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the actual story begins here

An explosion.

That was the first thing I heard after the sedation wore off for a part. Oh great, here comes the excruciating pain from the 'remodeling surgery', as the crazy scientists called it so lovingly. I screamed in pain as I felt how my flesh was cut open and how they have messed with my insides. I almost wished to be sedated again, but who knows what they might do to me then.


Crap, that one sounded a lot closer than the other one. What's going on here? Why were my limbs strapped to a surgery table? Oh yeah, my dad had gambling debts, so he sold me to a crazy guy who wanted to see if a man could also pilot an IS through remodeling his body. Thanks a fucking lot dad, to let your son die in a exploding research facility in a god doesn't remember where he put it place. I swear that if I make it out of here alive I'll kick your drunken ass back to the Medieval Age. With spiked shoes. And if I can't do that, I'll just kill you.

Gunfire was heard in the corridor, and the screams of the guard as he got silenced. The door behind me opened and I heard footsteps, followed by two faces and a helmet. One was the only guard here I took a liking to, Garisaka Genki. He always gave me some extra food and water and treated my worst injuries. He was the kind of man I wanted my father to be. They're around the same age, so it wasn't that hard to imagine it. His green eyes showed concern for my health and his greyish hair looked even whiter in the light. The woman with the helmet was in a IS with the flag of Japan on it, so she was here as the fire power. The second face was a woman with long pink hair and… robot bunny ears? I know I've been in this place for five years, but fashion couldn't have changed that drastically, right?

"He's lost a lot of blood, and thanks to the experiments, he won't live for very long." Bunny-ear Girl said seriously. "Luckily for you," She said with a smile towards me "I brought something with me to save you and to fulfill the purpose of this experiment. So everyone will have an happy end."

Everybody but me. In the end, I remained a guinea pig. Genki saw my feelings in my eyes.

"Don't worry, if this goes right we can walk away from here and get a normal life." He said with his fatherly tone. Bunny-ear Girl took a suit case and took a glowing orb out of it the size of a basketball. She hooked it up to a computer, typed something on it for a minute, and the glowing orb shrunk to something a bit bigger than a human heart. "Do you want sedation, or do you rather stay awake?" The girl asked me.

"No…sedations. Hate… needles." I tried to joke. Hey, I have at least an 70´% chance that I'm gonna die on this table at the age of fourteen. Might as well try to go with a laugh.

"you've got some guts for a fourteen year old. All right then, prepare yourself." She put the core in my body. For a few moments I just felt the coolness of the orb against me, but then… I'll never forget that feeling. It was more painful than those five years of torture I had here together. For a minute I was screaming in pain until I blacked out. The last thing I heard was one thing that would change my life.

"Core has successfully melted with the boy. Heart rate stabilizing. body going into coma to maximize adaption. Operation complete, welcome to your new life boy."

2 weeks later

I woke up looking at a wooden roof and in a futon. I shrugged, turned around and went to sleep again….. wait. A wooden roof, not the metal one that I looked to the last five years? And since when do I have a futon? I got up, fully awake and anxious. I looked around the room. It was an empty tatami room with a mirror on the wall. I looked into it and what I saw shocked me. My blond hair reached my waist because nobody ever took the time to cut it. My underfed body was filled with scars from the experiments and I don't remember the colors of my eyes, but I'm pretty sure they weren't red. But the weirdest thing was the glowing orb in my chest. I looked at myself in the mirror for a minute until I snapped.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" I yelled hard enough for it to be heard by everybody in a radius of 100 feet.

Those three words barely left my lips, or somebody opened the sliding door with anger. There stood a girl with her hair tied in a ponytail and she held a shinai and she looked really pissed off.

"What do you thi-" she stopped talking when she saw me, her eyes turning from angry to shocked when she saw me. I wonder if I should pretend to be a ghost. Nah, she's already shocked enough and those scientists can still come back.

"who are you and where the hell am I ?" I asked the girl. She looked angry at me.

"Could you please stop talking like that?" She shouted to me.

"Like what?"

"With all those swearing words."

"Oh, I'm sorry, but being locked up and being used as a guinea pig for five years didn't really include learning etiquette."

"What do you mean being locked and used as a guinea pig?" She asked me surprised.

"First answer my questions, then I'll answer yours." I responded. Was it that hard to just say those simple things? The girl composed herself before starting to talk.

"I'm Shinonono Houki and you're at my family's dojo." Houki said. Finally some information, but why the hell am I in a dojo?

"Where's Bunny-ears?" I asked Houki.

"Bunny… ears?"

"Yeah, the woman that put this light ball in my chest at the facility. Pink hair, robot bunny ears, kinda childish." I described her. Houki facepalmed rather hard.

"That's my sister." She said.

"… you two don't look anything like each other."

"You think so?" Bunny-ears head popped up from behind the door. She entered the room together with Genki.

"hey Bunny-ears," I tried to get her attention.


"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU PUT IN MY BODY?" I screamed at her.

Thud! Bzing!

The shinai stopped 3 inches from my head. A screen floated in front of me.

Energy Shield activated.

Remaining energy : 519.995/520

Danger attack: minimum

We all looked at the screen like a bunch of zombies would look to a brain. Expect for Tabane who was writing something on a notebook that just randomly appeared out of the air.

"What the hell is this?" I asked pointing at that screen.

"Communication established, uploading information and reserving room for information regarding IS. Capacity taken: 15% of the brain that is not used by current human species. Side effect may be a slight head ache for a few hours" I felt a MAJOR head ache. If that was his definition of slight, I don't want to know what a serious head ache is. "Database uploaded and accessed. This is your shield energy display. It shows you how much energy your shield has left and how threatening the attack was. It can also come with countermeasure techniques." A computer voice said.

"And you are?"

"I am an AI program ISG, the part of your subconscious that is linked with the IS core. Due to that, it is also my job to give you information about the new functions that are now a part of you and your body?"

"IS core?" I asked. That shining ball in my body is the same thing that the engine is for the most advanced weapon on the planet?

"Well, in order to save your life, we had to take a part of your humanity away and boost your regeneration capabilities, immunity system, strength, stamina and enhance your body." Tabane explained.

"And now in normal English please?" I asked.

"You're the fusion of an human and a IS, so basically you are the world's very first cyborg."

"I'm… no longer human?"

"I'm sorry, but the only way to save your life was to artificially change things to your body so it could support the core." Tabane apologized. My mind was in pure shock. She completed their experiment that would've killed me to save my life? How much more ironic can it get? I ran out of the room, hearing Genki yelling something, but I ignored him. I ran out of the dojo and in the nearby forest. After running for 10 minutes I stopped near a small river. Panting, I stopped. I looked at my reflection in the water. I'm… no longer human. Who am I kidding, the day my dad gave me away I became an experiment. I wasn't human for 5 years already. I'm just a number now. How is that going to change?

"There you are. I was worried that something might have happened to you " I heard a voice behind me. Tabane stood behind me.

"Why? Just because you don't want that something happens to your newest experiment?" I asked with venom in my voice. She came closer to me.

'I need something to defend myself with' I thought. A bright light shone around my arms. A black armor with golden outlines wrapped itself around my arms, with slightly upwards curled shoulder guards and I held an assault rifle. I aimed it at Tabane.

"Don't come any closer!" I yelled at her. She stopped and started examining me.

"How did you make that weapon and armor appear?" she asked curiously.

"I knew it. In the end I'm still an experiment to you, aren't I ? all of you scientists are the same, never thinking about the consequences for the others!" I shouted at her. Tabane came closer to me again.

"Didn't you hear me? I said that I'll shoot you if you came any closer."

"Are you really going to kill me just like that? Without any trouble?" she asked me.

" Yes."

"Then why are your hands shaking so much?" I looked at my hands. They were trembling the whole time without me noticing it. I dropped the gun and fell to my knees. Tabane just hugged me.

"It's over now. You don't have to stay tough anymore." She whispered. I broke down and cried all the tears from the past five years out. I was finally free.

"So how did I let this weapon appear?" I asked Tabane. It was already dark when I stopped crying. (Let's make something clear. This NEVER HAPPENED.)

"Based on his thoughts of self-defense I deployed a multi-purpose weapon together with that part of the armor to lessen the recoil." ISG answered.

"how do I deploy the rest of my armor?" I asked. The (too) bright light came back and engulfed my body. When it was gone I was floating 2 feet in the air. I felt lighter and stronger than I have ever felt, like I could take on the world. I kinda liked that feeling, I could get used to it. My armor was pitch black and had an golden outline. Black metal wings were spread behind me and I wore a helmet with a red visor.

"Shit." Was the only thing I could say. My voice sounded a bit distorted because of the helmet.

"You kinda look like a black knight." Tabane joked.

"I can fly with this thing, right?" I asked.

"Yes, so how about you give me a ride back to the dojo? I don't want to walk back to it." Tabane whined.

"I have one condition. Me crying here"

"Never happened. But you'll have to call me Onee-chan*." Tabane said with her childish smile.

"I'm willing to go as far as Nee-san*." I tried to negotiate.

"mph, fine." She reluctantly agreed. I swear she's like a small child

Now we've done that, how do I fly with this damn thing?

"It is recommended to allow me to teach you the basics of flying before you attempt to escort Nee-san back to the dojo." SG said in his monotone voice.

"Would it kill you to show some emotion?" I asked ISG.

"Thank god you finally gave me an excuse to materialize." A light flew out of the orb and it materialized in to a teenage girl with long red hair and yellow eyes. She wore a white dress with a small black outlining.

" Are you ISG? How did you materialize?" Tabane asked.

"Please, just call me G. I materialized because 47 wanted me to show emotions. But since that's impossible without a body, is used that loophole to get my own body." She said with a smile.

"Who's 47?" Tabane asked.

"I am. I forgot my name and that's what the guards called me, so I used it as my name." I explained. Tabane looked at me in disapproval.

"When we get back, we need to find a decent name for you." She said annoyed.

"But first he's got to learn how to fly." G said with a mischievous smile.

I got a feeling I'm not going to like this.

* In case you do not know Onee-chan and Nee-san are different ways to to say big sister.