Chapter 1 The Stoppable Sisters

Salem Village 1693. A young boy, Felix Renton is awakened in the morning for no reason. He looks around the room for his sister, Hanna. "Hanna? Hanna?" From outside he can hear the sultry voice of Ron Stoppable singing to the children of the village. Singing. "Come little children, I'll take thee away, into a land of enchantment…" Going outside. Hanna? Singing. "Come little children, the times come to play…" "Elijah! Elijah, has thou seen my sister, Hanna?" "Nay, but look." He points to the Stoppable cottage in the

wood where smoke comes from the chimney. "They conjure." Felix looks and sees Hanna following Ron into the woods. "Oh God, the wood!" He runs closer to the edge of the village. "Hanna!" "She's done for." Grabs Elijah by the shirt. "Not yet! You wake my father! Summon the others! Go!" Felix follows Hanna into the woods. Woods. Felix manages to fall down several hills and wades through sallow creeks to get the Stoppable home. Stoppable Cottage. "Come child." Hanna follows Ron into the house. Felix looks

in the window and sees Hanna surrounded by the Stoppable Sisters, Ron, Gil, and Kim. Kim is the leader of the sisters, she has red hair and dresses in shades of green. Gil is next, she's a little on the plump side. She has black and dresses in shades of red. Ron, is the final sister, and she seems a little dizzy. She has blonde hair and dresses in shades of purple. They are all slightly old. Hanna spots him and sits up. The sisters turn to the window but Felix ducks out of sight. Ron and Gil go and look out the front door to look for Felix, but he's hiding and they can't see him. Kim throws open a window and looks around. "Oh look, another glorious morning." Pause. Makes me sick!

Sisters!" "Yes Kimmie?" "Coming Kimmie." "Right away. Sorry." "Must have been an imp." Goes over to her spell book and talks to it like a child. "My darling, my little book. We must continue with our spell now that our guest of honor has arrived. Wake up. Wake up, darling." The book wakes up. "Yes, well come along. There you are. Gil!" "Right here, Kimmie. Right here. Sorry." To book. "Hello, hello." "I notice sister Ron isn't helping." "I lured the child here." Grabs Gil's ear. "Leave her be, she has done her chore." Let's go of Gil's ear. "You're right, I'm wrong." She and Ron make faces at each other. "All right. 'Tis time!" The book opens and

flips itself to a certain page. "There it is." Reading from book. "Bring to a full rolling bubble. Add two drops oil of boil." She moves to pick up the oil of boil but Gil is there before her. "I got it. It's heavy. You do that, I'll do this." She adds the oil of boil to the cauldron. "Six, but the hour with the herb that's red. Turn three times, pluck a hair from my head." Felix sneaks inside the cottage and watches the witches from the second floor landing. "Add a dash of fox and a dead man's toe. Oh, a dead man's toe and make

it a fresh one." Beings singing. "Dead man's toe. And a dead man's toe. Dead, dead, dead. Dead, dead, dead." Gil walks up with a bowl of toes and sniffs one. "Fresh one." She tosses it into the cauldron. Then Gil and Ron begin tossing toes at each other. Finally Kim has had enough and steps into stop them. "Will you two stop that? I need to concentrate." "Sorry." To Ron. "She needs to concentrate." She pauses and takes a sniff of the air. She can smell Felix. To herself. "Newt saliva." "I smell a child." "What does thou call that?" Points to Hanna. "A child?" "Hah! Sisters, gather round. One thing more and all is done, add a bit of thine own

tongues." They each take a bite of their own tongues and spit them into the cauldron. "Oh, Kimmie, thou art divine." "'Tis ready for testing." Takes a spoon and dips it in the potion. "One drop of this and her life will be mine." Pause. "I mean, ours." To Hanna while walking towards her with spoon. "All right, girl. Open up your mouth." "No!" The sisters look up in surprise. "A boy!" Get him you fools!" Felix manages to escape them and runs over to the cauldron. "Get away from my potion." "I got him! I knew I smelled

a boy!" Felix turns the cauldron over, and the potion spills out. "Ahhh! My potion!" "Hanna!" Felix almost reaches his sister but Kim hits him with blasts of electricity and he drops to the ground. "Kimmie? Kimmie, look." Gil points at Hanna who has somehow ingested some of the potion. Hanna's life force is glowing around her. "Sisters, prepare thy selves. 'Tis her life force. The potion works. Take my hands, we will share her!" "Oh Kimmie, how generous of thee." They go over to Hanna begin to suck away her life force. When they are through Hanna has grown very old and died. The sisters, however, are much younger now. "Sisters, behold!"

"I am beautiful! Boys will love me!" "We're younger!" Claps her hands. "But it's a start! Sisters!" The sisters begin to do a little dance. "Kim, thou art a mere spring of a girl." "Liar. But I shall be a spring forever once I suck the lives of all the children of Salem." Spots Felix. "Let's brew another batch." "You hag! There are not enough children in the world to make thee young and beautiful." "Hag?" "Uh oh." "Sisters, did you hear what he called you? Whatever should we with him?" "Let's Bar-Bq and filet him." "Hang him on a hook, and let me play with him." "No! Book. Darling come to mommy. Yes." The book floats to her. "His

punishment must be more fool some. More lingering." To book. "Dazzle me, my darling." The book flips open to some papers. "Amnesia, bunions, chill breaks, cholera. We can do better than that I think." The book flips again. "Yes, let's see what we have…oh! Perfect." She shuts the book and hands it over to Ron. "As usual. His punishment shall not be to die, but to live forever with his guilt." "As what, Kimmie? As what?" "Jump back!" They do and she begins a spell. "Twist the bone. And bend the back." Ron and Gil say "Itch-It-A-Cop-It-A Mel-A-Ka-Mys-Ti-ca" in the background. "Trim him of his baby fat. Itch-It-A- Cop-It-A Mel-A-Ka-Mys-Ti-ca. Give him fur black as black. Just…Like…This." They each hold their hands over Felix and he beings to groan with pain.