Who We Were With- Paradise Fears

Chapter 33: Power of Love

Yubala had returned back to her castle with the staff in her hand, controlling everything around Gemnissent. Still she hadn't spotted Sonic or Amy around. She opened the gates to her castle into the throne room and ordered a bunch of shadows to move aside and they did. As powerful as she was, they didn't fear her as much as they did now.

She sat down on her throne her black eyes looking around. "Seth-!" She paused and rolled her eyes groaning at the fact that he wasn't her pet any longer. "Someone report me the findings of those hedgehogs!" she roared instead.

A brave shadow came over and bowed down below her.

"Did you find them?" She asked.

The shadow got up and shook his head but turned around pointed at the doors where a green hedgehog came with scars in his face and dragging behind him by the neck of a shirt was a small little rabbit who as well as he was bruised.

"Scourge?!" Yubala exclaimed in shock. She stood up vigorously.

"Hello my queen," He snarled and bowed his head a bit. He walked over to her and threw the small bunny in front of the steps.

Yubala flinched. "A Fiddle? I thought they were all gone?"

"Apparently these kids stayed behind." Scourge turned around to see some shadows closing the front doors. "And they were strong. Multiple of them attacked us, some escaped."

Yubala walked passed the bunny and snapped her fingers. Shadows around came to clean her off the floor and take her away. Yubala approached Scourge and her face showed a mighty scowl at him, but scourge wasn't affected.

"Where are they?" She snarled.

"Your sister disappeared along with them in the skies. We lost them." He confirmed. "Unfortunately, we were only able to get Seth."

Yubala growled and turned around devastated and going back to her throne. Scourge crossed his arms and licked his teeth. "We can't do very much right now. Our men are looking from them as we speak." He said which made Yubala turn to him. "So we'll have to take care of them later."

Yubala looked up at her staff and saw the refection of her within the gold and smiled evilly. "So be it."

Sonic peek out his head out from the high mountain side out towards Yubala's castle. His eyes scavenging the surroundings and Amy's head popped out from right beside him. It was cold and windy after the rain had stopped. There was still a bit of snow, but not where they were at. The rain melted it all away.

"We need a plan and fast because they'll find us soon if we don't." Sonic whispered.

"No, we need to figure out what happened. We need to recall facts." Amy said backing up from the rock and sitting on the floor behind to the big rock on top the mountain. "We were defeated, beaten, heck even clobbered by Yubala, the evil witch, "princess" of Gemnissent, no?" Amy said emphasizing and putting finger quotations on the princess.

Sonic slid down the rock next to her listening. "She used us as bait for Linda, so she could give up the staff." Amy rubbed her chin. "Couldn't she have destroyed her at that moment anyway, without us having to have been in the way?"

"Umm, Helllooo! I'm not wishing for my death here." Sonic growled. Amy frowned at him. "Something could have been done. What was she afraid of?" Amy defensively said.

Sonic got up bending his head down. He grabbed her hand and pulled her up. "We have to go to a safer place for now. We can't risk being here." He said.

"No, no, no, no!" Amy yanked her hand away and sat back down. "We are not done thinking! We have to think Sonic! What went wrong?"

Sonic cursed and fell backwards on his back irritated the dust of the ground getting everywhere. Amy leaned back on the rock. "I passed out. I don't remember anything. Where Seth went, where Linda went, we have absolutely no evidence." Amy muttered and covered her face.

Sonic rolled his eyes and got up from floor and crawled to her. "You were being positive a few seconds ago. What happened?"

"I don't know what to do…" She mumbled.

Sonic inhaled and exhaled strenuously and got up a little bit looking over the rock down at the castle. He saw nothing going on, but the calm of the area. He didn't buy it one bit. Nothing about that castle was calm and he wouldn't allow his eyes to believe such a thing. Sonic looked back at Amy who still had her eyes covered.

"Are you crying?" Sonic asked feeling sympathy.

Amy's head whipped up angrily. "No," A light blush covered her cheeks but it didn't stop her from showing her face at him. Sonic chuckled finding it amusing. He then came back to thinking about the pass. How they acted, how it used to be.

"You know," he began sitting down next to her. "I actually enjoyed being here. This adventure we had was fun. The danger routes we took, our teamwork, it was all good."

Amy's eyes loosened the narrow but her cheeks didn't stop glowing. She blinked looking at him strangely about him reminiscing. It was unlike him. "You enjoyed being stuck here with me? I have a few opinions about it." She said with humor.

Sonic smirked and leaned towards her. "Don't lie. I know you had fun."

Amy pushed at his chest. "I didn't say otherwise, but we had our scares." She said looking up at the clouds. It had stopped raining, snowing, everything. It was calm for the most part. "Like back at those woods or even that ugly frog who knew my name." She shivered remembering the memory.

"Juile-su," Sonic laughed. "And that nasty boyfriend of hers."

"Or when you were being stubborn," She laughed as well, but it soon died off. Amy closed her eyes. "Or when I had dreams."

Sonic's smile faded. She sounded so sad when she said that. Confused he stared at her. "Hey…"

Amy's eyes reopened forcefully. "Visions."

"But that's the main reason why we're still alive." Sonic claimed.

"I can never get over them even if they passed. I still think about why they happened. How it happened at the precise moment something bad was going to happened and it just warned me. I may have been a power I obtained, but I had no control of it." Amy turned to him.

Sonic grabbed her hands and offered her a warm smile. He gave her hand a little squeeze. "You may not have been in control of anything Ames," He said in a low voice. "But you did have control of one thing."

Amy's eyes searches deep into his wondering what he felt. He was talking so softly to her and with such fervor that her breath hitched. "What?"

"How you felt," He released her hands and Amy stood in a pause. It was true. She felt so many emotions through-out her time being here. Her respect for the mobians, the horrors of watching evil take over, the love and affection she had for everyone. The romance she experienced with Sonic. He was right. The feeling most enjoyed after fighting and arguing the whole time was caring about each other in the end. Love.

They never may have known it, but at the end something small sparked over each other's annoyance and hate, that the rose ever caught, and that was love.

Amy's eyes rounded and she gasped. Love. It had always been love. Love allowed her to set back her hatred for him and help him. Could that be the reason why they survived? Love killed the others, but then Sonic claimed that her visions saved them most of the time, that is. Amy clapped her hands together. Love along with her visions and dreams. That's how it worked.

"You're right," She said after a long while of silence. "I did have control of what I felt." She whipped her head to him. "Sonic, that's it!"

Sonic backed away surprised.

"Love," She whispered.

Awaken by that word he moved back, wondering what if she hadn't gone crazy. She was crazy already; maybe this world drove her to become worst. "You're sort of scaring me,"

Amy laughed and stood up. Sonic's eyes widened and he shook his head grabbing her arm to pull her back down. "What are you doing?!"

"The love of the mobains, the love we had, and at the same time the hate we had corrupted the rose, our spell." She exclaimed. With all full force Sonic pulled her down and she fell on him. Though, that didn't stop her. She grinned at him. "We were in balanced and allowed my visions to work along with your unstoppable Predator's eye."

"What are you saying!?"

"If that helped us before it can help us now," She got off him and sat on the ground crisscrossed with her eyes closed. "I can control my visions; I just need to concentrate with my love."

Amy stayed there sitting on the ground for a while, not moving a muscle, not doing anything but breathing. She allowed her body to relax and feel the love she felt for Sonic and the world of Gemnissent. She felt it. She felt the feeling and it was there but that was all she felt. No sudden dizziness or sudden flashbacks….nothing.

Amy opened her eyes and frowned. Sonic was staring at her expressionlessly. He didn't know what to tell her.

"I don't understand…"

"What are you trying to do?" Sonic asked.

"I was trying to see if I'd get a sign. Something that would guide us," She said in a quiet voice.

Sonic rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. "You're stupid. Your vision saving us was just mere luck. C'mon we have to find shelter."

He slowly got up but kept his head duck down. He turned back to her to tell her to stand up slowly, but to his shock she was lying on the floor. Her eyes were colorless and her mouth opened slightly. Sonic freaked out and kneeled next to her. "Amy!" He picked her up by the back and lifted her body off the floor and to his lap. He placed her head there softly.

This had happened before. He then finally realized what was going on. He sat there holding her tightly as she was forced to doze off seeing who-knows-what. He looked around wondering if they were safe and they were so he turned to face her. Her eyes were pale, hardly looked green anymore. Her body was frozen in the position of eyes wide open and her mouth slightly opened.

It didn't last long. Depending on the vision, it usually was short in their time. Amy awoke, blinking firstly and then found herself glancing at Sonic. He stared down at her in concern. Amy smiled half-heartedly at him and rose from his lap.

"It worked…" looked at her hands distantly. "It's true."

"Details," He said. "What did you see?"

Amy nodded and her hand rolled into fists. "Love, Sonic. It was never truly love that killed the rest Sonic…"

Sonic tilted his head to the side confused.

"The legendary heroes before us. Everyone claimed they died because they were in love, but the reason why they died is because they didn't balance every other emotion."

"Isn't it the same thing? They died cause of love."

"They used it too much that it distracted them. Not exactly that killed them or else we'd be dead too."

Sonic closed his mouth and sat quietly. Amy frowned and closed her eyes in thinking. "There was no balance in any other emotion but that. It's like they didn't care. Took everything as a joke. Everyone was afraid we were the same, but we arrived with strange powers, not really paying attention towards each other but at everything else. We also didn't really…hate each other…just found our presence annoying."

Sonic shook his head in disapproval. "I know what hate feels like. What I felt for you was real." He then grinned. "But then again I didn't want anyone died."

Amy pointed at his nose. "That's exactly why we didn't die."

Sonic's grin widened intrigued.

"Also, Seth was captured by Yubala's folk, and is in her castle in a cage. We have to get him back." She said. "We're practically useless up to this point, but"—She lifted her finger up— "We can still defeat Yubala, love or no love. That doesn't matter anymore."

Sonic raised an eyebrow. "Meaning?"

Amy blinked. "It's self-explanatory, no?"

Sonic laughed and shrugged. "Never mind," His expression cleared into a serious one. "So, with that said, what do you have in mind?"

Amy chuckled and narrowed her eyes with a wicked smile. "We'll have to go back inside that castle and finish this once and for all."

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