Deaths Beginning

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Chapter Four

Death had done it after all his planning he had managed to construct them. They appeared so simple that it astounded him how much power they actually contained. He had not yet created their owners but he had plenty of time right now he was fine with keeping them safe within his home.

He had heard the rumours through the great vine about what his little Nephew was planning. The immature, insolent little whelp, throwing a temper tantrum over his Father new creations, he truly believed he knew better than his own maker and had started to conspire against him with other angels that were not happy with their Father. He knew he could simply blast them from creation but his friend would never forgive him and he wanted to watch and see how far along his friend would allow this to go before he took action, if he didn't then he certainly had steps in mind to stop the little bastard.

With that thought his gaze once again shifted to the box which contained his finest work.

Flicking a hand at the box the lid snapped shut and it disappeared.

He had other things to think about other than the misdemeanours of his friend's pathetic creations.

There was another he had recently felt it and knew that God would have felt it already also and it had him captivated. He knew where the being was it appeared to be on Earth living in a remote cavern. He had felt how it lately seemed to be surging with power so much like his friend's yet not nearly as powerful but the very idea of their being another so much like their self was truly amazing.

It was today he had decided to visit this new being as he was curious as to what it was up to and to introduce himself to it so that it knew who he was and what his rules were.

With that in mind he stood up, snapped his fingers to extinguish the fire that was generating heat and illuminating the room, before disappearing.

God sat on his throne in the Kingdom of Heaven that he had created, deep in thought.

He had heard the rumours and whispers that were being spread among his children. The tales of Lucifer's, supposed, revolt and that he was currently trying to persuade other angels to his cause.

He refused to believe it; he knew his son would not act like this. From the start he knew Lucifer would be the one to have initial issues with the Humans, but he knew it was not to the extent of hatred as to actually betray his Father and to actively plan against him and the Humans.

Death had told him he was being blinded by love but he knew that Lucifer his little Morning Star just did not have it in him to do such a thing. He knew he was jealous and he could understand Lucifer was the son that he got on with the most and with the newly created Humans he had indeed spent allot of time working on creating them as they are and would always be his finest work of art.

For a fleeting moment he feared as he considered what actions he would need to take against his son if these tales were found to be true, but with a shake of his head he cleared those throughts from his head and focused on the large sphere in front of him representing Earth and the tiny lights that shone with each human soul when he noticed something that caused his eyebrow to rise in surprise it appeared as though Death had chosen to visit Earth and, by the way the black light was moving, quickly too.

With a sigh he gave up wondering what could be the cause of his friends visit and once again started thinking about his second oldest son.

Missing the Red light that flashed into existence for the briefest of moments on the globe.

Death appeared with a scowl on his face looking down at the swampy ground where his feet were now slowly start to sink into the thick black soil that seemed to cover the area around him. How he hated the Earth sometimes, lifting a foot trying to carefully take a step forward to get to where he originally intended.

After a few more challenging steps he could see it now. There a few feet away covered in thick moss and other types of fungi was the opening to the cavern in which the being that had piqued his curiosity resided. He shuddered to think that any being least of all one so much like himself could possibly live in this horrible, dark and dingy place that did not appear to be even fit for the humans who roamed around this time, and they were practically savage.

With that in mind he took the necessary steps and slowly peeled back the hanging moss like curtain and entered the cavern.

As soon as he took his first step in he could smell the humidity in the air and could hear the dripping of water from the cavern roof falling onto the rocky floor creating little puddles. After a minute allowing his eyes to adjust to the lack of light he continued forward being mindful of the steps he took, going deeper and deeper into the vast cavern that appeared to go on forever drawing nearer with each step to the source of the power he could feel.

Suddenly not too far ahead of himself he could see light flickering like the flame on a candle and could feel the warmth that seemed to be coming from the area.

With this in sight Death started to pick up his pace eager to finally meet this being and also to get out of the dank and gloom that surrounded him.

Upon entering the lit area he noticed the vast difference this area had compared to what he had seen so far in the cave. This area was dry with a high rocky sealing and a soft layer of dry sandy-mud covered the floor of the place and in the middle of this pocket of the cavern there was a fire burning away generating heat and illuminating the area. Allowing Death to see that the far wall of the cavern seemed to have a human tied to it with the being he had been looking for standing before it.

From behind he could see that the being appeared female her hair a rich shade of mahogany though when the fire flickered there were traces also of red. It flowed in waves down to frame her slender shoulders, she appeared to be wearing a simple sleeveless white dress that stopped just above the bottom of her knees and was bear footed. It wasn't until she turned to face Death that he saw those ruby eyes the same colour as freshly spilt blood edged by long dark eyelashes. Her skin a pearly-white colour appeared to give off a faint glow which put together with her smirk that showed a very sharp pair of incisors made her look completely other worldly, even for being one such as his friend and himself.

The being/creature apparently done giving him the up and down turned back around to the human in front of her, abruptly she raised her arm and her fist shot right into the human's stomach right through until her fingers had slowly started to enter into the Humans soul.

It was then that the human began to glow and the amount of power that appeared to be being generated caused Death to take a step back though he could not close his eyes as he watched as this powerful being in front of him slowly started to seep her power through her fingers directly into the Humans soul turning it from the white blinding light slowly fading it to a grey coloured supernova that seemed to be churning as this new power filled it. With a gasp of pain the being in front of him was hastily flung back and he could only watch in wonder as the Human in front of him started to change before his eyes.

From the Soul outwards to its physical appearance it started to change, from its hunched over form it's spine started to straighten out, its mouth opened in a soundless scream and he could see that the human teeth were falling out and were quickly being replaced with razor sharp teeth. The Humans finger nails slowly began to sharpen and darken. Before it all seemed to be all too much and it fell limp against its restraints which appeared to have taken a serious struggle holding this new creature in place.

By now the being was back on her feet staring at her creation in front of her with wonder.

Death by this point had had enough of the awkward silence "What did you just do!" he demanded looking at her in part wonder and also fury. She had just taken one of his friend's creations and had seriously mutilated it turning it into something far from Human and into her own creation.

"As I have always done, creating my children just like the other who created his and put them in my home!" came the response from the female being in a melodious voice, which given her appearance did not seem strange at all.

"What is your name, does a beast like yourself even have one?" Death questioned, he could feel his anger rising at this being in front of him for no other reason than general dislike. He had imagined that he would find another like himself and his friend but this beast while sharing certain qualities with them was nowhere close.

"My children call me mother, but you can call me Eve."

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