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"Why won't you just die, you lowly runt! You are not worthy to even touch my boots, even less to pilot an IS! How can a foul existence such as you be tolerated by the world?!" A pilot yelled at me, probably their leader.

I stood up on my legs, barely holding myself together. Yet a fire kept me driving on. I won't be able to face that old fart if I give in now, I promised that I would see this through. And that I will. I spotted a spear one of those modded Uchiganes used. A tendril shot out of the shadow veil and put it gently into my extended hand.

"You want to know why I won't die? The answer is simple, I already died a year ago on that friggin' surgical table and I've been brought back. By science, fate or god I do not know, but I do know that only three things are keeping me alive." I felt a familiar pressure building under my feet before I shot forward. Even when my shield points and energy of the suit are drained, my body will move on.

"ONE!" I shouted over the screeching sound that the meeting between blade and spear made. "This fucking light bulb in my chest gave me a bloody tough body and an easy law suit for Marvel." I kicked the woman in the face with a quake enhanced foot before impaling her with my spear and pinning the corpse against a piece of debris. I jumped over another blade and grabbed the woman's throat, crushing her windpipe. "TWO! If I give up here, then my nakama will be in danger and I shall never let that happen if I can help it!" I don't know where this energy is coming from, and frankly I don't care! I made a promise and I will keep it! Three more pilots came at me at the same time, but G and Psycho forced them to dodge their attacks. I took that chance to go straight to their leader, her face twisted by pure, savage rage. She raised her bastard sword and flew towards me.

"I will see you killed myself you dirty mutt!" she shrieked. I cocked my arm back, gathering all of my strength and energy into my fist. This shall be the final blow, might as well do it in style.

"THREE! I will not stand by watching a corrupt society suppressing the masses with fear for a WMD that only a select few can use! I will throw down this world and create new one where everyone can live as equals! If that means that I shall have to give up my morals and walk the path of lesser evil instead that of ignorance, then I shall do that gladly! We shall give the oppressed and outcasts the voice you have taken for them for WE ARE BLACK PHANTOM!" The bastard sword started showing cracks thanks to the tremors I emit. I can do this!

"I-impossible!" the woman exclaimed. Famous last words, right there!

"Gekidoseishin no ken!"I yelled before destroying her blade and hitting her in the chest. I felt all of her ribs break and bend inwards, piercing a lot of her vital organs. She will die a slow and agonizing death. A sickening sound was heard as the body of the fallen bitch was pierced by my scythe through the back. The body slid off and revealed a smug looking Psycho.

"Gotta make sure mate, hope you don't mind." I just let myself fall on the ground.

"Not at all, I can't even lift a finger anymore." I said with a tired smile.

"KSSSHT-in black lea-KSHHT-age sa- KSSSSHHHt-I repe-KSSSSSSHHHHTT- safely received- KSSSSHSHSHSHT- oute to your- KSSHT-ation."

I laughed softly. "What the hell was that about?" I asked in a joking tone.

"It means that we won, everybody is safe and now they're coming to pick up your lazy ass." Psycho said with a grin.

"That's nice, I can't even move anymore thanks to that last attack."

"You mean the one with the dramatic shout."

"Shut up, it's an awesome name!"

"When you're a ten year old maybe!"

We glared at each other before we started laughing heartily. It's finally over, we won the battle.



(Ost- Shukumei)

In the IS Academy, class 1-1 the gears of fate started turning relentlessly, tearing through the fabric that held two siblings ever so close…

"What do you mean with those words?" Laura spat out venomously towards an emotionless Ichika.

"The words have the exact meaning you have heard but probably deny. I said that I will not duel you on groundless and biased assumptions." Ichika said in a bored tone.

"What are you saying? Aren't you Orimura Ichika, the instructor's brother?!" Laura screeched in pure rage.

"I am Ichika yes, but I'm not all too sure about the Orimura part. I can be a picked up stray for all I know." Ichika said with an almost blank look.

"And what are you implying with that, Orimura?" Chifuyu asked agitated from within the door opening. Ichika tore his gaze away from Laura, who was still holding her knife, and looked with twisted amusement towards her sister.

"You know what I really like about Byakushiki? The fact that she'll help me with whatever I ask, so long I can defend my actions with logical reasoning. And thanks to her help, I came up with a lot of information, or better said a certain lack of it."

The entire class was listening confused, trying to get the real meaning behind those words. After pondering for a second, Houki realized what he was trying to say.

"Are you saying that you might not be…?" She just couldn't finish that sentence. Luckily, Ichika did it for her, shocking the entire class in the process.

"There is a possibility that I might not be related to Orimura Chifuyu."

"What did you just say?!" Chifuyu growled out in a menacing tone, rage and killing intent oozing out of her. The whole room had trouble breathing, yet Ichika stood there with cold, dead eyes.

"I am just stating what I think is possible. If you look at the evidence, it kinda shows that I am right in doubting our connection." A few screens appeared and started floating around him, all filled with various official looking documents.

"The first thing that I always thought strange of was the fact that even my earliest memories had no trace of any parents, just you, me and no other family. This didn't bug me when I was small, but it became more and more apparent to me as I grew up, you were the only REAL family that I had. And every time I would ask about the rest of our family, you would just lash out and order me to never talk about them again." Ichika's tone was ice cold and filled with suppressed rage, not warm and inviting like usual. The class was stunned. Is this really the gentle boy who can barely restrain Haruka?

"I never had the equipment to research any of this, but a few days ago, I asked Byakushiki if she could help me looking into it. The results were maybe not the ones I was looking for, but they made something painfully clear as well. According to society I did not exist until I was two years old and you were twelve. It's like we were born with that age. And there were no official records of anybody else called 'Orimura'. Which leads me to one question; who am I?" those last three word were spat out with barely restrained anger.

Chifuyu looked at her brother with pure fury. There was a reason she never spoke about their 'family'. The only thing related was their bloodline, nothing more! He took him away from them so that he could have a normal life.

"Just shut up and sit down! There is a reason that I don't tell you those things!"

Ichika let out a cold laugh at those words. "You only tell me what I did wrong and what I have to do. You leave everything out except the bare minimum."

"I always told you everything you needed to know!"

"Right, so I didn't need to know that you were working with Tabane on the IS. I didn't need to know that you were leaving towards Germany for a year to teach Laura hear how to maim me with a friggin' IS! I didn't need to know that you were a teacher here and would only be back once every two months! The only things I need to know is how to take orders and how to be a good housewife, are you trying to tell me that, huh?!" Ichika now screamed in pure rage. Chifuyu couldn't believe how he acted. This wasn't her Ichika, this wasn't the kind boy she saw growing up. It couldn't be that he changed so much in such a short time, it had to be… of course, that was the only reason she could come up with.

"Garisaka put you up to this, didn't he? Probably so that he could get back at me for something stupid only he could come up with." Chifuyu stated with confidence. That had to be it, there is no other way that—


Ichika hit her, right on her cheek. She looked at him in stunned silence. Her little brother had HIT HER IN THE FACE.

"Don't you dare blaming him for this. Watching him only made me realize that I should have the courage to move forward and to find out what's real!" he shouted, enraged. This isn't her little brother, it has to be an imposter. One hit with her notebook and it'll be proven. She swung her arm with the deadly heap of papers, but it was cut in two by a little girl in a white dress holding one of the Gunblades Ichika grew fond of.

"Ichika-san, are you alright?" the girl asked in a monotone voice.

"I'm fine Byakushiki, let's get out of here." Ichika said with a soft smile. He headed towards the door, but not before he slapped a stunned Laura in the face as well.

"That was for trying to kill me with a knife."

News spread fast in IS Academy that evening. Ichika was suspended for a week because he slapped Chifuyu in the face in front of an entire class and defied her authority. Everyone looked for him, but he had already gone home without leaving a trace with the help of a certain nurse.

Meanwhile back in Paris. Haruka was dealing with another battlefield.

"Haruka, mind telling me why you have a tattoo all of a sudden? I'm pretty sure it wasn't there last night." Charl asked me in a cheerfully angry tone. Dammit Sophie, why did you have to take the bandages off just so that you could play with them?! That kid is gonna cause a hell of a lot of trouble later! … She probably got that from me. Hehe, oops.

"Haruka, what does that tattoo even mean?" Charl asked me now in a sad tone, pulling me out of my thoughts. I looked down at my arm. The tattoo on my right arm was a brown buckler with an iron edge, in it the number 47 written. Two gunblades crossed their blades under it and the roman number for 217 was between the handles.

"This is a memento for the dead. For those that were sacrificed just so that I could live on." I stated sadly. I saw Charl's shocked look, and decided to elaborate a bit. "In order to test the procedures they were gonna do on me, the researchers did on other kids first. All in all, 217 kids died and this is the only way that they shall be remembered for now. By someone who will carry their burden along for them."

Charl looked down with mixture of sadness and shame. Damn, now I feel guilty for ruining the mood. What can I do to make it better again? I looked to the side where I saw Sophie laughing while she wrapped the bandage around a plush lion… that's it!

"Hey Charl, how about you, me and Sophie go to the zoo?" I asked in an inviting tone. Everybody looked surprised at me and I could swear Sophie made a sound that came close to "Whaaaa?" Alex even raised an eyebrow curiously, that has to mean something.

"What? Can't I propose something I can do with my daughter and you?" I asked offended. Charl quickly got out of her stupor and continued to make lunch with a smile.

"That sounds great Haruka." She said happily. Yes, safe and some family time! "But don't think I've forgotten about the tattoo."

"You were so close man, so close."

Just shut up man, just… shut up.

After lunch, Charl Sophie and I went to the zoo. Alex stayed behind to read the newspaper and to probably some other freaky stuff I don't wanna know about. It was a quiet, nice walk which allowed me to spend some time with my daughter… at least that's how it was supposed to go.

"Boss, that's the one who kicked Jean KO!" a grunt yelled while pointing at me. There were around 20 men behind the Bossman and the yelling dude. The leader was an astounding six and a half feet tall, had trimmed brown hair and a nasty scar over a closed eye. You could practically see his muscles flex and roll with every movement he made. His remaining eye roamed critically over me before letting out a sigh.

"You wouldn't happen to be the Shinigami Haruka, am I right?" he asked in a tired voice.

"Shinigami? Is that what I'm called by the public?" I asked amused. The guys behind him looked mortified and started sweating bullets.

"You are called so by the ones who have seen footage of your matches. Needless to say, your attire and scythe gave it kinda away."

"And how did you get footage of my matches?" I asked him suspiciously.

"Your mother sends it through, bragging about her little WMD." The big guy said with a tired sigh. I just facepalmed when I heard those words. Goddammit Mom, I'm gonna hit you so hard with a paper fan when we get back.

"Could we continue our talk please?" he asked politely. I nodded and waited for him to continue.

"Right, I just want to apologize for the trouble those idiots have caused. I told them before they shouldn't mug people and maybe you should teach them a lesson." He said while looking at the seven goons. I already have a nice idea.

"Psycho." I called the crazy bastard. He materialized right next to me with a happy smile.

"How bad?"

"No more than a few broken bones. Now if you'll excuse me, I'd like to spend some more time with the two charming ladies next to me." I said with a soft smile before leaving.

"You can't be serious!" someone shouted indignantly. Ah, that's right.

"You're right, this is wrong." A few people let out a breath they were holding.

"If you have trouble with health insurance, call me and I'll cover the medical bill." I said before turning the corner of the alley. The shouts of painful cries and a humming lunatic could be heard. Charl looked a bit mad at me.

"What? They tried to mug you, and their boss would without a doubt have done something worse to punish them!" I said, faking hurt. She looked at me a bit longer before leaving out a sigh.

"You really have a mean streak, you know that?" she told me in a tired tone. I pulled her against me with my arm.

"Okay, maybe I went a bit overboard, but it's because they targeted you." I told her a bit agitated. She giggled a bit at that answer.

"You're just like a dragon protecting its treasure." Charl said playfully.

"Hmm, maybe I should get a dragon tattoo on my back then." I said in a playful tone. The glare Charl sent my way made me swallow my words again.

When we got to the zoo, Sophie tried to run off immediately towards the monkeys. Thank goodness G followed her, which allowed us to take things a bit easier. Still, why does my daughter have a feud with squirrels? I'm serious, the moment she and a squirrel crossed eyes they started throwing whatever there was in reach at each other. And the monkeys just cheered her on. Needless to say, this is one of the things I'm gonna remember for the rest of my life. Also made the top 5 weird shit list. Anyways, after Superstes scared the squirrels off, Sophie used him as a mount for the rest of the day. After that, the time just flew by and it was time to go back before I even realized it.

Back at Charl's apartment, we made dinner and after that put a sleepy Sophie in bed.

"Man, I'm gonna miss you when I have to go back to the Academy." I muttered absentmindedly.

"Oh, didn't we tell you yet? I'm France's representative cadet." Charl said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Huh, that makes things a lot more, wait… Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!" I must've been making some kind of silly face since Charl start laughing softly. She turned around and headed towards the door. After recomposing myself I followed her and gently closed the door without making any kind of sound. Alex was writing something down with a calculator in his other hand. Best leave him to his thoughts… for now, let's annoy the crap out of him later.

"We're going to have to discuss something very important, sir." Alex said without looking up. By Odin's raven, can't I get at least a bit of privacy in my head?

"It's about our enrollment into IS Academy. We would like to return tomorrow afternoon together with you." Alex said while continuing whatever he was doing.

"And what'll happen to Sophie? We can't just leave her behind." I stated in a serious tone. I noticed Charl looking down in sorrow.

"My father will take of her while I'm away, to make sure I do what he says." She stated sadly. What, her own father uses his granddaughter as a hostage?! G, I need your help with this one. You probably know what I'm going to ask.

"Already made sure all papers are in order. Shall I also make a bag with necessities?"

Please do. And after that, find out what the asshole is planning.

"Charl, Unfortunately I have to leave to catch a plane. Can I have the number of your father please?" I asked in a pleasant voice and my chesire cat grin. Charl looked at me with a bit of hope, already knowing what the grin meant. Alex just looked at me with a tired look.

"Shall I already prepare a team of lawyers?" he asked me in a tired voice.

"Nope, just get on a plane before the bastard's men arrive."

"Are you and your daughter comfortable, sir?" a stewardess asked softly with a gentle smile. I was sitting in first class near the window, carefully holding a now awake Sophie in my arms. I had asked a blanket I could wrap her in. she woke up right before takeoff and was about to cry, but the moment the stewardess arrived and I wrapped the blanket around she calmed down. The woman thought that Sophie would start to cry when we took off, but she was mesmerized by the view, letting out a long 'Oooooh'.

"You like the view Sophie?" I asked in a gentle voice. She yawned and looked at me with a bright smile.

"Wuv Dada." She said softly before falling asleep on my chest. I held back a few tears and gently kissed her head.

"Dada wuvs you too." I whispered. I heard a soft 'aww' coming from my side. Wait, I'm in a plane, aren't I?

"Last time I checked this was still a plane yeah."

And a lot of people are now looking at me aren't they?

"Of course they are, it's not every day you see a doting father in public."

I just looked out of the window to cover up the blush that was forming on my cheeks. So, what did you find G?

The damn bastard wanted to let Charl pose as a male pilot and make her steal genetic data, weapon blueprints et cetera from you and Ichika. He was going to keep Sophie as a hostage.

Remind me that before this is over, my shoe will be stuck in his arse. While he's on life support. Maybe. If I feel like it. Oh, who am I kidding, the bastard's gonna get killed at the first opportunity I get.

"You do realize that he's a big shot in the business world?"

And your point being Psycho?

"If you want to kill him without getting caught, you're gonna need one hell of a disguise."

Or we could make him visit one of his factories and let it explode with an antimatter bomb, those things barely leave a trace.

"I like your way of thinking Haru-chan."

We are not going to kill Raphael Dunois! Sure, he's the biggest asshole we've ever seen but he's still Charlotte's father!

Fine, you win.

Thank you

"You can't be serious!"

No, I am completely serious. He remains Charl's father.

"Like that means a lot to you."

It means enough to first ask Charl for permission to kill her father.


"and what if she says no?"

Then I'll use another method than I told her. After prematurely cutting of the connection between G and me, so that i could avoid her nagging about morality and such, I watched the clouds with a bitter smile. When we reach Japan, we will have our hardest challenge yet ahead of us. So why can't I help but feel excited?

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