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Chapter 2: Robin

Mount Justice

March 2, 23:40 ECT

The team walked in to their base had lost the battle against Sportsmaster, and in the process had lost their little brother they all came to love.

Batman approached them. "Where's Robin?"

They shook their head.

Batman gave them the bat glare. "I repeat myself, Where is Robin"

Kaldur stepped forward. "He's had a change of heart."

Batman's eyes widened.

Mount Justice

March 2, 8:00 ECT

Robin walked into the room. His eyes were uneasy, as he didn't look any of his friends in the eye.

Kaldur lifted his eyebrow. Something was bothering Robin, and he wanted to know what. He walked up to the young Boy Wonder.

"Robin, is something the matter?" He asked worriedly.

Robin smiled. "No not at all." It was a fake smile, and Kaldur saw right through it.

But he knew that Robin would not say anything else so he let it be, for now.

"Alright, but if something is ever bothering you, I'm ready to listen."

Robin nodded. "Ok, thanks Kaldur." He walked into another room.

Batman approached the teenagers as they gathered for another mission.

"Someone has been stealing tech all through out the state."

He showed them some different footage of the robberies.

"Every time there's no alarm, no warning. Whoever this thief is, they're good."

He then showed the coordinates of where they would go.

"This is where we think they will strike next. You will steak out tonight there. If you see anything you have permission to interfere. If you need help, don't hesitate to call us."

They nodded.

Batman nodded and took off.

Star City

March 2, 18:00 ECT

The bioship stopped over the city.

The team switched into their stealth mode and exited from the ship.

Once out Kaldur spoke.

"For this mission we will be working in pairs. Superboy and Miss Martian, Kid Flash and Artemis, and Robin and I."

Conner and M'gann smiled.

Artemis groaned while Kid Flash did a fist pump.

Robin merely nodded.

Kaldur turned to M'gann.

"Link us up Miss Martian."

She nodded.

We're all set

Good, if any of you see anything contact us via mind. No one goes in there without the rest of us.

They nodded and took off.

Robin sighed as he turned and looked at Kaldur.

Kaldur didn't notice as he scanned the building.

Robin didn't know why he felt unsure; this is what he was trained for! Everything he did was for this moment.

This was the night he would betray the League and the team. This was the night he would reveal himself as the mole.

Young Dick Grayson sighed, he hated the orphanage.

It has been only a day since his parents' death, but it felt like a thousand years.

The manager walked into his room accompanied by a man. Little did Dick know, but this man was a hench-man of Ra's al Ghul

"Finally, here's our latest addition. Richard Grayson, 9, who lost his parents yesterday in a freak accident."

The man nodded. "Alright, may I have a word with him?"

The manager nodded and stepped out of the room.

The man kneeled down to come face to face with Dick.

"I have a deal to make with you. My boss has been thinking about adopting a boy your age, but they must be able to follow rules without questions. Do you think you could do that?"

Dick nodded.

The man smiled. "Good, come with me."

Dick took the man's hand and they left to find the manager.

After that Ra's al Ghul trained him for 5 months before he was "adopted" by Bruce Wayne. Originally he was supposed to transfer Wayne co. secrets to Ra's al Ghul but then he discovered his secret.

As of now, only Ra's al Ghul knew, the rest of The Light didn't have a clue.

After he found out who Bruce really was he was a spy, someone Batman would never suspect, relaying all of Batman's secrets to Ra's al Ghul.

Once The Light was formed, he spied for them as well.

Then came the team. Once it was formed, he stopped with Batman and instead spied on the team.

Now he was to backstab them, and live with Ra's al Ghul. His spying days would soon be over.

He used to not wait for this day, but now that it was here he had second thoughts.

Shaking his head, Robin convinced himself that he was getting soft.

This was for the best.

His communicator beeped, Robin checked it seeing it was his Light communicator.

The light was green; that meant it was time.

Robin crept behind Kaldur.

Kaldur was too busy looking through a pair of binoculars to notice.

Grabbing a metal pipe, Robin banged it against Kaldur's head.

Kaldur gasped and fell to the ground, unconscious.

Dropping the pipe, Robin ran inside to join Sportsmaster.

M'gann gasped as Kaldur's mind connection was gone.

Conner turned to her in question.

I can't contact Aqualad!

You sure?

Of course she's sure Kid Flash! Why else would she say that?

I just wanted to be sure Artemis!


Enough! Now is not the time to fight.

Superboy is right; I just lost Robin as well.

Should we go check it out?

Yes, we should. We'll all meet at their position.


All right.

The rest of the team arrived at Kaldur and Robin's position.

M'gann was the first to see Kaldur's unconscious body.

She gasped and flew over to him.

"Unnn." Kaldur groaned as he opened his eyes.

He sat up rubbing his head.

"Aqualad, are you alright?" M'gann asked worriedly.

He nodded, "yes I am fine."

"What happened, and where's Robin?"

Kaldur looked around. "I was hit from behind with something. My attacker must of gotten Robin as well."

He stood up, facing his team members.

"I bet it was Sportsmaster! He must have taken him inside the building!" Kid Flash exclaimed.

Aqualad nodded, "Let's go check it out then."

They nodded and headed towards the building.

Arriving in the building, they saw Sportsmaster waiting for them.

"Where is Robin! What did you do with him!" Kid Flash yelled.

Sportsmaster chuckled. "I did nothing to him, he's right here. Come on out Robin your 'friends' want you."

To the team's surprise, Robin did smirking all the way. He stood beside Sportsmaster.

"Robin!" M'gann gasped.

"What are you doing?" Artemis asked confused.

Sportsmaster chuckled. "He was never on your side, silly children. Ever since he was 9 he has been serving Ra's al Ghul. He is your mole, everything you told him had been relayed directly to The Light."

The team gasped, they never would have thought that Robin would betray them.

"Robin, busy your ex-teammates while I finish up." Sportsmaster commanded while walking off.

Robin narrowed his eyes and nodded. "With pleasure." He charged at the team.

They gasped as got ready to fight their friend.

As they battled, they were slowly loosing.

Artemis' bow had been broken, Kid Flash had been knocked out, M'gann was tied up, and Conner was frozen trying to break free.

Kaldur was currently battling the boy wonder, trying to talk some sense into the boy.

"Robin listen to me! You don't have to do this! There is another option."

Robin shook his head. "Sorry, but no dice." He threw another punch at his ex-friend.

"I know this is what you have been trained to do, but do you really want to become the thing you fought against?" Kaldur asked dodging the punch.

"That's what you think! I've always been a villain, always have and always will." Robin smirked.

"Then was all of that a lie? Was that all that just an act?" Kaldur questioned.

"Duh. It was fun, but I got to go." Robin spoke throwing a smoke bomb and a bird-a-rang.

Kaldur coughed as the bird-a-rang wrapped around his body. Stumbling, he fell to the ground.

By the time the team got themselves together, Robin and Sportsmaster were long gone.

Flying home in the bioship, they were silent and somber.

"What are we going to tell Batman?" M'gann finally asked.

Kaldur sighed, "The truth."

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