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Summary: Harry grows up working on his Aunts Garden and develops a love for it, meeting Samuel and eventually Max, who gives him a Mark of his own. He finds Magic to be a Wonderful Thing.

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It's Green – Chapter 3 – Unsaid Names and Silent Conversations.

Harry thought that this school might be like the nursery that Dudley had been going to, but didn't think so. He had been thankful when he'd gone to nursery, as it meant that he wasn't getting pinched and shoved wile he was doing his Chores.

If it was, he didn't want to go if Dudley was going.

But Fall turned things orange and brittle, and Winter came and went with it's lack of Gardening (the potted plants inside weren't enough) until Spring came and thawed the ground enough that he could replant bulbs and loosen the ground. Harry had more of Dudley's books thrown at him, and learned more about WORDS.

The loud conversations continued, until one day in summer Aunt and Uncle told him to get into the car, and Dudley complained because Harry had never been in the car before and he didn't want him to be there. He started screaming.

Somewhat shockingly, Harry had still been forced into the car, and it'd been a terse long ride as Harry looked at the outside-the-car world and saw blurs of other gardens, ignoring Dudley's screams. A girl in another car with bushy hair had a staring conversation with him for a while, and Harry imagined introducing her to Samuel.

Hello, his eyes said.

Hello, she replied.

I'm in a car, he informed her.

Really? Me too, her eyes said.

A twitch of her lips turned them into a smile, and Harry smiled back because his Aunt never told him not to.

And then their respective cars turned away from each other, and Harry said Goodbye, and she waved.

They pulled into an area with a lot of other cars, and no grass or dirt or flowers except around the big building that had colorful bits of paper on the windows.

Harry followed his Aunt and Uncle into the building, his cousin running ahead, and looked around.

There wasn't much for him to do here. No real gardens, and it looked as if those men over there were cleaning the windows and sweeping up dirt.

Of course, His Garden was better, His grass was more GREEN, and they were missing spots on the window—he could see that from HERE—but it didn't seem as though he had anything to do.

Why had his Aunt and Uncle brought him here? Before he walked through the large, heavy door after his relatives, a squirrel paused on the pavement and caught his eye.

He didn't think he'd have as much of a conversation with it as he did with the Girl or with Samuel, but he smiled at it anyway in acknowledgement.

It twitched in response, and continued on its way.

Harry let the door close behind him

The women behind the large table looked friendly, and kept smiling down at Dudley and Harry as if she expected them to do something amusing at any moment.

Harry stood back, arms at his side as he Listened. Listening was Important.

But he couldn't quite understand all of what was being said, and his Aunt and Uncle had to sign something, and had to show a bundle of papers on two separate instances.

It was all rather odd.

Dudley was busy tapping at the glass of a tank full of fish. Harry could tell that the Fish didn't like Dudley any more than he did, by the way there were hiding in their little plastic castle, and their hole-filled rock.

Harry thought that perhaps he needed a hole-filled rock of his own—Samuel had mentioned a time or two of hiding from a Predator (Harry didn't know what that was, but it didn't sound nice) under a rock.

Harry imagined himself hiding away from his Aunt and Uncle, hiding from Dudley as the fish were, and smiled slightly to himself.

Harry caught the eye of the friendly looking lady and she smiled back.

Harry dropped the smile when his Aunt looked back at him suspiciously.

Harry gave an apologetic smile to the lady when she glanced at him, and that seemed to make her relax.

His Uncle sighed after he wrote something else on a piece of paper, and then Aunt and Uncle stood up, shaking hands with the Lady. The Lady looked at Harry and Dudley, and smiled again.

"I'll be seeing you in September then, Harry, Dudley."

Harry had no idea what he was getting dressed up for, or why he was wearing a thread-worn bag that had lined paper and pencils inside of it.

He didn't know why he'd been told to wear different clothing that what he usually wore, and was now wearing his less-stained pants and most-fitting shirt. He still had to use a bit of string to hold his pants up, and the edge of the shirt went to above his knees.

Shuffled back into the car, Dudley grumbling once more about how he shouldn't be going, but thankfully Dudley decided that if screaming didn't work the last time, it wouldn't work this time either. Harry saw the blur of other gardens once more, this time with only a dog in the back of another car to have a talk with.

By the time the other car turned away, Harry and Dog were good friends.

Harry was led into the building once more, but down a different hallway, and into a different room.

This room was bright and colorful, and had lots of Green and Red and Yellow and even Blue and Purple, but no actual plans except for the on tall leafy plant in the far corner. The tall stalks weren't as GREEN as they needed to be, and from this distance he could see that some of the edges were turning the yellowing brown of Unhealthy Plant. It needed watering.

A cheerful woman came by and happily introduced herself as Ms. Keen, and led a tearful Aunt Petunia to the door.

Ms. Keen was very pretty and very different from Aunt Petunia, and said in a very odd tone for Harry and Dudley to go play with the other children.

Harry forced himself to quietly tug on her skirt once he could no longer hold himself back.

"Excuse me. Could I please have a glass of water?"

Ms. Keen seemed pleasantly surprised, and Harry Smiled at her when she went to go get a cup. He tugged once more on her skirt, though, when he saw her pouring red liquid into the plastic cup.

"Excuse me, but could I have water instead? Juice is bad." He thought that she would know that by now, but perhaps she was actually watering the plant regularly, but with juice, and that was why the poor plant was becoming an Unhealthy Plant.

Well, he'd just have to make the plant healthy himself.

Harry found out something marvelous, something that not even the neighbors had let slip: he had THREE names. More than two, more than one, THREE. He was Harry James Potter. Harry JAMES Potter. Harry James POTTER. HARRY. James. POTTER.

It was Wonderful, and Harry knew that Dudley didn't know about it.


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