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"And that's the reason why we will be staying here.." Squalo said as he sat on Tsuna's Bed.

Tsuna was dumbfounded, he stared at each of the "fierce" Varia members that are messing around his room. `They totally lost it!' ,he thought to himself, the shadows of his hair covering his eyes. Xanxus noticed the change in Tsuna, he was waiting for his reaction and suddenly, the brunette bursted out in laughter.

"Oi, you damn brat! Why're you laughing?" Xanxus was irritated, he was trying so hard to suppress his anger for the Ninth's order was to protect him, not to kill him.

"ahaha, I- I'm sorry" Tsuna said trying to stop his laughter "It's just that..hahah.. I can't believe that the Varia would do such a thing as this", Tsuna immediately realized the situation he was in as he took a slight glance at Xanxus' unexplainable face.

"HIII!" he shouted as a knife flew in his direction, it was just a few millimetres away from stabbing his face.

"Ushishishi, nice dodge Vongola brat" Bel said creepily, it seems like he wasn't too pleased with the situation they were in, too.

"Demo, senpai, this house isn't that bad.." Fran interrupted as he barged inside the room eating some snacks, all of the attention were turned to him.

"Where'd you go, Froggy?"

"VOIII! Fran! We were having an important business around here! .." Squalo shouted

"It's not like I'm lazing around though, Commander, See, I even left this ultra-realistic-Fran model here.." He said pointing at his dummy who was sitting on the floor with a quite serious look.

"Tch" was Xanxus only reaction.

"Anyway,where've you been? Stupid Frog?"

"Oh, I was just getting bored of Squalo-senpai's ugly narration, and I saw Lus- senpai in the kitchen with Vongola-no-mama-san" Fran said, averting the previously serious topic into something trivial, Squalo was irritated by Fran's insult,

"..And they were making these things…" He added, referring to the plate of Onigiri he was holding.

"VOII! Now that you mention it, I was getting hungry, give me some of that.."

"Iyada da yo, stupid commander, go get some for yourself"

Tsuna sweat dropped at the sudden change of mood.

`What the heck's wrong with them' , he thought, looking at the arguing members of an infamous assassination squad, good thing Lussuria and his mom went in and gave them Dinner.

"..Guess I have to deal with them for a while", Tsuna was disheartened as he imagined the things he'll have to go through ".. And I have to deal with those issues at school too, where in the world is reborn?!"


At a certain house where Mochida lives…

"This is bad", he thought, "I never thought it would be this big". Mochida has been absent from school since the day he heard about Dame-Tsuna.

"..But it's better this way"

Among the three bullies..

"Uwaahh! This is hopeless! We can't contact Mochida-senpai!" Yamada wailed as he lay on the floor of Satsuki's room.

"Shut up Yamada, we're not sure what he's up to yet" Yuuga complained

"That's right what if he was secretly arranging a rendezvous with some famous informant", Satsuki suggested trying to brighten up the mood.

Unknown to them, there was a certain someone who was watching them from the dark.

Yuuga Turned on his PC and checked his E-mail, he saw a mysterious chat message from a person named "Nerrob"

It says: If you found a tangible proof about Sawada Tsunayoshi's real identity within a week, I'll let you join the family…"

"E-EHHH!, wh-who the heck is this?! " Yuuga shouted, Yamada and Satsuki rushed to see what's going on "H-how did he know that we're looking for sawada's….", his statement was cut off when the mysterious person sent another message

Nerrob: "..If you failed, your lives will be over"

"WAHH!" the three fell backwards "W-what the heck was that?!.."

"I-I knew it!" Yamada exclaimed "we shouldn't have messed with the mafia guys!"


"S-shut up you two!, we still have a week ..w-we just have to do our best.."Yuuga encouraged them..

A certain man from the shadows outside their house whispered to himself, "..That's right, even if it's just a bluff, look for the proof like your life depends on it.."


Tsuna and the Varia members are walking towards "Namimori Middle School", well except for mammon, he was literally floating. The people are whispering about the scary strangers with Sawada.

"They look like foreigners.."

"I saw them yesterday too"

Tsuna's POV

"This doesn't feel right!" I thought as we strolled the road "..I, am walking to school with my ex-enemies protecting me.. this is totally messed up" he continued as he gave a slight glance at the Varia who were having their usual argument. "..well, I can still believe it if it were just them, but.. even Xanxus.." he sighed as they reach the gates of namimori middle school where a prefect was standing on guard.

Back to normal POV

"If it isn't the Vongola cloud guardian, ushishishi" Belphegor said looking at Hibari Kyouya

"I'll bite you to death!" Hibari replied immediately, preparing to fight the sadistic prince.

"Hi-Hibari-san, y-you can't fight him! He's a teacher .. and the students here would be.." Tsuna said panicking.

Hibari looked at the brunette with a dissatisfied expression, "tch, back to your herbivore side, huh.." He muttered as he walked away from the crowd.

Tsuna, on the other hand was pleased but he didn't quite understand what Hibari meant ,

"Herbivore side?"

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard Gokudera Hayato's usual greeting, "Jyuudaime!"


Gokudera glared at the Varia members "why the heck are you with Jyuudaime?"

"Ah, it was the Ninth's orders, Gokudera-kun, they're here to protect me..."

"Na-nani?! Aren't I good enough to protect you?" Gokudera shouted "No! I failed as your right hand man" he fell to his knees and started regretting a lot of things, the Varia members already went ahead to their personal "teacher's lounge".

"ahaha, Ohayo Tsuna!" Yamamoto greeted as he walked towards them, "What's wrong with Gokudera?

"Eto, Gokudera-kun thought he failed as my right hand man because the ninth sent the Varia to protect me…" Tsuna explained.

"But isn't that great? The more the merrier" Yamamoto commented

"What do you know? Baseball-freak!? That means we're not enough as Jyuudaime's bodyguards!" Gokudera protested. The two continued arguing.

"demo.. I think that you guys are enough for me too" Tsuna said making Gokudera revert back to his puppy mode "Is that true, Jyuudaime?!"


Gokudera's eyes widen in happiness and he regained his previous energy "Yosh, I'm going to protect Jyuudaime with all I got!"

"Ahahaha, yeah", Yamamoto added

As the three were talking, a familiar figure appeared before them,

"Yes, I will protect you too, Vongola Decimo"

"M-Mochida-senpai!" Tsuna was surprised to see the man whom he beat up a while back in his dying will mode.

"What do you want?" Gokudera asked rudely

"Calm down, storm guardian, I'm not here to bring any harm, like I said, I'm here to protect Vongola Decimo" Mochida replied

"Ho-How did you know about us?... HII! This is getting complicated!" Tsuna panicked

"Well, simply put it..." Mochida replied "I'm a part of the Vongola too, and you are my boss.."



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