New Life, New Journey

Author: AshK

Adventure AU Follows the Anime closer than the game. This story Contains Ash to Ashley TG

Rating: T to be safe violence and romance later

Disclaimer: I am not rich and I do not own Ash/Ashley, Misty, Janine or Brock or any of the characters that are in this story. I do however own this story so don't take without my permission. Also don't sue me.

Author's Note: I will still only cover the major events of the Anime Series. It is basically my re-telling of the journey Ash took only as Ashley. Also from what you saw in the last chapter I am not going to cover the Exeggcute/Exeggutor Magician Episode since Misty and Brock are currently back at their gyms, however Ashley may take part in a magic show simlar to the one that Misty took part in during the Anime Episode: March of Exeggutor Squad. I also made Team Rocket only five years older than Ashley and Janine rather than seven. Brock is 14 rather than 16 at the moment.

Episode 10: Ditto's Mysterious Mansion and More

Ages: Ashley: 10, Team Rocket: 15

Still no romance planned for a while yet.

Previously on New Life, New Journey...

After receiving the Marsh Badge from Sabrina in Saffron City, Ashley and Janine went their separate ways. They promised each other they would meet again in the league or later on in the journey. Also, Ashley was hoping to meet up with Misty and Brock again after a while to travel with them. She missed her other two best friends. She knew they would come back someday and decide to travel with her.

A Week or So Later on Ashley's Pokemon Journey...

Ashley arrives at an approach to what looks to be a bridge with a lift-span on it. She enters the Pokemon Center and then contacts Professor Oak and to her surprise also speaks to her mom and tells her how she has been doing since that fateful day months ago. Ashley explains what happened and told Delia that she was just fine. After Ashley hung up there was an urgent phone call from Sunny Town telling them about several Sick Pokemon. Nurse Joy needed some medicine right away. Ashley then volunteered to run the medicine to Sunny Town seems how she was the only one currently in the center. She also noticed that the only way across the bay was by bike. Ashley put the medicine in her backpack and rented a bike. It was collapsible, but Ashley had to give it back after she was done using it. So she thought anyway, she knew that she couldn't afford a bike because it cost so much money. She then remembered that she picked up a couple of Bike Vouchers in Vermilion City. Well Both her and Janine did. Janine didn't want hers so she gave hers to Ashley. Ashley could use one of them now, and the other one to pay Misty back. That's what she was going to do. Before Ashley headed out into the storm, she asked Nurse Joy if she could have the bike. Nurse Joy said she could have it if she had a Bike Voucher. Ashley presented Nurse Joy the Bike Voucher. Nurse Joy then gave the bike to Ashley. Ashley then asked if she could ship something to a friend of hers. She owed Misty a bike and she was going to make good on it. Luckily she found a bike exactly like the one that Pikachu trashed when he was fighting the Spearow.

"Nurse Joy, I would like this bike sent to Cerulean City Gym gift wrapped." Ashley said as she presented Nurse Joy with her other Bike Voucher and paid for the gift wrap and shipping. She had won a lot of money since that fateful day where she became the girl she was now today. She was still debating whether or not to change back should a cure be found. Ashley also bought a card and wrote in it a lot neater than she did when she was a guy. She was finding it harder and harder to believe that she was once a guy that hated perfume. Now she was a girl and love perfume so much. She was hoping to find Mr. Right sometime. She cringed at that thought. She wasn't ready to date guys yet or date anybody. She was only 10 after all.

In very neat writing this is what she wrote in the letter to Misty:

Dear Misty,

Thank you so much for supporting me through thick and then when I was traveling with you, even though it was as a nasty boy, for part of my journey. I am now 100% Female in everything right down to the mind and everything else associated with female. I appreciate all the help that you and Brock gave me. I have finally re-earned all my badges that I had earned as Ash right before Celadon. The longer I spend this way, the more comfortable I become with being a girl. I am so not sure when or if I will ever change back should a cure be found. I have still not gotten into guys yet, I think it will be a while since I am only 10. I am also not really interested in going the other way. Not at the moment anyway. I hope this pays you back for what Pikachu and I did to your bike when I first started my journey. Thank you for your continuing support, enjoy your present.


Ashley Ketchum your BFF!

With that Ashley finished the letter to Misty and sealed it up and placed a stamp on the envelope as she put it in the mail box. Nurse Joy said the letter and the bike will get to Cerulean Gym within the next week so Misty will have both.

"Really?" Ashley asked.

"Really." Nurse Joy said as she put the box in the shipping pile along with the Envelope which was taped to the beautifully wrapped box that was covered in all kinds of bubbles and water Pokemon.

"Thank you so much for everything. Event the collapsible bike Nurse Joy."

"No problem Ashley." Nurse Joy said. "You better get that medicine to that sick Pokemon across the bay."

"Oh yeah that's right!" Ashley exclaimed. "Thanks again for everything."

With that Ashley headed outside and across the bridge to the other side.

Ashley successfully delivered the medicine for the sick Pokemon and then continued on her journey through Kanto.

After delivering the medicine across the bay...

Ashley was traveling toward her next destination which was Cinnabar Island. However, she was caught in a downpour and had to seek out shelter. Luckily she found some shelter and entered it. She looked around at the dark place. She noticed there were some bleachers in front of what seemed to be a stage. She wondered what this place was used for. It was really odd. Of all the places she had been to on her journey even as a boy, she really didn't want to remember that, but it was part of her past. She loved the way her life had turned. She has accomplished so much more as a girl than a guy. She really doesn't know what to think.

"Come on out Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Watortle, and Gengar." Ashley said as she called out her Pokemon. "I wish I would've asked Janine to stay with me. I guess she really wanted to go on a journey by herself. Pika Pal are you okay?"

Pikachu nodded and cuddled into Ashley's arms as her other Pokemon surrounded her. She thought about calling out Pidgeotto, but figured there really wasn't enough room on the stage for all of her Pokemon.

Then an Ivysaur came out on stage. It looked different though. Ashley thought about catching it, but figured that something was off about it so she pulled out her Pokedex.

"Ditto the Transform Pokemon." The Dex chimed. "It's special make up allows it to copy any Pokemon it sees. It also gains all it's moves when it transforms into a duplicate of an opponent. The only true move that Ditto has is Transform. However if somehow Transform is disabled, it has a sudden use move like every other Pokemon once the power for their moves run out. It is called Struggle. Due to the power of Struggle, the user of struggle also takes recoil damage."

Ashley then sees someone else behind the curtains and recalls all of her Pokemon but Ivysaur and Pikachu. The Raven-Haired girl then calls into backstage.

"Hey who are you?" Ashley asks.

"Tell me who you are first." The mysterious trainer says. It is obvious to Ashley that this trainer is female.

"My name is Ashley Colleen Ketchum from Pallet Town, but I go by Ashley. My aim is to be a great Pokemon Master." Ashley said in her soprano voice.

"The name is Duplica." the girl says in a different voice then switches to her own. "From the House of Imite."

"Nice to meet you Duplica." Ashley says as she shakes Duplica's hand. "That is an awesome Ditto you have, but what is with the face?"

The weird-faced Ivysaur whimpered and switched back to it's original form and jumped into Duplica's arms.

"What is with you little girl?" Duplica asks angrily. "Ditto was trying its hardest to impress."

Duplica then tried to smack Ashley after her Ditto had moved to her shoulder but was shocked by Pikachu lightly on the hand.

"Owwie!" Duplica said as she held her hand. "What did your Pokemon do that for?"

"You threatened me that's why." Ashley said as she hugged her Pokemon close to her chest. Pikachu had a bit of a nosebleed, but luckily none of it was on Ashley's outfit.

"Your Pikachu is kind of a perv isn't it?" Duplica asked.

"HE is not a perv." Ashley said. "I guess he is still trying to get used to my new appearance, gender and body."

"Um what do you mean?" Duplica asked a bit confused. "Haven't you always been a girl?"

"No I haven't." Ashley said. She knew she could trust Duplica. "Do you have a place to sit down so we can talk. I have a long story to tell."

"Sure do." Duplica said. "Follow me into the kitchen."

Ashley nods, returns Ivysaur, and follows Duplica into the kitchen.

In the Kitchen...

"So what do you mean you haven't always been a girl?" Duplica asked.

"It all started about maybe 3 months or so ago..." Ashley started as she went into her tale of transgender transformation.

"I had just received my fourth badge from Sabrina and was looking to earn my fifth." Ashley said. "I was traveling with two of my friends at that point. We decided to split up and explore Celadon City on our own. I first went to the Pokemon center to heal my Pokemon. I then explored the town and then entered this perfume shop. At that point I really hated perfume and couldn't believe that girls actually wore that stuff..."

Ashley continued to tell her story. The rest of her story lasted the next two hours. Pikachu was confirming everything Ashley had said so far and Ditto was intent on on listening to Pikachu translate the story into PokeSpeak.

"Then finally, I sent the letter and the Bike Voucher to Cerulean City to pay my best friend back for the bike that Pikachu and I wrecked in our battle with the Spearow on the first day of my journey. I now have six badges and am on my way to Cinnabar Island to battle for my seventh badge. So there you have it, the entire story on how I went from dumb old dense Ashton Colin Ketchum to Ashley Colleen Ketchum. Feel free to believe it or not believe it. That is up to you." Ashley finally finished.

Duplica then continued to tell her story about why her Ditto's face never changes.

"Well we can easily fix that Duplica." Ashley said as she swung her raven hair out of her face. "It's best to train Pokemon to overcome their flaws by battling them. However, it is also good to have Pokemon with unique qualities."

All of a sudden smoke filled the room causing the two girls to cough. When the smoke cleared, Ditto and Pikachu were both gone.

"Who took our Pokemon?" Duplica asks.

"I am willing to bet you know who." Ashley said.

"Who are you talking about Ashley?" Duplica asked.

"Oh you will see." Ashley said. "So shall we focus on fixing this place up? Once we get Ditto back you will need a decent place to perform won't you?"

Duplica nodded and her and Ashley got to work.

With Team Rocket...

This section of the chapter went basically like the Episode 037: Ditto's Mysterious Mansion of the Anime only Brock and Misty weren't there and it was Ashley instead of Ash. Team Rocket trained Ditto to overcome its flaws and create a perfect copy of Meowth. Now Team Rocket was about to return to their balloon and take Pikachu with them when the lights went out.

"Sorry Meowth! You are like out of your league here.

"Prepare for Trouble!" Ashley said as she turned around dressed like Jessie.

"And make it double!" Duplica said as she turned around dressed as James.

"To protect the world form devastation." Ashley says.

"To ignite all peoples within our nation!" Duplica says.

"To denounce the evils of truth and love." Ashley continues.

"To extend our reach to the stars above!" Duplica said.

"Ashley!" Ashley said.

"Duplica!" Duplica said in her best imitation of James's voice.

"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!" Ashley said.

"Surrender now or Prepare to fight!" Duplica said.

"That's right!" Ashley and Duplica said together.

"Ivy Ivy Ivysaur!" Ivysaur said filling in for Meowth.

"Stop mocking our motto!" Jessie said as she sent out Arbok.

"To unite all peoples within our nation not Ignite!" James said angrily as he sent out Weezing.

"Ivysaur use Sunny Day followed by Solar Beam to break Pikachu free! Wartortle come on out and help get Ditto back!" Ashley said.

Ditto then transforms into Meowth and Duplica thanks Team Rocket for helping Ditto get over that habit.

"Can we just like get Ditto back without the fight?" Ashley pleads after returning the fainted Wartortle. Luckily Ivysaur caught Pikachu after it set Pikachu free.

Jessie agreed and gave one of the Meowths to Duplica. James and Jessie then took off.

"Hold it right there!" Duplica said. "This is not my Ditto!"

"How could you tell?" Jessie said as the balloon continued to fly up.

"What kind of trainer would I be if I didn't know my own Ditto?" Duplica says as she throws Meowth up into the balloon.

Ditto bites Jessie's hand and jumps out of the balloon. Duplica catches Ditto as Ashley returns Ivysaur.

"Time for a double Pikachu Power blast!" Ashley said to her starter.

Pikachu nods and gets ready and takes a fighting stance. Ditto lands beside Pikachu and transforms into him.

"Pikachu, Ditto! Double Thunder Attack!" Ashley and Duplica say together.

The two attacks hit Team Rockets balloon as they blast off again.

Duplica then puts on a show for Ashley. She is so glad she got to see this awesome show. Now that Ditto was over its habit and had a perfect transformation, Ashley knew that Duplica's shows would be a complete success from now on!

As Ashley's journey continued...

She continued her trek to Cinnabar Island. She nearly said goodbye to Pikachu, but Pikachu decided to stay with her. She also met the Eevee Brothers and managed to get an Eevee for her sixth party Pokemon. She was also given the Evolution stones should she decide to Evolve Eevee into either Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon. Ashley was reunited with Brock and Misty and decided to travel with them again. Ashley, Misty, and Brock wake up a Snorlax that was blocking the flow of the river to help a town's crops. Also, in Dark City, our three heroes settled the differences between the Yas and Kas Gyms and got them to combine both the gyms into one. They also met a magician and helped them out with a magic show. Ashley and Misty were the assistants to a magician named Melvin after they helped Exeggcute evolve into Exeggutor. Since Charmeleon had evolved from Charmander a while ago and willingly obeyed Ashley, no one worried about Charmeleon becoming disobedient. Also they helped Cassandra evolve her Paras, and they came across Jigglypuff who loved to sing, and would draw on anyone who fell asleep during its song. With that Ashley, Misty, and Brock continued their journey and came to a canyon that was being excavated for fossils. Will Ashley or anyone catch a Prehistoric Pokemon? To find out, you have to be on the lookout.

Where several adventures end, another begins. What is in store for our heroes?

To Be Continued...

Next Time: Now that Ashley is reunited with her traveling companions Misty and Brock, what more adventures will our heroes come across when they enter a canyon that is being excavated? Be on the lookout to find out

Next Time on New Life, New Journey: Episode 11: Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon & Then Some! coming soon to a fanfiction site near you.

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