Today was a weird day.

That's all I could really say about it. First off I must say that no matter how much I love Jack, I don't like saving him from Cannibals. Let me start at the beginning of my story though.

Jack and I had been together for three months after Jack got the Pearl back. Then I got an invitation when we stopped at Tortuga to come to Elizabeth and William's wedding. Me being me I wanted to go to the wedding. Jack however didn't so I had Jack drop me off at Port Royal and I've been here ever since then.

"It's going to be all right, Elizabeth. We can just um…move it inside?" I asked staring around at the ruined wedding scene. It was horribly ruined with the little cups of tea filled with the rain that was pouring from the sky. Elizabeth's white wedding dress was now stained by the Caribbean rain. My own dress, a pale purple, was also soaked so much that it stuck to my skin. I looked to the sky asking why I hadn't just stayed with Jack on the Pearl. Elizabeth hadn't answered my half-hearted attempt at comfort so I sighed and rubbed her arms.

We both heard a thud of numerous footsteps on the stone of Fort Charles. As one we turned, seeing many soldiers in their red coats walking straight for us. As they parted we saw with them they brought William in all of his decked out wedding apparel. Elizabeth automatically ran down the spoiled isle to her fiancé. I followed slowly, because I was still very much a criminal and the only reason I'd been allowed to come to the wedding was because I had a one time been Governor Swann's adopted daughter.

"Will!" Elizabeth called embracing him as best she could without hurting him. "Why is this happening?" She asked him sadly. I sighed and stood next to a man in a tall hat. I recognized something about him but I already knew I was in deep shit so what did it really matter?

"I don't know." William answered. His eyes flicked to me, asking if I knew, I shrugged though. "You look beautiful…" William said to Elizabeth. She smiled at his attempt of comfort. Sure she response to his comfort. Jesus, why did I even come if I was going to be treated so horribly?

"I think its bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding." Elizabeth said softly hanging on to William's lapels. I watched as the Governor finally pushed his way through the swarm of soldiers. Two of the soldiers got in his way. I raised my eyebrows in question.

"How dare you! Stand your men down at once! Do you hear me?" Governor Swann asked annoyed that they were still not standing down. I watched as the man beside me turned

"Governor Weatherby Swann. It's been too long." The short man said. I looked at him. He had the wig and the fancy clothes, so he must be someone important, or rich. I could steal from him for this!

"Cutler Beckett?" Governor Swann gasped surprised. I looked at the man again. Okay will not be stealing from him; he had to be the Cutler Beckett that branded Jack.

"It's Lord now, actually." Lord Beckett spoke. I rolled my eyes to the heavens and asked Why me? A Lord, defiantly bad. I wonder how I was going to get it out to Jack that I was hung.

"Lord or not, you have no reason and no authority to arrest this man!" Governor Swann pressed. Lord Beckett signaled someone over and they flipped open a case that I could see were warrants.

"In fact I do. Mr. Mercer, a warrant for the arrest of one William Turner." Lord Beckett signaled the man to give the warrant over. Governor Swann took it and read it. He seemed shocked.

"Th-This is a warrant for Elizabeth Swann!" He said shocked beyond recognition. I did not like where this was going. I tried to slip away but one of the nameless soldiers pushed me back to the place I'd been standing.

"Oh is it, that's annoying, my mistake. Arrest her." Lord Beckett ordered. Then Mr. Mercer handed over another warrant and Weatherby stared at it a little less incredulously, I guess I know who this warrant is for.

"For a Ms. Cassandra Myst." Mercer supplied. I was grabbed and put into irons. I groaned as I was shoved into both Elizabeth and William. They steadied me but I was already turning back to Beckett.

"Captain! Captain Cassandra Myst!" I said scathingly. All he did was look me up and down. I scowled and pulled my hands up to my chest so that if they just happened to be visible through the pale cloth and corset and petticoat that he wouldn't get flashed. I muttered darkly as he smirked at me.

"On what charges, are we being arrested?" Elizabeth asked angrily covering me up. I thanked her by covering her up as well. Beckett pulled another warrant out and read it briefly.

"Ah, here's the one for William Turner. And I have another one here for a James Norrington, is he present?" Beckett asked waving the warrant around in the air. My scowl deepened.

"Commodore Norrington resigned his commission months ago, Lord Beckett." I spat at him. He grinned anyways letting his eyes fall briefly to my now covered cleavage.

"I don't believe that's the answer to the question I asked." He said patronizingly. Oh I hope he found Jack because Jack will kick his ass!

"Lord Beckett, in the category of questions not answered…" Will said being cut off by his fiancé.

"We are under the jurisdiction of the king's governor of Port Royal and you will tell us what we are charged with." Elizabeth spat. Lord Beckett gestured to Governor Swann. I rolled my eyes. Of course he would have them and not know to read them, what was the world coming to when a Governor didn't even know something simple like that and a pirate did?

"The charge…is conspiring to set free a man convicted of crimes against the crown and empire and condemned to death, for which the…" Governor Swann led off in horror.

"For which the punishment, regrettably, is also death. Perhaps you remember a certain pirate named Jack Sparrow?" Becket asked just as scathing as I had been.

"Captain!" I snapped before he even finished saying it.

"Captain Jack Sparrow." All three of us convicted criminals said together.

"Ah, yes our special pirate Captain, Cassandra Myst…" Beckett said stepping forward. I smirked and held my head high.

"I believe you are being convicted of being a pirate. Have you been branded for your filth?" Beckett asked. I grinned and shook my loose sleeve up my arm so he could see my brand. He could also see the tattoo I had around it so that it was seen as a design and even more noticeable. I grinned as he sneered. Also on display of course was a long scar curling from the back of my hand up my arm and the tattoo of my ship with a deep mist over the high sun behind it. What can I say? It's not just the Sparrow's that were deep rutted in the ways of pirates. Of course I carried my mother's name and not my fathers.

"I see." Beckett flicked his hand and together William, Elizabeth and I were taken from the busted wedding and down to the jail cells below. I was being shoved into a cell with William when someone smacked my ass. Without thinking I turned around and slapped the man. I only then realized the man was Lord Beckett. I blinked and almost said I was sorry. Of course this would be a lie because I don't like him at all, he's much to short. Maybe our dear Lord Beckett has a little man complex?

He didn't say anything but his expression said it all. He was pissed.

The cell doors slammed shut and I turned away from the leaving group of soldiers. William and Elizabeth were watching me. I shrugged my shoulders exasperated.

"What can I say? I'm gorgeous to the wrong kind of people." I said grinning as they rolled their eyes at the familiar line. It was like my catch phrase like how Jack is always saying the whole Captain Jack Sparrow. Eh, How I miss him… I watched as for the next hour William and Elizabeth became all lovey dovey and William even took some pointers from Jack and I. I ached to be with Jack again. I missed being able to kiss him when I hated the world.

So I sat at the window of the cell and thought about the times with Jack, which only made me even more upset. I probably would have started balling if soldiers hadn't suddenly barged in. They took William forcefully from Elizabeth and took me willingly. Anything to get away from my own thoughts. We were shoved through the streets with everyone watching us. I held my head high the entire time but William tried to huddle away. I just snorted and shook my head at him.

Soon though we were in front of a large building that had a brand new sign hanging over it. 'East India Trading Company' was on the front and I rolled my eyes. Of course I would slap some official in the EITC, just my fucking luck. I trudged in with William following. We came to the top of the building and the soldiers accompanying us led us to a door at the end of the hallway. One of the soldiers knocked and stepped in, nervously.

"Lord Beckett, the prisoners as ordered, sir." The nameless soldier called in to the room. I looked around his shoulder to see a room that was in disarray. There were things everywhere and I mean everywhere. The only thing in the room that looked neat was a desk that had been placed in front of large windows. However the only thing I found interesting in the room was the man who was painting a large map on a wall.

Suddenly I was knocked out of my thoughts by the soldiers behind me pushing both William and I through the doors. I walked in slowly until the previously overlooked Lord Beckett could see me clearly. He was standing by Mr. Mercer and looking through a bunch of what I'm guessing where more warrants. He glanced at William but looked me up and down over enthusiastically. I muttered darkly, things that would have been very painful for him, but refused to shuffle nervously as his eyes finally locked on the irons around my wrists.

"Those won't be necessary." Lord Beckett gestured to the soldiers. They hastily took the irons off both William and I. While William stayed uptight I sat on a chair that was in front of the desk. I did however; make sure that all of me was covered. I hate dresses.

"The East India Trading Company has need of your services." Beckett started to negotiate. I don't know why I didn't think there was a reason behind them arresting us. Probably because they'll arrest anyone if it makes them look good. "We wish for you to act as our agents in a business transaction with our mutual friend Captain Sparrow." Beckett said. I snorted. Please, the day I do anything willingly for someone of the EITC is the day Pirates end. I watched as Lord Beckett started pouring rum for all three of us. Okay he bought me a little. I haven't had rum for a few weeks, not since I last saw Jack.

I stood up next to William now, much more interested. I took as well, the offered rum. I swallowed it all in one gulp and when William refused his I took it as well, though I savored it longer.

"More acquaintance than friend." William sneered. He was obviously miffed that Jack had gotten us in to more trouble without even being here. I however didn't care.

"Love, actually." I supplied just to tick Beckett off. His head swiveled to me from where it had been looking at William. I grinned like the Cheshire cat, or as best I could in this form. God, I hope I'm unbond soon. This body truly was becoming too tight. I miss my crown as well.

Beckett was now fiddling in the fire, semi casually. I took a sip of the splendid rum. It was defiantly coconut rum. It wasn't vanilla rum but oh well. Not everyone can steal rum from passing ships.

"How do you know him?" William asked, turning Lord Beckett away from me and back on topic.

"We've had dealings in the past. And we've each…left our mark on the other." Lord Beckett sneered. He lifted up a long metal piece with a branding P on the end of it. I shuttered just remembering how painful it was to be branded.

"What mark did he leave on you?" I asked, curiously. I nearly burst out laughing when Beckett's eyes drifted downward. Oh God I hope Jack did what I think Beckett's implying.

"By your efforts Jack Sparrow was set free." Beckett said and put the poker back in the fire. He turned back to William and I. Beckett walked to the opposite side of the desk from us. "I would like you to go to him and recover a certain property in his possession." Beckett ordered.

I laughed greatly nearly falling down. Negotiate with Jack? Nonsense. Beckett and William only glanced at me before continuing as if I wasn't there.

"Recover? At the point of a sword?" William inquired. Obviously he knew as well as I did that any attempt to reason with jack was pointless.

"Bargain!" Beckett said like William and I were stupid. Having stopped laughing, I drank the last of the rum in Williams glass. Beckett opened a small wooden box that had the EITC insignia on it. He pulled out a casing and held them up for us to see.

"Letters of Marque." He turned back to us from where he had to walk to get to the box. "You will offer what amounts to a full pardon." He began unwrapping the casing and I could see from my place the signing of King George. I still didn't think that Jack would care to give up his freedom. "Jack will be free, a privateer in the employ of England, and so will you Ms. Myst." Beckett said looking up to me from the letters. I rolled my eyes.

"First off, it's Captain, and second of all I doubt Jack will consider your employment over his freedom." I said.

"Freedom." Beckett muttered. He placed the letters back into the box and walked out to the balcony beyond the large doors. I waited until William had walked out with him, a distraction for Beckett before I snatched the letters of Marque from the wooden box. I may not think that Jack would want them, neither would I want them but they may come in handy at a later date, one must never let an opportunity pass you by.

"Jack Sparrow, and you Ms. Myst are a dying breed." I shoved the letters in to a hidden pocket in my skirts when Beckett turned around. I walked to them casually and stood beside William. "The world is shrinking, the blank edges of the map filled in." Beckett said mentioning the man who had been painting the map. Beckett was of course wrong. There was much more for them to discover they just didn't know it yet. Beckett turned to me.

"You and Jack must fing your places in the new world or perish." I huffed. I knew my place in every world, and every realm thank you very much. "Not unlike yourself, Mr. Turner. You and your fiancée face the hangman's noose." I looked at him like he was crazy, was I now headed for the hangman's noose as well?

"So you get both Jack and the Black Pearl." William said, trying to figure it out. I rolled my eyes. It was not the Black Pearl, I'm almost positive. Beckett knows Jack wouldn't give up the Pearl, hell everyone who's ever heard the name Captain Jack Sparrow knows he wouldn't. I watched as the construction people pulled up a large clock face.

"The Black Pearl?" Beckett asked blankly, confirming my suspicion.

"The property you want that he possesses." William stated.

"A ship? Hardly!" Beckett said, turning to us. I put my full attention on Beckett, finally we were getting down to what Beckett wanted. "The item in question is considerably smaller and far more valuable. Something Sparrow keeps on his person at all times…" Beckett said and it clicked for me. The only thing that I'd seen Jack always possessive of, even with me (Not that I'd touch it, it may be of my creation but I don't think it's a good idea for me to touch it after so many mortals have.) was the compass. The compass that could tell you where the thing you want most in this world is.

"The compass of Destiny?" I asked, but more like stated. Not many knew it's actually name but Beckett seemed to.

"Ah, you know it." Beckett said. I felt my lip twitch. Of course I did mortal scum. That's what I wanted to say but it went against my vow to not speak my…occupation to mortals. "Bring back that compass or your fiancée, and both or you will be swinging from the rope." Beckett threatened and walked back into his office. I felt myself pulse with rage. God sometimes I just felt like going ninja on these 17th century bastards. (A/N: I'm assuming that's what century they are in, since I don't know. If you do know sorry.)

I turned to William to see him just as pissed.

"He's a bastard." I settled for that insult instead. "His corpse will lie on the bottom of the ocean before I'm done, mark my words." I threatened the absent man. He'd no doubt went to threaten some other innocent people.

"Calm down, Cass, we'll go tell Elizabeth and then we'll head off to find your dear Jack." He said disdainfully. I stopped him from walking away.

"You can not truly blame Jack, he had no idea that this would happen. The entire reason he rejected your wedding invitation was in an attempt to keep you out of his problems." I explained. True, Jack hadn't wanted me to tell them this but I think William needed to know that Jack really didn't mean to drag him in to his tiff with Lord Beckett.

William sighed. "I somewhat understand that but I have to point my rage at someone." William answered.

"Well then point it at the man who interrupted the most beautiful wedding I've ever planned." I said grinning. When all else fails, flattery wins. Plus I planned that wedding down to the detail with Elizabeth and I deserve some recognition.

"Aye." William answered glancing out to sea for but a moment. Then we were both off back to the cells unsupervised. William swept down in to the cells to see his beloved but I walked slowly with my once adopted father.

"Are you sure, Cassandra darling. It's quite a dangerous feat." Mr. Swann asked once we were both at the bottom of the stairs.

"Yes, I have done more dangerous things, Governor…" I assured him.

"Oh, dear, won't you still call me father, just for the sake of an old man's heart." The Governor slyly asked. I smiled and hugged him. The man was eccentric and clueless sometimes but you got to love him.

"Of course, father." I said into his warm chest before pulling back. I turned my head to see that William had just finished telling Elizabeth what happened. I turned to give them some privacy, though I still listened intently.

"Jack's compass? It's called the compass of Destiny? What does Beckett want with that?" I nearly turned around when she said the name of my compass in such a disdainful voice. Honestly, can no one understand that the actual name of the compass can not be said from a mortal tongue so I'd have to call it something, okay.

"Does it matter? Cass and I are to locate Jack and persuade him to come back to Port Royal. In exchange the charges against all of us are to be dropped. Though I suspect Cass will have a better time of it then I will." William told her though he glanced at me. I turned back to the soldier that was making sure we didn't let Elizabeth escape and started whistling innocently.

"No," Governor Swann said swiveling around. "We must find our own avenue to secure your freedom." He said. Oh hell no, he is not about to ruin my one chance at seeing Jack again.

"Is that a lack of faith in Jack or in us." I said stepping in front of Governor Swann. He looked flustered for a moment before speaking.

"That you would risk your life to save Sparrow's does not mean that he would do the same for you, Cass. The entire time you have been here and he has not once come to see you." Governor Swann raged. I deflated slightly. I hadn't really thought of that before. I'm sure Jack had a reason not to come see me. I'm sure.

"Or anyone else, for that matter. Now, where is that dog with the keys?" Governor Swann turned back around and began whistling for the keys. I sneered at his back. I mean I didn't do anything to him! I sighed and allowed William and Elizabeth the same amount of privacy as before. Of course my mind would fill with doubts. Jack deserved more from me then that. He has not once even looked at another girl, I'd know. I've had reports on it from every whore in Port Royal. They were all my friends and the ones that weren't would try to slap me for taking away there best customer.

"I have faith in you, all three of you." Elizabeth said the last pert a little higher so that I'd understand she knew I was listening. I shot her a grin over my shoulder. "Where will you two find him?"

"I thought we'd start at Tortuga if Cass is willing." Of course I'm willing though I can say that I don't know where Jack would be, the man has always been odd. "Don't worry, Cass and I won't stop searching till we find him." It's magical how much William has warmed up to me, though it's probably because Elizabeth let slip that my opinion meant the most to her. "And then I plan to return here to marry you."

"Properly?" Elizabeth asked sweetly. I smiled softly. I wished I was with Jack so it could be me and he exchanges such sweet words.

"Eagerly, if you'll still have me." William said/asked. I felt my lips twitch, I already knew what Elizabeth's answer was going to be.

"If it weren't for these bars, I'd have you already." Elizabeth said. Governor Swann ripped off the candle stick on accident. I snickered at him. If you think a male is horny you should sit in on some of Elizabeth and I's conversations. We take it way past the males average dreams of what we talk about. Oh well…

"I'll wait for you, for you both." Elizabeth said to us both. I turned back and grinned reassuringly.

"Don't worry, Elizabeth I'll try to keep this troublemaker out of trouble." I said and she gave me her hand. I squeezed it in reassurance. William stood up.

"Keep a weather eye on the horizon." William said and ran off. I mock saluted Elizabeth before running off after him. We ran and ran until finally we were at the docks. I wheezed in a breath. William looked rather stiff so I pulled myself together. I stepped up in front of him and I realized he was mad, and yet I could see the sorrow.

"We were right there, about to get married." William whispered. I stretched my arms up to his tall frame and hugged him.

"It'll be all right William, I'll go talk to Jack and he'll have a plan that will work out, just like usual. I mean you guys thought that he got in trouble before." I said stroking William's hair. "I'll have you two married if it's the last thing I get to do!" I said brightly and released him to go barter a way out of Port Royal.


"Captain Jack Sparrow, owes me four doubloons. I heard he was dead."

"Singapore, that's what I heard. Drunk with a smile on his face. Sure as the tide, Jack Sparrow will turn up in Singapore."

I groaned. There was no way we were going to find Jack. Those two men where the fourty-fivth people we asked today.

"William, I think we should take a break." I called as he marched off. He just muttered words. We'd been at Tortuga now for three weeks and as much as I love Tortuga one never wants to spend that long there. Will had agreed that when we find where it was Jack was last seen we'd sail my ship out to it. Now we just had to find where Jack was going.

"Oh, William there's Giselle and Scarlett, two friends of mine." I said noticing them. After they'd both slapped Jack enough times they'd tried to slap me. I'd givent hem a firm talking to and they'd given in when I threatened to kill them if they laid a hand on Jack. Now, thankfully, we were all three very good friends, though the two still hated Jack.

"Giselle! Scarlett!" I called and walked to met them. William followed me closely. The two prostitutes squealed and hugged me tight.

"Oh, dear, It's been so long, how are you and Jack doing?" Scarlett asked.

"Oh we're doing wonderful, except I can't seem to find Jack at all." I said pitifully.

"Jack Sparrow?" Giselle asked like I'd just said a bad word.

"We haven't seen him here since last month when he was here with you." Scarlett said sharing a glance with each other to confirm that neither had seen him.

"However, you may want to talk to that guy over there, he's been saying he saw a beached ship with black sails, just the other day." Giselle said pointing back at the docks where a black man with major dreadlocks sat fixing a net. I stared at him for a second. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Jack is the only one who can wear dreadlocks and look sexy.

"Thank you ladies." I called as I walked to the man with dreads.

"Excuse me, mate, but have you seen head or tale of Captain Jack Sparrow, he pirates a black ship with black sails, The Black Pearl." I asked. He looked up at me and smiled, oh a friendly pirate.

"Cannot say about Jack Sparrow." The man mused. William looked impatient but I was just glad that we were getting somewhere. "But there's an island just south of the straits where I trade spice for delicious lamb pork. Cannot say about the Captain. But you'll find a ship there, a ship with black sails." He said.

"Oh thank you, that should be him. Can you give me the coordinates, and directions, please?" I asked then turned back to William sharply. "Go to the Faithful Bride ask for Maxall, He's me first mate, tell him Captain Myst says prepare the crew and ship to sail. He'll know what you mean, just follow him." I turned back to get the coordinates from the man.

It was almost six hours later I made it back on to my ship, where many of the crew where preparing to sail, after a long time being beached. William was helping to sail the ship off in to the water. I walked up the stairs and into my cabin and paused. Oh, I'd missed this ship and now it was finally back in to its proper state, sailing. I'd had any problems with the ship fixed and if any of the wood was rotted out I'd fixed it myself. I'd shined the crystal lady on the front of the ship even. Now I just needed to get its Captain back into proper shape, yeah?

I closed the doors to my cabin and turned into my red cabin. I'd cleaned everything up earlier and now everything was where it should be, for that I was very happy. I placed the sheets of papers with the directions on them onto my desk that was pushed up against the one part of the wall that didn't have windows. There were windows all over the walls, making me able to see anything that tried to sneak up on us. Of course I didn't have windows on the front because I didn't want anyone to see in to the Captain's quarters.

I took a moment to breath in the air before heading for my wardrobe. I opened it up and headed for the same wall as the last time I was here, except I pushed a different piece of wood. Instead of the wall collapsing to show an outfit, it collapsed to show a passageway. I took that passage to go all the way down to the bathing rooms. There I opened a sector of the wall and I was met with the bathing room alive with female visitors. They all called out a hello Captain and I greeted them back.

Someone must have warned the crew of my arrival because in my bath was steaming warm water, a fresh bathing clothe and soap powder. I chuckled and relieved myself of my clothing and hair accessories. I paused though when I reached a special one. It was the very same string of beads that Jack gave me when we first met that day in the cells of Port Royal. I removed it carefully before submerging my body in the warm water. I bathed for a long time, giving my crew enough time to get the ship ready. As I'd said before most of the crew were women so it only half surprised me when I had to tell them that William was taken by my lovely adopted sister.

After finally feeling clean I made my way back through the passageway and up back to my wardrobe. I already knew what I was going to wear. I'd purchased it in Singapore and had the mermaids weave a little of there magic to it. I loved the deep reds of the fabric and the mermaid magic made it very easy to move in without killing myself.

After fitting on my outfit and reapplying all of my hair accessories I made my way back on deck to find everyone was waiting.

"Gentle ladies and William!" I called and everyone laughed and joined at the bottom of the balcony. "Today, I am proud to say is the day that The Black Diamond sails again!" I called and my female crew all whooped though I saw Maxall grinning at a blushing William. "As your, Captain I give you the chance to turn back now or forever hold your piece. If anyone mutinies they shall be hung from the mast. I hope though, that all of ye remember the terms under which ye became my crew!" I said and was interrupted by the calls of blasphemy. Apparently I didn't have to worry about mutiny.

"All right then. Set sail for The Island of the Pelegostos! Let out the sail and get to work!" I ordered. I was glad when none of them screamed at the name. All of these females had mostly come from a bad background so most of them would rather die then go back. I turned to see William coming up the stairs.

"Um-Where am I to bunk…" William said.

Oh, this was going to be a long trip…