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I know that it's true. Alek loves Deryn…and now he's going to tell her. But…I told her how I feel first…right? I KISSED HER FIRST, YOU TRAITOROUS SLIME! Good luck trying to tell her how you feel; the poor girl's probably still reeling from my kiss. (A/N: Wow…Ado's got a big head. Oh~! I just can't wait to deflate it!) Ado crossed his arms across his chest and smirked to himself, confident in his dealings. He knew, just knew, that Deryn would pick him over Alek. He was older, he was more successful (Throwing away the scroll that would make him an Emperor, fah! Now he's nothing!), and those two were best friends, if they hadn't gotten together by the time they came to his estate (Which they hadn't), then they definitely won't get together. No. Ado had nothing to worry about. And if Alek proved to be a problem…well, if it came to that, it could be easily remedied. Ado looked at the doorway, his intense gaze showing all too well how much he wished he could burn a hole through the wall opposite his room.


Ado would be miffed. Ado would be furious. Ado would be out for blood. But Alek needed to say this. He couldn't keep it in anymore. Every time he saw her, his stomach clenched and his mind turned to mush. Even looking at her now, he wondered how he could have ever thought that she was a boy. It would be a cold day in Hell before he gave her up…even for Ado. Her eyes were still hard and her hand was still encircling his wrist. The good part? His hand was still cradling her jaw.

"Alek! Please just answer me! You're barking scaring me! Are you okay?" Clart. Alek still hadn't answered.

"I'm…I'm fine. I just have to tell you something." Her hand released his wrist and came to rest on his shoulder.

"Then tell me, you daft boy." Her face relaxed and Alek smiled softly.

"I will. I've wanted to for a while, but I didn't want you to laugh." Alek's face burned a brilliant scarlet.

"I won't laugh. You're my best mate. If there's something going on, I want to know what it is. Maybe I can help you."

"It's just that…well, when I first found out you were a girl, I was kind of shocked. I was a bit angry. It wasn't until later, when I calmed down a bit, that I realized how I felt. How I had felt for a while. I'd always admired you, but I could finally like you. What I'm trying to say is…I…I love you." Alek squeezed his eyes shut. I cannot believe I told her that. What if she thinks I'm a total idiot? What if she-

Alek's thoughts were cut off by Deryn kissing him. His eyes popped open and widened, but closed as he leaned into the kiss.

They broke apart, breathing heavily.

"You know, I've liked you since you saved my bum from frostbite all those years ago. Since then, you've become my best mate and secret love. Don't laugh! It's true! I've been wondering for quite a while whether or not to tell you, but I'm glad to hear it from you, too."

"You've liked me for that long?" Alek's voice was thin in wonder.

"Yeah, granted I did know you were a boy and I was a girl back then. So it was a squick more acceptable to love you. All the better when you chucked that scroll off the Leviathan."

"I 'chucked' the scroll because I wanted to stay with you. I was hoping that I would be able to get the guts to tell you."

"Looks like you did." And they kissed again.

-ADO'S POV— (A/N: Quick warning: a little language coming up.)

DAMN YOU, ALEK! He actually told her that he loved her, and she kissed him. How dare that dummkopf steal his girlfriend? That little-what would Deryn say?—bum-rag! What could Ado do? He couldn't get rid of Alek, no matter how much that twit irritated him. Ado was pissed. Plain and simple pissed. But that wouldn't show. He would be calm, cool, and collected. But there would be revenge…and all because of a dummkopf named Aleksander von Hohenberg, formerly His Serene Highness, now a common as dirt bum-rag. He didn't deserve Deryn, and he wouldn't have her.

He had followed the two after a shock-induced hesitation. He heard the whole of their conversation and was not happy. Was it that he was not powerful enough? He could be. He could take land and people; he would have loads of people under him, a mixture of fear and worship swirling in their minds. Check mate, mate?

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