"I kissed Piper."

Stopping dead in her tracks, Reyna whipped around to look at him with her flickering dark eyes. "And you're telling me this why?"

Jason looked at her intently, stepping down from the cabin's steps. "Because we were going out before I lost my memory."

Reyna kept her stony expression. "We were never going out."

With exasperation, Jason said, "Yes, we were. I remember little bits and pieces of before I lost my memory. I remember taking you out to the sea and picking shells with you. I kissed you that night. I remember the night we danced in your cabin to some jazzy song you were obsessed with. I remember the night you broke down and told me about your family, the night when I...when I almost died at the hand of the Titans and you told me you loved me."

She sucked in a breath and eyed his shy expression wearily. He remembered all of that? Did this mean he was still in love with her? That Jason was going to tell her that he made a terrible mistake and that he wanted to go out with her again? That kissing Piper was a mistake because he realized she was so much better than that tomboy charm speaker.

"I remember having feelings for you, but I...I don't have them anymore."

Her hand unconsciously touched her chest when she felt a painful throbbing her chest. She felt light headed and her throat felt scratchy. How could she be so foolish to let her guard down? To let this...this boy in to do what?

Damn the gods.

"Why are you telling me this?" She couldn't help but blurt out.

He saw her crestfallen countenance and took a step towards her. "Reyna..." He breathed out her name with pity.


"I don't want your pity," Reyna spat in disgust, turning on her heel. She told him this exact phrase a year ago, the day she broke down about losing her entire family. Reyna opened up to him, telling him that everyone pitied her for losing her family and it made her weaker. She would never allow herself to fall into that trap of dependence again.

Reyna would never allow anyone to pity her.