Crimson Eyed Sword Masters

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Chapter: 5

A/N: This chapter contains a short Rape scene but a rape scene none the less ergo, part of the reason for my original rating. Excluding what I plan on putting in Musubi's past. Anyway if you are uncomfortable by such things or are underage there will be markers for the beginning and end of the scene.

"So we let the enemy get away," Kakashi said through clenched teeth. "and now he has the chance to regroup heal and come back with a plan considering they have information on all but Naruto, Hinata, and Shikamaru." The team of four stood before Kakashi as he gave them a cold glare, they all stood at attention while Kakashi spoke. He was by all rights their team lead and in his eyes they had just royally screwed up. "We need to strategize, but first do any of you have an excuse for your actions?"

Naruto stepped forward a scroll in hand. "Read it and then pass it to Kyo-sensei after that Shikamaru will destroy it." Kakashi took the scroll and read through it quickly his visible eye widening the more he read. When he passed it to Kyo he looked right at Naruto.

"A location of Musubi?" he asked, his expression a mixture of hope and disbelief. "How?"

Naruto didn't answer and as Shikamaru destroyed the scroll by throwing it into the flames of their campfire Naruto walked off into the surrounding wilderness. Shikamaru stopped Kakashi as he made to go after the blond. "Trust us," Shikamaru said looking directly at Kakashi. "As troublesome as this is, we are the best prepared to pull this off." Then at a nod from Kakashi relented and the other three genin followed their teammate.

They had split up from team 7 so that they would have an easier time sneaking into the village, yes it was a risk to leave Tazuna more open this way however they were certain that Zabuza wouldn't be able to attack again, especially if Haku did her job right.

"So Haku has her mission?" Naruto asked Shanna when the others caught up to him. He was still standing his back against a tree eyes closed and arms crossed as he contemplated what exactly needed to be done.

"Yes," Shanna replied, "To buy us time I had her place Zabuza in a death like state. With her skill in healing it will take about a week for Zabuza to be able to make a move again."

"So we have a week to get Anko out and get to Musubi and back here in time to defend the bridge?" Shikamaru said, the group looked to him. "alright this is what we're going to do…" and the planning began…

Two days after they had reunited with team 7 Naruto and Hinata disappeared, of course Shikamaru and Shanna were unconcerned but took to avoiding the jounin so that they wouldn't ask questions. Plan a very dangerous easily ANBU level mission, easy, explaining to the jounin that they don't need to know because it would endanger the plan not so easy. Of course it helped that the jounin were busy between protecting the bridge builder, Tazuna, and his family, Tsunami and Inari, and running team 7 ragged with training in preparation for the impending attack.

It was a day later that Kurenai had managed to corner Shanna in the guest room Tazuna was lending the girls that things started to get tense. "Shanna do you know where Hinata is?" Shanna sighed then looked up at Kurenai.

"I'm not at liberty to discuss that." She replied. Kurenai frowned.

"Fine my request is now an order."

"You don't have the authority." Shanna's words were clipped and offered no room for argument. "Our mission was given to us directly from Hokage-sama himself and we are not at liberty to discuss how we execute it, Jounin Yuhi Kurenai…" Shanna gave a cruel smile, "Or do you figure yourself above a kage? One of the 5 most powerful figures in the elemental nations?"

Kurenai, obviously, backed off, but glowered at the genin as she retreated without another word.

Zabuza read the scroll Haku had been given with a snarl, "Damn it to hell, looks like we'll be headed to Konoha after this," the demon of the mist tossed the scroll back to his apprentice. "In addition to assisting a current member of the Shiseiten, you've been placed in charge of finding out Gato's guard rotations, and I'm going to pretend that neither of us ever had this conversation nor that we even know the brats and attack the bridge against copycat Kakashi and the so called genjutsu mistress of Konoha." Zabuza sighed looking at Haku who nodded. "The Shiseiten are going to be the death of me, every time I get a missive I've almost ended up dead."

"It's your own fault for not taking Date's offer before he died." Haku said in a chiding tone. She knew that it would take about a week for her to heal Zabuza, which unfortunately was all the time that she would be able to give the others. Damn the Shiseiten, they were always so secretive when it came to their missions but then a shinobi's best asset was deception well it didn't get much better than this.

"And the bastard still left me his crap," Zabuza replied acidly, in all actuality Zabuza was a member of the Shiseiten in all but name having studied under Bontenmaru, (Date Masamune). He was considered date's strongest pupil, and that was only when he was in the academy.

"You are the right person to take his place, the only one." Haku said softly, "Akira-sensei even agrees."

"I'm not on their level, and you know it Haku," Zabuza said in a tone that meant that he would speak on the matter no longer. "The other Shiseiten are far beyond my power, Kyo wiped the floor with me, and the other Shiseiten are supposed to be on his level or close."

"At least think on Bontenmaru's words Zabuza-sama." Haku said before she stood and quit the room to leave Zabuza with his thoughts.

Naruto and Hinata sighed as they finally were able to slip away from the thugs and wannabe samurai that seemed to crawl out of the woodwork in Gato's compound. They had been a part of Gato's operations for the last day or so and were only allowed the freedom to do as they pleased because they had shinobi training. So far they had managed to avoid meeting the other shinobi employed by Gato, ergo Anko, Zabuza, Haku, and the traitor that was a risk to Anko's identity. But there was no guarantee that they would be able to keep such a feat up. Their plan to take out Gato's empire here in wave though was already in place, the only thing they had to do was break into Gato's safe and take his money.

Of course the bastard was a slime ball but he was also a paranoid little bastard in Naruto's opinion. Case in point while there were plenty of rooms in his compound for him to have his office, he made his office in the safe with all of his money surrounding him. It was both smart and dumb anytime he was there were no less than thirty guards on duty in the area, when the door was closed and locked there were only five, Something they had been told rather early on.

"All the tags in place now?" Naruto asked Hinata as they shut, locked, and sealed the room from any outside interference. Hinata nodded and allowed herself to relax slightly now that they couldn't be disturbed. "Good we have a day to get in contact with Anko find out where this bastard is keeping Musubi and extract both."

Hinata sighed stripping down her gear and taking stock of everything. Naruto did the same then went about cleaning and checking the sharpness of his sword. Anything they had used planting in the compound they replaced from a scroll of seals that held everything from kunai and shuriken, to knives, exploding tags, paralysis seals, and many more items.

Their equipment restocked Naruto and Hinata slipped out and used the shadows of the compound to their advantage as they snuck out and down the side of the road that led into wave proper. Halfway there they dropped away from the road entirely and into the surrounding wilderness until they reached a clearing where a cloaked figure waited for them. They readied their weapons, Hinata her hands reaching for a pair of kunai Naruto's hand on the hilt of Shibien.

"Anko-neechan," Naruto said in a soft voice. For a second there was no reaction from the figure and they tensed slightly before the figure threw back their hood and Naruto relaxed.

Anko glared at the boy, her eyes showing disapproval. "You know better than to let your emotions get the better of you during a mission." She reproached Naruto. "I know I told you better than that." Naruto could only nod numbly.

"I'm sorry Anko," Naruto dropped the endearment entirely slipping into business mode. "I've seen Gato's profile and I've been worried about you…and Musubi."

Anko's expression softened slightly, "I know brat," she said as she approached them. "I already know where to find you in the compound. We can get Musubi out tomorrow I'll find you."

"No," Hinata spoke up now much to Anko's shock. "The plan we have in place if for yours and Musubi's extraction, as well as the destruction of Gato's empire."

"All we need is Musubi's location for tomorrow so that we can get her out immediately. Gato won't be taken down until Zabuza's ready to attack again. But I need intel on Musubi's guard detail." Naruto explained. "Because of who she is Hokage-sama has high priority on her extraction. We know that you can get out in the chaos that's going to ensue during our assault."

Anko looked at the pair, "Just what have you got planned?" she asked only for Naruto to smile a deadly smile, one that gave her chills.

"Quite one hell of a boom." Naruto said before handing a stack of exploding tags to Anko. "Plant those in the mercenary quarters. We'll handle the rest when the party starts." Naruto paused cocking his head to the side slightly before he grinned and added. "Oh and we'll also take care of your tail,"

Before Anko could say anything else the two held up a handseal and disappeared in puffs of smoke. Before a scream of terror and pain rent the silent night air.

"Damn brat," Anko said in a huff before she smiled slightly. "He's learned well." She quickly moved on in case Gato sent more than one person to tail her.

Elsewhere Naruto stared down at the pitiful excuse for a man that stood before him, he proudly displayed his slashed Konoha headband and for that alone Naruto wanted to kill him, but he needed information. "How many shinobi does Gato have in his employ?" the man glared at Naruto's question, as if he would know something like that Gato was one sick paranoid S.O.B he wouldn't know information like that because he wasn't ranked high enough. He said as much, Naruto's hand snaked out so fast he didn't see that he had moved until after the pain of his broken finger hit him. He screamed again.

"Bullshit," Naruto spat glaring now, "I know that you have something an approximate number I'm not stupid."

"He's lying," Hinata said her Byakugan activated. "He knows that if he tells you he's going to die either by your hand or by Gato's." Naruto grinned wickedly. "Guess he's just going to die, without getting a chance to get back at the man who screwed him over." Hinata stepped forward her hand glowing with chakra.

"Please no don't kill me!" the man screamed. "He has 4 others besides Anko, you two and Zabuza and his apprentice." Hinata's hand stopped just before it touched his chest still glowing with chakra.

"That's all I wanted to know." Naruto heard before he and Hinata vanished.

The man tried to stand but found himself unable to move. "What?"

"Kagemane, success." A new voice said just as a girl with flaming red hair and crimson eyes landed in front of him.

"They didn't want to kill you but you are still a traitor to Konoha and have revealed secrets in exchange for your life to our enemies." The girl said drawing a sword from her left hip. "You have been deemed a traitor to Konoha and the Hi no Kuni as well" She stepped forward. "I am Shanna Uzumaki Namekaze and I will grant you no pardon…Muhyo Getten." The man's eyes went wide as a pillar of ice engulfed him in seconds. However the man was still alive. "Mumyou Jinpuu Ryu Satsujin Ken," Her sword now glowing she gave a sad look in the man's direction before swinging the blade. "Mizuchi," the ice shattered the man's body collapsing where it was. "You felt it too didn't you?" Shanna whispered the wind carrying her words to the man as he died. "The touch of my frozen gale." He collapsed dead.

The cocytus under her top glowed slightly as a voice echoed through her thoughts. "Was that necessary?"

"You know what traitors do to me Alastor-sama." Shanna replied. "It's the least of what he deserves, and you agree with me as well."

There was no reply from Alastor, because he knew that she was right, and that he did agree with her that the method of his execution was the least of what he deserved. And Shanna knew betrayal on a level so deep that it ached to even think of him. She wouldn't let that pain distract her, nor would she think of what was stolen from her, she would continue to move on and grow to become strong, she would make the world remember exactly what it was like to face the Flame of Heaven again.

Without a word Shanna decapitated the ninja she had killed, sealed his head into a scroll and pocketed it.

Naruto and Hinata slipped through the unground halls of Gato's compound looking for evidence against Gato that they could use to go through with a hit and get Musubi and Anko out without a problem. Out of everything they had found so far, there was little doubt that the Daimyo's would back their decision when it comes down to it, but they wanted something that would put the final nail in the coffin so to speak.

It was on this floor that they would strike gold. Naruto and Hinata both froze in the shadows as a woman's pained scream echoed through the hall followed by a vicious sounding impact of flesh on flesh. The groan of pain that followed the sound had Naruto blurring into motion before he was aware of what he was doing. He knew that voice and he knew that he had to help her, the mission be damned.

"Musubi I'm coming." Hinata shifted slightly as she realized that Naruto was letting his emotions get to him. She stopped him with a hand on his shoulder and a quick strike to the back of the neck.

"We will get her but you need to be calm." Hinata said when Naruto turned a fierce glare on her. "I don't care if you don't like it you know as well as I do that in your emotional state you are a danger to the mission and that is something that we cannot afford. We are outnumbered 100 to 1 and Gato is a sick enough bastard to at least attempt to get us into his human traffic ring." Naruto's eyes darkened further but he was starting to calm. He was remembering his role as team lead remembering all the lessons Kyo and Kakashi had drilled into them time and time again until they could perform any task they asked of them in their sleep.

"Alright," Naruto relaxed and kept his calm even though inside he was seething in rage. It would take very little to make him snap. In a way Hinata was glad that Gato wouldn't be there, they still had a day until Zabuza would attack the bridge and they would have to make their move before then. Gato would have to do everything in his power to make sure that the bridge builder Tazuna was killed, which was why the team as a whole was separated.

"Let's keep going," Naruto said and Hinata nodded her Byakugan active and continued down the hall without hesitation and without the previous aggression and slight killing intent. Now in control Naruto was ready for anything except for what they discovered when they glanced into the room that the noise was coming from.

({[Beginning of Rape scene]})

She was Naked and surrounded by several men, mercenaries in Gato's employ, Naruto noted. Hell even they were naked, Naruto's eyes widened and he tensed as if to attack his teeth grinding as his jaw clenched almost painfully in his fury. They were raping her! Blood dripped from her lip as her head hung limply to one side as if she had given up. Though her eyes were far from the empty look of someone who had given up no they glowed with a rage that was almost all consuming.

"Sick bastards," Naruto growled as the man currently raping her roughly turned her over and even as she tried to fight two of the other men moved forward and held her down before the first man thrust himself roughly in to her ass.

Musubi screamed her head rising from the floor her back arched as she wailed in pain from the rough intrusion. Naruto saw red and it was a very good thing that it was the day before the attack as he made to break down the door only for Hinata to stop him.

"Not yet," she said though her words were tight as well, she didn't want to hold back any more than he did, she, like he, wanted to rip these bastards to shreds and tear them down. Of course their resolve to hold back only lasted as one of the other men knelt in front of her and roughly shoved his erection into her mouth and deep into her throat.

The choking sound made the both of them lose it. The door was blasted into shreds as both Naruto and Hinata hit it with chakra enhanced blows. The two men violating Musubi were dead before any of the men in the room could move. Instantly the two ran through a hand seal sequence and the walls glowed briefly before fading. The room was now sealed and a genjutsu placed for anyone who happened to wander by one that would make it seem like the despicable act that had been taken place in here was still going on but also influenced those who thought of joining in to walk away.

({[End of Rape scene]})

"Oh what a day to be a merc," Naruto said darkly. "You sick fucks aren't going to get the satisfaction of a quick death like these two." He motioned towards the first two men.

"You're going to die," Hinata said in a deadly tone.

"Pray to whatever god you believe in," Naruto spoke now. "Because I'm going to destroy every single part of you that thought that you would get away with this."

One of the mercenaries thought enough to play the tough guy act never mind the fact that he was unarmed and naked facing two ninja that gave off a bloodlust that equaled Zabuza's individually. "You kids don't have the balls to kill," he said. "And when we're done with you two you're going to join that bitch there."

A kunai lodged itself into his thigh. "You're going to be last," Naruto said as he turned to one of the other men, one who had at least the brains to use the conversation to get his weapon, a katana. Though he held the weapon like one who had no training and in Naruto's eyes the merc was already dead. Naruto gave a sick smile and drew Shibien.

"And here's number one." His voice was a deep growl as he moved to attack.

Back at Tazuna's house Shikamaru sat up as a spike of chakra shot through him, less than a second later Shanna was in the doorway her face alarmed. "Did you feel that?" she asked though the question didn't require an answer.

"It's both of them," Shikamaru replied a split second later a deafening explosion split the silence of the night air, at the same time a flare shot up into the sky from the forest a shot ways from Tazuna's home. "And there's Anko's signal. She's out and her tail has been dealt with."

Shanna nodded then the two of them shot out through the window landing in front of the jounin who stood out in front of the house wondering what was going on. Well at least Kurenai was, Kyo and Kakashi knew everything that was going on.

"Kakashi-sensei," Shikamaru began, "The flare was launched by Anko she's out and her tail has been taken care. We need someone to rendezvous with her before she thinks it's a good idea to go back into Gato's compound."

"Shikamaru we have to move." Shanna said she was tense ready to move she knew her mission and they would have to work fast. "Naruto is going to need my help and then you and Hinata are going to have to get us out of there."

"Alright we're gone," Shikamaru said, "Zabuza is going to attack tomorrow and Gato will most likely make an appearance there." That was all that was said before the two of them were gone, taking off for the sources of the explosion.

Naruto and Hinata were covered in the blood of those they had found raping Musubi who was curled in a ball in a corner shuddering. Naruto had covered her in his jacket after the fight and turned his eyes on her now. Outwardly he knew that they had no time to really brief Musubi on what was going on but he wanted to comfort her. She had been in Gato's clutches, being raped repeatedly by him and his men. The very thought sickened him. He could see in her eyes that she was deathly terrified by him. That she expected him to try and force himself upon her next.

"Musu-chan," he said softly, watching as her wary eyes sparked slightly in recognition from his nick name for her. "Jii-san sent us after you when Nee-Chan sent word that she had intel on you, we're here to help you and Nee-Chan out of here." The suspicion in her eyes cut Naruto deeply. "Will you let us help you?" Naruto kept his distance knowing that after her situation she was going to do everything in her power to keep away from him, even if she knew who he was. "All we want to do is take you home."

Musubi looked at Hinata then back at Naruto before nodding slowly. "Konoha…" the girl whispered before she lost consciousness. Hinata rushed forward.

"The stress finally caught up to her," she said at Naruto's worried look, her teammate visibly relaxed took a deep breath then his eyes turned hard and cold. Pulling out his headset he turned it on channeled it to his teams' frequency and said two words. "Begin Operation," the emotionless tone sent all of his teammates and even their sensei on edge but they none the less followed the plan to the letter. His teammates trusting Naruto would keep hold of his emotions. His sensei both knowing that they had trained him well, that he would save everything until he had a moment to vent his emotions.

"Roger, Front and Rear of the compound covered." Shanna reported, though she wanted to ask her brother what was wrong now was not the time and he wouldn't answer her even if she asked. He was to proud that way. "No one is getting through me."

There was no answer of course they didn't expect one either. Inside they could hear the screams of the mercenaries Gato had employed. They stood no chance. Naruto's chakra pulsed with his rage, and Shanna wanted to help him, to comfort him through whatever had enraged him to this extinct. Finally after nearly an hour silence fell seeming to echo around the entire compound that was now a tomb.

"Alright Shanna now we being the deception," Naruto spoke as he walked out towards her blood covered almost every inch of him. His eyes still blazed in anger and he looked like he wanted to level the place however he was continuing to place the mission ahead of himself. Without a word both Naruto and Shanna made a single hand sign and the entire place was covered in shadow clones of the two of them, before the clones made another hand sign and changed into mercenaries.

Naruto and Shanna were both now panting from the effort of using that many shadow clones. But they wouldn't allow it to slow them down. Naruto even now was starting to feel the fox's chakra purify refilling his coils through the seal.

"Pull back," Naruto ordered, "The clones will handle the cleaning and then we'll go back and recuperate, Shanna will need a good night's sleep and we need to get Musubi out of the open. Shikamaru stay back from her." Naruto added with a small whisper. "I don't know how long she's been in Gato's compound but they were raping her when we found her." With that Naruto placed a hand on Hinata's shoulder, who was holding Musubi, and shushined away. Shikamaru and Shanna shared a look then they left as well.

Kyo and Kakashi were quiet but the four man team under their command could tell that their anger was sharp and rife. The air seemed to crackle slightly under their rage and they were tense, entirely too tense. Naruto had finished his debriefing of the operation at Gato's Compound. Kakashi for one was stunned that Naruto had managed to avoid getting blood everywhere with his brutal yet efficient killing methods. Hell according to Hinata there wasn't even a mark to the interior of the compound and only the occasional speck of blood that even hinted at the slaughter that had taken place inside.

Kyo however was more worried about his young male charge, He knew that Naruto would fulfill his duty to the village would follow any order the Hokage gave him that didn't conflict with his morals…but this, what they had asked of him was too much for any genin to have to do even if they were above and beyond the standards of normal shinobi. He knew that inside Naruto anger at how he had found Musubi warred with the disgust he felt at himself for the judgment he had meted out without hesitation.

"Naruto, Shanna, and Hinata" Kyo said after a lull in the conversation and planning came. "Let's go talk," Kyo shushined away before the genin could say anything. Giving their remaining teammate a short glance Naruto and the two girls left the room.

Kyo was waiting for them in a clearing in the woods a short way away from Tazuna's house. "You three have seen one of the harsher elements of a shinobi's life." Kyo started, "Two of you have recently performed it, and even seen another of the brutal truths of your field. I'm not a shinobi, I have knowledge of shinobi techniques but I am a samurai, however I know what you will inevitably go through."

For several seconds there wasn't a sound save for the slight wind whispering through the trees around them. Each thought of the things they had seen in recent days of things they had done. For Shanna she had killed a man excessively though the man was a traitor to their home. She knew that it was her job a shinobi that it was her job to protect the secrets of the village from both threats within, and without.

Hinata's eyes lowed to the ground as she thought of how they had discovered Musubi. In the middle of being raped the elder girl had been covered in blood bruises and semen from the men that had assaulted her. And it had been obvious that it wasn't the first time that she had been raped, far from it. Even so just the thought of them doing that to any girl had enraged the normally quiet Hyuuga girl. When Naruto's fury had peaked she had followed him in complete and total reflex. She had aimed the kunai she had drawn with deadly accuracy trained into her from years of training with the Byakugan and the Jyuuken style utilized by her family. The blade had found itself buried into the back of her targets head at the base where the spine met the skull. At the time she hadn't acknowledged that she had just killed someone but now that she thought about it she felt disgusted at herself for what she had done, sure the men she had killed later had been in self-defense but the first had been in cold blood and that disturbed her how little thought had been in her action.

Naruto held Kyo's gaze blazing emotionless red meeting stormy blue pools of emotion. Guilt warred with the justification of what he had done but even Naruto wasn't so cold as to justify what he had done without consequence. He felt sick about killing those rapists in cold blood but he had done it without hesitation because though he and Hinata had not been in any danger, Musubi had been, someone he cared about, someone who had acknowledged and taught him and basically treated him like a human being instead of the Demon brat or the demon child.

"Killing is what a shinobi does," Kyo said his eyes leaving Naruto's to meet Hinata's who looked up as he spoke and Shanna's who had never looked away from him. "You do as the mission requires even if it means killing someone you know, someone you love. That's part of what it means to be Shinobi." Kyo drew his sword and looked over the blade as he continued. "This blade has claimed the lives of over 1000 men and women. I have only the regrets of a small number of them. Killing never becomes easier, killing someone you trusted is even harder but it is the way of our world sometimes. It when you feel no regret for killing that you should start questioning your humanity…and sanity."

Kyo turned and walked away into the surrounding trees without another word sheathing his sword as he did so. Naruto and the others looked at one another then looked at the ground at their feet. Kyo was right and they knew it, they regretted the lives they had taken and wished they could find a different way other than killing. In the end however they knew this was part of their lives, if they hadn't killed now they would have killed eventually. They would have had to eventually, the earlier they got over their first kill the easier it would be. They would never be okay with taking lives but they would do what was necessary to protect their village and if it meant killing threats to the safety of Konoha then so be it.

At the end of the day they were Konoha shinobi, members of the greatest of the five great hidden villages. They would protect their own and those who hired them, they would complete every mission given to them and fulfill the desires that resided in their hearts. For Naruto and Shanna it was to revive their family names. For Hinata it was to free the members of the Branch family of her clan and unite the two houses.

The three genin went to be that night knowing that the following morning would bring the final stages of their plan and in the end a tyrant and enemy to people at large would fall and wave would be free, or they would all be dead. Such was the life they lived such was the life that they would continue to live.

Back in Konoha in an underground facility a masked ninja knelt before a man wrapped in bandages, speaking rapidly reporting of the targets he had been ordered to spy on.

"Is there anything else?" the bandaged man asked without turning around.

"Hai Danzo-sama," the masked ninja replied quickly. "They've also recovered Musubi-Taicho."

Here Danzo whipped around his visible eye widened in shock. "She's still alive?" the elder man snapped, the shock in his voice ringing through the air.

"Hai, Sir apparently she has been in Gato's trafficking rings for at least the last couple of years." Danzo's eyes narrowed. "Orders sir?"

"Continue observing them as much as you can considering that Kyo and Kakashi are close and that Anko is also in the equation as well there won't be any chance for any of our men to extract Musubi from them. Sarutobi will find out that I have not disbanded root as ordered through her that at this point is unavoidable."

"Hai Danzo-sama." The ninja said before disappearing.

Danzo inwardly seethed, he had thought that bitch would have been killed on the last mission he had sent her on. Of course when none of the ninja he had sent with her to ensure that she died had returned he hadn't worried too much, Musubi was a powerful tool while she was useful, however at that time he hadn't fully developed the seals he used on his Ne operatives now. And back then Musubi had been a wildcard barely able to control. Now she was the biggest liability to his plans…if she ever revealed all that she knew to even the Kyuubi brat...

Danzo shuddered at the thought. He had to shut her down, he had to drop her as soon as possible, he had to ensure that she died this time around, but he had to make it look like it was from something outside the village. He just wasn't sure of what would be able to kill her yet…

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