New Life, New Journey

Author: AshK

Adventure AU Follows the Anime closer than the game. This story Contains Ash to Ashley TG

Rating: T to be safe violence and romance later

Summary: Ash has just received his fourth badge from Sabrina. Anime Canon: from Episode 26: Pokemon Scent-Sation forward. What if Ash ended up not just disguised as a girl but is actually turned into one by Erika instead. How would the Anime differ? This is a retelling of the Adventures of Ash Ketchum who later became known a Ashley Ketchum. Would Ashley ever change back to his birth form? Or will he be a she forever. Ash got in quite a bit more trouble than he did in the Canon Episode. I will probably skip large chunks of the series and only cover the key events. I hope you enjoy my newest Ash to Ashley TG story.

Disclaimer: I am not rich and I do not own Ash, Misty, or Brock or any of the characters that are in this story. I do however own this story so don't take without my permission. Also don't sue me.

Episode 01: Celadon Gym Gamble: Enter Erika.

Ages: Ash/Ashley, Misty-10, Brock-14, Team Rocket-17 Erika: 14

Sunshine was shining on our heroes as they entered the City of Celadon. Ash had just received his Marsh Badge from Sabrina after making her life and defeating her Alakazam. Ash went to report his progress to Professor Oak and was displeased to find out that the other trainers from Pallet had already received five badges. He had to hurry because he was far behind.

"Thanks Professor!" Ash said as he stroked his Pikachus ear Pikachu let out a content Pika and just fell asleep on Ash's shoulder.

"I think I will go explore that store over there." Misty said. "I will try to be there for your Gym Badge Battle Ash."

"I hope to see you there." Ash said. "Brock are you coming with me?"

"I will catch up to you later. I have some breeder things to take care of. I will definitely be at your battle to cheer you on." Brock said.

"Okay see you later Brock." Ash said as he headed to the gym along the way after leaving Brock and Misty behind, Ash found a shop that was selling something that in his opinion stank horribly. He wondered if he could get directions to the gym from there.

Ash entered the store and gagged at the smell.

"What is that horrible smell?" Ash said as he coughed and held his nose.

"What do you mean what is that horrible smell?" A girl in a kimono behind the counter said. "That's our special formula perfume."

"Why would anyone put on that nasty smelling stuff anyway?" Ash said. "Who would wear such a foul smelling thing?"

"It's called perfume and girls all over the world purchase it." The girl said. "If you don't like it, get out!"

"I just wanted to know where the Gym was." Ash said as he headed toward the door.

"You will just have to find the gym yourself!" The girl said. "We will so not tolerate loudmouth Pre-teen boys that make fun of our perfume. Now get out, or we will force you to get out!"

"How will you make me?" Ash asked. "I am not going anywhere!"

"Fine be that way!" The girl said. "Get out and stay out!"

With that a bunch of girls surround Ash and threw him out on the street along with his bag. Pikachu was thrown out as well.

"Well Pikachu, shall we head to the Pokemon Center to get rooms for the night and then head to the gym?" Ash asked.

"Pika, Pikachu Pikapi!(Of course we should. Let's go Ash!)" Pikachu said with a nod.

"Welcome to the Celadon City Pokemon Center. Can I help you?" Nurse Joy asked.

"I was wondering if we could get three single rooms." Ash said.

"I'm sorry Ash, but we only have three rooms left and they are suites." Nurse Joy said as she pulled three keycards out from underneath her desk. "Is that okay.

"Sure is Nurse Joy, thank you." Ash said as he took only one keycard.

"Why are you only taking one?" Nurse Joy asked.

"Because, I need you to save the other two keycards for my friends that I am traveling with." Ash said. "They are out exploring the town."

"I see, so why didn't you take the other two Keycards again? Nurse Joy asked. "Oh, I get it you want these other two Key Cards to be picked up by your two friends."

Ash nodded and then spoke again.

"Nurse Joy could you hold on to these two key cards for a couple of friends of mine? Their names are Misty and Brock." Ash asked then said.

"Sure thing Ash." Nurse Joy said. "Have a good day."

"Could I ask you something?" Ash asked.

"What is it Ash?" Nurse Joy asked.

"Where is the Pokemon Gym?" Ash asked.

Ash was then given directions to the gym and thanked Nurse Joy. First Ash and Pikachu were headed up to their suite.

Once they got there, Ash put the key card in the door reader and the door opened up had a King size bed, with a 42 inch flat screen HD TV, a mini-bar, and a microwave. There was even a mini- kitchenette with a fridge. The only rooms the center had left were three suites so that's what they got.

Ash and Pikachu arrived at the Gym...

"Well Pikachu, it's time for our fifth Gym battle." Ash said as he entered the gym.

He was immediately stopped by several girls.

"Hey! You're that boy from earlier that bad mouthed our perfume! Get out!" The same girl from earlier said.

"I want to see the gym leader!" Ash said.

"I am the Gym Leader!" the girl said as she revealed herself without the make up and the kimono. "My name is Erika."

"Why won't you let me in?" Ash asked angrily. "I thought all gym leaders were supposed to accept all battles."

"We have the option to make our own rules." Erika said. "I will not allow anyone like you to come in. Find your gym battle someplace else!"

With that Erika threw Ash out. Team Rocket were there and saw the disgraced boy ejected from the gym.

"We can get you into that gym." Jessie said.

"Why would I trust you crooks?" Ash asked.

"You have no choice." James said.

"It's da only way you are going to get into dat gym." Meowth said.

"Come on, I will teach you to do make up." Jessie said.

"I guess if I have no choice I will have to trust you." Ash said.

Ash and Team Rocket went to the clothing store to get Ash ready.

At the local Macy's...

Jessie took some measurements of Ash so she could make the perfect purchase.

Jessie went to look for the perfect outfit for Ash-ley. She came up with an outfit similar to what Ash was wearing only made for the female gender. She also purchased a bra and panties. The outfit contained a skirt that was about knee-length it was also Denim which was the same material that his jeans were made of. She also got Ash a pair of sandals that were the same color as his tennis shoes.

In another part of the store James had to get Ash a Corset. to give Ash's body a feminine shape.

Meowth also had to get a waist nipper that would hide Ash's equipment. They also purchased a Raven-Colored Wig as with a Pink ribbon that was about mid-back length.

Once all the items were purchased they returned to where Ash was waiting. On the way they also purchased quite a bit of make up including some mascara, and some eyeliner. They also had to purchase lipstick as well as blush.

Team Rocket returns with everything they purchased.

"Okay twerp you need to put all of this stuff on." Jessie said as she had rubbed a lot of nair on Ash's legs. It was burning and Ash had to get the stinging stuff off. He sent out Squirtle who used water gun and the little bit of hair that Ash had on his legs was gone. It was also dissolved by the water. Jessie felt Ash's face and decided it was smooth enough that he didn't need to shave the fine hair he already had.

"Why did you get all this stuff?" Ash said as he grabbed the bra."I am not going to wear this."

Team Rocket immediately pushed Ash forcefully into the changing room and followed and stripped him themselves. They also put all the essential stuff on that Ash had to wear underneath his clothing. They stuffed Ash's male clothes deep down into his bag.

In the Celadon Gym...

Erika had a feeling Ash would come back for a battle.

"So how is the concoction coming girls?" Erika asked.

"It is coming along just perfectly." One of the girls said. "That brat won't know what hit him, or should we say her?"

"That is a good point." Erika said. "I will apologize to him and offer him some Tea to drink. Then I will let it do it's job. The nanites should do a quick transformation of Ash into Ashley.

The girls and Erika had a mischievous grin on their faces.

"That will teach him to make cracks at our perfume." Another girl said.

Back with Ash and Team Rocket...

"I think we need to do a bit more to help you look the part." Jessie said as she took out a couple of pairs of socks for Ash to stuff in his bra. "Don't forget to tuck your manhood underneath."

"I know I know!" Ash said. "You better not try and take Pokemon while we have this truce."

"Don't worry, Meowth's honor." Meowth said.

"Okay, you have a deal." Ash said as he stuffed his bra with the two pairs of socks and tucked his manhood underneath. "I sure hope Brock and Misty don't see me like this."

"You have no choice if you want your gym battle." Jessie said. "Now be a good girl and put the rest of this stuff on."

"Okay fine!" Ash huffed as he did what he was told.

After putting his new girly outfit on, he reached for the wig and put it on his head.

From outside the fitting room Team Rocket called the feminized Ash.

"Come on out Ashley honey and let's see what you look like." Jessie said. "It's the only way you will get into the gym remember."

"I know I know." Ash said in his regular voice.

"You need to change the timbre of your voice as much as you can to fit the part." James said.

Ash coughed to clear his throat and spoke.

"I am coming out." Ash said. "I just hope I look alright considering all I had to go through."

"I'm sure you will look great darling." Jessie said. "I will help you with your make up when you come out."

Soon Ash came out, just by looking at him you couldn't tell that he was really a male.

"Now to make you look even more beautiful." Jessie said as she applied make up to her own face showing Ash how to apply it. "Now it's your turn."

"Okay here I go." Ash said in his best impression of a feminine voice. Surprisingly it was perfect.

"Are you sure you weren't supposed to be a girl?" Jessie asked with a giggle.

"I am absolutely sure I wasn't meant to be a girl." Ash said in his higher voice as he went to apply the make up. He did surprisingly well for just learning how to apply it recently.

"We need to think of a name for you." James said.

"What do you think about Ashina?" Meowth asked.

"I think not." Ash said. "I think it should be Ashley."

"Well that sounds perfect." Jessie said. "Now I need to teach you to walk like a girl."

"What is wrong with the way I walk?" Ashley asked.

"You walk all wrong." Jessie said. "Now watch me and do what I do."

Ashley does so and manages to pick it up quickly.

"Wow, you learn fast." Jessie said.

"I know it's weird." Ashley said. "Now can we get to the gym?"

"Okay okay." Jessie said.

With that they were off to the gym.

Celadon City Gym...

Ashley arrived at the gym and noticed that Team Rocket was gone.

"I should've known they would chicken out." Ashley said as she entered the gym careful to keep the timbre of his voice high.

"My name is Ashley and I have come to challenge the gym leader." Ashley said.

"I accept your challenge, but, I know you aren't really a girl." Erika said as she removed Ashley's wig revealing Ash. Even without his wig, he still looked like a girl.

"Will you still challenge me?" Ash asked.

"I will tomorrow after I heal my Pokemon on one condition." Erika said.

"What is that?" Ash asked.

"You must sleep in everything you have on tonight and come back tomorrow looking the same." Erika said as she handed Ash's wig back to him. "I apologize. It was completely uncalled for. Why don't we have a pre-battle Tea Party tomorrow?" Erika said then asked.

"Okay I will do so." Ash said as he put his raven-colored wig back on and returned to the Pokemon Center. Luckily him and Pikachu didn't run into Misty and Brock.

Celadon Pokemon Center...

When they got to the Pokemon Center, Ashley and Pikachu went up to their suite luckily Nurse Joy didn't even notice the new girl that was in the center. Ashley took her make up off and returned to Ash for a moment when he took everything off and called for room service. They got a Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad for Ash and some Pokemon food for Pikachu. After dinner, Ash put the stuff back on returning to Ashley as she put on a nightgown she had purchased after her transformation. She was still technically male, but she definitely looked like a female. The rest of the night went by uneventfully as Ashley and Pikachu fell into a wonderful sleep. The next morning would be Ashley's next gym battle.

What is in store for Ash/Ashley and Pikachu? Stay Tuned as New Life, New Journey continues.

To Be Continued...

Next Time: It's time for Ash/Ashley's next Gym Battle. Also why was Erika so adamant about Ash having tea with her as Ashley? Also will Ash/Ashley get his/her fifth badge? Stay Tuned to find out.

Next Time on New Life, New Journey: Episode 02: Celadon Gym Gamble: Ash to Ashley coming soon to a fanfiction site near you.