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Alek was getting far too comfortable with Deryn. It was strange to feel this way, he had never felt anything like it before, but he embraced his jealousy and let it fester, let it burble and boil until it bore a burning jealousy. Ado knew that Alek was in love with Deryn, even if that dummkopf didn't know it himself. He needed some way to give Alek a good hard shove in the right direction—straight to Austria, never mind his new life in England. Deryn was someone he couldn't lose. But the question was how do I do it?


Deryn walked into Ado's room. He had told her that he needed to talk to her and it was very important. She was supposed to meet Alek soon, but she felt that Ado really needed some company; he'd been so…different these past couple days. Ado turned to her from his desk and asked her to take a seat next to him. Deryn sat in the spare chair and looked at Ado, though he avoided meeting her gaze. He kept taking side-a-long glances at her. She raised her hand and rested it on his shoulder, whispering that they were friends and he could come to her for anything. "Anything? Deryn…there's something you need to know."


Ado had told Alek that he had something urgent to tell him. He stood outside the door, ready to rap on it to alert Ado to his presence. His hand froze just before it hit the door. Was that Deryn's voice he just heard? He pressed his ear against the door. "We're friends, Ado. You can come to me for anything." That is Deryn! What is she doing here?

"Anything? Deryn…there's something you need to know."

"What is it?"

"I don't know how to explain this feeling, but it's definitely strong." Alek slowly pushed the door open. It opened without even the smallest squeak. Ado and Deryn faced each other, Deryn's back to Alek with her hand resting on Ado's shoulder. Ado reached up and put a hand on either side of her face. Alek was half in the room when Ado leaned in and pressed his lips against Deryn's. That tears it. Alek ran up to the pair and shoved them away from each other, grabbed Deryn's arm and dragged her out of the room and away from Ado, still in his chair and glaring at Alek's back.


What just happened? Ado and Alek are both acting so strange. First Ado acts like a secretive, sleazy prat, then Alek drags her away from Ado. These two are friends, yet they're acting like they would just as soon rip each other's throats out. She was certain Ado only kissed her to make Alek angry, but Alek apparently didn't want Ado and her to hang out together. Speaking of Alek, her wrist was currently entrapped in his strong grip. He dragged her down the hall, through twists and turns, and out onto the balcony.

"Alek. What're you—"

"Not now, Deryn." Alek sat next to her on the balcony with his hands cradling his head, ensnaring his hair and pulling at his roots. He was clearly struggling with whatever it was he had to say. Deryn tried again.

"Alek, are you okay?" Alek started. He lifted his hand slowly touched his thumb to her lips, his fingers cradling her chin. An electric jolt shot through her. Blisters, this boy could drive her crazy. Alek's hand shook and he wouldn't raise his head. Deryn hesitantly wrapped one of her hands around Alek's wrist, and the other she used to force his gaze up at her. "Alek, you had bloody well answer me before I'm forced to use all the knowledge of combat I've got!" Her eyes were hard and her face set.


How does she do that? Every time I see her, I can't stop the pounding in my heart, every time I think of her and Ado…together, I can't stop the pain in my chest. With Deryn next to him, Alek felt like everything could be normal. It was like they would be called topside any second. He felt so protective of her. No, not her; he was protective of what she represented to him. It was like they were the best friends they were before…until he fell in love with her.


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