed around the pool. Naruto sweat dropped as his mother had been with him the whole time. "Mikoto" he called out to the pouting woman. "I'm sure Kaa-san went to the bathroom" Naruto said trying to cover for his mother.

"Wherever she is, I'm gonna make sure that face of her's swells up till she looks like a tomato for a month!" The last Uchiha female then comically stomped out of the pool area with her evil plan and made her way to find her "Best Friend" making Naruto sweatdrop once more.

After cleaning herself up, Kushina held her cheeks in fear of whats to come. Still beneath the table she thought it'd be best to stay until Mikoto cooled down. Naruto decided he wanted to get this game done with already. He decided to make a few changes to next match. "Alright! For our next round we will have a Battle Royale!" he announced to the remaining players.

"This will determine the winner!" he saw Shizune raise her hand as if asking for permission to talk. "Yeah, Nee-chan? Something wrong?" Shizune shook her head. "Well I was just wondering what does the winner get? You know, a prize or something?"

Naruto paused for a moment and was just as curious as she was, what did they win? All he knew was that this was one of the games Jiraiya had set up and Naruko had practically forced him to do it. "Err... Well... I don't really know. What would you like?" he asked the remaining participants.

"How about winner gets one night with Naruto with no interruptions whatsoever?" Kurenai said as Shizune and Mei more than happily agreed.

"Well I don-"

"Then its agreed. Winner gets Naruto all to herself for one night" Kurenai said as the three girls didn't let him voice in his thoughts. Naruto cried out anime tears as he was completely ignored. Kushina giggled at the scene then decided to peek out to get a view of the match. She saw the last remaining contestants and hoped that Mei would not win. Kushina saw as they all stood on the round floating platform as their butt cheeks touched. "Sorry Mizukage but my money is on Kure-chan"

"Get ready!" she heard her son. "Get set...!" The crowd was looking intense at the women, it was the moment of truth. A bead of sweat rolled down Mei's breast, this was her chance to finally get a moment with her fiancé and consumate this marriage.


All three girls pulled their rears away from each other. They were all nervous and didn't know what to do, one wrong move and it would be over. The Mizukage decided to strike first as she swiftly made Shizune flinch back, Kurenai pushed her cheeks towards Mei's only to be avoided. As Mei saw this opportunity she quickly punished Kurenai by pushing her off.

"Now its only me and the Hokage's Assistant!" Mei knew who Shizune was but referring her as the Hokage's Assistant was an easy way to taunt her. Naruto stared completely intensed at the remaining women. It was between his bride to-be or his loving older sister. Kushina cursed as Kurenai was eliminated but did not give up as she put all her hope on Shizune and crossed her fingers. Mei decided to end this with one push. She thrusted her butt towards Shizune sending the medic nin on the edge of the platform.

"Eeepp!" she squealed with her toes hanging on to what little platform she had under her "I'm about to fall!" She closed her eyes and with one thrust of her ass she pushed the Mizukage on the edge. Mei's eyes widen as she was flailing her arms around. "Oh no! I'm about to-" Shizune not giving her anything to recover did one more sexy bump with her waist to the Mizukage's ass sending her to the water. The crowd cheered and clapped as the winner was announced.

"Winner: Shizune-neechan!"

"I did it? I-I won?" Shizune couldn't believe it she had beaten a Kage. Not just any Kage but the Mizukage that had made it clear that it was her goal to be with Naruto. "Yeeees!" Kushina shouted as she popped out beneath the table earning a couple of questioning looks. Naruto blushed as some were on him. Kushina nervously laughed as everybody stared at her, the red headed woman was red in the face before clearing her throat. "Congratulations Shizune...! Err..." she quickly turned to her son. "Naruto make sure you don't stay up to late" she then quickly exited out making her way to find Mikoto.

Naruto blushed as everyone was still confused. Avoiding the questioning looks, Naruto got out of that damn uncomfortable seat and jumped down towards the pool arena. The blond lent a hand to Mei as she was gloomy due to her loss. As she accepted his hand, Naruto pulled her up to him close and whispered something that made the woman's eyes brighten up. "Really?!" her eyes glowed in happiness. Naruto happily nodded and gave her the nice guy thumbs up to her. "I promise" Mei then happily hugged him at the promise he gave her, one which she knew he'd keep.

Naruto then jumped into the pool and swam towards the the floating circle Shizune was sitting on. "Shizune-nee I'm yours for the rest of the night, what shall we do?" he grinned as he was in the water. Shizune blushed as she started to think. Of course she wanted to go on a date with him first then they could do all the things she had in the back of her head. "Hmm... Well there is the private Onsen I've been meaning to go"

A night with Shizune and mixed baths, surely nothing would go wrong, right?

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