Death's Beginnings

Hi there, my names Kyle, this is my first story I'm posting currently at 04.45 in the morning so a little red and bleary eyed. So this is my story I'm hoping you like I have read allot of the HP/Supernatural crossovers and this and a few other ideas came to me which I believe are kind of original but review and let me know what you think this is the first chapter and a kind of introduction but plenty more to come.

Chapter One

A little blonde haired boy of about five in appearance, stood in a field of gold with his blue eyes shut and covered by his hands counting out loud for his friend who was currently running through the thick growth of wheat which had recently been grown for their amusement, reaching the agreed upon number, one hundred, the child opened his eyes and removed his hands from his face showing a little cherub face with a mischievous little grin on it.

"I'm coming to find you!" he shouted out to the sky trying to get the sound over the wheat that towered over him. As he took a step forward the wheat around him suddenly began to bend creating a clear path for him to continue walking as he seeks the other participant of this game, he laughed as he went on, making scary noises and jumping randomly into bushes trying to find him.

After twenty minutes of this the little boy had enough and was slowly beginning to tire and his annoyance showing on his little face, suddenly a mischievous smile worked its way onto his face. Suddenly lifting up his right foot he slammed it down on the ground, it started off slowly but starting from underneath his foot spreading outward the wheat field slowly started to change just into a plain grassy field allowing the boy to see the child he had been seeking standing 30 yards away a dark haired child stood with a frown on his face.

"That's cheating and you know it is, I thought we agreed no powers?" the dark haired boy shouted over to the other child, as the grass underneath his feet slowly started to lose its lush green colour until eventually the grass was browning .

"I know but I was getting bored!" came the weak response from the little lad as he started walking towards the other boy, as he got closer he could see the look he was being given and cringed a little bit as those pure green eyes that the boy had were bearing down on him, he lowered his head and murmured an apology to which the boy just gave a little huff and sigh.

"Well what do you want to do now then, as you have ruined that game?" the boy said to the blond rather bluntly, the blonde boy just smiled and shook it off as he was used to this type of treatment from the other, suddenly his smile widened as he bent down and dug his hand into the ground digging his fingers into the dirt and taking a handful of the soil and grass.

"I wanted to show you this, I just made it the other day!" slowly holding out his empty hand he placed the hand full of soil above it before starting to slowly let it sprinkle out of his hand only for it to stop floating half way between his outstretched hand underneath.

The dark haired boy raised an eyebrow used to the antiques of the other.

The soil and grass had now been released from his hand with it pooling in a ball between both of his hands as he started to breathe deeply and slowly cup his hands together, his face had taken one of deep concentration and there were little beads of sweat forming on his brow, when his hands had about six inches between them there was suddenly a blinding flash of white light coming from the centre of his hands before it gradually started to decrease, the blonde boy now smiling after the exertion slowly uncapped his hands and now there floating in midair was a small brown little figure wearing a little green dress made from the grass and had little transparent wings.

"So what do you think?" the blonde boy asked of the other, as the little figure started to slowly circle his head.

"What is its purpose, why did you create it?" the dark haired boy said as he gave a yawn and watched as the little new being flew around his friends head.

"It has no purpose just to live and breathe as we do, don't you think it's pretty though look at its little wings" he said with a little defiant face and as his eyes squinted up to the top of his head trying to see the little being that was currently playing with his hair.

"It's okay I suppose" the dark haired boy said with a shrug "I just don't know why you make these little beings with no purpose."

"For fun of course, think of all the things I could make!" the blonde haired boy cried with a little laugh and his eyes which shone with happiness.

Suddenly the little new being flew over to the dark haired boy, before either could stop it, standing on his shoulder and went to play with his ear as soon as contact was made the little figures wings started slow down in pace and there was a sharp little intake of breath before it slowly fell to the ground dead.

The blonde boy looked on as his new little being died as it fell off the shoulder of the other boy and down to the ground, he looked at his friend with a sad little smile on his face and stooped down to pick the body up and placed it in the palm of his hands and abruptly clapped his hands together, soil and grass tumbled to the ground.

"Don't worry it was only grass and mud, you don't have proper control yet but eventually you will I can tell and then you won't be worried over contact with anything" he said with a small smile before pushing his friend and disappearing from the spot he was standing.

The dark haired boy slowly cracked a smile at his friends comment, he knew that he would one day be able to control his powers and couldn't wait for that day to come.

He slowly took a step forward and disappeared after his friend, leaving only the grass that was previously green to turn black as the life was drained from it.

So guys let me know what you all think of this first chapter and if you have any questions fire away by private mailing me well nighty night because I am extremely shattered.

Kyle - ZZ