Chapter 3 Black Flame Candle part 1

"She and Dad are going to the party at Town Hall." "Well you're eight, go by yourself." He goes over to his drum kit and and starts playing. "No way! This is my first time! I'll get lost. Besides it's a full moon outside. The weirdos are out!" Goes over and gives him a hug. "Come on, Josh. Couldn't you forget about being a cool teenager for one night? Please! We used to have so much fun together trick or treating. Remember? It'll be like old times."

"Tara, the old days are dead." "It doesn't matter what you say, you're taking me." "Wanna bet?!" Tara screams "MOM!" Their parents, Dave and Jenny are talking in the living room. His father goes up stairs and knocks on Josh's door. Tara opens the door and sees her father there.

He tells her to get ready for trick or treating. He walks into Josh's room. He starts talking to him while Josh is still at his drum kit. "We moved here so you and Tara could live in a safe, clean environment." "Well if it's so safe and clean, why can't she go trick or treating by herself?" "Because she's 8 years old!" "But, Dad, I'm 16!" "15!… Josh, Tara is counting on you. Bring a friend along." "All my friends are in California, Dad!" "What about this Bonnie? I hear you're crazy about…"

"I can't believe she told you! She blabs her fat mouth about my personal stuff and you expect me to take her trick or treating… well, forget it, Dad." "That's fine. And you can forget about your learner's permit until next year." "Unfair, totally unfair!" "I never told you life was fair, Josh, suit up." "What?" "Tara expects you to wear a costume." "Tara expects you to wear a costume." "You're kidding right?"

"And, Josh, don't scare Tara. She'll get nightmares." "My life is a nightmare…" Tara comes bouncing down stairs with Josh following sulkily. "Let's go, hurry up. The bewitching hour's about to begin." Dave likes Tara's witch costume. "That's very scary, wow!" He looks at Josh's costume not sure what to make of it. "What about you, Josh what are you supposed to be?" "A rap singer." "Oh, well your hat should be sideways shouldn't it." He turns Josh's hat. Jenny has a camera with her.

"Say Halloween!" Jenny takes the picture. Josh and Tara leave the house to go trick or treating. Dave and Jenny look though the window seeing leaves fall. "Do you think you're being a little hard on Josh?" "I just want him to make a little effort!" "It's difficult for a boy his age to adjust." "Honey, look at it. Isn't it wonderful. No earthquakes. No smog." "No mud slides." "All we have to worry about in Salem is…"

"Witches!" They both look at each with worried looks. Josh is carting Tara around to different houses so she can go trick or treating. The people in Salem obviously love Halloween and it's obvious in all the decorating that they do. "Lighten' up, Josh." "Can we go home now?" "No." Josh spots Jay and Ice and some of their friends harassing the kids passing by for candy.

"Let's just go this way." Tara heads straight for Ice and Jay, ignoring Josh. "Tara!" "Ding ding. Ding ding." Ice holds us his leg so Tara can't pass. "Stop and pay the toll, kid." "Ten chocolate bars, no licorice." "Dump out your sack!" "Drop dead, moron." Yo, twerp. How'd you like to be hang off that telephone pole?" "I'd like to see you try it. Cause it just so happens I've got my big brother with me. Josh!" Jay and Ice are not impressed by this. Josh walks up towards them.

"Hollywood. Oh no." "So you're doing a little trick or treating?" "I'm taking my little sister around." "That's nice. Whoa, I love the costume. But what are you supposed to be? A New Kid on the Block?" "For your information, he's a little leaguer!" "Whoa, little leaguer!" He and Ice fake a basketball play. Tara tries to walk by again. "Wait a minute. Everyone pays the toll." "Stuff it, zit face." "Why you little…" Ice moves to hit Tara but Josh steps in the way. "Hey, Ice…" Josh shoves a bag of candy at him.

"Come on Tara. Let's go." Josh and Tara walk off. "And Hollywood… the shoes fit great." He and Tara walk up the steps to another house for more candy. "You should have punched them." "They would have killed me." "At least you would have died like a man." "Hey! You just humiliated me in front of half the guys at school! So collect your candy and get out of my life!" "I wanna go home! Now!"

She storms off. He rushes off after her. Tara has stopped and sat down on a hay pile in front of another house. "Tara, I'm sorry. It's just that I hate this place. I miss all my friends. I wanna go home." "Well this is your home now, so get used to it." "Yeah. Give me one more chance?" "Why should I?" "Cause I'm your big brother." Tara laughs and they hug. Josh looks up at the sky.

"Whoa, did you check that out." "What?" "Something just flew across the moon." Tara looks up and Josh jumps at her and scares her a bit. They both laugh. "Let's go jerk face. They turn and. Look at the house, only it's a mansion. "Whoa!" "Check out that house." "Ah, rich people. They'll probably make us drink cider and for apples."

They nod to each other and go into the house. "Trick or treat?!" They spot a huge cauldron full of candy and go to it. "Jack pot!" "Josh Mankey." Josh looks up and spots Bonnie dressed in Victorian garb. Standing on the second floor landing. "Bonnie!" "Oh, Bonnie, huh?"

"I thought you weren't into Halloween." "I'm not just, I'm just taking my little sister Tara, around." "Well that's nice." "I always do it." "My parents make him." "Do you want some cider?" "No." "Sure!" Bonnie goes to get two cups of cider. One for her and one of Josh.

She comes back and hands the other cup to Josh. "Thanks. So, um how's the party?" "Boring. It's just a bunch of my parents' friends. They do this every year. I've got candy duty. By the way, Tara, I love your costume." "Thank you. I really like yours too. Of course. I couldn't wear anything like that because I don't have any…what do call them Josh…yaboos?"

Josh chokes on his cider, while Bonnie laughs. "Josh likes your yaboos. In fact he loves'em." "I'm really into witches." "Really? Me too. We just learned about theses sisters in school." "Oh, you mean the Stoppable sisters?" Tara nods. "I know all about them, my mom used to run the museum."

"There's a museum about 'em?" "Yeah, but they shut it down because a lot of spooky things happened there." "Well, why don't we go to the Stoppable house?" Tara shakes her head no, Bonnie looks at him. "Well come on, make me a believer out of me." "Okay, let me change. They'll never miss me." She goes upstairs. "Josh, I'm not going up there."