The 9 of now

The Prequel

"Claire this is getting nowhere" Derrick complained, his college next to him never seemed to lose hope on the project no matter how many groups fail their tests.

"They're out there, you now it as much as I do," she watched the security camera footage on the laptop in front of her, of nine teenagers boarding the silver bus to take them back to wherever they came from, "every time a group of kids leave I feel as if we're one more group closer to the nine who will stay till the time is right."

"You're right, but we've been doing this for 5 years now, searching the UK for nine teenagers with the souls of the stitchpunk saviours is taking forever and I think our founds aren't gunna last much longer." Derrick sighed as he took off his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"What do you mean? Charles said he stick with us until the prophecy predicted by 6 himself was completed." Claire was confused, if their founding stopped who knows what would happen maybe history would repeat its self, if the nine weren't trained in time, leading to the very death of mankind. Claire shuddered at that idea, then a knock came at the door bringing her out of her panicked train of thought.

"I think were about to find out… Come in." the door opened, and in came a tall man in a very stiff, straight, black suit. He had a cruel unforgiving, judging face which was permanently lined with wrinkles and frown lines.

"Hello Claire, Derrick." His voice, like his face, showed no emotion what so ever except resentment for, as anyone could tell, everything.

"Hello John, please join us." Derrick gestured to a chair at the desk to his right though he had no intention of keeping his guest for long.

"No thank you, I'm just here to give you a message from Mr Radford."

"Go on…" Clair was now very suspicious of this message.

"Mr Radford would like me to inform you that due to your continuous failures, you now have one group left to examine so choose wisely. Good bye." And with that he left.

"What now?" Derrick, now having his point proven, asked.

"There is only one thing we can do," Clair turned to her college and close friend, "we have to go through every file we haven't seen, you look for the obvious things and I'll look for the details."

"Yes ma'am!" He saluted her and rolled his chair over to his laptop on the desk. He had been waiting 5 years for such seriousness and determination to appear on Claire's face, and he'd got it.