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When the Clock Strikes Twelve

It was that time of year again, a child's best friend, a dentist's worst enemy, a night of mischief and mayhem. October 31st- All-Hallow's-Eve. Mikan loved to trick or treat when she was a kid. Dressing up in costumes, getting free candy from nice people, and hanging out with your friends at night was just so much fun!

This year there was a big unofficial Halloween party at the Nogi mansion- it being the last year of middle school and all. Mikan decided to go trick or treating before heading up there. She had dressed up as a potato monster with this giant potato suit, which looked an awful lot like a fat suit when she now that she thought about it. She didn't know what she was thinking at that costume store- she must've been high on gumdrops and gummy-worms. Sadly, in the midst of these wandering thoughts, she missed a step on a flight of stairs, rolled all the way down the rest (thankfully the suit protected her from injury) and came to a stop right in front of a doorway.

Just then the door opened to reveal a small, white haired boy- surprisingly not in costume -who peered down at her curiously. "What are you supposed to be? A bomb?"

Mikan somehow managed to get up by rolling onto her stomach and using her limbs. The boy couldn't have been more than seven years old. "I'm a potato monster silly!"

"Yeah I'm so scared you'll make me eat you and get fat."

Mikan was starting to believe the kid was possessed or something. How could someone so cute speak so rudely? Must be bad influence, she concluded. Maybe he just needed some positivity to help him along.

"So what are you doing cooped up at home anyway?" She asked, picking up her bag of goodies that had been undamaged to her relief. "It's Halloween, the time to trick or treat!"

"Trick or treating is for little kids."

Mikan blinked. What did the boy think he was, if not a little kid?

"Who told you that?" Mikan pursued.

"Its what my big brother says, and he's right about everything." The boy replied smugly.

"Well he's wrong about this. Trick or treating is for all ages up to 18! And it's loads of fun!"

"Walking around like a sumo wrestler doesn't look like fun, it looks funny. I guess you're right, we can laugh at people. This is fun." He chuckled.

Mikan sighed. Would she ever get through to him? At least she made him laugh, although if laughing at a person was his idea of fun that had to be wrong. It was time to let someone else who actually knew the kid deal with his messed up attitude.

"Alright I'm gonna go find my friends now." Mikan said, about to leave.

"Wait don't you want candy?" He asked with a sly grin on his face.

Mikan raised her eyebrows in suspicion briefly, the kid had only been happy at her expense so far. Maybe she should just go before something weird happened. Afterall this night was supposed to 'special' right? That's why they celebrated it. But then again Mikan was a curious girl and she couldn't resist seeing what was up.

"Umm no," Mikan chirped. "It's alright I think I'm done for the night."

"Oh," The boy frowned. "Are you sure? I have some leftover."

"Yeah I'm sure," Mikan replied. "I didn't catch your name."

And Mikan never did get to hear his reply, since right then a bunch of green goop fell on her. That's right- green goop.

The sticky stuff that kids loved, what was it called again? Oh yeah slime.

She wiped the stuff from her eyes and looked up to see two boys laughing at her from the second story window above her. She recognized one of them. Kokoro Yome was a dead man on Monday- not that she was planning on killing him herself. All she needed to do was talk to his girlfriend who happened to be one of her best friends. Sumire Shouda was a force to be reckoned with, and dear 'koko' knew that better than anyone.

Mikan Sakura would have her revenge, except- she soon realized –she would be taking it on the wrong person. The main culprit was currently leaning against the doorframe a mere foot from her, smirking.

The nerve of the bastard.

"I see you finally meet my little cousin," He drawled. "Good kid right?"

"Youichi, you can go back inside now." He said to the boy, patting him on his head.

"Alright Natsume." With that the boy- Youichi –left them alone, standing at the doorway.

"What the hell was that?" Mikan demanded, now that they were alone.

"Well you were blatantly trying to make a fashion statement," Natsume explained, amused at the question. "We were just helping you make a big impact. You know so it goes splat!"

"Haha," Mikan scoffed. "Very funny. You know I can't go to the party like this now."

"Oh I know." He replied with a very scary smirk.



"I can't believe you're making me wear this! This is sick even for you Natsume!" Mikan exclaimed, tugging down her mid-thigh dress as low as it would go in an attempt to cover more of her skin from the cold night air as they walked up from the gates to Ruka's house. His spare outfit was a little black dress with spider web sleeves. Yeah it looked cool and it'd be nice on a model or something but Mikan did not feel comfortable wearing it. She felt very insecure about how much of her legs were exposed.

"You didn't have to wear it." Natsume replied, walking with his hands in his pockets. He had dressed up as a Shadowhunter from the Mortal Instruments series, citing that all he needed were the temporary tattoos. Mikan had to admit the dark clothes suited him well.

"You full well know that I had no other option." She countered.

"Well you're the one who went walking around in a fat suit. Somebody else would have burst your bubble, just be happy it was us and not stalkers in the back of an alley." That might be the lamest excuse she'd heard in a while.

"Oh please you know that was never gonna happen." Mikan dismissed, with a wave of her hand.

"Yeah the suit would have so protected you." Natsume scoffed as they reached the steps.

"Name anything that could protect me in that situation." Mikan demanded spinning to face him at the bottom of the stairs.

"How about your heart-throb of a boyfriend?" Natsume asked rhetorically, grinning very much like Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries. In other words, irresistibly.

"Who makes me question why I'm with him nearly everyday." Mikan responded as she made her way up the stairs with Natsume close behind her.

"You gotta admit it wouldn't be much fun otherwise," Natsume said as they reach the door, pulling her into his arms. "Happy Halloween."

"We've got what? A few minutes left?" Mikan asked, pointing out that the moon had reached its peak position as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Well I say we make them count." Natsume motioned as he leaned forward to kiss his girlfriend who kissed him back just as fervently.

And so when the clock struck twelve on Halloween night Mikan and Natsume were in each others' embrace without a care in the world.

Not in a haunted house, not with the rest of the people at the party, not facing some supernatural horror.

Who says Halloween has to be scary? You might just be having a good time, that is if the odds are in your favour.

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