"Bad Apple" was the very song that inspired me about 4 years ago to create this story and I am proud to introduce the last chapter. Now is the time where it all ends :D! 'How?' is the question the stand by. Although, the songs that inspire me to write this chapter was from the Album Homeland by Ryuryu

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Chapter 34: Legendary Dream

Sneaking into Yubala's castle wasn't all that hard. Sonic had learned a few things back when he was training with everyone, preparing him on how to break into Yubala's castle if anything went wrong. Climbing the wall in the stormy weather and getting inside the castle through a high window was difficult for Amy. She wasn't physically ready for it so She'd misplace where she'd put her feet and often her foot would slip. Sonic was behind her making sure she wouldn't slip off the tower.

Making it to the window she tried to pull herself in but the cold numb her arm and she had no force to pull herself in. Sonic had to push at her shoes and up into the window.

Amy climbed up and into a dark room inside the castle. Sonic then made his way in. Sonic crossed his arms. "What happened to the Amy who knew how to climb trees and stuff?"

"First of all this isn't a tree! Second of all I've only climbed trees!" Amy angrily said.

Sonic put his finger in front of his mouth and shushed her. Amy blushed angrily but didn't say anything back. They needed to find Seth. The room was small but all around the small room's walls were weapons. Amy looked around in awe. Sonic, meanwhile, made his way to the door across from the window. He opened it slowly and stepped to the side to make sure nothing popped out. Nothing did.

Amy skipped to the side of the door and peeked down at the stairs heading down. A spiral staircase that headed down and they had no idea where it would lead.

"You go first," Amy teased, but she was serious.

Sonic walked in front of her and made his way down. Amy closed the door after she went through and they were in total darkness.

"Amy!" Sonic hissed.

"Well, it was either we have light or leave evidence behind that someone was here,"

She had a good point. Sonic couldn't see much, but the smallest of outlines of where she stood. He reached out and touched her arm. "Stay close. This place could be booby trapped."

They reached the bottom of the staircase and at the bottom was a door that brought them to another room. In that room there was a guard, a shadow man, holding a spear and watching the hallway. Sonic backed away. "Amy," He turned to her and whispered, "Can you by any chance sense Seth?"

"Somewhat," Amy held her chest. She closed her eyes and stood there for a moment. Then she spoke, "He's on the other side of this floor. We need to get past him,"

Sonic smirked. "On it,"

The guard was standing there peacefully, looking at a painting of an evil snowman which was holding a flower, hanging on the wall. He then was focused on a rock that rolled on the floor. The creature got into a fighting position and looked around alarmed. He then saw Amy peeking out from the corner of wall. He aimed the spear at her and Amy jumped out with her hands up. The shadow flew towards her, but he failed to notice Sonic jumping out from behind a statue and kicking its head. The shadow screeched and disappeared. Sonic grabbed the spear and gestured for Amy to follow him down the hallway.

"Are we near?"

"Just a few doors down, I think…"

"What do you mean I think?! It's either you know or don't."

"I know he's around here!" She claimed and stopped when a flush of emotions rushed through her. Sonic stopped once he noticed she did and looked back. Amy pointed at a door in front of her. "I can feel something coming from this door,"

Sonic ran back and placed his hand on the door. Amy placed her ear on the door trying to hear something, anything. Sonic was about to grab the handle when he felt his chest clench. He turned around and sensed danger. He grabbed Amy's hand and backed away. "Something doesn't seem right,"


"Hold up. Stand there," He pushed her to the side and he went to the other while opening the door slowly. A loud bam was heard and exploded out from the door. Sonic had moved to the side just in time to be able to dodge the power of a purple beam that destroyed the door. Amy's head lifted and sees light coming out from that room. Amy runs towards the door and enters it before Sonic could get a hold of her hand.


Amy wasn't in any danger though. She stood in front of Seth who was locked in a cage in the middle of the room on a small metal table. Amy ran towards him and opened the cage for him to come out. Sonic, meanwhile, came in slowly looking around with a paranoia. He was feeling bad vibes all around him, but it wasn't around them. Still it was strong. And it was a fast rush of feeling.

Sonic faced Seth and Seth Sonic. The memory of betrayal hit him, but he shrugged it away. They had to get out of here. They had to defeat Yubala. Sonic sensed something coming, danger. Sonic glared towards the door.

"Someone's coming."

Amy grabbed Seth into her arms and Sonic ran out into the hall. He turned and heard noise coming down the hall. Sonic grabbed Amy's hand and ran down. The hall would've been dark without its small torches on the walls. Their steps echoed down the hall and behind them, creatures heard them. Now that Seth was safe, the question stayed at how they were to get to Yubala?

Sonic needed a plan, and he needed one fast. The loud sound of steps rung in his ear and he was running out of halls to run to. Amy's hand clenched against his and she stopped. She used all her force to bring him to a different direction where there were some staircases down. Amy now led the way.

"Amy," Sonic gasped.

They ran down the stairs rapidly and Amy looked above her head.

"Trust me, it's through here!" Amy insisted seeing shadows were following them from above the stairs. Sonic saw this too and yanked his hand out from Amy and stopped. Amy's eyes widened stopping as well. "Sonic!" She yelled.

The shadows were almost down and getting closer. Sonic threw his hands out for her to continue running. "Find Yubala! I'll distract them!"



Seth's hand rested on her arm and Amy looked down at his worried face. Amy watched as the shadows reached him and Sonic shot her a quick grin with a wink. Amy walked backwards not wanting to leave Sonic behind but he had a point. They had to find Yubala. With that thought, Amy turned her heel and ran, she ran fast.

The thought of running with her full speed reminded her of Sonic, Sonic in his natural state of running with speeds full of wonder. At school when he tried to escape trouble he'd run and how oh how she wondered what it felt like to be so free. Like Sonic.

Suddenly a light distracted her. Amy looked down and saw Seth's green orb flashing. It was pretty and bright. She hadn't seen Seth light up anything before, and seeing him use any sort of power from that orb as much therefore seeing him use it felt strange. She always found Seth somewhat useless.

"Go right, in here!" Seth pointed at another exit. Amy awoke from her trance and followed his finger point. She turned and into a small tunnel she went. She ran faster and faster and faster that Seth was beginning to get worried. "Amy," He whispered.

She ran and ran until she finally reached light, and upon seeing the light she sped into the light. An open door led into a large room. Amy tripped and rolled down across the floor, protecting Seth in her arms. Her momentum came to a stop.

Amy opened her eyes slowly and Seth raised his head from her chest. She was in a large room full of torches on the walls. A hall, it seemed and a red carpet that led to a throne. Amy rolled around to her other side and suddenly black pits stared directly into her eyes, almost penetrating right through them. Yubala's grin stretched out the stitches on her mouth and it frightened Amy. She lifted her body and crawled backwards onto a wall where she stopped. "Yubala," She whispered.

She had only seen Yubala once in a dream and once in reality, but never had she seen her up this close. She proposed the same figure and shape Rouge did, although, Yubala consisted of darker shades of color, no real eyes and now she could see the frightening look she had on her face. She wasn't Rouge at all. She was something else. She was a banned princess, now a witch. She was Yubala.

"My oh my," Yubala gasped and her hand reached out towards Amy, her long nails nearing Amy's face, but she retracted her hand back. "The legendary hero Amy Rose. Here in the very flesh."

Her eyes traveled down to a crimson puff ball. Seth's green orb's light suddenly vanished and went back to being a regular orb. Yubala's eye hardened immediately. "Seth," She hissed.

Seth narrowed his eyes, but Amy grabbed him and held him in her arms. Around them started appearing the shadows, their menacing low guttural sounds being made to Amy and Seth. She was trapped.

"Why, but you're alone." Yubala said looking around. "Where is your other half?"

Amy could feel her heart pounding inside out of the fear she had for her. The staff she possessed was powerful. Who knew what she could do to her and without Sonic around it was worst.

'Sonic, where are you?'

Yubala grabbed Amy by her shirt and lifted her up into the air. Seth was released and spun in the air trying to regain his flying balance.

"Where is that blue hedgehog little girl!?" She roared.

Amy's hands tried pushing at her hands, but she held tightly on to her. "Let me go!" She yelled and kicked the staff out of her hands. Yubala released her grabbing the staff before it fell to the floor. Amy landed on her back and a lump of air escaped her lung sac. Amy's vision blurred as Yubala glared down at her. She raised the staff high above her.

"You and you're filthy friends should have died along with my sister!"

She flung the staff down and Seth closed his eyes not wanting to see. But he didn't hear a cry come out from Amy. Seth opened his eyes and saw the very mobian he wanted to see. Sonic spin dashed his way into the room, knocking Yubala from the side. Seth flew in to Amy's rescue and used his orb to help restore her breathing. Amy gasped for air and she rose. Sonic meanwhile stood in front of Amy in a protecting pose.

The corners of her mouths lifted and she smiled out of happiness. "Sonic!"

He had cuts on his skin, a bloody lip, but he was still in shape to fight. He was angry, vibrated anger. Amy felt it. She tried standing up as Yubala pointed the staff at Sonic, but Sonic didn't move. He stood there grinning at her.

"That's enough!" She stomped the staff on the floor which send loud force fields blasting at them. Sonic fell to the floor and Amy rolled from the force it had. Sonic looked back at Amy who was trying so hard to stand up. Sonic looked forward and with all his might stood up.

Yubala turned to all her shadows and then pointed at the enemy. "Kill them! Get rid of them all!"

Sonic spin dashed the few shadows that came near him. Punching them and sending them flying and poofing into the air. There were so many of them and Sonic could handle only so much around him. Amy notice him struggling to keep them away from them, she was able to find her force and fighting alongside him.

'This feeling,' Amy thought as she punched away a shadow. It was a strange feeling she was encountering, but it wasn't unfamiliar. The feeling that made her so strong as to get up from such a powerful wave of shock and to defend Sonic.

Then she remembered what she had discovered.

"Sonic!" She yelled.

Sonic turned his head and ran to her side. "We need to get to Yubala!"

"I know, but remember−watch out!" Amy pushed Sonic to the side and jumped kicked the shadows the came for them. "That feeling we talked about! Keep strong Sonic and feel love for this world! It's powerful!"

Sonic nodded but before he could say something else, he was socked straight in the stomach and then grabbed a hold on by a shadow. Amy gasped and ran for him, but a shadow got a hold of her. "No!"

"You two never stood a chance!" Yubala laughed and lifted her staff up. "Now here it ends for good!"

Glass shattered from above them and froze in place. Everyone looked above them seeing a bunch of animals coming in howling, throwing arrows down at the shadows and jumping in the castle's hall. Sonic and Amy took this distracting to their advantage and Sonic spin dashed the shadow off him and Amy used her leg to kick the one holding her.

It wasn't just a few that came coming in through the windows, but a whole army of creatures and from Gemnissent. Some of those creatures were familiar to them. They made contact with one of them. A bunny with scratches on her face and a small little blue creature next to her was had come down from the broken glass window and down in front of them, others passing right pass her.

Amy covered her mouth and Sonic's eyes widened with a grin smile on her face.


She smiled and waved at them before running in at the shadows around them and knocking them gone, making them 'poof' away. They were helping; the creatures of Gemnissent were helping them. Seth came behind them and pointed at Yubala. Sonic and Amy turned to her seeing Yubala using her staff to keep anyone from harming her.

"I've brought everyone to distract her. Now's your chance to get the staff. Go!" Seth pushed at Sonic's shoulder for them to run.

"You did this," Amy muttered. Seth looked at her and nodded while touching his orb. Amy brought Seth in her arms for a hug. "Gemnissent is in your hands now."

Amy released him and stared straight at Sonic. Sonic had his eyes narrowed and a mischievous look that sparked in his eyes. Turning back to Seth with a reassuring look, Seth flew off his orb shinning. Shinning rays straight into the bodies of the shadows and from there going into the fight.

Sonic and Amy were on the move, passing between every fight and avoiding getting punched in the process. They'd duck their heads, go under the fight, not letting go of their target. Yubala flashed a bolt of light at one of the creatures.

"Amy go the other way. I got her here," Sonic yelled through the cries of the shadows and animals around them. Amy nodded and departed from his side.

Yubala was fighting off an animal and struck it with a bolt of light. In the corner of her eye, she saw a blue blur and it forced her to turn around. Immediately, she felt the instinct to dodge a fist that would've caused damaged to her cheek if she hadn't. Sonic threw punches left and right but Yubala dodged every one of them. Yubala moved her staff in front of Sonic and pushed him away from her. She pointed her staff directly at him, but behind her Amy had jumped and kicked her in the head. Amy landed on her foot in a crouched position and slid her foot right across to knock her off her feet.

Sonic stared at her impressed with her footwork that he forgot that he had to grab the staff, giving Yubala a chance to get up and use her staff to shoot at Amy. Amy dodged it by jumping to the right.

"Sonic!" Amy yelled.

Sonic blinked and shook those thoughts away. He was getting distracted in a battle field. That was never good.

"They used it too much of love that it distracted them,"

"What are you doing?!" Amy yelled, running around Yubala. "Yubala's that way,"

She turned around waving her staff around but Sonic jumped down to the floor in between a fight and rolled to a stop in front of Amy on the other side. "I'm sorry, I need to concentrate,"

"What do you mean?" Amy asked, kicking away a shadow and then both running towards a door.

"I got distracted by you, and then I remember what you said." He admitted. "I could've failed us,"

Amy shook her head. Behind them, two small cats were fighting shadows away and immediately were incinerated by Yubala's staff allowing the shadows to continue on their next victim. She had lost them within the animals fighting and turned and turned around but she couldn't spot a pink and blue pair.

Scourge appeared behind Yubala, face hard and the scared on his chest flaring from the light of the torches. Thunder roared with lighting on the outside from the hailing snow storm that had arrived on the mountain.

"Find them," She said.

Before she could even finish her sentence, Scourge was off with a dark green streak he left behind.

Sonic and Amy weren't in the main hall where the fighting was happening, but down a door that lead to a narrow passage way. "We need a plan. It's too dangerous if I'm getting distracted by us." Sonic said, panting in his words.

"But we only got each other to beat her." Amy said. "Besides it was only one time,"

"Amy, we're cursed! Even if we think we're not, we are!"

"We can learn to control it!"

Sonic stopped and turned to her. "How? We're running out of time."
"Trust me! We can," Amy insisted grabbing hold of his shoulders and keeping him steady. Not only then were they in sync but he believed her. He did trust her, but to prove that he did trust her, how could he convince himself that he did?

Scourge stopped in front of both of them. Seeing them so vulnerable made him grin. Sonic twirled his head towards him and his eyes widened. Sonic sensing danger pushed Amy hard to the floor and blocked Scourge's kick that was aimed for their heads. Blocking Scourge's kick made Scourge fall back on his feet, but Amy, still on the floor, got a hold of his leg with her feet and twirled him around so that his stomach faced the floor and he fell.

Sonic helped Amy up and they backed away. "You alright?" Sonic asked.

Amy nodded. "I'm fine,"

"We need to leave!" Sonic grabbed her arm.

"And have him find us again? No, we need to face him!"

"Amy!" Sonic's voice cracked.

Amy smiled warmly at him and whispered words for only him to hear. "Trust me,"
Sonic took a long pause into her eyes. Her jade eyes shimmered with fear and how awake her eyes were when she's stare at his eyes. Sonic almost felt drawn to her face, but the thought of Yubala and Gemnissent stopped him. His thoughts were stopped and then he noticed Amy's smile widened. Sonic then knew what she had meant, by controlling it. She had made her point.

Sonic coiled their hands together. Sparks of colors and white lights began to appear where they're hands touched. Scourge opened his eyes from the hard blow on the ground to the two hedgehogs. Sonic turned around and they both looked down at him. Scourge blinked flabbergasted by the light and backed away from them. Scourge cried out and held his eyes tightly and cringed on the ground curling himself in a fetus position.

"My eyes!"

Sonic narrowed his eyes not understanding Scourge's condition and backed away, holding tighter on to Amy's hand, but that only made it worst for Scourge. He could feel his eyes melting away from the powerful light that came from them both. "Nooo~!"

Scourge's body slowly melted away into the floor until his only black jacket and shoes were the only things left. He was gone.

Sonic stood there with eyes widened and jaw open. He didn't say anything at first but then Amy tugged at his arm.

"You trust me," She stated more than questioned.

Something had happened, He didn't see the light that Scourge did and didn't know what had happened to caused it. Amy on the other side had been able to see the light and damage that was made only through their hands touch. A power she had only.

Sonic turned to her breathless and she only had that smile that she had given him to begin with. Although, he didn't catch it, something below her had been shinning before it faded away quickly, and the only thing that could've been was the golden necklace that was still attached to her neck.


The hall where the fights were had diminished. Mostly all the animals that come to helped were down. Bloody hand prints and droplets of it were plastered on the tile floors near lifeless bodies. Many of the animals were still standing barely on their feet. Hurt, yet still holding on strong. Yubala stared at the ones that still stood with a dark malicious look.

Fear ran across their faces as Yubala raised the staff in the air. The golden staff shined as lightning struck across the sky.


Yubala stopped and jerked her head to where the yell came from. Amy and Sonic were in the middle on the room in front of the throne where she'd sit. The shadows around got ready to attack, but Yubala held her hand out for them to stop.

"This is our battle. Not theirs." Amy said flustered. Sonic meanwhile looked around at the shadows back away to the top of the ceiling. Yubala's stitches stretched out into a smile and she stepped forward with her hands extended out as if she were welcoming them in for a hug.

Sonic stood side by side with Amy for the final battle was to commence.

They didn't have a plan; they didn't know what was to become of them if they lost, but then, what would become of them if they were to win. If anything they were going to die trying and they were prepared for battle.

Yubala made the first move, dashing forward, dark matter being left as streaks. Sonic's pupils shrunk and he jumped to the side to avoid getting hit. Amy followed his reaction and just barely missing Yubala's attack. Amy threw the first punch, but Yubala stopped it with her staff's powers. Amy froze in place and Yubala whipped the staff up and sent Amy flying to the wall.

It was Sonic's turn and he spin dashed aiming for the head, but Yubala blocked it with the staff. Still Sonic kept spinning and then found an opening and released his foot and was able to kick Yubala's face in which caught her off guard. Amy was coming back and when she saw the opportunity to hit, she hit back. She jumped on Yubala's back and reached out for the staff. The staff needed to be out of her reach.

Yubala growled and tried shaking her off. "Get off me you deranged nuisance!"

Amy smirked jumping off and Sonic came out of nowhere spin dashing Yubala's face and knocking her off her feet. "Pay attention you impudent fool." Amy cracked.

Sonic lunged forward to grab the staff, but Yubala rolled across the floor and Sonic plopped on the floor. Yubala stood up shooting lights of purple electricity to her. Amy ran across the floor to get away from those shots. Sonic stood and jumped up spin dashing towards her once again, but this time Yubala knew his tactic. She dodged down allowing Sonic to pass above her.

In Amy's eyes time stopped. A perfect position they were in. Yubala below Sonic and at that an opening access for her. Amy shook her head and shouted out for Sonic, but it was too late. Yubala's staff rose. The staff came in contact with Sonic's body and stopped his spin dash. There she guffawed as power built up on the tip and blasted out and covered Sonic in purple magic. Sonic cried out in pain and Amy covered her mouth then cringed in pain as if it was hurting her as well. Something clenched up in her heart and his screams began to conquer her mind. They echoed inside and throbbed.

"Sonic," Amy managed to mutter.

Yubala continued to laugh her voice straining in between from the excitement she was getting. Seeing Sonic be torn by the power of her staff gave her great pleasure. Power. That was so important to her and to destroy these kids would mean power was then her willingly grasp. It was over.

Amy, meanwhile, forced herself to stand, stand high. Even with the pain that throbbed in her head. Seeing Sonic being electrify like that was killing her whether it was literally or not. She had to stop her.

"Sonic!" She cried.

Yubala stopped. She released Sonic and he fell to the floor. Yubala didn't stop there. She stomped over to him and lifted her staff up and into his stomach.

"No!" Amy shrieked her eyes spotting blood squirt everywhere. She ran for Sonic without thinking, but Yubala faced her and pointed the staff at her and Amy stopped. Yubala grinned seeing fear drawn all over her face. She then laughed raucously.

"Ooh, you poor thing. The mess you've gotten yourself into." She said with a taunting voice. "Did you really believe you could stop me?"

Amy could feel pain slowly loosening from her chest. It was leaving? Her eyes glanced at Sonic on the floor. Sonic wasn't moving, she couldn't tell if he was breathing, but something within him was slowly dying. She could feel it. A pool of blood was surrounding him and growing bigger. Amy could feel tears prickling in the corners of her eyes. After all this time, all the moments they had, the time put into a friendship that was grown, them, it was over…


Amy winced. His voice. He was still there. He was looking at her half-hearted, but he was still there. She could see him slowly nodding his head with a smile. That smile that she's seen only so many times. A smile of hope and compassion and that triggered it.

Amy's fear faded and she lunged forward to him. Yubala's staff pointed for her ready to shoot. Amy grabbed Sonic's hand and then Yubala shot, sending dark purple air to blow at them, but it was stopped. A light flickered just a little above their hands and grew slowly into sparks of colors and rays of bright white light. It was the same light that shined before only this time everyone in the room could see it. Amy had her head down near Sonic's stomach not wanting to see anything.

"What?!" Yubala screeched. She backed away confused with the situation. Yubala tried again and send more powers out from the staff to them, but it never reached them as if the light was protecting them.

Yubala tried again but with more force still it would disappear and never reached them. "What are you doing?!" She roared.

Amy lifted her head up slightly and caught a glimpse of her black holes. Blood mixed in with her tears from Sonic's injury and she had her eyes narrowed and then her head lifted vigorously. "You aren't going to hurt anyone any longer!"

The light sparked.

Amy's hand tightens around Sonic and the white light extended outward until the whole room was filled with it. The room liked like a white wonderland, similar to Polkka Yubala fell to the floor from the impact the light source had. Yubala covered her eyes and screeched with a high pitch sound. The staff fell out of her hands and bounced near Amy and Sonic. Anger, sadness, hope, fear, compassion, excitement all blended into one emotion that controls it all. Love.

Amy got up and walked to the staff. Slowly picking it up Amy stared at it and saw her reflection on it. She closed her eyes in relief and then the staff began to glow with the same light if not brighter. Feeling its power she released the staff and it floated in mid-air on its own. Calm felt the aura it sent out and then for a second once she opened her eyes she saw Linda. Linda instead of her reflection and she was smiling at her. She bowed her head and lipped 'thank you'.

The staff sent one final blow of force that struck Yubala once it passed through her. Yubala had been getting up on her knees when it hit her and she gasped for air. She paused not doing anything for that slight moment. A ball of light escaped out of her mouth, ripping out her stitches until to get though. Yubala's body fell flat to the floor and the ball stayed there until it vanished.

Amy backed away and ran to Sonic. She grabbed his hand with one of her hands and cupped his face with the other. "Sonic, stay with me. It's all over. We can go home."

The ground suddenly began to move and the darkness mixed in with the light that had purified the room. There were sounds of roaring under them and lighting clashed with thunder. Amy looked around the area and could see shaking and torches falling off the walls. The shadows were gone and some of the animals that stayed around to watch yelled and ran out. Amy shook her head and turned back to Sonic. "We've got to go!"

Amy got up behind him and pushed his back up but Sonic groaned. Amy stopped and allowed him to lie back down. "Sonic,"

The walls on top began falling and Amy yelped when a small piece of concrete fell on her head. She covered her head and leaned in closer to him. "Sonic, please live!"

Sonic's hand moved ever so slowly up to Amy's face. He got her to look directly into his eyes. The color in them was fading but Sonic still managed to smile for her. He held his open wound with his left hand and he winced. "Go," He groaned.

Tears fell down her cheeks and Amy shook her head. Her vision was blurring and Amy closed her eyes to clear out the water. "No! I'm not leaving without you!" She brought him in for a hug. "If we die, we die together," The towers around the other side of the castle had fallen. A bit of the ceiling above them was gone too and rain flushed in through there and the broken windows. The storm was strong outside and hail was created.

Sonic gave her hand a squish and Amy broke off the hug until she hovered over him. His hand on her face again, "I…lo" Sonic gasped, "..love you Amy."

Hearing those words for the first time caught Amy by surprise but it was that rare kind of surprise. The one she was hoping to get someday. Dying after hearing those words wasn't the way she'd thought it happen but it happen in the most wonderful kind of way. Amy nodded her head and leaned for him. "I love you too."

She pressed her lips lightly on his. Sonic closed his eyes and both intensely kissed having the sparks of colors surround them. Finally Amy was able to show Sonic the love she pride to show him, the love that was somewhat there and grew into one of the most important thing to her life. Sonic was the one. Her only one.

Sonic returned the kiss with much passion. Even with his stomach in pain he felt like butterflies trying to get out. Her touch, her lips, her smell, everything about her was his and for that moment only. His lips got cold and his hand could no longer be up. All in that moment he was able to show her how much he loved her and he regretted nothing.

His hand fell off her face and on to the floor.

Amy opened her eyes and her head leaned back. "Sonic," She whispered. Sonic's eyes were closed and his mouth opened to where he left his last kiss off. His body didn't move any longer and he stayed there lifeless. Amy broke and noticing this she cried. She yelled, she screamed as the towers fell on the mountain and a light overpowered her vision the last thing being the sight of the dark sky and a small fluffy figure with a green ball appearing. Then she grew in pure darkness.

There was a voice within the pure darkness that spoke.

You did it! You saved Gemnissent. Thank you both.


Amy's eyes cracked open. It was a blur trying to get her eyes in focus but the first thing she saw was a familiar bat figure. A face she feared and Amy screamed jumping out of her position and backing away. The bat narrowed her eyes.

"What are you doing Amy?! We're going to be late to school!"

'School,' Amy wondered. Her vision focused finally and the bat figure turned out to be nothing, but Rouge. Her best friend stared at her with curious eyes.

Amy froze and looked around her. She was home. Where she had been months ago is where she was finding herself once again, only, had it been months go really? Rouge got weirded out when Amy sat there not doing anything but staring off into space.

"Amy!" She snapped. Amy awoke from the trance and "Let's go,"

"Right," Amy nodded.

Walking into school felt different. The place hasn't changed and everything still stood the same. The only thing about it was that she hadn't been there in a long time. Then what had happened? Where did she go? She was gone for months but here it seemed as if they only just saw her yesterday. Rouge walked to her locker and opened it. She took a peek at what Amy was doing. She hadn't been acting right. She had been looking around as if she was searching for someone or hiding from something. Amy meanwhile was in deep thought. She hadn't spotted Sonic anywhere and there was a side of her that didn't want to see if he was around. She was scared, scared that if the whole thing wasn't real Sonic didn't love her anymore, and the bond that grew was only but in her mind. The times at Gemnissent... had been fake. All within her imagination. Just a dream.

"What's the matter with you?" Rouge spoke getting her attention. "You're acting really weird."

Amy nervously giggled. "No, nothing's wrong. It's just I had a really weird dream."

"What about?"

"About…" About Sonic and a mystical world. Where new spend most of our months together fighting monsters and saving the land from an evil witch that looked much like you. "About eating,"

"Ah," Rouge closed her locker and faced her.

Amy's hand wavered and gave her a reassuring smile. "But I'm fine."

Rouge raised her eyebrows up then down without saying anything then turned around. Amy followed behind as they both walked to class.


They turned around to a dark hedgehog. In Amy's eyes she saw the Gemmeats from the woods but it was actually Shadow. Rouge's brother.

"Oh, what do you want?" Rouge rolled her eyes turning to face Amy. Shadow gave Amy a small smile before frowning to his sister. "Can I borrow your math notes for the test?"

"No," She turned around and began her steps away from him, but Shadow was suddenly in front of her. "Hey, c'mon! it's the last time I ask. I really need it."

Rouge stared long and hard at him and gave up tossing her backpack forward. She dug in her backpack to find her notes while Amy stared at Shadow awkwardly. Shadow noticed and looked at her. Amy smiled politely back. Shadow usually hanged around with Sonic and therefore must know something of his whereabouts. She couldn't resist.

"So, how was your hang out yesterday?" Amy asked in wonder.

Shadow laughed and raised an eyebrow. "It was fun. We ate and went to Aroma Café and yea the group enjoyed."

Amy nodded with a small 'oh,' but still she didn't get any information on Sonic and would be too suspicious of her if she'd did ask.

"Here," Rouge said handing Shadow a small journal. Shadow thanked her while Amy looked around. Her eyes surveyed the area without her knowing she was doing it. It's like her eyes wanted to see Sonic so much they searched for him on their own.

"Alright bye," Rouge said and Shadow left. Rouge turned to Amy and found her looking around again. Rouge didn't bother asking this time. She only shook her head with a smirk and grabbed her arm pulling her down the hall. "Let's go,"


Lunch time had hit and still there was no sign of Sonic. He hadn't been spoken of nor mentioned. She was too scared to bring him up herself so didn't bother asking. Still, she had a strong urge to go up to any of his friends and ask them.

Rouge and Amy walked with some friends to head to the cafeteria to grab some lunch. She didn't talk much, only walked along with them quiet and pondering. A thought conquered her mind in thinking that Sonic's death triggered some kind of event here in which Sonic never existed. Therefore nobody knew him.

The laughter of her friends woke her senses and she turned blinking. One of her friends began to explain what had been so funny between laughs and Amy nodded pretending to understand what she was saying. When all her friends laughed Amy parroted along to make sure they thought she was paying attention, but in fact she couldn't. She wasn't feeling so well.

"Argh, look at those bozos."

Amy's eyes traveled to the side where it immediately met with two emerald ones. They were dark and cold looking, eyebrows narrowed and lips firm in a straight line across a face all too familiar to her. Sonic and his friends passed by her group of friends. The boys glared at the girls and the girls did the same. Amy although upon seeing Sonic couldn't find a reason to move. She froze at his sight.

He was there in front of her, but did he know? Was he truly there? She needed a sign, a look; anything that would let her know it wasn't all in her head.

Sonic's glare stayed on his face and reality slapped her in the face. He wasn't there. Amy returned the glare that felt like a thousand daggers piercing her eyes also reminding her of how their relationship needed to be. Sonic turned away from her and his group walked away. Her friends rolled their eyes.

"Idiots ditched school and got in trouble did you hear?"

Amy's eyes got watery.

"They're so stupid!"

Amy shut her eyes tightly and stopped. Tears were prickling and it wasn't going to stop, they were going to make their way out. Amy made a sharp turn to the left into another hall and ran. She ran fast without stopping as her tears fell onto the floor.

Rouge turned and saw Amy running away. "Hey, Amy!"

The rest of the girls turned. Rouge covered her mouth concerned. "Is she okay?" One of the girls asked. She shrugged her shoulders abjectly. A random girl ran down a hallway and to the concerned girls.

"Guys! Guys!"

They all turned and saw a mongoose with wide eyes and an open jaw. "Guess what!? Guess what?!"

"What is it now," One of the girls muttered annoyed.

"Sally was seen crying in the restrooms earlier this morning and now people are claiming Sonic broke up with her."


Afterschool struck the school and everyone was heading home. Amy stayed butt flat on the floor of an empty hallway. Amy buried her face in between her knees. She'd stop crying and only stared at the floor with despair. Everything that had happened had been nothing but a fib. It'd felt so real, she'd remember the way she'd laugh and got hurt and ate and yet it hadn't been real. Her love for Sonic, although stayed real. Amy sniffed. Everything was back to normal now, and even though she didn't want it to be like that nobody would understand the sudden change. Sonic in reality didn't like her anyway. He had a girlfriend and she had no chance to try to change anything if she could.

"Stupid," She muttered to herself wiping at her nose.

Sonic appeared around the corner and was taken aback finding Amy up in the second floor building by herself on the floor. It took a while before Sonic smirked and walked up to her. Approaching her he heard small sniffles and his smirked disappear. "Amy,"

Her head rose and her eyes traveled up to his face. Her red puffed eyes searched for his beautiful green orbs. He stared at her looking somewhat confused and she wondered why he'd be concerned about her anyway. Sonic's eyes widened as he backed away looking uneasy. Amy narrowed her eyes while standing up. "What!?" She snapped. "Why are you here? I'm not in the mood okay!"

Sonic's surprised features changed. He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms now smiling. "You're such an idiot,"

Amy's angry flared on the inside, but on the outside she kept calm. She clenched her fist and didn't reply to him. She was done, dealing with him and everything she thought she had. Amy was about to walk out on him when Sonic leaned in and reached out for her neck. Amy flinched as he grabbed something. Amy stared at him quizzically then followed his gaze to a golden necklace around her neck. It shined with the green and diamond crystals and the silver part of the necklace was still attached. Sonic and Amy simultaneously looked up at each other first in shock then smiles ran through their faces. It was real. The whole thing had been real and it was now over.

Amy jumped up and wrapped her arms around Sonic's neck bringing him in for a hug. Sonic returned the strong gestures and tightly held on to her, not wanting to release her.

"We made it! Sonic we did it!"


"I thought I lost you," Amy whispered.

Sonic shook his head, his face in the nook of her shoulder and he held her tighter. "Never, you'll never lose me,"

They took the moment to hold each other tightly until Amy broke it by backed away and glaring at him. She smacked him. "Why didn't you let me know earlier that you knew?!"

Sonic laughed rubbing the spot where Amy had smacked him. "Cause when I woke up everything was the same like when I fell asleep. I thought I was dreaming and so we were, you know, back to normal."

She thought so too, so she saw where he was coming from. Amy grabbed the necklace and eyed it. Waking up with a part of Gemnissent in her possession got her thinking. It messed with her mindset of things and only thought of the worst. "What do you think happened to everyone?"

Sonic backed away and held his head perturbed. "I don't know."

Amy shook her head and stiffed. "Did we save Gemnissent?"

"Linda said we did…"

Amy stayed quiet processing that information. "You heard that voice too?"

"No, I saw her just before everything went black. She said that Gemnissent was going to be okay. That everyone that died relives and that she is the new ruler of Gemnissent. She also said that we can visit Gemnissent when we and I quote this, 'fall into darkness,'." Sonic used his hands as quotation marks.

Amy smirked and shook her head. "So everyone's okay?"

"So she says." Sonic said. He wrapped his arms around Amy breaking her pondering bubble. Amy's eyes widened from his sudden actions. He rested his forehead on hers and looked her deep within the eyes. "But now that this is all over…" He blushed lightly and nervously chuckled. "I was wondering if we could start anew here."

Amy surveyed the area in search of anyone that would see them. "Sonic, someone will see us,"

"So let them,"

Amy turned to him her heart pounding. Although she knew it wasn't the right thing. "Sonic…"She began her voice cracking. "You have a girlfriend."

Sonic chuckled again coiled his fingers along hers. "No, I'm not with her anymore."

"Sonic?! What happened─?"

"I fell in love with you that's what happened." Sonic interjected firmly holding tightly her hands. Sonic leaned in to her face and met her lips briefly. "I've been in love with you and I know you have too."

Amy cupped his face and smiled warmly at him. "I know. I just couldn't love you before, but now I can."

"Then…"Sonic said with a grin and just as he was about to lean in to kiss her a loud gasp was heard down the hall. They stop mid-way and turned finding most of his friends there along with hers. Rouge and Shadow stood there jaw open and eyes almost bulging out. Sonic didn't move though. He kept Amy firmly close to him and smirked. "He guys,"

"Sonic?" Shadow questioned. "What are you doing with her?"

"Amy?" Sonic asked innocently, but then wrapped his arm around Amy proudly and Amy blushed with a smile. "She's my girlfriend."


Amy couldn't argue with all that happened in Gemnissent but that it made them stronger, braver and wiser. They had gone through thick and thin to be where they stood at the very moment and that only proved that people who hate each other so much can be healed by the power of love. Amy closed her eyes allowing the feeling of love take in, and it wasn't just love, but every other emotion with it.


How'd you like it? An original I've done and it took a whole high school year to finish and with college coming on the way I won't be as active as I use to be, but I'll try to keep updating my stories and if anything more may come on the way. Anyway, stay safe everyone and until weeks pass. Good Bye