Blazing Eyed Sword Masters

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Minato Namekaze stood before the swordsman known as Onime no Kyo, with trusting eyes as the man held his newborn daughter. The sound of the battle waging outside the village against the Kyuubi that attacked their village was fierce but in this one moment of peace neither man paid any heed.

"I'm trusting you to train her well, Kyo," Minato said as he looked down at his daughters' twin. "Kushina would have our heads if anything happened to the two of them,"

"I will do all I can for Shanna," kyo replied looking at the man he regarded as his best friend. "And Naruto?"

"Naruto must remain here, I don't know what Sarutobi plans after the sealing, but it would be best if I left responsibility of Naruto with him, he will take care of my son in mine and Kushina's stead."

Kyo nodded his crimson eyes blazing as he looked down at the baby girl in his arms. "Until we meet again in death, my friend." Kyo said before he disappeared in a blur of red. Minato hesitated for a second before disappearing in a yellow flash, his son in his arms as he began the jutsu that would kill himself to save the village by sealing a demon in his son. 'I hope that you can forgive me for what I'm going to do my son'

13 years later:

The man known to the world as Onime no Kyo, nodded as he watched his goddaughter train with her katana. She couldn't fully utilize the Mumyou Jinpuu Ryu until she could handle using the Mizuchi to Kyo's acceptance but he was sure that she would never take possession of either Shibien or Tenro. No she preferred the Nietono no Shanna, a sword formerly wielded by a living doll of his former clan of the Mibu.

"Good Shanna," Kyo said getting the girl to stop and sheathe her sword panting slightly from going through all the forms of the style Kyo had taught her from the basics all the way to the Mizuchi. "I think that you are ready to travel to Konoha." Shanna smirked.

"Of course I am, Dad," Shanna replied, Kyo had raised and trained her in all things that she knew and she would love the man even if he was feared by all for slaying one thousand men in battle. The Mumyou Jinpuu Ryu style that they used was made by the Mibu clan and was almost unmatched in battle. "It's time that Naruto and I met."


The village was dark, it was the most feared time for Naruto, the night. For as long as he could remember he would be attacked almost on a nightly basis up until he enrolled in the academy. However the villagers while not willing to attack an academy student openly were not opposed to attacking him anytime they saw him alone.

At thirteen years old Naruto was short for most boys his age, he had long since burned the offensive orange jumpsuit he had worn the first couple of years he was in the academy. Wearing all black he slipped through alleyways and over rooftops avoiding most shinobi besides anbu patrols since most of the anbu in service had protected him from villagers at one point or another. In truth Naruto was more isolated than the Hokage Sarutobi wanted him to be but there was nothing the old man could do about it. Naruto isolated himself these days.

Naruto knew his actions were worrying the Hokage but he couldn't really say he cared too much. In fact for as long as a year no one had heard him utter a word, save for Iruka, Teuchi and Ayame. No one else had heard him speak after a particularly nasty attack that had involved shinobi that were now either imprisoned or dead. The attack had been quiet they had waited until Naruto was asleep and got him before he could raise any kind of alarm. For nearly an entire day Naruto was beaten and tortured.

Sarutobi had listened to every confession from each of the sessions at Torture and Investigations and the last thing they all said they heard from the boy was. "It's a wonder I stay sane here after bastards like you." After that moment they all said that they could get the boy to make no more sounds not even a grunt of pain. Since that day Sarutobi had tried and failed multiple times to get Naruto to speak even just a word to him but the boy would do nothing more than glare.

Naruto on his part trusted only Iruka, Teuchi and Ayame, enough to talk to them, everyone else he simply gave a cold shoulder that made the brooding Uchiha look like he was serenading to his fan girls every night. He didn't like seeing the hurt look in Sarutobi's eyes however he couldn't bring himself to speak to a man that had lied to him for 12 years. He had asked on numerous occasions whether or not Sarutobi knew who his family was, and to find out that the man he trusted more than any other had lied to him not once but multiple times burned on a level that Naruto was sure would take many more years to heal.

"Dad are you sure Nii-sama is close by?" a female voice cut through the night as Naruto paused in his training to cut his eyes across the training ground where the voice came from in the surrounding forest. He felt their chakra levels and tensed instantly feeling a chakra level that was on par with his own insane levels. As well as a level that was on par with most of the Elite Jounin in the village.

"Yes I do, his chakra feels similar to your own, Shanna," a dark male voice answered. "In fact he's waiting for us."

Naruto growled low in his throat, then settled into a relaxed stance waiting for them. He wasn't Shikamaru by any means however like Shikamaru nothing was ever in black and white. Things that can be measured on paper are rarely exactly what they appear to be when it comes to mankind and a good example of this was Naruto's marks in the Ninja Academy. On paper he may be the worst in his class but Naruto knew more than he let on. Case in point, the anbu were still trying to figure out who had painted the Hokage monument in broad daylight and was never spotted.

Naruto watched as they came through the tree line, both gave off an aura that to most people would seem as though they would be dead if they challenged them in any way. Naruto felt it but shook it off like it was nothing, he was glared at and threatened every day of his life, two more people wouldn't change that nor would it make it seem like things were going to get any easier.

The girl was around his age he surmised, she had crimson hair that fell down her back in waves. She wore standard samurai gear, in all black accentuated by a white haori that had a swirl design on one sleeve pierced by a lightning bolt that and a kunai. At her left hip was a katana.

The man captured his attention almost immediately and he was unable to look away from the piercing red eyes, knowing instantly who this man was. His brief glance a year ago, through the Hokage's files on him had this man listed as a friend of his father.

"Onime no…Kyo," Naruto intoned in an icy whisper as his eyes narrowed and he snapped into a taijutsu stance. He knew how strong the man before him was, but he didn't care. He figured the villagers were finally tired of having him in Konoha and was getting rid of him via a man such as this. "Slayer of a thousand men,"

Kyo frowned when Naruto snapped into a fighting stance, and stopped his approach while raising his arms, The girl however kept going. "We're not here to fight Naruto," Kyo said. "I was a friend of your father,"

"You were a friend of the bastard who put a Demon into his SON!" Naruto snapped. "I would say that we have nothing to talk about."

"Naruto-Nii wait!" the girl, said her eyes pleading as she finally drew his gaze. The name or rather the honorific she used. "Please wait."

"You?" Naruto questioned looking at the girl he now knew as the sister that was listed as deceased in the Hokage's records. Just how much was that man hiding from him about his family? "You're my twin sister? And you know about our family? Our parents? Oh this is rich!" Naruto laughed darkly. "Do you have any idea?" Naruto asked not really expecting an answer. "Do either of you have any IDEA of the shit I went through in the past 13 years?" Naruto asked looking from one to the other and seeing the answer before either could answer.

"Tell me Naruto," Kyo said looking at the angry blonde before him. "I don't know how your life has been, I haven't been in fire country since your father had me take your sister from here."

"THIS PLACE HAS BEEN HELL!" Naruto roared years of pain isolation and anger coming out with an explosive burst of chakra that was felt all over the village. Almost before the echoes from Naruto exclamation had faded ANBU were arriving.

"What's going on here?" one with a cat mask asked as she strode into the middle of the group. "We felt a huge pulse of chakra from here."

Kyo nodded. "That you did, that would be the heir of the Uzumaki clan." The ANBU turned to Naruto but paused when Kyo added. "Touch him and every single one here will die,"

"Excuse me," the Anbu whirled to face Kyo tensing and her hand flying to the hilt of the sword strapped to her back. "Sir it's not in your best interest to threaten us."

"Oh it was no threat, but a promise, Neko." Kyo replied as he slowly drew Tenro. "From what I see before me is a disregard for the last wish of Yondaime. Something that I'm very enraged that I followed his orders and left his son here to be looked after by Sandaime."

Naruto was stunned but said nothing, the tension in the air was palpable and from what he could feel with the exception of him and his apparent twin sister everyone present was giving off enough killing intent to make most genin faint if not kill themselves outright.

"ANBU STAND DOWN," the order preceded the third as he arrived via a shushin jutsu at his side was a grey haired ninja who instantly felt the tip of steel at his throat.

"Hatake Kakashi," Kyo said darkly his eyes glowing in the dim light, "Give me one good reason I shouldn't run Tenro's length through your throat for your negligence of your sensei's last wish." It wasn't a question it was an order, one that sent chills down Kakashi's spine, he had always wondered what it was like to stare into the eyes of a man such as kyo and now that he had an idea he swore that if he managed to appease the angry swordsman he would never find himself at the end of his sword again.

"Kyo, let him go before you give the man a heart attack." Everyone present turned to face Naruto as completely amazed at hearing his voice after over a year in total silence around any of them. "He was one of the ANBU who guarded me and for that he has my thanks. But only just barely."

Kyo nodded before moving to stand by Naruto's side. "I can see from his reactions to me and the ninja assembled here that Naruto's life has been far from what it should have been Sarutobi." The crimson eyed swordsman said, "I can't say I'm too happy with the village." Several of the assembled ninja gulped at Kyo's words. Here was a man who had killed over a thousand men in battle and the mere thought of facing this man sent chills down even the strongest of them.

"Everyone besides Kakashi and Neko are dismissed, the rest of you it would be better if we moved this into my office." Everyone left the training ground either heading back to their previous duties or heading for the Hokage's office.

"Sarutobi," Kyo said almost as soon as the door was closed and the privacy seals around the room were activated. "Explain to me why Naruto knows next to nothing of his heritage."

Sarutobi turned to face the rest of those gathered in the room. "Things were in chaos in the village, Naruto's parentage wasn't announced to the village in order to keep Iwa and Kumo at bay." Kyo nodded, accepting that answer, however his next question made Everyone pause at the staggering amount of killing intent in the room. "And his treatment in the village or the knowledge of his twin sister?"

Shanna's eyes turned crimson her bloodlust rolling from her in waves so strong that even Kyo was staggered by it. Her hand slowly reached for her sword only to be stopped by the one person who should have every reason to let her begin a killing spree. Naruto's stood directly in front of her, his hand covering hers on the hilt of her sword. "Don't bother, the village has no honor for denying me my heritage, however don't give up your own for killing those who wronged me in cold blood."

For the second time Sarutobi was in shock, Naruto's voice was cold emotionless, and held nothing of the carefree boy he had come to know and love. No before him was a shinobi in the making. One he could see was far beyond the academy. Sarutobi however was also disappointed in himself. He had had every opportunity to tell the boy of his heritage, that he had a family member outside the village. He could have told Naruto why the villagers hated him and why they treated him like he was the walking version of a plague; but he hadn't and the results of that choice stood before him. He had killed his emotions to become save himself the pain of being hurt. To spare himself from trusting someone else and having them destroy him. That more than anything scared the living hell out of the ageing Hokage.

"They wrong you," Shanna said, looking into his eyes, "They treated you like dirt, they treating you like trash, like you were beneath them. You should have been treated like a prince, like the hero you are. You alone protect them every single day from a monster that would not hesitate to destroy them."

"Those important to me know that," Naruto replied, "They know and do not care. Knowledge of my father, knowledge of my mother that was all information that I wished I had known when I was younger, however now I see it as futile to know. I don't care if my mother was an ANBU so feared that the mere mention of her name sent chills down her enemies' spines. I don't even care that our father sealed a demon inside me. All I care about is passing the exam and earning my headband."

The tension in the air slowly dissipated as Shanna calmed down and she pulled her twin close and held him tightly. "I'm sorry for all that's happened to you," she said in a whisper. "I just wish I could have been here to help you through it all."

Kyo smiled at the two children then turned to face the Hokage. "Sarutobi I'm moving into the mansion, and enrolling Shanna into the academy to take the genin exam." His tone left spoke volumes and Sarutobi knew that he wasn't getting any say in the matter. "I also want either myself or Hatake as their sensei, if not both of us, with a four man squad." At those words the Hokage sputtered. Kyo was asking for the impossible, there was no way that the counsel would allow him to do that. They would search and search until they found some way to break the team up and set him up on a team that was most likely to fail the true genin exam or one that would pass and set things up to assassinate the boy.

Then again with Kyo or Kakashi as sensei's most would be less likely to attack. "Well I will decide the final team formations depending on the results from the rest of the class but I can say with certainty that Naruto and Shanna will be on the same team." Kyo nodded accepting that answer for the time being. Before turning and walking out the door Shanna and Naruto right behind him. Neko hesitated for a moment but at a nod from Sarutobi was out the door and following the trio.

"Kakashi," the man stood at attention immediately. The sound of his name made the man snap to attention. "I'm teaming you with Kyo for this team, you know how he operates and it's the best possible situation for keeping assassination attempts away from Naruto and to keep Kyo from racking up a body count." Kakashi nodded before being dismissed and heading home, the night's events weighing heavy on his soul. 'However things couldn't get much worse could they?' Kakashi asked himself as he entered his apartment.

The sun was just rising over the village but Naruto Shanna and Kyo were all in the private training grounds of his families' mansion. Naruto panting slightly and Shanna looking like she was going to fall over at any second. Kyo on the other hand looked fine, in fact he looked absolutely relaxed. It had been three days since his sister and her godfather had returned to Konoha and Naruto had been put through the ringer. His stamina had been tested and his skills hidden as they were to most were bared before Kyo's crimson gaze.

Stealth and Infiltration had become a specialty of Naruto over the last couple of years. So much so that Naruto had become extremely proficient at sneaking around ANBU and raiding the Hokage's secret scrolls. Its why Naruto was especially tired today, a couple of weeks prior he had found a scroll written by the fourth that had a jutsu that was going to get him a sure pass for the basic academy three. The clone jutsu, because of his vast amount of chakra, was almost impossible for Naruto to pull off without creating a bare minimum of no less than a hundred intangible copies.

He had tried several increasingly extensive chakra control drills such as the tree climbing exercise, water walking, and even kunai balancing. All of which helped his control but the amount required for a regular clone might as well had been nothing on chakra usage for him.

However with the technique he had found and mastered earlier this year had given him an edge that he would enjoy immensely. The Shadow clone technique like its predecessor creates a clone of the user, however instead of just an image it creates a solid clone. It takes much more chakra to make just one clone however, Naruto took to it like he had been born for it. It was only later that he found out that the technique was a Kinjutsu and why it was marked as such. The user created a copy of themselves that can think and act independently of the original. Essentially the user was splitting their chakra in order to create a copy of themselves that can act on its own. On top of that they made great tools for information gathering as whenever the clone was dispelled the user gained the experiences of the clone.

All in all Naruto planned on making whatever number of clones as kage bushin. Sure in a way it was cheating but on the other hand he's also performing a superior technique. He would pass the genin exam and from there would continue to grow stronger.

"Shanna you should stop for now," Naruto said without taking his eyes from kyo who had been drilling them in teamwork for the last couple of days. "Take the chance to catch your breath, I can hold him for a bit."

"Shut up shut up shut up!" Shanna snapped at her twin, "There's no way I'm gonna let you take him on by yourself. Even if I am tired."

Naruto charged his chakra, "Hang back and take your shot when you see it," Naruto order back. "Kage Bushin." Naruto said softly as all around the training ground close to fifty clones appeared in puffs of smoke.

Kyo smirked, "Hmmm kage Bushin huh, someone's been sneaking through the Hokage's private vault have we." Naruto for his part didn't so much as flinch. "Your mother was a master with this jutsu, she used it in ways that should be deemed illegal even to shinobi, however let's see how you do."

Kyo struck out as a clone attacked from behind, his blade bisecting it at from shoulder to groin as it attacked. "One down." The whole group threw shuriken and kunai at the red eyed swordsman only to have half deflected and the other half dodged as kyo moved so fast it seemed as though he was never there.

Suddenly Naruto felt the point of a sword at his throat and found himself looking into the crimson pools of Kyo before smirking. "Boom," he said and kyo grimaced before taking crossing his arms over his face as the clone exploded. Instantly he felt the tip of a blade at his throat a sharp jab at the middle of his back. Naruto stood in front of him with a kunai at his neck a small smirk on his face while behind him Shanna stood with her katana poised ready to run him through.

"Very good, you've gotten better in the past couple of days." Kyo said as the twins removed their weapons and holstered them. "Bushin daibakuha?" kyo asked Naruto who nodded. "There were several useful jutsu in that scroll besides kage Bushin. I've only mastered these two however."

"These techniques are jounin level Kinjutsu," Kyo said, "Mastering them should have been impossible, at least for a regular academy student. Well I expect you to teach your sister, as well," Naruto arched an eyebrow but didn't say anything. Shanna in her own right could match him if she had her sword. He shuddered to think of what it would be like to fight her while she was using shadow clones.

"Alright you two go get ready for the academy," Kyo instructed the two. Naruto noticed that it was earlier than usual for him to be dismissing them. "You two have your exam today and I don't want you two too wiped out from training with me. Naruto after you get back you have to decide whether you want to learn my sword style or not." Without another word Kyo disappeared.

Shanna and Naruto arrived at the academy a few minutes early and took the time to find seats together. Both talking about their training regimen with Kyo, Shanna was trying to convince her twin to take up Kenjutsu.

"Seriously Naruto the Mumyou Jinpuu Ryu would be a powerful asset to you in the future, even if you never master the style it will serve as a powerful tool if you learn even the basics of it." Naruto nodded but was still unsure about whether or not he would take Kyo up on his offer to teach him the style his sister had trained in since she was a young girl barely able to hold a sword.

"I'm not sure Shanna, but like I said I'll give it thought," Naruto replied and almost immediately afterward was aware of the entire class looking at him like he had grown an extra head and it had started singing little kid songs.

Shanna could tell that they were curious about her, but she would reveal nothing at least that was until the class pretty boy walked up to the two. "Hey dobe who's this? Another reject who thinks she's cut out to be a ninja." Naruto's eyes flashed in anger. "What the hell do you want Uchiha-teme?"

"I just want to know how you intend on passing when you can barely perform the academy three, let alone anything else. You have no practical skills and even less in book knowledge. It's a wonder you haven't been dropped from the program already."

"So your Sasuke Uchiha, the last of the Uchiha clan?" Shanna drew Sasuke's attention as he perked up a bit. "I see you know who I am," Shanna nodded but then her eyes turned hard. "Do you honestly think that it's a good idea to insult students of Onime no Kyo?" Shanna's voice belied her words which while sickly sweet were also full of malice and loathing for the raven haired arrogant boy in front of her.

The class all turned to stare at the two, while Sasuke slowly backed away. Shanna looked at Naruto who nodded and stood up. "You know Sasugay your too damn cocky for your own good." Naruto disappeared from his sight and as Sasuke cast his gaze around he found nothing. "Behind you," the Uchiha whirled around to find Naruto standing directly behind him. "A ninja's true strength lies in deception," Sasuke felt the point of a blade at his neck and glanced back to see Shanna holding the weapon.

"Misdirection is a Ninja's friend," she said, together she and Naruto blurred from sight and reappeared standing at the front of the class back to back on top of the instructors' desk. "Looking underneath the underneath is the only way to ensure true survival as a Shinobi."

At that point a puff of smoke went off right behind the duo and as Iruka shushined into the room the two sped back to their seats. As he passed by Sasuke Naruto couldn't help but make one last barb. "Your sightless in your brothers eyes." Sasuke whirled on Naruto only to have Iruka snap at him to get to his seat and Sasuke vowed silently to make the blonde haired Uzumaki pay.

Iruka explained the nature of the exam and started passing the test papers to the class. Naruto glanced down and could tell just from reading the first couple of questions that the test was going to be easier than he thought. There was no hesitation in him as he answered the questions to the best of his hidden ability.

Naruto was one of the first done with his exam Shanna finishing right behind him. He could give a rough estimate as to who would pass and who would fail. Everyone in their class that was from a prominent clan was definitely going to pass, which put several people in his class among the rank of genin. Sasuke would be one, even though he was the last of his clan in Konoha he was heralded as a genius.

He spotted a girl with long blond hair sitting beside a lazy boy with black hair styled in what made his hair look like a pineapple, and next to him was a slightly chubby boy who after finishing his exam pulled out a bag of chips and started eating them. Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru, and Akimichi Chouji will all pass' Naruto thought to himself. Haruno Sakura will pass because she's book smart and decent in practical skills, Aburame Shino will pass his clan is as logical as the Nara's are smart. Hyuuga Hinata is good both in practical and book wise any one of them would be a great teammate for Shanna and I, but I wonder just how much they'll be able to learn under Kyo, he's more of a samurai than a ninja still some of the techniques he uses are either ninja techniques or basic samurai techniques that don't utilize a sword.' Naruto's thoughts were interrupted as Iruka announced the end of the time limit.

"I want everyone outside by the arena for the practical exam," Iruka instructed and as everyone stood and left the classroom Iruka stopped Naruto which in turn caused Shanna to stop as well.

"Naruto?" she questioned softly her hand already shifting for her sword. She had seen the glares her twin had received from both the ninja and civilian populace and had seen the way shop owners treated him, charging double sometimes even triple the normal cost for anyone else. That had recently changed only because the first one to try such a thing in front of Kyo lost his left hand so quickly that it had been several seconds before he felt it. She had no knowledge of the Chuunin instructor in front of them and was prepared to defend her brother from attacks regardless of his position.

"It's okay Imoto," Naruto said setting a hand on her shoulder. "Iruka-sensei is a friend."

"Hokage-sama has informed me of everything that's happened over the last few days," Iruka explained, to which Naruto gave the scarred chuunin a small grin. "I want you to know that you shouldn't hold back like you have been the last year. Let them know who you are, that you should be honored for the sacrifice you make for us every day."

Shanna smiled at Iruka's words and gave Iruka a small thank you, before reaching into her pocket and pulling out a ring with the same swirl design that was on the back of the jounin flak vests. "You are considered a clan friend, Iruka-sensei, this will offer you the protection of the Uzumaki clan both now and in later generations."

Iruka nodded and took the ring before motioning that they should get outside for the practical exam.

Outside, the arena had the class line around it waiting for instructions, Mizuki their other sensei was explaining what they would be doing. "The first part will be focusing on Taijutsu. You will spar against either me or Iruka, and either last a full five minutes or land a solid blow inside that timeframe." The class nodded then Mizuki called the first of their classmates up and began the exam.

Naruto really didn't pay much attention to a majority of the matches, only because he knew that most of those in his class wouldn't have their headbands long. He knew that jounin instructors had the choice of testing their squads to see if they were truly ready to be genin and most times they were failed, only a small number of teams would be passed every year and those numbers were never fixed.

"Uchiha Sasuke," Naruto's eyes snapped up watching as Mizuki stepped up to the Uchiha prodigy. "5 minutes or land a strike in that timeframe." Iruka reminded Sasuke before giving them the signal to begin.

Instantly Sasuke launched himself at Mizuki a punch aimed at his face which the chuunin caught, then deflected the side kick Sasuke threw before sending one of his own. Sasuke dodged and dropped down spinning a hard sweep to take Mizuki's legs out from under him.

"He's decent," Shanna noted just to Naruto's right, "Not as good as you with the Uzumaki style but decent."

"That's the interceptor fist." Naruto supplied, "Its true purpose is to be used in conjunction with the Sharingan which Sasuke hasn't unlocked yet." Naruto watched counting the traded strikes and analyzing both Mizuki's and Sasuke's styles. "if I were him I would strike when Mizuki throws another kick, his left side would most likely be open as it has been the last couple of times I've seen him kick."

Shanna nodded she had seen it too, it was an opening that was glaringly obvious and a tactical fighter would wait to see if it was an instinctual occurrence before making a move against it. She watched as the raven haired boy kept the offensive and finally left a small opening that Mizuki tried to exploit for a kick when Sasuke's form exploded in a burst of speed. deflecting the chuunin's leg and catching it before throwing a hard kick that took out Mizuki's other leg right below the knee. As he fell Sasuke let go of his leg and did a quick front flip catching the chuunin right in the rib cage as he landed.

Naruto and Shanna were unimpressed, unlike the rest of their classmates who had all failed to land a blow within the time limit save for Aburame Shino, and Nara Shikamaru both of whom had managed to lad a blow using pure tactics and the academy style giving off nothing of their respective family styles.

Uzumaki Naruto," Naruto stepped up to the ring looking into Iruka's eyes with a small smile. "You ready Naruto?" Iruka asked then smiled when he nodded.

Mizuki stepped up "Begin," Naruto held his position and waited while Iruka charged in on the blond throwing a high kick that Naruto leaned back to dodge. Iruka thinking that Naruto was going to stand and counter was sadly mistaken when Naruto fell back onto his hands and a foot almost impacted his jaw from below. The Chuunin dashed back and stared as Naruto from his handstand sprung back and landed on his feet before slipping into a stance that the class had never seen the boy take before.

His hands were both open, one held at waist high and the other at head high. His feet were slightly wider than shoulder width and the weight of his forward foot was on the toes. "Iruka-sensei," Naruto said looking at the man who was the closest to a father figure to him. "You will be the first person I use this style against."

Without another word Naruto launched himself at Iruka, throwing a snap kick that Iruka dodged, Naruto's body flowed backwards under the one two combo that Iruka attempted and again his a foot exploded from the ground this time catching Iruka in the side before the other caught right behind the knee. Naruto sprung from his handstand into the air and dropped down on top Iruka with a fist just bare inches away from Iruka's face.

Mizuki called the fight, in Naruto's favor and the two friends stood. "good job Naruto." Naruto bowed respectfully to his teacher and friend and smiled. "Thank you Sensei."

"Uzumaki," and at the name everyone looked at Naruto thinking that Iruka had something else to say to the blonde. "Shanna," Shanna started towards the middle of the arena. The class stared and started whispering amongst themselves, Shanna paid them no mind and focused on the task at hand. Beating Mizuki.

"Naruto who is she and why does she have the same last name as you?" Naruto looked to see Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka staring at the blonde with curious expressions. Naruto looked at the two of them then called out to Shanna, "Imoto, your katana!" Shanna nodded then unstrapped her katana from her hip and threw it to her brother who caught it and held it at his side. "Now kick some ass!"

It was over in seconds, Mizuki rushed in with a spinning kick and in the time it took to breathe Shanna had landed a spinning back heel, swept Mizuki's legs and landed a scorching elbow in Mizuki's chest. Shanna stopped moving and breathed easy take a breath to steady the energy from the adrenaline rush she always got when she fought. Her eyes crimson as she smiled softly, before stepping away from the arena and joining her brother.

Watching the two from across the arena Sasuke fumed darkly as he realized that both of the Uzumaki's had done much and yet at the same time nothing. While Sasuke had used up most of his time to land a blow on Mizuki both Naruto and his supposed sister Shanna had finished their attempts with their instructors within the first two minutes. He deemed them his first marker towards being able to kill his brother, they would test his power later.

The rest of the practical exam was easy, most everyone passed it with flying colors and Naruto had no problems passing of shadow clones as regular clones of course he summoned about 40 regular clones in the process of summoning shadow clones and hid the so called excess chakra use with a display of concentration where his chakra surrounded him in a shimmering blue shell of power.

Of course Iruka and Mizuki didn't notice the amount of clones that hid on the ceiling while two normal clones were passed by both chuunin instructors. Finally there was the sparing tournament that had started a few years before that were used to select the best all-around shinobi and kunoichi of the year. Before today the general consensus would have been Hinata for her taijutsu ability outshining among the kunoichi, and for the boys Sasuke was top of the class since the beginning of the academy, now however with the displays of power by Naruto and his apparent sister there was a split decision. Some thought that Naruto was holding back just how much he really knew, still others just adored Sasuke and failed to think that Naruto and Shanna were true wildcards variables that couldn't be predicted.

Naruto, was slightly surprised to see Kyo turn up for the class tournament, let alone that he had shown up with the Hokage. The rest of the academy was present as well, as a demonstration to the younger classes what was taught at the academy, what they would learn in the future.

"Kyo-sensei," Shanna and Naruto both bowed to the crimson eyed samurai as he approached them. The man smiled at both of them then looked at Naruto with a slightly serious expression while pulling a second sword from his robes. Naruto looked at the sheathed weapon and noticed some similarities between it and Kyo's Tenro. Both were long sword muramasas though whether or not they were both true muramasas remained to be seen.

"This is Shibien, the sword of Kyoshiro Mibu," Kyo said and Naruto's eyes widened, "The sword of a man who once bested me," Naruto however already knew that, he knew almost everything save what the seal on the pommel was for. "The sword was also wielded by your father and has a seal for one of the jutsu that made him famous." Naruto's world seemed to shrink to encase only the himself and the sword in Kyo's hands.