Get number six-three-seven-four-sex-four-three. Alright. The redheaded girl turned her head up at the rush of cool air that hit her in the side where she sat on the Tsiiff. Startled, she backed away from it. When she felt an unfamiliar object, rough and warm and live, brush against her side, she ran to the Rannds and cowered by the Werr. The foreign Thing grabbed her wrist and pulled her to her feet. Disoriented, she tried to pull away, but the Thing proved to be much larger than she thought, and scooped her up easily into its arms. It carried her across the Err, and through the Dala Werr? Out of the Err, the world? That didn t make any sense . And yet, here she was, with a completely unfamiliar breeze blowing aroud her, bringing with it unpleasantly disorienting unfamiliar scents, noises, and light. Suddenly, she was in total Nga, darkness. She was put down on the floor. She felt an odd, cool feeling around her upper head. (Her blindfold had been taked off, but of course she didn t know this.) There was a slight flicker, and a very dim, almost imperceptible, red light filled the room. As time progressed, the light got brighter, and the hue less red, until, by ten o clock the next morning, the girl who had been blind her whole life had gotten used to the ight (with minimal pain). Once this procedure was finished, the girl was roughly made to walk (a motion which she hadn t quite got used to) to a room down the hall, where she was shoved into a pale yellow dress, the sash was pulled a bit too tight, and her hair was combed, which wasn t exactly an easy task. She was then taken into yet another room, where she waited, passing the time by practicing walking back and forth.
Four people walked in. She didn t recognize them.