So, some of these lemons are taken from a story I deleted (I named it A Secret Longing– hence this fic's title). I have tweaked them to make sense for you all.

The reason I took the fic down was because I couldn't think of a proper plot. Seeing as there doesn't need to be a plot for this "story" then I won't have the same problem.

The status will always be set as 'Complete' because it is only a collection of one-shots and two-shots. Might want to put an alert on it, 'cause I could add another at any time.

This is set post Bella's eighteenth birthday but disregards Edward leaving in New Moon, so no pack friendships. Sorry! Also, this ignores Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Remember, Bella's still human!

Enjoy, guys :D I liked these lemons too much to get rid of them altogether ;]

Lizzie xxx