The Children of Finarfin.

He sits at the high table with Thingol and Melian as befitting a close kinsman. Daeron the minstrel sits beside him, but there is no speech. The silence is tense with expectancy. Watching, he sees the flicker of it in Thingol's grey eyes. The King sits erect at the head of the table, his silver hair, like Celeborn's own, is crowned with leaves. Beside him Melian sits, and she alone of all the assembled company is serene, gentle and graceful as Arien herself. Beside Celeborn, Daeron's slender fingers play nervously about the strings of his silver harp.

There is a short fanfare of trumpets, and the strangers are led into the carven hall. The one in the lead is tall and proud, with blue eyes and hair of brilliant gold. He is clad all in blue, and he bears a blue banner wrought in gold with the tokens of a swan and two trees. He bows low to the assembled host, and then to Thingol and Melian, he speaks.

"Hail, Lord of Menegroth, and kinsman as I hope to call thee hereafter. Finrod I am named, eldest son of Finarfin, Finwe's son, and of Earwen, daughter of thy own brother Olwe of Aqualonde. From far out of the West we have journeyed, to avenge the evils done to us by Morgoth the accursed. Accept this gift, Lord of the thousand caves in token of our kinship, and I hope that hereafter I may name thee friend as well!"

He bows again, presenting Thingol with a coronet studded with many jewels, and the elves assembled gasp in wonder. Then his brothers step forwards; Orodreth the second son, grave and courteous and bold; Angrod the minstrel, secretive and soft-spoken, with a little half-smile; Aegnor his twin, proud and fiery, swift in word and deed.

And then Finrod leads forward his sister Altariel. Strong and golden and beautiful, her eyes hard and fell. Tall and slender, clad in blue like her brothers, her head held high, and her long hair shimmering with some inner light, as though the mingled lights of Arien and Tilion themselves was caught meshed within the golden strands.

She bows low before them, and as she straightens he sees the pride and anger in her grey eyes. He is lost.

In his heart, Celeborn has already named her anew. Galadriel, Lady of Light.