I was in my room packing out my stuff while G was browsing through Nee-san's network to find information about Cecilia's IS. I looked at all the extra stuff that was put in my room. Normally, you would have to share a room with someone else, but I got one for myself. But where does Ichika sleep then?

Meh, not my problem. But I really like this room already. I got a soft bed big enough for two persons, a desk with a computer and two screens (wonder what the second one's for), a mini fridge with food and drinks for my nightly hunger. I only have to sleep for 3 hours thanks to the core, but my appetite increased quite a bit. And I'm not going to bother the cooking staff at 3 AM just because I want some food, that's just wrong. And thanks to that, I learned how to cook. Further I have some clothes left for my free days and my keyboard.

"So, how's it going with the search G?" I asked her.

"It's no good. Unless I have a specific IS to look for, it'll go really slow." She sighed.

"Wasn't she a representative candidate or something like that?"

"You don't know me? You don't know who Cecilia Alcott is? You've never heard of me? The representative candidate student for England and the valedictorian of the entrance exam?" G mimicked her with the exact same smug look on her face and the princess pose.

"That sounded exactly like her. How did you do that?" I asked her.

"Since I'm linked to your brain, I can access your memories as well, so I just replayed her from your memory." She said with a grin.

"That's awesome. Do you have the specifics now for the search?" I asked her.

"The search started the moment you tried to remember she was a representative. I just pretended to be her for fun." Thank god she has a personality and isn't a emotionless AI like in the sci-fi movies.

"And the results?"

"Should arrive within 2 minutes."

Someone knocked on my door. G disappeared and I made sure my IS core was hidden and no light shone through the shirt. When I opened, I saw Ichika with a worn out expression.

"Dude, what happened to you?" I asked him.

"Apparently I share a room with Houki and I already made her furious." He told me.

"How did you do that?" I asked him while letting him enter.

One explanation later

"… and that's what happened."

"So, you entered the room and she came out of the shower. Then you tried to defend yourself after pissing her off even more with a shinai, on which he bra hung and you ran to this place in fear. Something like that right?" I summarized.




G and I looked at each other and then started laughing. Honestly how can one person have so much misfortune in one night?

"Yeah, just keep on laughing while Houki is probably searching me to kill me." He said sarcastic.

"Sorry, you can stay here for a few hours until she cooled off a bit." I said while trying to control my laughter. The data arrived and G opened it.

"So, Blue Tears is our opponent." I looked through the data.

"A sniper rifle called 'Starlight MK III, only a knife for close range and what are BIT's?" I started talking to myself. Fortunately, G is a part of me so I had someone that responded.

"Drones that respond to the brain waves of the user. They could become a problem." G said seriously.

"Can you find a counter measure?" I asked her.

"To disable them, or to have some fun?" she asked with an evil smile.

The next day 16.27, Arena 1

I stood on the landing platform eating an apple while I was mentally preparing myself for the battle.

"Good luck Haru." Ichika told me.

"Pay attention to the fight Ichika, you'll have an advantage if you can study her techniques and moves now." I told him. He nodded with an determined expression. Houki just stood there looking serious as always. She doesn't care what happens to me at all, does she? I let only my wings out and floated to the starting point. Cecilia looked at me like I was crazy.

"Aren't you going to deploy your IS?" she asked me.

"I got a bit of time left before we begin, so I wanted to finish this apple while enjoying the view." I told her. Actually I wanted to keep her distracted so I have the element of surprise… and I was hungry as well.

"Ten seconds left." G told me through our mental communication.







…3… I smiled and threw the apple at Cecilia. She ducked with a cute squeak coming out of her.

"What was that good for?" she yelled, until she saw me right in front of her in my IS, my rifle ready to fire. I smirked and fired in bursts at her. She barely evaded the crossfire and put some distance between us.

"Have you no honor?" she asked me.

"It isn't my fault you fell for such a simple trick. By the way, you let out quite a cute squeak when you dodged the apple" I told her with a smile she couldn't see because of the helmet. She looked really embarrassed.

"I wanted to go easy on you, AND WAIT UNTIL I AM FINISHED SPEAKING!" she yelled as I fired at her again.

"It's a fight! You don't chat with your enemy unless the fight is over!" I yelled back at her. Ah screw this, I'm going in close. I started to remember what the instructor told me.

"You really have some nice weapons and skills there, but it lacks some finesse." A woman with short blue hair and an eye patch over her left eye told me.

"They are all designed with the same goal; survival. I don't care how it looks like." I told her.

She smiled at my answer. "Then, can I tell you a few things that might help you improve?"


"all right then, first of all, your spear. You have a certain mastery of the basics, but you still got a lot of room to improve. But seeing how you handled it, it deserves a name for itself."

"What do you have in mind?"

"How about Longinus?"

I materialized my spear. It's blade was blood red and a feet long with a small guard under it and was mounted on a five feet long black shaft. Its name, Longinus, stood on it in red. The reason that the blade blood red is, is because its blade is made of a highly condensed energy beam, designed specifically to destroy the armor. It's the same concept as that of a light saber. I spun it around in my left hand, threw it in the air and caught it in my right hand. I flew toward Cecilia and did a diagonal slash. When she evaded the blade, I changed the course and cut her in her left side. I used the built up momentum to spin around, let my spear slip out of my hand , grabbed at the end of its shaft, and barely missed her with my stab. She put some distance between us. I grabbed my spear and threw it at her. It missed her by a foot and she started laughing.

"That was a nice but wasted attempt." She stated in her princess pose.

"Got ya." I said softly as I shot at her with my rifle. I hit her a few times before she got out of my cross fire and started to return the fire.

"Now, let's dance. Dance to the waltz that Cecilia Alcott and Blue Tears are playing!" Cecilia yelled.

" Sorry, but I'm more of an old school rock fan!" I yelled back as I started dodging again.

(Comm room of Arena 1)

Ichika and Houki stared at the screen as they saw Haru fight.

"he's good, but lacks finesse." Chifuyu stated.

"I know that so stop saying it!" Haru yelled through the communication line. Ichika stared at the screen watching the fight between two opposites. At one side, the graceful Blue Tears and at the other the controlled chaos that was Haru. He fought with deceit and exploited every opening he fought, like a soldier would during a war.

Ichika made his resolve. He would train to become the best. But first he had to see if Haru could teach him the basics. We all have to start somewhere.

(back in the Arena)

"Judging from its performance, your rifle is suited to hit targets accurately within a range of 150 feet." The instructor told me.

"So basically, it's the bastard child of a sniper and an assault rifle." I spoke my thoughts out loud.

"that's not a bad description for it. But, with your skill, you'll only hit targets accurately at a max range of 50 feet."

"Damn it. That puts me at a disadvantage if I have to fight a long range enemy."

"which is why I'll teach you Ignition Boost. Well, only the theory behind it."

I rushed towards Cecilia while evading her shots. I had to do something about that rifle. I've got no other choice but to use Stealth. I shot a barrage at Cecilia and she evaded in a way she didn't see me for a second. But that one second was all I needed to make sure she didn't see me anymore. I activated my Stealth system and when Cecilia aimed her sniper at where I stood, she looked surprised. She looked around frantically with her sniper, thinking I moved to another place. I let my spear come out and rushed towards her.

"Oi, Cecilia!" I yelled. She turned around. Perfect. I went for an upwards slash, cutting her sniper clean in half.

"Interceptor!" What? I felt a slash at the side of my head and my helmet disappeared with a flash, temporary blinding Cecilia. Dammit, I forgot that she had a knife. I slowed down and read the message that came.

Survival Program activated.

Helmet removed for better sight.

Would you like to switch back to helmet?

I thought no and the screen disappeared. To be honest, I'm glad it's gone. This gives me much more breathing room.

"what did you just do?" Cecilia asked me.

"Removing my helmet. It started to get kinda hot in there." I lied. What the hell was that Survival Program? I'll have to look into it after this match. I got into my battle stance with my spear.

"Anyways, how about we stop the warm up and get to the actual fight?" I asked with a cocky smirk. Cecilia smiled as well.

"Very well, allow me, Cecilia Alcott, to demonstrate my full power." She said in her Ojou-sama tone. Her BITs unleashed themselves and flew towards me.

"G, how long will it take to activate THAT?"

"It's going to take a while, so you've got to stall the fight for a bit."

"Goddammit. Please hurry up." I asked G while evading the BITs. They followed my movements while they were aiming for my blind spots. There has to be a weak spot in her defenses. I had to do something to stall some time and maybe I could come up with a strategy. My wings started to glow and I smiled. I turned towards Cecilia with Longinus materialized. I'm going to enjoy that look on her face.

"one piece of advice, if you're going to use the ignition boost in the way I described, don't do it more times than your body can handle."

I nodded. "thanks for the advice and the drink." I told her.

"No problem kiddo. What's your name?" she asked.

"Garisaka Haru, yours?" I asked her.

"Clarissa Harfouch. Well Haru-kun, I have to go. Until next time." She saluted me. I thought it was pretty odd for a teacher, but I saluted her back. When she was away there lied a note on the table.

'If you've won your first fight, contact me. I got something for you then.'

There stood an e-mail address underneath it. I smiled and put the note in my pocket .She definitely wasn't a teacher, I knew that now.


I felt like I was shot out of a cannon and shot myself towards Cecilia in what is without a doubt my new personal speed record and a artificial sugar rush. I thrust my spear forward and I hit Cecilia in the stomach. She doubled over, breathless from the sheer impact. If the shields weren't there, I would've pierced her stomach. I got hit in the back and pushed away from Cecilia by the BITs and they shot me a few times in the back. I crashed into the ground and slid against a wall. I stood up and looked at the damage. Thanks to that attack I only got 290 energy left.

"What happened to fighting with honor?" I teased her by using her own words against her.

"It isn't my fault you fell for such a simple trick." She responded. I started laughing.

"You're right, I had to see that one coming. But still, nice played." I complimented her. She started to look a bit red again.

"You're trying to distract me again, aren't you?" she asked while not looking in my eyes.

"This time I'm serious. If I wanted to distract you, I would've talked about how pretty you are or pulled another stunt like the one with the apple."

Cecilia looked at me in surprise and the entire stadium gasped.

"Do you serious think I'm pretty?" she asked me with a bright red face. I became nervous as I felt that all the girls wanted to know my answer.

"HOW ABOUT YOU HOLD THIS CONVERSATION AFTER THE MATCH OR AT LEAST USE A PRIVATE LINE YOU FOOLS?" Houki yelled at us through the microphone in the comm room.

… wait how do they know what we are saying? Cecilia had the same question in her mind.

"WE USED AN OPEN LINE INSTEAD A PRIVATE ONE!" Cecilia yelled embarrassed. I started to blush as well. All those girls heard me saying all that? This is not good.

"How about we finish this after the fight?" I asked Cecilia. She just nodded as I went back up in the air and stopped around 30 feet away from her.

"Ready for round 2?" I asked her with a grin. She showed me a sweet smile that was yet filled with the desire to win. It was quite charming… FOCUS ON THE FIGHT HARU! THE FIGHT! I materialized my spear as I saw the BITs coming right at me. I evaded them while slashing their engines. It seemed like everything went into slow motion I barrel rolled to evade one that passed me and cut it cleanly in half. Smoke came out of it and it crashed. I turned and pierced the second one that tried to shoot me in the back. Not a second time, I'll have enough trouble with my back as it is now for the next 2 or 3 days.

"The overwrite is complete and ready to be used at any time." G informed me.

"Then, assume control over the BITs when we've hacked them."

"I get to shoot with them?" G asked.

"As long as you don't go for friendly fire."

"yay! Thank you Haru-chan."

The two BITs that were coming at me slowed down. They flew towards my wings… and docked in them. A light surrounded me and a message came up.

Survival Program Complete

Access granted to new equipment:

G-01 and G-02

Gained extra data from Blue Tears:

Rifle calibration and Aiming visor

Shield Upgrade. Max shield points now 570 instead of 520.

New basic armor color: Midnight Blue

When the light was gone I looked at the changes in my armor. The armor became slimmer and more curved, making it look a bit more elegant. My black color was replaced by dark shade of blue. A visor covered my right eye and the bits became a part of my wings. Their blue color was changed into black and there were names written on it in the same golden color as the outlining on my armor.

G-01 and G-02 became my own BITs. Cecilia and I both looked confused at what happened. I decide to break the silence.

"I'll see if I can give you those BITs back after the fight." I said sheepishly. I let my spear come out. Cecilia raised her arm in a dramatic gesture at my direction.

"Let's make this our final charge, this fight has already dragged on too long." I said.

"Very well. I will show you this very moment who is the superior one of us." Cecilia haughtily exclaimed. There's no need for that, I already know that I'm better than you. I charged my wings for a second Ignition Boost while Cecilia let her two remaining BITs out. G activated the two we took over. We stood there for a few seconds until the other would make a move.

"IGNITION BOOST!" I yelled. I let out all of my desire to win and my motivation In this final strike. The two BITs from Cecilia fired rockets at me, but G destroyed them with our own, creating a smoke field. I rushed through the smoke right to Cecilia, while letting out a battle cry.

(Cecilia POV)

He can't possibly have evaded those missiles. They were at a too close range. Hm, what's that in the smoke? It can't be, he survived that? He's coming right for me, with such a determination to win. He really looks beautiful like that. Can it be that I… huh, why am I falling?

(Haru's POV)

I slashed at Cecilia with my spear while she looked shocked. Her Shield Energy was completely depleted. Her IS dissolved and she fell down. Why didn't the Absolute Defense activate? We were at a height of 75 feet, she won't survive the fall! I dived right after her. Everything went into slow motion again as I couldn't reach her in time. My body won't be able to take the strain but I'll have to use it one last time.


I caught Cecilia in my arms and carried her towards the landing platform. She clutched onto me as a small scared child with her eyes closed.

"It's okay now we're at the landing zone." I told her. She looked around and saw that she was safe. I got out of IS-mode and put Cecilia down.

"Thank you." she muttered softly.

"I'd do it any…" Huh, why is everything going black? And why am I seeing the ceiling?


Looks like I underestimated the strain on my body. I sighed as I welcomed the darkness and my consciousness slipped away.

Haru: so you decided to give me an all mighty program that can steal any parts of an IS?

Me: No, it's not almighty and you won't be able to use it against everyone.

Haru: Then what the hell is that Survival Program?

Me: that'll be explained in the next chapter.

Haru: GODAMMIT YOU *mute*.

Me: anyway, see you next time.

Haru still muted thrashes around.