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Kekkei Genkai, Bloodlines, Blood limits…so many names for the exact same thing, a trait, inherited through lineages from generation, to generation, eternally bonded to the blood of the next generation, forever a part of them. Kekkei Genkai vary from family to family, clan to clan, sometimes even branches of the same family will have different Kekkei Genkai.

Kekkei Genkai are as diverse as the people who hold them…some have known to be capable of manipulating and creating ice when the air is hot enough to melt it, others have been able to sprout immense forests where water has not touched the soil in generations, and others have shown inhuman abilities to turn their very body into a savage weapon of carnage.

But there are bloodlines, Kekkei Genkai, who hold power within the eyes…Dojutsu.

Considered to be the most powerful bloodline variation, seconded only to a rare few, Dojutsu are incredibly powerful…and incredibly rare in number. Of all the dojutsu however, there are four who are the most noteworthy of them all.

Rinnegan, Sharingan, Byakugan, and Seishougan…the four great Dojutsu, each one holding a power that separates them from all the others.

Rinnegan, the fabled eye said to have been wielded by the father of all ninjutsu, and Kami no Shinobi, the Rikoudo Sennin himself, its powers, as mystical and hidden as the legends of the Rikoudo Sennin himself. Its powers are over the six paths of Deva, Asura, Human, Animal, Preta, and Naraka, command over the five primary forms of nature manipulation, and other mysterious techniques that even the sacred scrolls of the Rikoudo Sennin himself make no mention of.

Sharingan, said to have been descended of the Rinnegan lineage, able to see the flow of chakra itself, perception far exceeding even the most observant of Shinobi, an advanced level of photographic sight, allowing them to copy Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, and Genjutsu so long as a Kekkei Genkai is not required to learn it, and finally a level of hypnotic suggestion

Byakugan, a mysterious, yet coveted blood limit which has sparked wars for control of this Dojutsu. Able to see nearly 360' of vision, telescopic sight, capable of seeing through solid objects, and see the flow of chakra itself, and those born with this bloodline seem to have a naturally superior level of chakra control than others.

Seishougan, a bloodline whose origins are as unknown as the Rinnegan itself, and its powers just as mystical, as it is capable of manipulating raw chakra in such a way that it may as well be ones own limb, even manipulate its very form, it even allows one to manipulate the chakra of those not their own, as well as break down the chakra makeup of anything its eyes see, jutsu, seals, even other living entities.

All four of them are powerful, legendary, mystical beyond belief…but their origins, the source of these four icons of power within the Shinobi world are still a mystery. Some theories are based on research, others on belief, others are fabricated truths based on another's arrogance. Some have said they are gifts from the gods, others say they are natural mutations, others have said they were the results of ancient experiments gone horribly wrong, and others say they are the results of some sort of biological advancement within the human race.

They could not possibly be more wrong…

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