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"I'm more concerned about Superboy. We still know very little about what Cadmus programmed into their weapon. Conner could be the mole, and not know it."

Mount Justice
December 10 10:00 ECT

Kaldur sighed as he watched Conner and M'gann make lunch.
He couldn't shake the feeling he had after what Batman said about Conner.

He was convinced that there wasn't a mole, but still that feeling was there.

He couldn't help but smile as M'gann gasped when she saw Conner covered in food again, unable to catch all she had thrown at him.

Kaldur decided to keep an eye on Conner and see what happens.
Wally sighed storming off after yet another fight with Artemis.

Why does she have to be so… so…. Uggg!

"Hey wait up!" A voice called.

Wally stopped to see Robin running towards him.

"Wally, you really shouldn't let her get to you like that, she's just pulling your leg."

Wally rolled his eyes. "I can't help it, she just does."

Robin smirked. "Like you do to her."

"Who me?" Wally said

"Yes you. Come on it's so obvious!" Robin said.

"What's so obvious?" Wally asked.

"You mean you don't know?" Robin asked.

"No, I'm not a bat so no I don't know everything!" Wally snapped.

"Calm down, no need to snap." Robin said smirking.

Wally smiled at his friend. "Sorry I'm just kind of stressed right now."

Robin nodded. "Well I know just what you need to be tressed."
He started to walk towards the main room.

Wally followed. "Really, tressed?"

"What? It's the opposite of stressed."
M'gann smiled at Conner as he came back into the kitchen with new clothes on. The food had been washed off of him; and if you didn't know of the incident, you wouldn't be able to tell it happened.

"There all better! Do you still want to help me with lunch?" She asked hopefully.

Before Conner could answer, Robin came into the room and walked over to them.

"Better idea. How about we all go and eat out?"

Wally followed him and put in his opinion. "Let's go to Ihop!"

"Way to be original Baywatch!" Artemis spoke joining the group.

"Oh and you have a better idea?" Wally spat.

"In fact I do—"

"Guys, enough!" Robin said as Kaldur walked into the room.

Recognized Batman 02

Batman silently walked into the room.
"You can worry about where to eat later, I have a mission for you."
He motioned for them to follow him.

The team nodded and followed.

"Dude, how does he…" Wally whispered to Robin.

"He just does." Robin replied.

December 10 14:00 ECT

"Cadmus has opened a new lab in Metropolis." Batman spoke looking at the team

The bioship was silent as the team approached their destination.

Robin was going through his mental checklist before the mission.

"I want you to go in, covertly, and find out what they're hiding in there."

Conner was quietly staring at M'gann.

"It's a simple mission, get in then get out."

M'gann was focused on the bioship.

"If there are any problem, call the legue immediately."

Artemis was sharpening her arrows.

"This is probably the most dangerous mission yet, as a team. Good luck."

Kaldur was staring at the road ahead of them

M'gann slowed the bioship. "We're here."

Kaldur nodded. "Good, Miss Martian link us up."

M'gann nodded.
*Everyone here?*

*Here as usual beautiful*

*Well we know that Baywatch is here*

*I'm here*

*Here and asterous*

*Good, let's go*

They silently made their way to the lab. The silence was awkward, in a way. The founding 4 members had a lot on their mind tonight.

Aqualad turned to Robin, *Can you hack in and open the doors?*

Robin smirked *Duh! I'm on it!* He opened his holographic computer and got to work.

After what seems like years Robin smiled. *Done, we're good to go.*

December 10 18:05 ECT

Those words weren't fitting at all at the moment.

Kid Flash breathed hard as his attacker got up.

This wasn't how the mission was supposed to go.

Robin was on the ground next to him, unconscious. Miss Martian was in no shape to battle right now, she was currently in a corner after being attacked in her mind. Artemis's leg was broken and she couldn't move. Aqualad was thrown against the wall, and into blackness. It was just him now, Kid Flash.

He prepared himself for an attack. The attacker growled and lunged at Kid Flash, and with super strength, sent the speedster into a wall.

Superboy crouched, waiting for the redhead to get up. Kid Flash slowly got up looking at Superboy as the clone ran at him for the final blow. Unable to move in time, Kid Flash felt his nose break and the world went black.

Mount Justice
December 11 10:00 ECT

Wally groaned as the world, and major pain, came back to him.
Sitting up he winced and saw his Uncle beside him in a flash.

"Wally, you're awake!" The older Flash said.
"We, Bats and I that is, found you and your team unconscious in Cadmus. ,don'tyoudaredothattomeagain!"

Wally chuckled a little. "Calm down Uncle Barry, you are speed talking again. Are any of the others awake yet?"

Barry shook his head. "No, you're the first awake."

Before Wally could respond Batman came into the room.
"What happened at Cadmus?" He asked getting straight to the point.

Wally sighed. "We were investigating an express elevator when Conner went berserk and attacked us. Turns out that he was a sleeper agent the whole time."

Batman nodded. "That explains why he wasn't there when we found you."

Wally looked up. "What's going to happen to him? I mean it really isn't his fault, it's Cadmus'."

Batman's face remained expressionless. "We we find him we will take him into custody and see if there is anyway to help his condition."

And if there isn't?" Wally questioned.

"Then he will have to be put down." Batman answered.

Wally's eyes widened. His Uncle comforted him as Batman walked out of the room.

Before the Dark Knight left he uttered one more thing. "Of course we expect that we'll be able to fix his condition."