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by: Ahniya-sama

It's an ordinary day with ordinary people in an ordinary street….. Everything is just…. Just "ordinary"…

Well everything except for him, a brown-haired boy who looks just like those wimpy characters that attracts bullies and stray dogs wherever he goes…

So, what makes him "not"ordinary if he completely resembles the simple side-walkers and extras along the road? What's so unique about him? Ahhh! I know! He's got a baby following him, a baby in a suit carrying a strange green-coloured gun which, for some reason, looks suspiciously real …

In this kind of setting, the character should be walking towards his beloved school with cherry blossoms floating around him… but that's not the desired outcome-to-be… Since he is a no-good noodle, as usual, he is late… running so fast, taking all the shortcuts that he can find that he had obliviously lost his way without a hint of it from the start, he just kept running… The fact that getting lost in a town where you grew up is kinda'…no, It's TOTALLY pathetic, but failing to recognize it visually, as he had landed on some blank plain, was utterly outstanding.

"Eh I don't remember having such a huge space like this in Namimori?" he wondered aloud, finally realizing his predicament.

Well as stated, he ended up in a wide grassy space. No more houses, buildings, not even a single living being. Truth be told, he was too out-of-it to notice that he'd been caught in this for quite a while now. Good thing, being a mafia boss - or more like, being a student of that baby, he got a little bit used to it, thus he immediately looked for that home tutor…

"A-Ano Reborn? R-Reborn? Where is he? O-oh no!" he panicked, seeing no one behind him.



"Reborn, are you okay?" Bianchi asked in a worried tone

" Yeah, someone must've been thinking about me.."

And so …..

"Could this place be … an illusion?" Tsuna said inwardly, finally regaining his possibly-existent composure. He narrowed his eyes while carefully observing the surroundings.

Danger is coming closer towards him, a wild creature is coming it's way, closer and closer, he goes with an intent to kill… He felt it. The strong urges that he had been feeling ever since he was 'forced' to attend that failed – inheritance ceremony. He heaved a deep sigh.

"How troublesome… Why is an unlikely character like me had to deal with this…" he mumbled.

Aside from this self-proclaimed-unlikely character, there are three more individuals caught up in this trap. Faces that are awfully familiar to Tsuna.

Hasegawa Satsuki – A student with very plain looks, an average bystander- slash- bully who likes teasing Tsuna and his funny unintentional antics.

Tsukishima Yamada – Just like Satsuki, he is very average. He feels lucky having Tsuna around, since that prevented him from being the bottom of the losers, or so he says.

Akashi Yuuga - … Uhh, Just a low-life not worth mentioning…

So basically, They're just some bullies.

"Are? Is that Dame-Tsuna?" Yuuga wondered, looking at the figure of a person with spiky brown hair.

"hey you're right! Let's ask him, Oi! Da…." Yamada was cut off by a sudden entrance of an unknown man. He had this evil grin pasted on his face, his eyes are burning with the intent to kill as his hand violently swayed the knife he is holding. What is a normal and averagely average student to do if they saw something like that. To be honest, it's nothing but to stare in shock.

They were too stunned to see a person that suddenly jumped on the scene, aiming at a person's head that they just stared in horror. The three of them quickly hid in a pile of bushes while watching as their classmate stood in the way of danger, they didn't bother to risk anything, after all, they're just a bunch of 15-year olds.

'He' was different, though… or perhaps, it might be safer to say that he had changed that much but he doesn't show it…

"HIHIHIHI! I NEVER THOUGHT THAT KILLING YOU WOULD BE THIS EASY, VONGOLA JYUUDAIME!" the man shouted as he swing down his knife, ready to slash through his target's flesh.

Tsuna didn't flinch, not even a bit agitated like his usual self, completely against what someone who has known him, would expect. He merely stood there with his eyes closed. As the split second passed and the knife was just a inch away, he opened his now-sharp eyes. Looking coldly at the man, then without a second's delay, he vanished. Thinking that way would be inappropriate since he didn't literally disappeared, the man was just surprised enough to even say it aloud.

That boy's speed is faster than what his vision can grasp.

"Oi, Are you done?" snapping him out of his state, Tsuna spoke with a deep monotone that greatly surprised his classmates who was so used to his high pitched voice.

Quickly averting all 8 eyes, the bullies included, to the source, they all gasped. To their surprise, Tsuna's brown eyes started to glow, a fierce fiery aura is flowing out of his forehead , the lame expressions of fear vanished from his face, leaving him with a serious , impassive and calm atmosphere. It's like he's a totally different person now, calmly facing such a situation where normal people could pee their pants in fear. This kind of cool attitude suits him very well, he looks so much better than usual...

So this is what makes him different from everyone else- an unexpected aura of decisiveness.

Standing still, he immediately began the action as he decided to be on the offensive. His swift movements confused the enemy and scared the wits out of his bully classmates. His firm voice clearly states that he's dead serious

"Now, Tell me, who are you?" He asked- No- he demanded.

" Hihhihi, you surprised me back there, well sure, I'll tell you since I'll Kill you anyway…" Despite the overwhelming pressure, The man managed to keep his cool, he's a real pro, "I am an assassin sent by the boss of - family to kill the next heir to the great Vongola famillia ,The so called Decimo, Sawada Tsunayoshi (no need to mention whichever low level family he's from) , through killing you, our family would gain praise and wealth and no one will ever look down on us! hihihihi" He laughed maniacally as he charged towards Tsuna with all he can, completely abandoning everything and boldly risking his life.

Tsuna felt pity towards him, he knew quite well that his enemy was lying, his intuition says so, after all. He sighed, yet again.

"As I thought, I will never understand the way mafia people thinks." He grumbled under his breath with eyes closed. He opened them again, this time, with a more stern expression, as he quietly focused all his attention to the opponent in front of him.


He beat him easily, leaving him lying on the ground with a ridiculous expression.

"Come on, I didn't hit you that badly, hurry up and go…" he said, still in his hyper mode. One of the noticeable changes he had is this strong personality.

"Why don't you finish me off! Are you mocking me!?" The man shouted in desperation

Tsuna's expression dimmed, his eyes are over shadowed by his hair.

"You're not a bad person…" he knelt down and gazed at the man coldly, yet his voice warmed up a bit

" W-what are you talking a-about, I TRIED TO KILL YOU AND THAT'S ALL YOU'RE GONNA SAY!" the man replied angrily, he felt like he's looking down at him.

" You did this for the sake of you're family and for your boss, ain't that right? You are not ordered to kill me, you did this because you want to stop the criticism that you're family takes from other stronger mafias... a bad person won't ever do something for the sake of others..." he stretched out his hand and gave a small smile, The man just looked at him wide-eyed...

"H-how naïve can you be!? Why are you so certain about tha..!?"The man was cut off again.

"You said it yourself, 'Our Family would gain praise and no one will ever look down on US" "Tsuna quoted, emphasizing the word 'us', and with that, the man broke into laughter.

"Seriously, I can't believe you…" the man said "… but I acknowledge you" he said, taking Tsuna's outstretched palms to help himself stand up. Hearing that, Tsuna smirked and added another thing

"Well that's one reason, but truthfully, I figured because a small family wouldn't dare attack the greatest Vongola famillia, yes.. not a chance at all." Tsuna teased the man, who apparently was taken aback by that.

The guy twitched "W-well that is true, in a lot of ways…" he laughed

" You know, you really deserved your title" he added "…You better be careful, there would probably be a lot of mafia people from stronger families that'll come to attack you… Beat them up to a pulp… so long then, Vongola Decimo!" he said as he disappeared through the mist.

Tsuna just looked at him...

"Ofcourse." He muttered.

Meanwhile, the three bullies almost lost their fingernails from biting it out of fear, it was incredibly hard to believe that what just happened isn't just a pigment of their shared-imagination.

"N-n-next h-heir to the M-Mongola? What?" Yuuga asked in confusion

"Idiot! It's VONGOLA! VO-NGO-LA! Get it?" Satsuki corrected him, and glanced at Yamada.

"Mafia? Isn't mafia a criminal syndicate in Italy? it is a really powerful organization and each one is called a family ruled by a boss or something like that right?" Yamada explained with a research-like terminologies.

"Dame Tsuna couldn't possibly be a leader of that Italian thingy right? I mean he's a no-good and it doesn't really fit his image" Yuuga argued in disbelief. Even for him, it was just unbelievable, especially because it's Dame-Tsuna.

"B-but don't you think that that Dame Tsuna earlier is REALLY COOL!?" Yuuga shouted

"Chotto matte! How did you know those kinds of mafia things?" Satsuki remembered and threw a question at Yamada.

"Uhmm , internet game! That's really popular!" he answered back

"Then that settles it!"

"Settles what? hmm..?"

"Dame Tsuna is just obsessed with games and he just asked someone to role play it with him, that's all there is to it"

"Then how will you explain this unknown place?"

(the illusion then washed away and the town returned to normal and they all stared with unexplainable faces)

Beep beep!

" N-NANI!" Yamada wailed as he heard a loud sound, coming towards their direction, the three all turned to see something flashy heading their way, their immediate response is to hide again.

A group of luxurious cars suddenly arrived and stopped right in front of Tsuna, a guy with messy blonde hair got out of the car along with some men dressed in black suits,

"Hey! Tsuna!" The guy greeted, waving his hands at the brunette

"Dino-san?" Tsuna said calmly, still in the cool-mode, as what the three bullies called it.

Speaking of bullies, they are hiding and are whispering to each other "shhhh! I can't hear them"

"Are you okay Tsuna, have you been in a fight?" Dino asked the obvious question

"Yeah, but I managed to end it safely, ah by the way, Dino-san, why are you here?"

"Our boss came here because he wanted to freeload in your house again" Romario said and the other men laughed.

"No I'm not! I just came to see how everyone is doing? I was also worried because a lot of assassins have been attacking Tsuna" Dino reacted immediately after the joke.

"It all started after the inheritance ceremony, is there really no way for me to renounce the title as the next Vongola boss?" Tsuna asked for the -th time, again.

"Well ofcourse there is, but I bet you'll get yourself killed by Reborn, before you even do that! Hahahaah" Dino said jokingly like he just said something normal. Tsuna sweatdropped.

"Ahh that reminds me, Reborn suddenly disappeared, when we're on our way to sch-, ah….. Haa…"

" Is there a problem Tsuna?" Dino asked, seeing the change in Tsuna's expression.

"I forgot about school, " Tsuna said, still calm , he still hasn't put off his flame.

"Then I'll give you a ride, it will be faster with these " Dino pointed at his foreign cars with his men lined up.

"Ah, it's okay Dino-san, riding you're car would cause too much attention, I'll just run my way through it, so bye!" he politely refused before running at an incredible speed.

Tsuna, in his hyper dying will mode, is really fast and he reached his classroom just before the bell rang, unlike his three bully classmates who got scolded by their teacher


"JYUU-DAAII-MEE!" yelled the siver haired boy

"G-Gokudera kun?" Tsuna sweat dropped

" I heard about it! Another assassin came to kill you!, I'm a useless right hand man , I couldn't even protect you!" he said weeping in despair

" aaa, I'ts okay Gokudera kun I'm not hurt at all ehehe"

The three bullies were watching from afar

" There's no way Dame-Tsuna could ask those guys with the luxurious car to role play with him" Yamada whispered anxiously,

"He really is a m-mafia boss!" Yuuga agreed

"W-why didn't we notice? Gokudera Hayato is always so kind to him and he even calls him jyuudaime?" Satsuki said in realization. It seems that all this time, they were pretty oblivious of what's happening around them, that it sounds so ridiculous.

"One thing's bothering me, why didn't he let everyone know about it? I'm sure no one would dare bully him if they knew, even the teachers won't have the guts to confront him!" Yamada voiced out his opinions. Surely if it were him in Tsuna's position, he would use it to his advantage and gain total authority in the school.

"Yeah, and why is it that in school he is a no-good? I mean, do you think that he's just pretending to be a slow-thinking freak?"

" I know! There must be a secret of why he tries to hide his identity and maintain a low-profile!"

"Whatever it is, we must all research about it! About Vongola! About Sawada and everything else!"

"Wouldn't it be dangerous to go against those kinds of things? Or even bully dame-tsuna? You know, maybe he's just extending his patience and avoids commotions so as to not reveal his identity… and maybe he's just waiting for a time to strike back and get revenge on us! Oh no!"

"You're right! then it's decided!"

"We must all be nice to dame- we mean Sawada Tsunayoshi, until we find out his secrets!" Yuuga concluded

"What will we do if we found out?"

"We can ask him for protection!"

"… or money!"

"… or we can be a part of his family!"

….chatter chatter.. They discussed it all day long, - and someone is watching them- someone who longs for revenge for the humiliation that he suffered ..

his name is " m_"

To be continued-

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