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Author's Notes: I don't know when and where exactly in the history of the Yu Yu Hakusho series that Kuronue died in or how long before Kurama dies afterwards, so I'm saying that he died in the Makai world, in the exact same way that it was shown in the movie, instead of the human world so it's not like he's been dead for centuries before he came back to life, with Kurama dying a few years later, so they can both be the same age when they meet up again. lol

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Summary: -(Yu Yu Hakusho crossover)- Unknown to the magical world, the night Voldemort attacked the Potters and their daughter, Melody Rose Potter died with her parents that night. What happens when her abandoned body is taken over by the spirit of a former demon bat thief? -(Independent!Powerful!Grey!Kuronue!Female Harry!Kurama pairing) -(slight Manipulative Dumbledore bashing, extreme Ron, Molly, Ginny Weasley bashing)-

'Hi' - Thinking
"§§Hi§§" - Parseltongue
"Hi" - Beast speaking

Night Guardian
Chapter 3: Revenge Is Sweet
Written By: Sakura Lisel

~-Diagon Alley - July 17, 2006~-

After leaving her bank vaults, and donning her rain gear once more, Melody took a quick trip around Diagon Alley to do some shopping, while the goblins set up a meeting for her with Yomi.

While in Diagon Alley, she stopped in a few stores and bought things like complete editions of magic books and spells so she could get caught up with any new spells that had been created over the years while she was in the Makai and since her death, along with potions ingredients and cat snacks for her cats back home at the local menagerie.

Another store she stopped in was one that sold trunks, and she bought the most expensive and sought after trunk that she could find, that cost her over a thousand galleons complete with accessories added to it that she charged with her new Gringott's credit card. The trunk had about fifteen hidden compartments within, that could only be accessed by a key that came with it.

She had two special keys made for the trunk. The first key would allow her to access ten rotating compartments that would contain her mundane stuff, while her second key was charmed to only recognize her magical signature so that even if someone stole the key and tried to gain access to the trunk with it, they wouldn't be able to open the trunk no matter what they did with the key, and both keys were charmed to give anyone who wasn't her who tried using them a nasty electric shock.

The second key also opened up a secret part of the trunk that led to the remaining five compartments, giving her access to special rooms that were built inside the trunk insides the trunk that she could access simply by stepping inside. One compartment room was a walk-in huge library filled with over thirty-five empty bookcases against the walls, that she planned to put her growing book collection inside when she got back home, as well as another empty room that she planned to turn into her private laboratory room once she got the equipment to put in it. Two other compartment rooms had been made into a master bedroom and guest room so that she could go there if she ever wanted some privacy, complete adjoining working bathroom and closet, while the remaining two rooms were made into a storage room where she planned to put her future weapons, and musical instruments into later on, as well as a training room to practice magic and train in privacy.

She had to pay a little extra money to have to have the outside of the trunk itself charmed with a permanent featherweight charm that always made the outside of the trunk light and easy to handle no matter how much stuff was packed inside that would normally make it extremely heavy, as well as a shrinking charm on it so that she could carry it in her pocket if she didn't want to lug it around at full size, as well as a antitheft charm that prevented anyone from trying to break into the trunk, Anyone who tried to force it open without the key would find themselves knocked flat on their butts, with alarms blaring at high volume from the trunk, by the anti-thief charms, with the word Thief tattooed on their forehead that won't wear off or fade away until they admit to what they tried to do to everyone and apologize to the one they tried to rob. Not even scrubbing it off with hot soap and water or spells would be able to make it disappear no matter what they tried, while the anti-destruction charms would protect the trunk from anything that was thrown at it that would utterly destroy a normal trunk, and the anti-destruction charm would also repel any spells cast at it and send it back at the caster.

She had even stopped in to a clothing store, and bought three pointy witches hats that had caught her attention, including one in particular that was dark brown with a blue belt with a golden buckle in front wrapped around it, that reminded her of her old hat, and was already making plans to cut off the pointed ends off so she could pull her hair out through the openings, the way like she used to wear her hats.

'That was a good little shopping trip, and I got my money's worth on everything, even I had to pay a lot of extra for everything.' Melody thought silently to herself as she made her way back to the bank a few hours later, since it was almost time to check in to meet up with Yomi if he showed up, as she sucked on a blood pop that she picked up at the local candy store, as she checked her coats pockets for her shrunken purchases, 'I made all of the store keepers day, and probably became their favorite customer in just one afternoon. I might come back another time to see what else Diagon Alley has to offer one of these days..'

~-Gringott's Bank - July 17, 2006~-

Nearly three hours later found Melody busy lounging in a chair in the waiting room that the goblins had provided for her. eating some scones and taking a sip of tea that she was provided with, when her ears perked up at the sound of voices coming from down the hall as they made their way to her room.

"...I don't know what you goblins are trying to pull, Snaggletooth, but I know for a fact that there is no way in hell that Kuronue had a heir," a familiar voice said flippantly as his footsteps came closer to the door, "Whomever this girl is must be an imposter, especially if she was trying to claim my vault as you say."

"Lord Ryumaru, as we've already informed you, we've already done all the needed tests to confirm Lady Koumori's identity, and all of the tests show that she is indeed who she claims to be," Snaggletooth's own voice said, sounding a bit strained as he spoke, as his own voice came closer to the room, "As for why she tried to claim your vaults, she told us that she had been informed by a mutual friend of yours that you were dead, but when she found out otherwise, she dropped the claim to your vault immediately without further incident."

"That's good to hear at least. Whoever it was that told her that I was dead will find that news of my death is highly exaggerated," Lord Ryumaru said, causing Melody to chuckle a bit at the tone in the voice, as he dismisses the goblins words, "I will just have to meet the girl for myself to see if she really is who she claims to be."

'Yep it's definitely Yomi. I'd recognized that voice anywhere, especially with the attitude.' Melody thought silently to herself as she sat up straight in her chair and got settled in, just as the door was pushed open and group of men walked into the room led by Snaggletooth, 'His voice sounds older but its still the same, and he's a lord now? I wonder how that happened?'

As Yomi was led into the room, Melody's eyes widen in shock and horror as she finally got good look at her long time friend and she saw his face, seeing his closed eyes that still had old scars covering them, and realized immediately that he was now blind. She could already tell from the way he moved that his blindness wasn't a recent thing.

"Yomi?! What happened to you?" Melody exclaimed, dropping her earlier plans of trying to pretend to not know him as she immediately stood up from her seat and started to approach, but stopped immediately when Yomi's bodyguards stood in the way of her path, as they glared down at her menacingly, "Hey back off you guys."

"Stay back human. Lord Yomi doesn't need a filthy little witch tainting his presence," the bodyguard on the left said, as he sneered down at Melody for a moment.

"Back off, big guy. I'm not going to hurt Yomi. We're old pitteac, and besides if anyone is tainting his presence its you." Melody snapped back, as she waved the air in front of her like she was trying to get rid of a bad smell and ignored the angry growls she received in return, "when was the last time you bathed or brushed your teeth?"

"Why you insolent little..."

"Bakura stand down. Now then young girl who are you, and why do you call yourself my 'pitto' when we've never met each other until now?" Yomi demanded, as he stepped forward, lightly bumping the two bodyguards to the side, as he came to a stop in front of Melody who stood a good foot shorter than him, as his blank gaze looked at her for a moment as he cocked his head cocked to one side, "I may be blind, but I would think that I would recognize someone like you before. And I would like to know why you claim to be the heir of an old friend of mine?"

"Yomi, I'm hurt. I know I don't sound or even look the same even if you could see me right now, but I would have thought that even you would have recognized me by my spiritual power? I'm Kuronue. I have a different body and gender now," Melody said, as a hint of false hurt filled her voice, as she looked up at Yomi for a moment, as her right hand reached up to lightly touch his face only for her hand to be grabbed by one of the bodyguards who she glared at before snatching her hand away and lowering it once more to grab at his hand and pull him alongside her to a chair, while ignoring the bodyguards protests, "but its still me inside here. Though I go by Melody Potter these days, or even Kurenai if you want to call me something. I disappear on you and Kurama for a few months and when I come back only to find you missing and Kurama told me you were killed on a job while I was gone."

At Melody's words, Yomi's blank eyes open a bit more in shock and surprise, before a frown appeared on his face, as he felt behind himself for the chair before settling down in it, as Melody took a seat across from him, as a thoughtful look appeared on his features.

"Ms. Potter, or Kurenai. Even if you are truly Kuronue as you say you are, and I'm not agreeing that you are without sufficient proof," Yomi said dismissively as he, as he frowned a bit in indecision before an idea came to mind, as a small smirk appeared on his features as he glanced in her direction, "then I say prove it to me first by telling me something that only Kuronue, Kurama and myself would only know about."

"Something only the three of us would know, huh? There are so many things I could chose from," Melody asked as she stood back for a moment with a thoughtful look on her features, as she thought about what she was going to say to his request, when a slow smirk appeared on her features for a moment, "I know of one thing in particular that I could tell you about, but its really not for prying ears to hear."

"Oh really? What do you have to say that can't be heard by everyone in the room? I don't hide secrets from my men, so you might as well come out with it," Yomi demanded, irritation filling his normally calm voice, as his scowl deepened a bit, though worry now filled him as his ears also picked up the tone in Melody's voice change, "whatever it is can't be that bad."

"It wasn't that bad really, but I wouldn't know if you told your men about this one or not" Melody said cheerfully as she sidled up to Yomi and was practically sitting in his lap, as she leaned in closer to him to speak directly in his ear as her voice dropped into a whisper that only he could hear, "I'm talking about the time the three of us..."

As everyone else in the room watched the duo, they all strained their ears to try and catch whatever it was that Melody was whispering to Yomi but couldn't hear a peep, as they watched as Yomi's face went through a show of different emotions and expressions with each passing minutes as he listened to what Melody was telling him, as his mouth dropped open and his face going from turning completely white shock, to turning bright red in embarrassment, as he finally reached with both hands to quickly cover Melody's mouth to stop her from talking.

"All right already! I believe that its really you, Kuronue. Plus I thought that we all agreed we would never as discuss that ever again." Yomi demanded as a dark scowl appeared on his features, as he turned his gaze in the direction his hand was as his blank gaze showed his displeasure to Melody who was now laughing at his expense, "Just how did you wind up in the body of a human child, with all of your memories of your previous life intact? I had heard you had died a long time ago, so I'm surprised to find you alive again."

"Well you asked me to tell you something that only I would know about, and I figured what better story than that one as proof? Besides seeing the look on your face," Melody said, chuckling a bit as she placed a hand on Yomi's shoulder for a moment to give the dragon demon's shoulder a small squeeze as she moved away from him, "as I reminded you of it was well worth it. As for how I wound up in this body with all of my memories intact it's a long story."

"As of right now. I have more than enough time to listen to whatever you have to say," Yomi said as he leaned forward on the table and placed his on the table top, "especially if you decided to contact me of all people for help today. I want to know what I'm getting into before I agree to any of your shenanigans."

"The way you just said that, you make it sound like I'm going to purposely cause trouble for you. Oh come on I'm not that bad, at least not anymore, I think," Melody said, pouting a bit petulantly, as her eyes narrowed a bit at the knowing look Yomi was giving her as a smirk appeared on the dragon demon's face, as a small blush of embarrassment crept to Melody's face as she was glad that Yomi couldn't see it, "Fine, then you had better make yourself comfortable, and I'll tell you..."

About an hour and a half later, found Yomi laughing his head off after hearing Melody's tale, as Melody sat on her side of the table with her arms crossed over her chest as she glared angrily at Yomi as he laughed, as the dragon demon's laughter finally started to die down.

"Are you finally finished laughing, Yomi?" Melody said, her voice having a frosty tone to it as her glare deepen a bit, as she tapped her fingers against her arms impatiently, "What I'm going through is not that funny you know."

"I'm sorry. It's been a long time since I've felt the need to laugh like that in a long while, Kurenai. Your new life has been very eventful I see and only you could get into this kind of mess. So I'm guessing that by your tale," Yomi said, using Melody's second new name as he smiled serenely for a moment as a thoughtful look appeared on his features, as he cocked his head to one side in curiosity as his curious look was soon replaced by a steely serious expression on his face, "that you called me here to help you out with this guardianship problem your having with the wizards? Especially against Albus Dumbledore who has been stealing from you ever since you started this new life of yours?"

"I need a new legal magical guardian who can help me get Dumbledore and now this Sirius Black off my case. I'm having a hard enough time with Dumbledore." Melody said, worry filling as she reached over and plucked a scone off the plate and bit into it, swallowing it before she continued speaking, "I don't need or want this new guy butting in and getting involved with me. If they keep their magical guardianship over me there's no telling what they'd try to pull."

"You're the first person I could think of who I could ask to become my magical guardian. I know its been a long time since we last saw each other and I don't know what really happened to you while I was away that cost you your eyesight," Melody said with a slight shrug of her shoulders, as a small smile appeared on her lips for a moment as she shifted a bit in her seat as she took another bite from her scone, "but I was happy to find out you were still alive. I figured I might as well let you know I was back as well as try and ask you to become my magical guardian until I come of age in the magical world, which won't be until another year. I already signed forms to emancipate myself. But if you don't want to help, I can try looking elsewhere for a magical guardian..."

"Now exactly when did I say that I wouldn't help you out on this? As an old friend, I would love nothing more than to help you out on this," Yomi asked, as his eyes narrowed a bit, as he stared in Melody's direction for a moment, as he steepled his hands underneath his chin for a moment, "especially if it means pulling one over Albus Dumbledore. Besides I believe that I owe you one for saving all of my treasures centuries ago here in Gringotts."

"Hey I told you and Kurama that I knew a perfect safe spot to keep our loot didn't I that nobody wouldn't be able to locate or steal while we were locked away in the Makai World. Its what took me so long to come back the last time, with transporting everything here," Melody said, chuckling a bit as he saw the look on Yomi's face for a moment as she smiled serenely, "and getting the vaults set up under each of our names. I just barely made it to Gringott's and had set everything up when the relocation happened, and managed to send your keys to you guys via owl mail."

"Which I'm glad for. Now what do I have to sign for you to make myself your guardian? Yazoo bring me my blood seal stamp" Yomi said, as he looks in Melody's direction once more, as his blank eyes stares at her for a moment, as Yazoo brought forward a small box and placed it into Yomi's waiting hands, as the dragon demon opened the box and pulled out a black stamp, that had his name written on the bottom end in both Kanji and in English, as he smirked a bit at Melody as he bit his thumb hard enough to draw blood and put the bleeding finger on top of the stamp, and the writing on the bottom of the stamp turned red, "You do realize that you will owe me for this, Kuronue? I may need your services one of these days for something that coming up soon, so can I count on you to help?"

"Sure I'll help if you really need me," Melody said with a slight shrug of her shoulders, Count on it."

As the goblins came over to with the needed documents. and starts explaining to Yomi exactly what it was he was signing, and maneuvering the hand holding the stamp to where it needed to go on the papers.

It took another hour before all of the documents were finally signed and legitimized, and sent off to the ministry to be filed away and Yomi and Melody spent some time together talking about old times for awhile, before they finally went their separate ways once more, with Yomi promising to contact her soon about his favor.

~-#4 Privet Drive, July 17, 2006~-

On the way to the train station with her new property, she caught a cab and made a quick stop at the Dursley household. Luckily for her, her uncle Vernon was home from work that day, so the whole family was home for the day.

One of the main reasons that she had decided to finally pay a visit to the magical world that day to check on her old bank accounts, was because she decided it was time to start getting things settled for her human life before she took off in a few years, since she was reaching the age she deemed herself old enough to leave, and didn't want to leave things to chance when she makes her escape, but first she wanted to settle her debt to the Dursleys for them taking her in all those years ago.

'No one could ever accuse me of not settling old debts, in my past life or this one, besides after all these years,' Melody thought silently to herself as she looked out the window of the cab, as she watched the scenery pass on by her, ' they deserve a little reward like what I'm giving them for putting up with me all these years, especially since the tweebs are showing signs of magic.'

Life at the Dursleys was going well, as Petunia and Vernon continued to support her in her goals and pay for her schooling at LIPA, and were even expanding on their small family after Petunia had given birth to a pair fraternal twins about a year after Melody first started going go LIPA. The twins were named Lilith Andrea Dursley and Seifer Adam Dursley who were already well loved and taken care of by the family.

Another reason for Melody's trip to the magical world that day, was because as Lilith and Seifer got older, by the time they were two it was already looking like both twins were showing signs of being able to use magic as unexplained things started happening around the house, that couldn't be passed off on Melody since they all happened when she was at school.

Ever since finding out that the twins could do magic, Melody had been holding off on going to the magical world for a few more years, before finally deciding that it was past time to get access to her old vaults and try and get herself settled financially for the coming years, and also wanted to settle things with her adopted family, who had become close to her over the last fifteen years, and decided to get them set up with some money from her vaults in the magical world.

Over the years since Dumbledore had found her schools location Melody had found herself with unwelcome visitors who were either sent to her by Dumbledore himself to try and make her come to Hogwarts, or from the ministry of magic themselves who sent aurors after her led by some old hag calling herself Dolores Umbridge (or Umbitch as Melody preferred to call her) or something and Minister Cornelius Fudge had showed up at the Dursley house while she was visiting her relatives.

At first the duo had introduced themselves first very politely, before quickly moving on to go through a lengthy speech about how it was her duty to her people to come to Hogwarts and be properly trained in magic like every other under aged young witch her age, and take her place as the future Lady of the House of Potter when she graduated from Hogwarts and to marry into a good family and produce the next generation of Potters.

When she argued back that it was none of her concern about what her 'duty' was to a world she's never lived in before or even cared about and bluntly informed them where they could all shove their expectations of her, was when Dolores opened her big fat mouth and set Melody off in a fit of blind rage as Melody was told that since she was still under aged, and nothing more than a pathetic orphaned little half blood witch who was the last living heir to a prominent pureblood wizarding family, so she had no real choice in the matter on her future, and needed pureblooded adults to make the correct decisions in life for her, and that the minister already had a proper guardian set up for her in the magical world who would teach her how things worked in their society and give her a proper education in the magical world since she was obviously lacking one with her muggle upbringing that needed to be rectified immediately.

What happened after that particular meeting still left Melody cackling, as she gleefully remembered the terrified screams from Fudge and Umbitch, along with their supposedly well trained entourage of bodyguards, as she proceeded to steal all of their wands, snapped a few of them as she proceeded to send them all packing with a few well placed spells, some that would leave second and third degree burns on their bodies as well as a few well placed very deep cuts and bruises courtesy of Yoko, who had let lose on his own displeasure at the situation happening between his mistress and the group of witches and wizards that were bothering her that would leave permanent scars, while yelling at them about exactly where they could stick their comments about her being a half blood child in need of pureblood adults deciding things for her, and that she would never go anywhere with any of them without a fight as the group of witches and wizards ran away as fast as they could, before disappearing with loud cracks. Since then she hadn't heard a peep from the ministry except for a few letters every once in awhile.

The final reason that cinched her decision in going to the magical world in settling her affairs now instead of waiting a few more years, was because for the last week or so both her and the Dursleys had been receiving owl mail from the magical worlds version of Child Protective Services, along with letters from a lawyer stating that somebody named Sirius Black wanted to get custody of her, because he had been named by her birth parents as her godfather and guardian if anything happened to them, and wanted to set up a meeting between the two.

"I'm home you guys!" Melody called out as she let herself into the Dursley home with her house key, and spotted her relatives sitting in the living room watching TV, while the twins were napping in their playpen nearby, "I see that Sad and Lad are asleep."

"Melody, dear welcome home. You know that I really wish you wouldn't call the twins by those unbecoming nicknames of yours," Petunia scolded as she got up and walked over and pulled Melody into a tight hug as she smiled at her niece, "We don't want them to get use to being called those names."

"Oh and calling Dudley embarrassing nicknames like 'Duddikens', 'Diddikens', 'Dudders' and a lot of other names I don't care to remember, especially when his friends are around to hear and they tease and mock him for those names," Melody asked teasingly as she returned Petunia's hug as she named off a few of the more infamous names her aunt and uncle had come up with for her cousin over the years, "Not to mention the names that you came up for me..."

"Alright we get it already, young lady," Vernon said, instantly cutting into what Melody was saying, and a small blush of embarrassment crept to his pudgey cheeks, while Dudley was busy laughing his head off next to him, as he listened to his cousin remind his parents of the embarrassing names they had called him over the years, "So we suck at giving out nicknames to you kids, we know that now. So what brings you home today, Melody? I thought you would be at that school of yours."

"I had some errands to run and decided to drop by while I was in the area visit and I have also something for all of you that I picked up on the way," Melody said, as she pulled out envelopes with each of the Dursley's name printed on them, and handed them to their prospective owners, "think of it as an early birthday present for each of you, and something for the tweebs to use when they grow up and have to go to school."

"Credit cards? What are these for, Melody?" Petunia asked as she opened up her envelope and found the gold and silver credit card with her name on it with the Gringott's logo printed on it, as she glanced at her husband and son and saw them pull out similar cards "Where did you even get them from? The name Gringott's sounds familiar."

"Gringott's is the name of the bank that houses the wizarding worlds money. I finally decided to go there today, and found out a lot of things, it looks like my parents were rich and left me well off," Melody said, as her face darkened a bit in anger, at the memory of what she had found out a few hours ago from the goblins, as she smirked a bit as she saw the shocked looks on her relatives faces, "and second that meddling old man Albus bloody Dumbledore has been robbing from the Potter family vaults since the winter of 2000 and giving it away to other people, while claiming that it was being used for my upkeep while I stayed here with you guys."

"He's been doing what?! That's a big fat lie, because we never saw a red cent of any of that money in all these years." Petunia exclaimed angrily, as she quickly got over the news that her niece was rich when as she heard the rest of what Melody had just said, "That has to be illegal even in their world."

"I know, that's why I had the goblins retrieve everything that was taken from my vaults, and had it returned to me, while the perpetrators all got hefty fines as a result," Melody said as the scowl disappeared and was quickly replaced a smug looking smirk for a moment as she settled back on her seat with her arms crossed over her chest, "though they won't be getting the fines until my birthday. Until then their accounts have been frozen until further notice until everything's been returned, and the tellers can tell who still owes me what."

"But that doesn't explain why you gave us credit cards to your wizarding bank, Mels." Dudley said, as he stared at his cousin curiously for a moment, as he glanced down at the credit card and flipped it over to exam it some more, "What are we supposed to do with these?"

"Easy. After finding out about the money that was being taken, I decided that I would let you guys have it instead of having it all be put back into my vaults. I had Gringotts open up a bank account in your family name, and had all of the stolen money deposited into the it for your personal use." Melody said, as she nodded her head towards the credit cards the three Dursley's were now holding in their hands, as her smile deepen for a moment as pleasure filled her at the incredulous looks her relatives were now giving her at her news, as she pulled out her own Gringott's credit card, "As for the credit cards, it would seem that about four years ago Gringotts had just started creating credit cards for anyone who came in and asked about them, and it has become a major hit in the magical world for some people, and even some stores in that place have place credit card scanners for people to use if they don't have the money they use already on hand. You might not be able to go to the bank itself, but thanks to those cards I gave you, you can take them to any store or bank that you want and use it to purchase things, and the funds will be taken directly out of your account at Gringotts to pay for your purchases."

"Don't turn it down yet, Uncle Vernon, until you've seen exactly how much you guys are getting. You guys deserve this money, a lot more than the old coot and his friends do after putting up with me all these years, and its time the old coot paid up, especially if he's been claiming the money was already coming to you guys when he took it." Melody said as she reached into her pocket and pulled up a long slip rolled up parchment as well as two keys and handed it over to Vernon who reluctantly took it, as she hands the two keys to Petunia, "I had the tellers write up the bank statement to show just how much money your new bank account now holds in it in the amount of English pounds. These keys are to two accounts I opened up for the twins using the money that's being taken back, so that when the time comes you can have their own money to spend in the magical world if they go. Even if they don't go to magic school, at least this way they will never have to worry about money."

"Young lady I'm sure whatever amount is in the bank account you set up isn't..." Vernon started saying as he took the bank statement parchment and unfolded, his eyes barely skimming over the amount before they rounded in shock and started hyperventilate, "Melody, this amount is... it's... we can't..."

"Vernon dear, what's the matter?" Petunia asked as she stared at her husband worriedly, but when it looked like she wasn't going to get answer out of him anytime soon, she reached over to pluck the parchment out of Vernon's lax hands, and within seconds her mouth dropped wide open, making her look like a fish, as she stared down at the parchment.

"Whoa! That's a lot of zero's!" Dudley exclaimed as he peeked over his mothers shoulder to see what the fuss was about as he stared at the still increasing amount on the bank statement, as he shot Melody a curious look, "Is the number supposed to still be going up like that on the paper?"

"The bank tellers told me that the paper is self updating, and the amount will keep changing until every single amount of my money that was illegally taken away has been returned, and deposited into your new account until it finally stops. You guys are now rich." Melody said, smirking a bit at her relatives reactions as she chuckled a bit in amusement at the incredulous looks they were now giving her at her answer as she shrugged her shoulders, as she continues speaking, "I've set things up so that as of right now the Dursley family from who's here now until generations from now, is set for life in the magical world until there is not a single member of the Dursleys left in the world and what's left of the money gets returned directly to the Potter vaults."

"We can't take it, Melody. It's too much money that we don't even need." Petunia said, as she reluctantly tried to hand her card back to Melody who refused to take it back, as Vernon tried to hand his own card over as well with the same results, "We make do with what we have, young lady."

"No way! You guys will take the money and like it. If you don't want to use the cards now, then keep it for the day when you find yourself in need of emergency funds or something. It cost me a pretty penny just to set up the vaults for you guys." Melody said firmly, as she refused to take back her aunt and uncles credit cards, though she smirked a bit when she saw the indecisive look on Dudley's face, "Think of the cards and vault as early birthday and Christmas presents all rolled into one that will last you guys forever. I'm not taking the money back, so who knows what the future will bring, and for all you know you could one day need it."

"But..." Petunia started to protest only for Melody to raise up a hand to silence her.

"Aunt Petunia, you guys might as well just accept them, because I'm not taking them back. Everything on that paper It belongs to your family from now until the Dursley line dies out completely. I have more than enough money to share with you guys, and I don't want to hog it all to myself, when I can share it with family." Melody said, as a slow smirk appeared on her face as she looked back and forth between the shocked looks on her relatives, and gave a small shrug of her shoulders, "Just think of it as a form of fifteen years of backup child support that wasn't given to you guys for my upkeep. Come on and say it. Just say 'thanks for the money Melody, we really appreciate it' and be done with it, or else I might just go back to Gringott's and have them add more to the account than what you already are getting from the thieves."

"Thank you for the for the money, Melody, and we really appreciate it," Both Petunia and Vernon immediately said, as they both look flustered for a moment over what was happening, as they both looked back at the still increasing number on the parchment, "and there's no need for you to go back and add more."

"Yeah thanks for the card, Melody." Dudley said gleefully as he examined his new credit card for a moment, as he looked it over and over at all different angles for a moment before turning his gaze back on Melody, "can we really use this card anywhere in the normal world?"

"That's what the tellers told me. They said that they did a lot of research on credit cards, and that they work fine in both worlds." Melody said with a slight shrug of her shoulders, as she watched the gleeful look spread on Dudley's face at her words, "Just treat it the way you would a card you get from the normal banks and take it to any store you want."

"I'm going to go test this out," Dudley said as he immediately got to his feet, and high tailed it upstairs with his new credit card clutched to his chest before his parents could change their minds, "talk to you later Melody!"

"That boy, what are we going to do with him?" Petunia said as she watched her eldest child charge upstairs, chuckling a bit as she pocketed her own credit card into the pocket of the apron she was wearing, as she turned back to Melody while reaching out to grip Vernon's hand, "but what about you? Are you sure giving us the money is fine? Won't the people who the money is being taken from cause trouble?"

"Who cares? Their just lucky that I'm not taking everything from them, instead of just taking back the amount what they took from my account. The money was mine to begin with, and those guys were taking it without my knowledge or permission." Melody said, as her eyes narrowed dangerously a bit, as her eyes flash purple for a moment as her hands tightened into fists for a moment, "the tellers said that getting the money back is all perfectly legal, and that the guilty parties will be all lucky to still have bank accounts at all when their through with them."

'Their lucky I'm not my old demon self anymore, or else I would make their lives a living hell personally.' Melody thought silently to herself angrily as she remembered the long list of papers detailing everything that had been removed from the Potter vaults without her permission, 'As an ex-thief, this is more than personal. No one steals from me and gets away with it.'

~-The Burrow, July 31, 2006 – 8:49am~-

Molly Weasley was sitting at her kitchen table drinking a cup of orange flavored tea, while reading the Daily Prophet to catch up on the latest wizarding gossip, while making up plans for the day. Currently her children were home early from school for the summer and there was still some last minute planning to do for the upcoming school year to get all of them ready.

'Mental note to myself, that I have to remember to go Gringotts to get a withdrawal from my vault today so I can get supplies, not to mention school supplies for the kids while we're out.' Molly thought silently to herself as she set aside the newspaper and started jotting down a shopping list of things she needed to pick up from the store, as a frown appeared on her features, 'I really hope the headmaster is able to finally get Melody Potter to come to Hogwarts this year. It's past time for Ron to finally get to know his future wife and win her over. Even if he can't, nothing that a few love potions slipped to the girl will fix things between them...'

Just then her ears picked up the sound of running feet in the house seconds before the door to the kitchen was flung open, as her youngest child, Ginny came barreling into the kitchen looking frantic.

"Ginny! What have I told you about running in the house?!" Molly exclaimed angrily to her daughter, as she scowled at her, only to become concerned when she saw the panicked look on Ginny's face, "Darling what's wrong? Did your brothers do something?"

"MOM! I'm sorry but you have to come quick! Something's burning in dad's study!" Ginny shrieked, as she glanced over her shoulder, and as Molly followed her daughters gaze, that was when Molly noticed the plume of smoke coming from somewhere in the house, "the boys are trying to put it out but we can't do it!"

At her words, the older woman to come rushing to find out what was happening, as she pushed past her daughter and into her hubands study, to find George, Fred and Percy all trying to stop the cause of the fire, as she pushed them out of the way while shouting orders to her children as they gathered into the study to open the windows as she found the source of the smoke and fire and put it out with a quick Augumenti spell on the affected area, before finally rounding on her children with anger burning in her eyes, as she focused solely on the twins who looked like they were getting ready to bolt when she turned her gaze on them.

"FREDERICK GIDEON WEASLEY! GEORGE FABIAN WEASLEY! What in Merlin's name did the two of you do?!" Molly shrieked as she turned her gaze on her twins who were the most likely suspects of this fire, as she reached out and grabbed them both by the ear before they could run away as she glared at both of them, "Honestly! If this fire is the result of one of your experiments, your father will have your hides for destroying his study again!"

"Ow! Not the ear!" both twins cried out at the same time as they tried to pull away from their mother's death grip on their ears only for her to not let go, as they quickly started speaking in at the same time using their twinspeak.

"Moooommmmm, honestly! We didn't..." Fred said.

"...do it! We're totally innocent..." George said.

"...of all wrong doings this time!" Fred said.

"We just got here..." George said.

"...right after..." Fred said.

"...Percy and Ginny..." George said.

"...did. They can both tell..." Fred said.

"...you we were upstairs..." George said.

"...all day. Ginny was even..." Fred said.

"...with us, when we..." George said.

"...all smelled the..." Fred said.

"...smoke and came..." George said.

"...running down together." Fred said.

"I mean seriously woman. Even..." George said.

"...we don't have a death..." Fred said.

"...wish to risk harming..." George said.

"...dad's study again..." Fred said.

"...you know. Not after..." George said.

"...what happened the..." Fred said.

"...last time we did it!" George said.

"One time was more than enough..." Fred said as a paniced look appeared on his features.

"...and we don't want to get on..." George said as he also looked scared for a moment, and gave a small shiver.

"...dad's bad side ever again!" Fred said.

At the reminder of the 'last' time Arthur Weasley had lost his temper, all of the Weasley children also shivered a bit in dread at the memory. Arthur Weasley usually kept his cool about certain things and hardly ever got mad and mostly left the punishments to Molly, but that one time he did when one of the twins experiments burned a hole through the ceiling above their fathers study and destroyed half of their fathers priceless, some of which were also irreplaceable, collection of things he had collected over the years before they could stop it along with some important papers and projects he had brought home from work, Mount Saint Arthur had fully erupted when he found out. Poor George and Fred had been grounded for a month and weren't able to sit properly for a full week without feeling pain from their butts, as they spent that month doing chores around the house and help rebuild the study, while Arthur had moved what was left of his collection to their new home in the shed in the backyard. Even Molly had been scared out of her mind when Arthur had raged at the twins for what their experiment had done.

"Mother, though it irks me to say this, but I must confess that for once the twins are telling the truth on this matter." Percy cut in quickly before Molly could launch into another rant, as Fred and George shot their older brother a grateful look, as the older boy quickly continued speaking in order to defuse the situation, "I was the first one out of my room when I smelled the smoke, just mere seconds before Fred and George also came running out of their rooms, with Ginny right behind them as we all made our way downstairs."

"Ginny is that true?" Molly said as she turned her gaze on her only daughter, not releasing her grip on the twins ears even once.

"Yes mum. It's like Percy said. The three of us were upstairs for the last hour or so. Fred and George were helping me with a project we're working for at school," Ginny said, shifting a bit nervously on her feet as she glanced at her mom for a moment, then turning her attention towards the twins and back again, "and when we smelled smoke coming from down we came running at the same time Percy left his room, Nothing we were doing upstairs could have spread downstairs to start the fire."

"Well whoever or whatever caused this fire has to be held accountable for it. Where's Ronald?" Molly demanded as she looked around at her gathered brood for a moment, and realized that her youngest son wasn't with them, "why isn't he down here with you?"

"Little Ronnikens is taking..." George said.

"...a catnap upstairs." Fred said.

"We could hear him..." George said.

"...snoring away through..." Fred said.

"...the walls of his room..." George said.

"...as we all ran by." Fred said.

"In our hurry to get down here..." George said.

"...we didn't bother to stop to..." Fred said.

"...wake him up so he's..." George said.

"...still asleep in bed probably." Fred said.

"That boy! He'll sleep through a Death Eater attack if he's sleepy enough..." Molly muttered angrily to herself for a moment as she scanned the study for a moment, as the smoke cleared as she tried to figure exactly what it was that had caught on fire when her eyes widen in shock and dismay before she quickly starts ushering her kids out of the room, "All right! Everyone out of here! I'll try and tidy up in here before your father comes home. The four of you head on back upstairs and get out of this smoke. Go back upstairs and return to whatever it was you were doing when the fire started and open your windows so you can air out the rooms."

"Wait don't you want our help in cleaning up in here before dad comes, mom?" Percy asked as he looked back at his mother just as she finished pushing the siblings out the study door, as he took a peek back at the messed up room, "You might need our help to..."

"Don't worry about a thing, dears, but I'll be able to handle this mess by myself without you children underfoot. Now go." Molly said as she gave her kids a reassuring smile before quickly shutting the door behind her, and quickly locking it behind them with a strong locking spell they wouldn't be able to come back in until she released it.

Through the closed door, she could hear the kids voice speaking to each other, as their voices and footsteps disappeared as they made their way upstairs, as she quickly made her way to the source of the blaze which was the bookcase, 'now then, now that they are out of the way I can properly inspect the source of the fire. It couldn't have started there could it?'

Pulling out her wand as she came closer to the bookcase, she cast off a spell that released a glamour she had put on a hidden compartment she had created in the bookcase that she kept private papers and documents within that she didn't want Arthur or the kids to see, and yanked the door to the compartment open, releasing a huge plume of smoke. Waving her wand again, she quickly dispelled the smoke enough to peer inside the compartment, and let out a sigh of relief when she saw that most of her documents were in one piece, but then her eyes widen in shock when she saw the source of the smoke, as her eyes fell upon a formerly brown wooden box that was now charred black and still smoking. It was her safety box that Dumbledore had given her a few years ago, which contained a copy of the betrothal contract she had set up for her son Ron, and Melody Potter, along with two keys to the Potter family vault that she had secretly been helping herself to every year for food, clothes, and also to help pay for school supplies for the kids when Arthur's meager salary came up short when it came time to go shopping, along with some family jewels and other trinkets she had taken from the Potter vaults over the years.

'Merlin's beard! What the hell happened to that box?! What caused it to start burning?!' Molly thought frantically to herself while casting a levitation spell on the box after casting a few cooling spells on it, as she carefully pulled it out and levitated it over to a Arthur's desk, as she hurriedly reached into her robe pockets and pulled out a ring of keys before selecting one and slipping it into the lock on the box, 'the fire must have started from inside the box since nothing else in the compartment is burned up. But that would mean...'

Unlocking the box, she pulled it open to find the charred and melted remains of the Potter vault keys, as well as the ashy remains of what she could only assume was Ron and Melody's betrothal contract.

'This is impossible! Why did the contract and vault keys burn up?!' Molly thought frantically to herself as she stared down incredulously at the ashy remains of her copy of the betrothal contract that she and Albus Dumbledore had drawn up five years ago as the melted chunks of metal that once were the vault keys to the Potter vaults, 'What could happened to cause all of them to be destroyed like this...'

Just then Molly's attention turned towards the opened window that the kids had left open to air out the room of smoke, as she heard the hoot of an owl as a brown barn owl flew threw the open window and unceremoniously dropped a sealed letter on top of Molly's head before flying back out the window as quickly as it had come.

'Bloody owl. Who could be writing to me at a time like this?' Molly thought angrily to herself as she picked up the letter off of her head and scanned over it for a moment, as her eyes widen once again when she see's the official Gringotts seal on the rolled up parchment as she quickly breaks the seal and starts unrolling it, 'I guess I'm going to find out my answer to what happened to the contract and keys right now. It'll save me a trip to Gringotts and...'

As she finished unrolling the parchment, she quickly started reading the letter, and as each passing second went by as she read the letter, a myriad of expressions started playing out on her face ranging from her face becoming completely drained of color as shock and disbelief filled her as she read the letters contents, before the shock was quickly replaced by anger as she continued to read on.

Dear Mrs. Molly Weasley,

We are contacting you to inform you that as of July 17, 2006, it has come to the attention of the goblins of Gringotts that you have entered into an illegal betrothal contract between your son, Ronald Billius Weasley, and one Lady Melody Rose Potter with the help of Albus Dumbledore. We are writing to inform you that the contract in question has been canceled by order of Lady Potter herself who has no wish to have anything to do with you or your family that involves marriage.

In order to put a stop to any further attempts to try and draw up a new marriage contract between your son and Lady Potter, Lady Potter has also authorized us to inform you that even if Lady Potter hadn't canceled the contract herself, the betrothal contract itself was not legal anyway and was considered automatically canceled before the ink was even dry on the day it was first created, because Lady Potter's parents had set up provisions for her that will automatically void any contracts made in her name without her consent thanks to an unbreakable magically binding contract set up by her parents and was sealed and authorized by the previous Minister of Magic, Barty Crouch and King Ragnok of the Goblin Nation, which was discovered and became fully active upon the recent reading of the former Lord and Lady Potter's wills by the new Lady Potter.

As a courtesy warning to you, we are informing you that any further attempts to draw up a marriage contract without her consent, will cause the guilty parties to receive an automatic 7,500 galleon fine given to each person involved who's name is on the contract, with the amount of the fine doubling if you chose to ignore the warning and try and draft the contract anyway.

We've also discovered that you have been illegally taking money from Lady Potter's vaults as some kind of Bride Price payment of 75,000 galleons from Albus Dumbledore, every month for the last five years and having it deposited into the vault of Ronald Weasley, along with over an extra 100,000 galleons each year for the last nine years, along with other Potter heirlooms without the owners permission, and all added to your own accounts from the Potter vaults since.

With the grand total of the yearly amount of money that was taken from the Potter vaults, including the Bride price added on, will be coming up to 1,275,000 galleons, and have been tasked by Lady Potter with the duty of having all of the money and other items that you took be returned immediately to their proper owner with interest. Lady Potter is being merciful and will not have your entire family be punished by your crime, and asked that we leave five galleons inside of your vault as well as the vault of your son Ronald Weasley who also had money taken from the Potter vaults deposited within. The contents of both vaults combined are more than enough to pay off your outstanding debts to the Potter clan.

We wish you luck in your future endeavors, and be glad that your punishment is not greater or put your entire family in debt for the rest of their lives as they pay back the amount you owe, because next time we won't be so lenient in your punishment.

Sincerely yours,
Lord Ragnok
Manager of the Potter family vaults

As Molly stared down in shock at the parchment for a few minutes as she reread the letter three more times in disbelief as anger started to well up inside of her, when a loud popping sound caught her attention as she turned her attention back to her hiding spot, and watched in shock and horror as all of the jewels and trinkets she had taken from the Potter vaults disappear before her eyes, as they were summoned back to Gringott's by the goblins.

'Bloody hell! Those blasted goblins can't do this to me! With what's in the girls vaults, its not like she really needs all of it to herself, when there are more deserving people like my family in need of it!' Molly thought irritably to herself, as she watched helplessly as more things she had taken from the Potter vaults also disappeared, 'And what's this about the contract being canceled. Nothing should have been able to cancel it, the headmaster said so! I have to contact Albus. He can fix this and set the brat straight and get my money and jewels back...'

As she starting to move towards Arthur's desk to start writing a letter to Dumbledore and send it via Errol, when she became distracted by the sound of a loud pounding on the locked study door.

'What is it now?! I told those kids to go back upstairs and...' Molly thought irritably to herself as she set her letter down on the desk and marched over to the door and unlocked it with a quick wave of her wand, and yanked the door open to find herself staring at the frantic wild eyed face of her youngest son, as he clutched a familiar look parchment in his hands that bore the Gringott's seal, "Ron what is it dear?"

"Mum, I was up in my room when an owl delivering this letter from Gringotts came in a few minutes ago. It can't be true, can it? They said that all of my money that I got from Melody Potter's bride price payments that were put in my vault is now gone," Ron cried out as he thrust the letter into his mothers hands as he looked at her expectantly as she started to read it over, as he took a few steps back in fear when he saw the enraged look on his mothers face as she read over his letter, "leaving me nothing. They can't do that can they?! Melody Potter is supposed to be engaged to me, and that money is mine by right as her future groom! They even took the reward money Sirius Black gave me."

A few minutes later, the entire Weasley household jumped in fright when they all heard their mothers enraged shriek echo throughout the household from downstairs, and immediately felt sorry for whoever was going to be on the receiving end of her wrath that caused her to scream like that.

~-Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts - Dormitories, July 31, 2006, 12:55pm–~-

Late that day, a lone figure dressed in long flowing robes strode through the LIPA dormitories as he walked through the hallways in search of one particular dorm room, as he scanned the address once more.

The man was Severus Snape, potions master and teacher at Hogwarts, and the only reason that he was on the LIPA campus that afternoon because earlier that day he had been recruited by Albus Dumbledore to go retrieve Melody Potter from her current residence and bring her to Hogwarts to discuss an important matter that the headmaster refused to disclose to Severus.

When told by Albus about what he wanted done, Severus had immediately outright refused, not wanting to get anywhere near the spawn of James Potter any time soon, and had demanded to know why Dumbledore wasn't sending any of the other Order members after the blasted girl like he headmaster had been doing for the last five years since the impertinent chit had refused to come Hogwarts and all of the Order members who had been sent had all failed miserably in getting the job done, the headmaster had only stated that Severus was one of the few Order members he hadn't asked yet and hoped that Severus would have a better chance at getting Melody to come where everyone else had failed. It had taken a few more cajoling and pleading before Severus finally gave in and agreed to go fetch Melody from her residence.

'I can't believe I let the headmaster talk me into this. the brat is just like her father, thinking she's more better and more important than everything else with the way she's running everyone ragged by not coming to Hogwarts where she belongs.' Severus snarled angrily to himself as he continued walking down the hallways as he took an elevator up to the floor that Melody was staying on, as his scowl deepened, 'Well this will end now, now that I'm being bothered with retrieving her. The girl needs a firm hand to let her know this kind of thing she's doing won't be tolerated anymore.'

He had heard rumors from the other Order members who had personally seen the ones who had been sent to retrieve Melody Potter, and he hadn't wanted to believe that a mere slip of a girl with no magical training whatsoever could have done some of the things that the Order members had been through.

As he exited the elevator, he made his way down a few more doors, before finally reaching the door that had the room number that was written on the parchment he was holding, and he could hear loud music playing on the other side of the door. Scowling a bit more, he raised his closed fist on the door and knocked loudly a few times, and waited a few minutes but no one came to the door.

'I don't believe this! That noise the brat is playing must be blocking out the sound of the knocking. I have more important things,' Severus thought furiously to himself, as he pulled out his wand and pointed at the locked door and readied himself to cast the Alhomora spell to unlock the door, 'to do with my time than to wait for the girl to finally hear me and open the door on her own. I'll just let myself in and...'

As soon as he cast the Alhomora spell on the front door, the only warning Severus had that something was amiss was when the his spell hit the locked door, and there was a flash of light and he felt the familiar tug on his naval as he was transported away from the dormitory.

~-Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts - Dormitories, July 31, 2006 12:58pm–~-

Early that afternoon found Melody sitting on the floor of her dormitory on the LIPA campus doing some push-ups to the beat of one of the Hexx Girl songs playing from her stereo, while Yoko and Karma watched from her bed, when she felt a flash of energy well up inside of her room before it quickly dissipated seconds before she heard a faint scream coming from right outside through her open bedroom window, followed by a loud splash as someone hit the school swimming pool as an evil smirk appeared on Melody's lips as she realized what had happened.

'Stupid wizards. When are they going to learn that they can't just simply let themselves into someone else's home without permission?' Melody thought as her got off the floor to walk towards the window to peer outside at the pool, to see a man with long black hair and dressed in robes was floundering in the pool that was a few stories below her bedroom window, 'he's lucky that I set my anti-burglary wards to dump them in the swimming pool instead of an active volcano.'

After the last burglary into her dormitory, she had set up special invisible anti-burglary wards around the dormitory that she had created herself, as well as placed the wards the Dursley household that would automatically send anyone who tried to use any kind of spell that could unlock doors and other things that would let them into the house without permission, would have the wards automatically activate and send the guilty party somewhere else unpleasant as punishment. They would activate even if the guilty party simply blasted the door off its hinges or tried going through a window with a spell and send them to an even nastier place than where they would wind up if they had used a simple unlocking spell. Right now she had the wards on her dorm room set to send the guilty party straight to the swimming pool that was twelve stories straight down from her dorm window, or if the pool had people in the area to dump the offending party into the nearest trash dump.

The wards also prevented anyone from forcing their way into her home without an invitation from her, and even if they did get invited inside, the wards would temporarily deactivate their magic until they leave again so that they wouldn't be able to try anything with their wands or any hidden portkeys they might have on them.

Yoko had done a lot of growing of his own in the five years since he had been given to Melody as a kitten, and now stood tall at a whopping four and a half feet as his breed usually grew, and can reach up to Melody's shoulders if he balanced on his back hindquarters, or if she was sitting down next to him on the floor, he was nearly as tall as her when he was standing up on all fours. Thanks to his kneazle blood running through his veins, he was already smarter than any other animal in the dormitories, and took pleasure at in showing off around strangers, and acted like a guard dog against unwanted intruders.

Yoko was currently stretched out on her bed taking up half the bed, as his tail swayed lazily on the mattress as he watched his mistress get ready, while lying next to him between his long legs was a tiny female Toyger kitten she named Sakura that one of the girls across the hall had let her have when her Toyger cat had given birth a few months earlier, and brought Yoko along. When the time had come to chose which kitten they wanted, she had let Yoko have first choice, and the Tom cat had immediately picked up the hyper little fluff ball who would later be named Karma, in his mouth by the scruff of her neck and carried her away from her mother and litter over to Melody who immediately adopted her from the mother cats owner. The two felines had been inseparable ever since.

'I wonder if he's learned his lesson yet, about what he should do instead of breaking and entering.' Melody thought silently to herself as her smirk widened even more as she watched the mysterious wizard finally manage to swim to the edge of the pool, and climb out before he started storming back into the dorms, 'I'll just have to wait and see.'

Awhile later it had taken the man three more attempts at trying to force his way into Melody's room with an unlocking spell only to find himself back in the swimming pool before, before he finally started pounding on her bedroom door. By the fourth time, Melody had left her room to go take a quick shower down the hall, and came back dressed in a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt that hugged her chest, and came back down the hall in time to see the now completely drenched wizard pounding angrily on the door of her room as a long list of curses and expletives escaped from his mouth.

"...of all the arrogant spoiled brats I have to deal with! Open up in there! I know your in there Potter!" the man was shouting, as he pounded on the door once more, snarling a bit in anger when he still didn't receive an answer to his pounding on the door, "she has to be in there, because the spell I cast said she was the first time I came up..."

"Excuse me, but I'm not in there. It's not my fault you took your sweet time to finally decide to knock on my door rather than use magic to break in illegally." Melody said coldly, feeling angry after she heard some of the things the wizard had called her, as she watched the man spin around to look at her as she smirked once more at the irritated look on the wizards face, "After the fourth dunking you took, I got tired of waiting on you, and left to go take a shower, so you've been screaming and ranting at a empty room for the last couple of minutes."

'This is Melody Potter? She looks just Lily...' Severus thought silently to himself as his eyes widened a bit when he saw the girl standing behind him, as he felt some of his anger dissipate for a moment, "Ms. Potter if what you said is true that you knew I was out here trying to get in, why didn't you open the bloody door?!"

"Are you nuts? Why the heck would I do something like that for some idiot like you who couldn't be bothered to knock first before trying to unlock my front door? You could have been a serial killer for all I knew after the number of times you tried to break in despite being teleported and dumped in the pool as punishment," Melody demanded as she raised an eyebrow at Snape that clearly asked if he was insane, before stepping forward and purposely bumping Snape out of the way as she pulled out her key to her room and unlocked the door and let herself inside leaving the door open as she goes, "wizards like you talk about manners, yet you can't be bother using them yourselves and think you can just waltz into anyplace you want without consequence, so I have my anti-burglar wards set up to prevent people like you from just coming in. I still can't believe you four attempts to finally wise up about it."

"For your information, Ms. Potter, I did knock first earlier and didn't receive an answer. I could hear that muggle music you were listening to blaring through the walls," Snape sneered angrily as he marched into the dormitory room, and slammed the door behind him, as he turned his gaze back on her, as he started to reach for his wand from its hiding spot and cast a quick drying and warming spell on himself, "Since you were here, I was letting myself in so that we can talk."

"Now that's what I call bad manners from you bloody wizards. You people think you can use your magic to do anything you want including breaking and entering and nobody will get mad." Melody asked as she as she sat on her bed with Yoko and Karma curled up against her as the trio glared at Snape angrily, as Melody continued speaking, "I'm a girl! Do you people ever hear of the word privacy? Or personal space? I could have been naked or getting dressed when you suddenly walked in without warning, you bloody pervert! Any sensible person would have given up and go away and come back later."

"Ms. Potter, I'll have you know I am not a pervert, and demand that you refrain from addressing me as so!" Severus demanded, as a slight blush of both anger and embarrassment, crept up to his cheeks at the images she brought up when she mentioned what she could have been doing if the wards hadn't blocked his attempts to let himself inside her room, "I am Professor Snape, a professor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and I am here on behalf of the headmaster who..."

"Wait, your name is Professor Snape? As in Severus Snape?" Melody asked cutting into his rant, curiosity filling her voice as she cocked her head to one side, "If you are Severus Snape I got something for you."

"Yes my full name is Severus Snape. What could you possibly have for me? We've never even met each other before this moment," Severus snapped, angry that he had been interrupted. He just wanted to get this meeting over and done with, and drag the Potter brat to Hogwarts to meet with the headmaster so he can get on with his day, "Listen here, Ms. Potter. I have more important things to do with my time than waste it here. You're coming with me to Hogwarts to speak to the headmaster and..."

"I'm not going anywhere with you, and especially not to Hogwarts, Professor Snape. I haven't set foot in the school in five years and I'm not going to start now, just because you say so," Melody said as she waved off whatever Severus was about to say as she got up from the bed and went over to her desk and pulled open the bottom drawer, and pulled out a box with the Gringotts seal on it. "And I do have something for you. It's not from me personally, but from my parents who left you something in their will, that I think is past time for you to get your hands on."

"I went to Gringott's a few weeks ago and had my parents will read to me, and I'm carrying out the delivery of the wills contents myself." Melody said as she sat back on her bed with the box resting on her lap, she pulled open the box lid, and started rummaging through the box for a few seconds, before pulling out a folded up piece of parchment and hands it to Severus, "Read that while I find your inheritance."

Scowling a bit as he shot Melody one last glare as she went back to rummaging through the box on her lap, Severus unfolded the piece of parchment and started reading through it, as his eyes slowly started to widen in shock as he realized that he was a copy of James and Lily Potter's will.

'What the hell? Lily and Potter left me something in their will, and Potter is actually apologizing for what he did to me?' Severus thought incredulously as he took a seat in a nearby chair and reread the parchment a few more times just to make sure he wasn't imagining things, 'Why haven't I heard their will before now, or received what Lily and Potter left me until now. I could have really used that money at some point over the years...'

"Found it. Here catch." Melody's voice called out, causing Severus to automatically raise his hand to catch whatever Melody was tossing to him, as he caught a small round rectangular object as he looked up.

"What's this thing for?" Severus demanded as he looked down in surprise at the strange object now in his hand. It looked like one of those muggle credit cards that had his name printed on it, and had the Gringott's name and logo on it, "How's a muggle credit card my inheritance?"

"I had the goblins put the money my parents left you in a separate vault that can be accessed through that credit card," Melody said as she settled back on her bed after putting away her box back where she had found it, before turning her full attention back on Severus, "If you want to transfer the money to your own vaults, just take the card to a bank teller at Gringott's and they will do it for you."

"I don't see why the goblins are letting you handle the business of handing out my inheritance instead of calling me in to do it themselves, Ms. Potter." Severus snapped, angrily as he handed back the parchment as he gave Melody an appraising look for any signs of falsehood from her, as he sent a mild legimis spell at her to read her thoughts only to be slammed back into his head with a splitting headache, "Merlin's beard! What the hell was that?!"

"That was a warning shot! Try and mindrape me again, and I'll give you a taste of what I gave Dumbledore the last time he tried it. If you have questions, then bloody ask them." Melody exclaimed heatedly as she glared angrily at Severus for a second, eyes narrowed a bit as she glared at him, "Don't go wondering in other peoples minds for answers that are none of your bloody business. As for why the goblins are letting me distribute the inheritances, it's because I asked. I figured I might run into you eventually to give it out myself, especially after today."

"Well I thank you for giving this to me, because I'm grateful for it and will put the money on this card to good use," Severus said as he stuck the card into his robe pockets, before turning his gaze back on Melody with a stern look on his features, as some of his hatred and anger he had for her earlier started to fade, "But you still must come with me to Hogwarts, Ms. Potter. Its far past time for you to come start your education, and the headmaster wishes to speak with you on certain matters."

"I already have a feeling on what those 'certain matters' your talking about are, but as I already said I'm NOT going anywhere with you. As of two weeks ago, the old man has no legal say in my future what so ever anymore, since I had him removed as my magical guardian and named someone else of my own choosing as my guardian, and got emancipated as well, so I am legally an adult in both the muggle and magical worlds and don't have to do a bloody thing that I don't want to do involving you people and you guys can't legally make me since I'm now an adult in the eyes of the law." Melody snapped back as her eyes narrowed in anger, as she scowled back at the glaring potions master, as she crossed her arms across her chest while settling back in her seat on the bed, "You can tell the old man that if he tries anything further, I will sue him for everything he's got with the help of the goblins, who are just dying to get back at him for everything he's done to me specifically over the last fifteen years involving my family vaults and all of its contents."

"Young lady I demand that you respect your betters! Who are you to say such things about the headmaster?" Severus snapped, as he felt some of his anger beginning to return at her words as his own scowl returned in fold, "even if half the things you said is true, the headmaster is only looking out for your well being."

"Other than receiving your inheritance after having it delayed for fifteen years, you wasted your time coming here. In the last five years, the old man has sent dozens of people after me to try and bring me to Hogwarts against my will." Melody said confidently as her smirk seemed to grow when she saw the incredulous look appear on the potions masters face, as she continued speaking, "You'll be number forty-five. If numbers one through forty-four couldn't make me come why the heck do you think you can do much better?"

"If I allowed myself to be taken by them, I know for a fact that the life as I know it will be over, because there's no way in Hades will the old coot let me leave once he has me right where he wants me," Melody said, as her green eyes slowly started turning a dark shade of purple as she remembered past encounters with people sent by Dumbledore as she remembered what she had done to the more persistent ones, "I've refused to go to Hogwarts for the last five years, and plan to continue to do so."

'I'm number forty-five? That blasted headmaster never told me how many times he's attempted to get the Potter girl to come to school. I wonder why none of the Order mentioned it in meetings.' Severus thought silently to himself, as he took a deep breath, as he reluctantly forced himself to calm down as he started speaking, "Ms. Potter. Whatever grievance you have with the headmaster should be put aside for now. As a young witch you must come get your magical education. Your parents would have..."

"I told the headmaster five years ago that, I don't care what dead people I can't even remember wanted me to do. Their opinions about my future mean nothing to me. Maybe if they had been in my life longer than fifteen months things might be different, but its not. I've lived my entire fifteen years of life without them or their decisions running my life and I don't plan to start obeying their wishes now. Especially when a bunch of bathrobe wearing nuts show up out of the blue, blabbing about my dead parents final wishes like what they want still matters to me," Melody said as she stares directly into Severus eyes, causing the older man to flinch a bit when he saw the intense look that was in her eyes, as she settled back on her bed with Yoko now resting his head on her lap as she lazily rubbed and petted his head, earning her a purr, just as Karma jumped onto the bed and bumped her head against Melody's arm wanting attention too, as she continued speaking in cold tones, "By the time my first year at Hogwarts came along, I already had well set plans for my own future that didn't involve Hogwarts or the magical world, and had no plans of changing them to follow the wishes of my dead parents just because people I don't know CLAIM it was their final wishes. As far as I'm concerned the only person whose 'wishes' involving MY future that matter are mine alone and nobody else can change that. Especially when the old fart had the nerve to tell me the real reason behind why he was bothering me with that nonsense about prophecies and dark lords and then be shocked that I still refused to come. I have my whole life to look forward to, and have no wish to be trained to fight a war that has nothing to do with me, and may not even come, so I'm not wasting my life preparing for something that might not even happen."

"Young lady you have a duty to the magical world to come learn magic! For a moment I almost forgot who you were, but the longer that I'm in your presence I can see your just like your idiot of a father, who thinks he's far more important than everyone else." Severus thundered, as he felt anger building up inside him at her words, as he couldn't believe what he was hearing, "If you can't respect your parents wishes, then you should think of the people who look up to you for what happened the night your parents died, you little..."

Whatever Snape was about to say was suddenly cut off as well as finding himself bound by invisible ropes tied to the chair he was sitting in, as he suddenly lost the ability to speak as Melody waved her hand at him, effectively cutting off his rant with a wandless silencing spell, making the potion masters mouth open and shut like a gaping fish as no sound emitted from his mouth.

"That's quite enough out of you. Don't make me take back your inheritance, Snape, because I swear that I will if you keep that up! Let's get something straight. First of all, unlike some, people I don't blindly give respect to anybody, except those who I like, and only after they've actually earned it. I don't care how much older they are than me, because they still have to earn it. If they don't like it, then that's too bad, because if they can't be bothered showing me the same amount of respect that they demand from me, then their not worth respecting at all as far as I'm concerned until they've earned it back or else they get their butts kicked by me. I don't give a crap about the magical world or what happens in it, or that complete strangers who mean nothing to me expect of me, who only like me because of something I supposedly did as a baby that cost me my parents lives. You guys don't know anything about me, or what I'm like yet you all seem to think you can come along and criticize me on who I am , because the real me doesn't fit with whatever twisted little fantasies you've all dreamt up about me, being the perfect little do gooder savior of the magical world who would rush in to save all of them at the expense of her own life. Well reality bites doesn't it? Because I'll never be what you people expected me to be." Melody snapped as she glared at Severus who's lips thinned into a fine line in his anger as he silently glared back at her looking unrepentantly, as she quickly continued speaking once more, "Dumbledore told me about a prophecy that supposedly claims that I'm the only one who can beat your dark lord IF he ever comes back, but I don't care. I don't believe in prophecies, and even if there is one, I refuse to take part in it. I'm not wasting my life to fulfill a prophecy that as far as I'm concerned was fulfilled the night my parents died. The prophecy is fulfilled and over with. If you want a hero, go look for someone who actually has a death wish and nothing left to live for and throw them at your precious dark lord, because you people will never find your hero with me. I will never fight for you people or risk my own life for any of you trying to once again fulfill a prophecy that was already fulfilled years ago. You people were the ones to start the war with Voldemort, and I'm refuse to be the one who will end it for you, when I have as much a right to stay alive as all of you do, which you seem to be ignoring in favor of saving your own necks at the expense of my life. Everyone who came before you all proceeded to have the nerve to call me selfish for looking out for my own life and interests when I refuse to do what you want?"

"Now we can end this conversation one out of two ways. We can do it the easy way, where you can leave here unscathed and report back to Dumbledore everything I just said with little or no pain done to you, or we do it the hard way and I hex you into oblivion and let Yoko use you as a scratching post," Melody said as a smirk reappeared for a moment, causing a shiver to creep down Severus' spine, as he looked at her worriedly for a moment as she waved her hand again at him again as she canceled out her silencio spell on him, "If I have to do it the hard way, I'll warn you that I tend to make whoever he sends after me miserable and regret ignoring my wishes and try and still force me to come with them. No one who's come has even once succeeded, and I doubt you will either, I always play to win when I have my mind set on something I want. Now do you understand me?"

"If you really mean to do what your threatening to do if I don't do what you want, Ms. Potter," Snape said, as he sneered the teenager for a moment, as fury filled him at the sheer gall of the girl before him, "Then why haven't you done it already? It seems to me that all you are doing is giving idle threats with no means of backing them up."

"There's nothing 'idle' about my threats, because I will carry them out if I have to, but I haven't done anything to you yet, is because I remember you. You were there the night my parents were killed." Melody said, as a small smirk appeared on her lips when she saw the incredulous look on Severus' face at her words as she continues speaking, "Don't deny it. I saw you that night. Your fifteen years older, but I'd recognize your face and your voice anywhere. The way I remember you were acting that night gives me reason to not immediately hex you."

"That would be impossible since fifteen years ago you were nothing more than a fifteen month old baby. Seeing how much time has past," Severus said as his sneer grew wider as he glared at her angrily in open disbelief over what she had just said, as his tone became condescending and sounding like he was talking to idiotic small child, "anyone with even half a brain cell in their tiny little minds could tell you that it should be impossible for you to remember anything from that time period."

"Oh really? Then lets see if you remember this line after all these years. Karma come here," Melody said as she easily plucked the kitted off the bed, and cuddled her in her arms, with the kittens furry back resting against the crook of her arms, as Severus' eyes widen in shock as Melody started quoting him word for word of what he had said fifteen years ago the night he had come to the Potter home and found Lily dead, before Melody finally let Karma go and turn back to Severus with a small smirk, "Still think that I don't know what I'm talking about? The look on your face says that I did everything exactly the way you did it fifteen years ago perfectly."

"What... how..." Severus stuttered, not acting at all like he usual self as he lost some of his composure as he stared at Melody as she finished reenacting what he had done with Lily's body all those years ago, as his eyes narrowed dangerously, "How the bloody hell can you remember all that! I didn't even see you anywhere."

"I was hiding underneath my upturned crib and watched you. The mundanes call what I have eidetic memories. No matter how much time might pass, I always remember things I see and hear. Even if I temporarily forget it, I can pull the memory up again when I see something or someone who I've seen before." Melody said as she reached up to lightly tap her forehead for emphasis, as she used the only real excuse she could come up with for why she remembered things that far back, as she continued her explanation, "the goblins even confirmed it a few weeks ago, when it came up on the medical scan they did on me, along with a long list of other abilities I have. As soon as I saw you out in the hallway, I knew who you were, even though I didn't have a name to go with the face I remember until now. From the way you were acting that night, you must have liked my mom didn't you?"

"If you must know, your mother and I were best friends growing up together. Her death hit me hard that night and I wasn't able to get there in time to save her," Severus sneered as his eyes narrowed a bit at Melody, as his surprise at how much she remembered started to wear off and he began to return to his usual self once more, "if it wasn't for your bloody father, she would still be alive..."

"Look whatever beef you had with my father is with my father. I'm not him. I don't even know him, the guy even apologized to you in his will for crying out loud. I refuse to be the fall-girl for him just because you want to try and be petty and let sleeping dogs lie. The guys dead, so deal with whatever troubles you had with him and move on, and don't try to pin it on me, because I won't stand for it." Melody said, shaking her head a bit as she waved off whatever he was about to say to her, as she crossed her arms over her chest once more as she stares at Severus as the older man glares at her for a moment, "can't you get over whatever grievances for my dad that you have and focus on your feelings for my mom? I need some help in dealing with Dumbledore, and as my moms friend, I think you it to her to help me, especially if you really had a hand in her dying to begin with if I remember what you said that night correctly."

"...Fine. Exactly what is it that you want exactly?" Severus said in defeat, as his sneer disappeared and was replaced by a frown for a moment, "I'm not going to regret this decision am I?"

"Nothing much right now, but I want to contact you if I ever want something from you and you have to make an oath to not tell Dumbledore anything about what we do," Melody said smirking a bit more as she got up off the bed and walks over to him with her two cats trailing behind her, "Regretfully, if you agree to my terms you won't be able to leave here unscathed, we have to make it believable that you still hate me as much as you seem to already do."

"This might be a stupid question for me to ask, but if I chose the first option you gave me," Severus demanded in a deadpanned voice as he glares at her with suspicious narrowed eyes, as he could feel the hairs on the b back of his neck as his danger senses started to pick up, "I'm not going to like what your planning to do, am I?"

"Probably not. Remember we have to make it look real," Melody said with a slight shrug of her shoulders as her smirk widened a bit mischievously, in a way that made Severus' danger senses honed from years of being pranked by the Marauders go off, "So are you in or out in making the old man think you still hate me?"

"Fine, if it gets me out of here sooner then I guess I'll do it," Severus said as he let out a loud sigh of resignation, as a bead of sweat appeared on his face as worry filled him about what it was she was plotting.

"Good then. Lets get started." Melody said cheerfully.

To be continued...

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