A Mother's Hymn by SomeTaters (you won't regret it)

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Summary: Merlin is tired, Aithusa is playful, and Kilgharrah isn't much help at all. The first few weeks of the baby dragon's life prove to be the most exhausting of Merlin's.

a/n: Because Aithusa is without a doubt the damn cutest baby dragon I have ever seen. Plus I thought a grumpy Merlin and confused Kilgharrah might be fun. Not to mention I've been dying to write a Merlin fic, so yeah, first time writing in this fandom, and drabbles seem the way to go. Onward mortal man fleshes!

It started with a touch.

Merlin gazed happily at the baby dragon as it perched itself on the stump, spreading its undeveloped wings and chirping enthusiastically at the slow approaching warlock. Merlin leaned down in front of the small bundle of scales and Aithusa stretched its neck expectantly towards him. Reaching out to stroke the hatchling, Merlin paused and looked questioningly up at Kilgharrah, whom watched the scene with amused affection.

"Can I?" Merlin asked, not sure if it would be appropriate to 'pet' such a noble creature.

Kilgharrah chuckled, "Where was this uncertainty when asking to ride me?"

Merlin laughed and reached out, running his fingers along Aithusa's soft crown.