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Chapter 2: Sleeping Spell

The grass was a glimmering green. The skies were a bright blue. Flowers of all different types sprouted from underneath coming to be from a yellow daisy to the littlest of periwinkles. The wind blew the short grass that sending multiple waves all across the grasslands. A small lake sat near a forest. From the far distance near what looked like the edge of the world, large branched out trees like oak or pine trees surrounded most of the area and on a snowy mountain stood a large white castle.

On a hill high up a girl stood there watching below. She had a light yellow sun dress with a floppy tan sun hat. She stood bare foot on the short cut grass. Her pink quills blew with the light breeze of the wind. Her dress gracefully moved with the rhythm of wind as well. Next to her was a tree a little taller than she was. There weren't so many leafs on it but small pink flowers barely sprouting out from each tip of its branches.

The girl nervously looked around the area she was in. Mountains, a small lake just down the hill. A small village, all part of the world she was in, her regular sights.

She bit her lip.

'Where is he?'

She was waiting for someone, but whom? She didn't know, although the peaceful and calm land made it easier for her to concentrate…but on what? She stopped searching around and held her head. What was she looking for again?

When she turned she suddenly saw smoke coming out from the distance. She leaned forward, squinting to try to adjust her vision to focus. Smoke was coming out fast from the far distance. Her hand rose up to her forehead to cover the sun's light so she could see. Then before she knew it a flash of bright yellow light blinded her and she fell to her knees covering her eyes. The light died down and it took while before she could see clearly again, but the scenery was different. The vast blue skies disappeared. The bright blue color was replaced with the mixed colors of blood red and yellow-orange. A large huge dark gray cloud covered the area below her. She held her hat down since the wind began getting a bit stronger.


She spun around watching fired start burning from different parts of the land. Forest, grasslands, mountains, everything was nearly in fire. Above her, in the sky, she found black figures spinning in circles like vultures when they've found pray.

The wind was getting stronger, blowing as hard that her hat flew away and she was unable to catch it. She turned forward watching her hat fly down the hill. Her eyes followed the hat until her sights were fixed on something else. Her eyes widened when she the figure of a woman on a cloud lifted what looked like a large staff in her hands. She couldn't tell. Lightning struck down from the clouds to the woman's object and then energy transported out to her target.

Small villages all around the land.

She gasped and backed away. She heard screams echoing in her ears, people, they were in pain. Most of the land was covered in fire, red flames, which scorched on anything in its path. Everywhere she turned she saw fire and animals running for their lives. Horrified by the attacks and unable to do anything she backed away until her back pressed hard against the tree's bark. The sharp tips of the broken off pieces of bark stabbed her back, but she could feel no pain whatsoever. She slid down crouched down bending her body forward and digging her face in between her knees. The screams kept getting louder and fierce. She covered her ears and shook her head. "What is this? Stop. Stop it!"

The only place she saw green anymore was on her hilltop. Everyone but her was suffering, running away from the large incinerating flames.


Her head jerked up.


The voices were coming from her head in echoes. She held her head in panic.


A hand reached out and rested down on her shoulder. She turned.


Amy's eyes fluttered open staggering to the side. Her breathing had increased rapidly and her heart was pounding hard in her chest. She looked around to see she was in a field, back in her school's P.E uniform. Her class was playing soccer and she was just standing there. The clouds were still put in the sky, dark and cold...making it harder to be in shorts. The wind blew leafs off trees and traveled across the field she was on. She blinked twice and shook her head, her left hand holding her head up. That was….

A dream? A vision? Her imagination? What was it?

"Amy!" someone called at her.

She looked up to see it was a classmate, Scourge, a friend of hers who she was crushing on. He had straight green quills that fell back, it made Amy daze. He was perfect. He smiled at her as he reached her side. "You've been standing there for like ever. You okay?"

Amy nodded vigorously with a goofy smile. "Yea, I'm fine. It's just really cold. It's a really weird day." She said stuttering in between words. She was trying to keep her cool, but it was leaving her quickly.

"It's a nice weather to play ball in." He said smiling up at the sky.

"Yea I guess so." No it's not.

Scourge smiled at her and ruffling her quills before walking off. Amy smiled at him before looked up at the sky confused once more. She shook her head, shaking away her thoughts as well and went after her friend.


Once the clouds were ready it soon begun to rain. The students were allowed to change since the class was a few minutes away from being over.

"Weird weather," muttered Amy but quickly lost topic as she bumped into someone. The figure turned around and pushed her back. "You'd better watch were you're going."

She found herself looking into a pair of emerald green eyes. Amy's eyes furrowed. She had bumped into Sonic. Just when she had completely forgotten about his existence he was there, in front of her, to remind her that he was still around. Sonic decreased his glowered at her. He eyed her up and down. He raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

"Go away," she told him in her annoyed tone.

She pushed him aside roughly to head to the girl's locker rooms. He eyed her as she left. His friends, who approached him, chuckled to see that one of them had sticked a post it that had written 'I love Shadow' on her back thus making Sonic high five the brains behind this scheme.


In another place, time and space, in a dark room filled with potions, chemicals and monsters, there was a witch. A bat. She had white hair up to her shoulders, a claw spike locking collar attached from her neck with chains around her waist and connecting back onto the collar on her neck. There were stitches on her pale mouth. She had no color in eyes only a black sclera, black pits for eyes. She wore a black silk mourning dress with a black cape around the back.

She looked into a clear crystal orb that had small white trails of lights. There were two clear sparkly bright yellow lights followed by the sparkly trails inside. They moved around in circles inside as she stared at it closely. The witch closed her eyes and gasped in air.

"Aaa baa cccca. Daa eee raaa" the bat chanted the stitches on her mouth stretching out as she spoke.

The orb began to glow a light purple and smoke came out from underneath. "Show me the next two!" She roared.

One of the lights began to turn red then green then yellow then black then purple. As well did the other bright light. A multiple of colors that continued to change when the first one changed into blue and the other went pink. The two trails of light stopped aside each other and converted into spheres.

The witch opened her eyes and saw the two colored spheres. She gaped at the two colors and leaned forward. "Bring them to me," She eagerly said.

The two balls of lights swirled around each other rapidly which collided creating a strong light that flashed a light green color. The effect of the light didn't bother the witch. The light of the colors went right into the witch's black sclera, like a black hole, it absorbed the light. The light inside the orb formed into a shape and once the light dimmed she saw a red rose with a green stem and leafs. She laughed and moved closer to the ball. The rose was beautiful. The loveliest rose she's ever seen. She touched the orb and it slowly disappeared having the rose exposed.

The witch admired the rose. "Yes! I have got them now." She gladly said. "Finally in the palm of my hands."

She reached out to touch it rose, but the rose suddenly changed from the color green to a burned brown. She flinched away gasping. The petals that had a rich deep red had dried up fast and some had fallen to the ground. "No…No. No. No!" She yelled. The rose's figure was wilting. "How could this be?" She gasped.

She reached for the rose that released black electricity all around it and struck her fingertips. It wouldn't allow her to touch it. "What is the meaning of this?"

"Well that's a first"

The witch looked up and saw a black crow fly down onto the counter of where the magic orb had once been. "I never thought you'd pick the opposing side." The crow said. "Will that help us defeat Linda?"

"No! Something is wrong. The rose wilted. Why?!" She turned around and began pacing back and forth. "Where did I go wrong?"

The crow looked at the rose. "Maybe, this was the orb's doing?"

"No, no it couldn't be. I chose them. Maybe there's a disagreeing spark within them."

"Disagreeing spark?" The crow asked.

"That spark could not hold the expectations to curse but worked anyway, but why wouldn't it show me that when I found their souls?" She said in wonder. She lifted her bronze colored hands and began to make hand gestures that created a small barrier around he rose. "I can't reverse this spell. I am to except this fact, but we can still use them." She pondered on. "Now retrieving them will be harder. It will not allow me to touch the rose. How can I possible grab their souls this way?"

The crow looked at her then around the dark room. There were monsters caged by metal bars banging on them. Their claws were as sharp as glass, beaming to get ahold of anything to renter their escape. He glanced to the side where he saw a cabinet and spotted many glass or colored containers and flew over to it. He hovered in front of the potions and saw one in particular. A green glass potion with a picture of a sleeping body on a bed that had written on the top "Sleeping spell".

"Can't you sleep them?" he asked. "And we can get them in their world."

"Ah Yes!" she loudly agreed and turned to grab the potion but saw the crow was one step ahead of her. With his claws the crow grabbed the green potion and flew back over to her. The witch grabbed it and the crow landed on her shoulder.

"Detaching their souls out of their bodies while asleep. You're a very smart bird Seth." She grinned evil. "Very smart indeed,"


Sonic was walking out of school hand to hand with his girlfriend Sally Acorn. She was one of the prettiest cheerleaders in the school he was dating, long brown hair, tall, and thin. She was modest, kind, and always kept a positive atmosphere.

No...That'd be a lie.

At least her friends thought of her that way.

She was known for her attitude and blue eyes as both cold as ice. She was mean and competitive about stuff, hardly ever being nice. The girl was possessive and aggressive fighting everything to prove her point. It was rough now that Sonic was taken by the meanest cheerleader. No other girl could have a chance now that he was dating her. Everyone knew how she was so they stayed away, but to Sonic, she was the prettiest girl he's ever met.

"I…"—He began whiling leaning in to kiss her cheek—"will see you later, m'kay?"

Sally smirked but nodded in agreement. She left his side and walked up to the car waiting for her. He smirked at seeing her waving her fingers at him and watched the car leave.

He turned around and walked down the side walk off the school's campus. It was still pretty cloudy but it wasn't raining anymore. Walking on the sidewalk he spotted Shadow, his sister Rouge, and Amy ahead of him. He grinned to himself and headed towards them.

Rouge and Amy were heading home until Shadow came up to them and stopped them. Rouge tried walking her way around the situation but he wouldn't leave them alone. He needed a favor. Amy didn't mind him around although Rouge didn't want him, but he wouldn't go.

"I'm going with some friends out to town and I'll be home late." He explained.

"So? Does it look like I care?" She asked rudely crossing her arms.

"No, but mom doesn't know. Could you tell mom that I stayed afterschool for tutoring?" he asked.

"No." she responded shortly and was about to make her way around him but he stepped in front of her steps.

Shadow angrily looked at her. "Why do you have to be such an a-hole?" he growled.

"Why couldn't you have told her earlier this morning that you were going out? Why do you want me to lie to her?" she questioned him.

"Cause I just planned it with my friends this afternoon." He impatiently told her.

"See that's your problem. You plan stuff last minute without asking for mom's permission and you expect me to tell her lies?! Just so you can go and selfishly have fun!?" she said in a scowling voice.

"Rouge, please man. It's just one favor?" he said in a pleading voice still hinting the anger in his tone.

"First of all I'm no man for you to be saying that. Second of-"just when she was about to make the list reasons Amy interrupted her.

"Rouge, don't be so harsh. Just tell your mom." She muttered to her.

Rouge's jaw opened wide. "You're siding with him!?" she loudly asked.

"Not exactly. I just want us to hurry home and he doesn't seem like he's taking no for an answer," She reasoned shrugging her shoulders abjectly.

Shadow chuckled bringing back the attention to him. "Thank you Amy. See, your friend has more reason than you do." He turned to Amy with a smirk. "You can teach her a thing or two."

"Don't push it." Amy warned him, narrowing her eyes more. Shadow's smirk disappeared.

"Fine I'll tell mom, but why are you even going? I mean, who would want you to go?" Rouge remarked.


They all looked back and found Sonic walking up to them. Rouge uncrossed her arms to place them on her hips. Amy's eyes slowly widened but quickly looked away. She had enough of him today after he pulled a prank on her during the end of P.E. and embarrassed her in front of the student body.

He embarrassed her in front of Scourge. She was walking around the girl's locker room and being laughed at by a note on her back saying that she "liked" Scourge. Somehow word got to Scourge about her liking him and he only smiled at her and walked away. Sonic was there with some of his friends laughing at her. They all had humiliated her.

"Great," Rouge muttered to herself. She turned to her brother. "Okay, but if she starts lecturing me−or worst, finds out I was lying on your part, I'll beat you." She warned him. She glared at him getting her point across to him. "Bye,"

The two girls turned around and walked down the sidewalk. Once they were a few steps away, Amy released air out she was holding back without her even acknowledging. Rouge turned to her suspiciously. "You okay?"

Amy nodded shrugging off the topic. It took her all the strength she had not to say anything to him. What she couldn't understand was how nervous she got when he was around. Fear? Hopefully not, she couldn't show him any sort of weakness or he'd take advantage of it. She had to collect her thoughts for the time being, but staring tomorrow she had to stand up for herself against him.

"He's just such a jerk. I promise you one day I'll stand up to him…."

Sonic chuckled as he watched them leave. Shadow punched Sonic in the shoulder making him wince. "You scared me when you came," He laughed.

"Ow, brah, that hurt," Sonic said in broken chuckles, but he still offered a small smile. "Anyway, let's go they're waiting,"

"Yea. Amy's such a nice girl. I owe her one." Shadow said turning around, the opposite direction the girls went. He said it more of a reminding way, but Sonic took it a completely different way.

He turned to Shadow in disgust. "What?" he exclaimed.

Shadow laughed seeing him all confused and in shock. "Come on, dude. The rest are waiting for us" He pushed on him so he could walk down the opposite way the girls went.


The witch mixed different types of spells and liquids in a big mixing bowl. She threw in the powder colors of brown and black. She mixed it with a large wooden spoon and threw in more powder, this time a lighter color, tan. The crow watched from a far on a shelf as the ingredients made chemical reactions. The monsters in the cages all howled and roared watching the reactions. Seth didn't mind their noises. He watched her closely, his eyes following her hands.

"Do you think this will work?" Seth asked green air exploding out from the pot.

"Of course!" She turned speaking hoarsely. Seth tilted his head to the side and then composed himself fluffing his feathers. She turned back to the bowl and smile wickedly, stopping her big wooden spoon

"It's done,"

She backed away from the bowl and raised her hands up, her pointy broken nails all pointing upwards. She spoke in a different dialect, her voice much darker and deeper than it already was. The screaming from the creatures only increased when they heard her speak. Seth could feel the trembling on their movements.

"Ripise, Dave."

A bright yellow light shot out of the pot illuminating the room out of the darkness. The crow put up his wing in front of his face to cover his eyes from the strong light. The witch didn't move. Slowly they saw as the liquid lifted up and a black figure was crawled out of the pot, the green slime around it. She saw as the black figure's black color disappeared being replaced by an actual body. The slime all around his body hardened and the figure froze. Soon the hardened green rock cracked and hands came out, opening the crack more, pushing each side of the rock open she that it could get out. A head popped out of the opening, a hedgehog around his late teens. He stepped out once the crack was large enough for him to slide through. His green quills was wet with slime. He was masculine with broad shoulders and long arms. Teeth as sharp as that of a shark's could be seen from his mouth.

An attractive boy.

"Behold," began the witch. "My newest creation yet,"

The teenage boy went down on one knee and bowed his head raising his left arm across his chest to his heart. The crow's beak opened in shock, but he didn't question it. A new creation meant he had a different power and goal he must accomplish that others didn't have

The witch grinned and walked up to him and touched his head lightly. He rose from the ground. She lifted up her hand up, holding the green potion from earlier, to his face. He stared at it with an expressionless look.

"Your first mission will be entering this unknown realm to get these two new keys." She placed her two fingers on his forehead and a black light of energy sprung out into his mind. "You will hunt them down and use this potion to put their souls into a deep sleep. One drop only." She handed him the glass and he raised his hand to grab it. Now, that her hands were empty, she whirled them around creating a small metal sword the size of a pinky. At the top of the sword was a diamond replacing the sharp metal tip of the sword. She handed him that too. "You then will use this to grab their souls by stabbing their hearts and bring them back." She explained as he took the potion. "But beware. They must be asleep in their world naturally to be able to use the potion, and for you to use the sword, they must have one drop of the potion. Understood?"

He nodded.

She grinned darkly. "Don't fail me" she told him.


It was a dark Thursday night. It was pretty late too. Amy was reading a book on her bed quietly in the middle of her room. Outside it rained. The raindrops poured out from the sky hitting the ground like heavy rocks. Amy could feel the pressure of the rain through her hearing. Amy's eyes traveled from the book out to her window. Her window was open, but water couldn't come in. Her gabled dormer window was triangle shaped and covered the window part inside so not much could fall inside, especially when it'd snow or rain.

She didn't want to sleep nor could she anyway. Reading was the only thing that could entertain her mind for a while, but a while had passed.

She closed her book setting it aside. She got up and off her bed walking to the window. She went to close her window and locked it. She stared at the hard pouring rain and wondered who out there was walking at night without an umbrella. With a yawn she faced her closet staring at a pair of pink pajamas and shrugged. Whoever it was, was probably getting soak.


Meanwhile, Sonic was headed home from town. It was cold so he huddled in his red sweater. He used the hot air from his mouth to create warm air onto his hands to keep them warm. He was a bit stressed out with the raw weather because he was tired and was getting soaked. He felt like he could just collapse and fall asleep on the sidewalk in the rain. He's energy was draining fast and he was getting dizzy.

The noise of something scratching against the floor awoke him and he turned. Through the violent rain his face was moist and eyes couldn't focus directly onto one thing. Water kept getting in his eyes therefore it was hard to see if anyone was around. He could've sworn he felt someone around.

He turned slowly making sure once more he wasn't just hearing things and continued walking forcing his body to be in alert.


Amy moved her body to the side. Not comfortable.

She moved the opposed way. Still not comfortable.

She looked at her time. Eleven forty-three and still no luck on tiredness. She wished she'd just close her eyes and fall into unconsciousness. She took a deep breath and sighed. She had to start by making herself sleepy. How? She began with the basics, counting sheep's.

'1 sheep 2 sheep 3 sheep 4 sheep 5 sheep~' she closed her eyes.

In the corner of her room, in the darkest of corners, a black shadow appeared out from the pure black blending with the darkness in the room. It slithered quickly to the bed's side. Giving it a moment to see her that her body peacefully slept without any movements, it took out a green glass potion. It took off the bottle's wooden top and moved it to her head.

Just one drop.

At that moment, Amy extended out her hands up to stretch when she made contact with the potion and the liquid fell all over her face and sheets. Amy yelped and opened her eyes sitting up. She cough for the liquid had gone to her nose and mouth. She removed the liquid off her eyes.

She instantly saw the shadow in front of her.

She was going to scream when the shadow covered her mouth with his hand pinning her to the bed. Her eyes widened but slowly she began to see blur and her hands fell. Her body. Something was going on with her body, she couldn't move.

"Mrrhhm!" She muffled in its hands. The last thing she saw was the bright colors of a pointy blue object. The last thing she felt was a sharp pain on her chest. The last thing she heard was a hoarse chuckle.

"If we die, we die together!"


The room was cold. Around the walls, hung weapons and chains for fighting purposes or protections, making the room look like a battlefield. In the middle of the room was a large metal examination table. Two figures lay motionless facing upward on, side by side each other. Around those figures, shadows and creatures surrounding them curiously, sniffing them and grunting to each other.

The witch entered though the swinging doors of the room and rushed in to the sight. Seth flew in right behind her. An ugly frown replaced her puzzled look. In the middle of the room she found the two teenagers. She stopped halfway when she saw some type of black electricity roaming through one of their bodies. The crow passed the witch and to the girl's side and worriedly looked at her. "It's black…like the rose."

"What happened to her?" The crow asked.

Nobody answered.

The witch narrowed her eyes. "What happened to her," she asked in a low raspy tone. The shadow creatures all backed away in fear of responding. It only made her angrier.

"Answer me!" she roared.

The shadow didn't flinch nor move from their place. One of the shadows' body transformed, green light fusing him into a green hedgehog. He stepped forward. "She awoke from sleep knocking out the potion from my hands and spilling it all on her. I had no choice but to retrieve her soul before I couldn't be able to."

"You've brought some of her physical state." Seth observed as electricity ran across Amy's body.

"This isn't good." the witch growled.

"How so?" asked the crow.

"Her soul is attached to a part of a whole other realm which could damage her while she's here," she angrily turned to Seth. "Haven't I told you before?"

The crow stared at her emotionless as she continued.

"This is the first time this has been done. The rose is powerless therefore it will be hard to control them. I must find a spell to break the girl's physical state from her soul. It will affect the boy if I don't hurry. I need them both!" She explained walking towards the exit doors.

"Thank you for getting them here."

Questionably, the witch turned to the crow seeing it was transforming into a beautiful chipmunk in a blue thin dress. Long lushes brown hair fell down her shoulders. Her eyes open showing her ice blue orbs. The witch gasped at who stood in front of her. "Lindanalee?!"

The shadows jumped up from the ground and to the air ready to attack, but with a slash of her hand air was brought into the room and made a few shadows fog up and disappear. Some were able to dodged it. The chipmunk's blue eyes gleamed. She sat on her knees on the table next to the teenagers and with a whirl of her wrist in her hands appeared a small ball. The small ball was transparent with swirls of colorful liquid inside. She touched the two bodies and grinned. "Thank you for this magic ball Yubala! I'll be taking them now." she threw the ball to the ground energy grabbed on to them, pulling them into ball, warping them together.

"Nooo!" she yelled. "Get them!" She ordered her shadows. By the time they reached the table it was empty. The ball disappeared and the room was in a shock. "No!" she roared dark energy rising from her body.

"When did she replace Seth?!" She paused and turned around. "Seth? Seth? Seth where are you?"

Let's see what happens next.