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(Quote From 'A Christmas Carol G Style' Chapter 8)

"That will depend on three things. One - Whether you love them. Two - Whether you can be there for them and protect them."

Callen could see what Hetty was doing, referring to them rather than her. Making sure he knew that Alyssa and Tabby were a package. He knew that, accepted that, wanted it that way. He'd spoken the truth to Alyssa when he'd said he couldn't imagine her without Tabby.

"And three -," Hetty paused for a moment. "Whether you are able to move on from Faith."

(End Quote)

Callen had wondered how he would prove these three things to Hetty. He was pretty sure he felt the first already, even though he hadn't really known Alyssa and Tabby all that long. He knew that he was ready to move on from Faith – He'd known that since New Year's. What he never expected was to have to prove number two so soon or like this.

The future Eric showed him, the future he desperately wants, is in jeopardy. He'll do whatever it takes to get it back on track – not to mention get off probation and out from Hetty's eagle eye. Given that Tabby had his team wrapped around her little finger within minutes of meeting them, they are by his side all the way.


Authors Note:

Hi, it's been a while since I finished up A Christmas Carol G Style. The sequel was never meant to take this long. Sorry about that. Life has gotten in the way as well as plot bunnies going on vacation for a while, but now that this story is pretty much mapped out, I'm starting to post in the hopes of prompting the bunnies to hop along with this story. Hey it worked with Moving On so I've at least got a decent basis for that hope. However, there are no guarantees on updates. I will definitely be trying for once a week, if not more, but the chapters are much longer than Moving On and since details will need to be fleshed out a little more I'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself or the bunnies. I am usually pretty regular in updates so hoping this story will continue that streak.

I have about 16 chapters in this story at the moment and would really like to have it finished up before Christmas, because things will get really hectic around then.

AU – There's no Deeks as it follows on from the previous story which still included Nate, so yes, Nate will be in this one too.

Apologies for the title – I really struggled with this so hopefully it works for you. I promise if the perfect title hits me, I'll change it and let you know in advance. Why must the shorter things be so hard to write – like titles and summaries?

So here's the first chapter. I do hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer – Own nothing you recognise from the show. Ally, Tabby and any other OC's are mine. Just doing it for fun.


Chapter 1:

Thursday 20th January 2011

Callen was almost whistling when he walked into the bullpen. The twenty nine days until he saw Alyssa and Tabby had so far gone slowly, but the light was starting to shine bright at the end of the tunnel.

Kensi looked at him with raised eyebrows but said nothing. Sam on the other hand grinned, rolled his eyes and proceeded to tease his partner.

"I always knew the love of a good woman would improve your mood so much," Sam said.

"Careful Sam or I'll be whistling show tunes in the car today."

Sam ignored his comment.

"So, which of the lovely ladies has you in such a chipper mood today? The older one or the little munchkin?"

Callen ignored Sam. Kensi couldn't help but giggle.

"How long til they get back?" Nate asked.

Callen spun around. He hadn't even seen the psychologist sitting there in the shadows. He shook his head slightly and mentally admonished himself for being distracted so much.

"Tomorrow night," Callen answered. "It's Tabby's birthday Saturday and they're flying in."

He knew that they didn't really enjoy the drive so he'd offered to buy them the tickets. He'd had an ulterior motive, especially when he knew that if they drove, they'd have to leave Sunday morning since Tabby needed to be back at school on Monday. This way he got an extra day with them and it was well worth the money.

"You picking them up?" Sam asked.

"Nope." Callen shook his head. "Hetty is. Figured I should let her since I'll be intruding on the rest of their time together."

"And Hetty doesn't mind?" Nate asked curiously.

Callen could see the wheels turning in Nate's head. He knew Nate was filing away all of these little things for later and would bring them back up in a session at some point in the future.

"Of course I do not," said the woman in question startling them all with her sudden presence – as usual. "As long as Mr Callen behaves himself, why would I?"

Callen wondered how long and exactly how he would prove those three things so Hetty would let him off probation when it came to Alyssa and Tabby. Hopefully not too long. As much as he knew he'd always be watched closely by Hetty, being under more thorough scrutiny wasn't something he felt he would enjoy.

"No reason," Nate said, obviously trying to back track.

"Mr Callen," Hetty said, turning to address him. "I have a favour. Could you please pick up the girls tomorrow evening? I have an old friend who I need to see and whilst I do not expect the meeting to run over schedule, I do not wish to leave Alyssa and Tabby waiting at the airport if the unforeseen happens."

"Not a problem Hetty," Callen answered with a smile. Anything that meant he got to see them sooner, he was all for.

Sam groaned. Callen turned and grabbed an eraser off the table and threw it at him.

Hetty raised her eyebrows.

"Thanks Hetty. Now he is going to be even more distracted."

"Then perhaps you should be the designated driver today Mr Hanna." Hetty turned and left.

"For that," Callen said to Sam, "forget the show tunes. Top ten best love songs of all time. All day on repeat. I might even throw in the vocals."

Sam turned to Kensi in desperation. "Kensi, I'm riding with you today."

"Nope," Kensi replied. "Hetty said you had to drive. And you know what? I'm not sure I'm up to driving either. Feeling a little light headed." She placed her hand on her forehead and dropped back against the back of her chair with a dramatic sigh.

"Perfect Kenz," Callen added with a grin. "That feminine voice to add to mine when the vocals come into play."

"Hetty!" Sam called out.

"Ear plugs could be useful Mr Hanna," came Hetty's voice from the intercom on Sam's phone, causing everyone in the bullpen to jump.

"How did she do that?" Sam mouthed.

"Remote access, Mr Hanna. Remember that."

Callen chuckled at the look on Sam's face. He remembered what he had told Max about Hetty being able to set up surveillance on Becca. Somehow that comment was becoming even more realistic.

He turned away from the teasing, pulled his thoughts from Alyssa and Tabby and started on the paperwork that was on his desk waiting for his attention. If he was going to have a reasonably relaxed time whilst they were here, getting the paperwork off his desk before the end of tomorrow would be good, otherwise he was sure that Hetty wouldn't be coming around too soon if he couldn't take care of work in an appropriately timely fashion.


Luck was with Callen and they didn't get any hits on their active missions that pulled them away from the paperwork. It was a productive day but by 2.30 he was completely sick of paperwork and stood up to go and get some tea.

Hetty walked in before he could leave, with another team trailing behind her. Callen was curious. As much as the teams worked in the same building, unless there was a joint operation, teams tended to keep to themselves. Hetty was looking worried too and that didn't help.

"I need you all to hand over any current assignments to Agent Nolan and his team," Hetty told them. "We leave for the airport in forty minutes."

"Where are we going?" Sam asked.

"Salt Lake City," Hetty answered.

For a brief moment Callen was excited. He'd get to see Alyssa and Tabby sooner if he could wrap up whatever they were going there for. The excitement lasted just a brief moment until his eyes connected with Hetty's and a cold wave of fear settled over him just before she spoke again.

"Tabby's missing."