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"Are you excited to see Alek, my little Ado? It has been quite a long while since you two have seen each other."

"Mother, do not call me Ado. I know you mean well, but I am twenty-three years old and need to grow out of that nickname at some point."

"Of course, son. But do remember that you are always my little Ado, even if you may find yourself craving the attention of a beautiful young lady and preferring your given name. Speaking of which, if you live under my roof, there are rules. For one, try to have a little more fun. For another, try to find a girl that you can share your life with. Lastly—"

"Er, mother?"

"Yes, dear?"
"You're staying in my house, right now."

"Must you ignore the point I was making?"

"I apologize."

"Hahaha, you're most certainly forgiven, my dear Adolf. Now go make your home presentable. Alek and his friend are coming here for dinner tomorrow evening."


A/N: I hope no one takes any offense to this. I'm writing this because there was a topic on the Westerblog ("Will Adolf Hitler Ever Show Up in the Levithan Series?"), and it seemed like a topic I could write for fanfic. Yes, Hitler is actually older than this. Yes, he's going to be nice (for now) in this. And no, this is not meant to be taken seriously. Please keep reading, it makes more sense later on! Review!