Story 2, Part B

AN: Short but sweet in Emmett's strange mind. By the way, if you guys have any suggestions or requests for certain lemons, just let me know ;]

Chapter Synopsis: Still in the forest, Emmett treats Bella and then she returns the favour.

Disclaimer: My name is not written on the books so I own nothing!

Before she could blink I pulled her against me. Her wondrous cleavage pressed up against my chest gently, just begging to be touched. I stared at them with concentration. I could feel my angel squirm in my arms.

With a feather light touch I brushed the top of her breasts. They heaved upwards in search of more contact. I softly drew circles on one of them, the patterns growing smaller and closer to the pink buds. Bella sucked in a breath when I started to caress them into hard points.

Below my head descended down my eyes connected with hers. Raw lust shined in them, no doubt reflected in mine. And then my lips enclosed one tiny bud and I sucked like a starving baby, swishing my tongue around it. My hand massaged the other, and soon I swapped, leaving Bella panting.

Her hands pushed against my chest unexpectedly – I let her move me back. Her movements were steady as I intently watched her loosen my pants and slide them down my legs. I stepped out of the material when it reached the ground and stood there naked. Bella slowly went onto her knees and wrapped her hands around my hips.

I found myself thrusting slightly forwards as her head came closer to Emmett Junior. And then… the heavens called.

Her hot mouth clamped onto my length, teeth scratching against it, her tongue soothing the ache left behind. I entangled my hands in her silky hair and made her head bob up and down, matching the pace of my hips.

Bella sucked on me just as I'd done to her cleavage. And fucking hell, it was amazing. I continued guiding her head as I grinded into her sweet mouth. Her warmth only made it better and soon I stiffened on the spot. My angel kept biting, licking and sucking as I rode my high, her name falling from my lips.

Bella sat bare on the ground, looking up at me like an innocent child. My thoughts were anything but fatherly. I grabbed her wrists and pulled her up, squashing her figure to mine once more. My hands curved around her ass while I stared into her eyes.

"I think you just ruined me for all females alike. Not that there'll be anyone else," I muttered before squeezing her luscious ass. She gave a low moan and smashed her mouth onto mine.