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My name is Talia Primrose Mellark. My parents are the famous 'star-crossed lovers from District 12', Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire and Peeta Mellark, the boy with the bread. Of course, they've grown up a lot since then. They got married and had me, fifteen years later. One year after me, came my brother, Ethan. We don't look alike, but we both got our parent's features. I have Mum's long dark hair and Dad's bright blue eyes, the contrast to Ethan, who has the blond hair and grey eyes combination. I'm fifteen today, and guess what my birthday present from the Capitol is?

Today is the reaping for the 105th Hunger Games.

You may be wondering why they are still going on, since Mum practically saved the day and everything. Well, they hosted a last Hunger Games with Capitol kids, but they were still so popular, they carried on. Not helped by the fact that President Snow's hidden kid grew up to be an even more sadistic ruler. But the treaty's he was forced to sign means that he can't harm our family outright. This is why the idea of me or Ethan partaking in the Games is so terrifying, even more so than other families. At 12 noon exactly, for District 12, like all the others and their corresponding name and time, the reaping began. Effie Trinket, still looking as fresh and bubbly as she did when Mum and Dad were reaped, jumped on the podium, sporting her usual bubblegum pink hair. I am standing the regulation roped off section for fifteen year old girls. My hair was tied back into a simple ponytail and I wear a black dress with a blue sash that matches my eyes. I glance over at the boys, where Ethan stands, fidgeting with his cufflinks. My OCD kicks in as I want to yell at him to stop fidgeting. I see Mum gritting her teeth in the audience as well. Fidgeting is a pet peeve for both of us, something with Dad laughs about. My brother stops, finally and I stare at the floor, as Effie starts to bubble into the microphone.

"Welcome, everyone to the reaping of the 105th Hunger Games! Before we begin, let's begin with a speech from the mayor of District 12!"

She hops from the microphone and into her seat. Madge's husband takes her place to a round of polite applause.

" Thank you. The Games are both a time for repentance and for thanks." He begins. The speech is always the same, as no-one really knows what to say about such a cruel matter.

"Our past victors these 105 years are: Haymitch Abernathy."

Haymitch, on whom the years of binge drinking have taken its toll on, was sitting on the floor next to where Mum and Dad stood, clutching his liquor, refusing point blank to get up.

"Couldn't get up if I wanted to sweetheart!" I hear him yell. "One, I'm old. Two, I'm ABSOLUTELY PISSED!" He bellows the last statement out as loud as he can, right as the mayor says his name.

"Katniss Everdeen." The mayor says, peering curiously at the scene the past victors are making.

Mum blushes as Haymitch cackles from his outburst and the whole of the district turns to watch them.

"And Peeta Mellark." The mayor finishes. He clears his throat, then welcomes Effie back onto the stage. She grins widely and waves to my parents, and the now passed out Haymitch.

"Happy Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favour!" It's scary how her face seems so similar to when Mum was reaped, thanks to the scary sounding medical anti-aging procedures in the Capitol.

"Ladies first!" She rummages around in the glass bowl marked 'District 12 Girls'

She pulls out a slip of paper. She reads it, and her face falls. It doesn't surprise me when she calls out:

"Talia Mellark."

I step out of my position and walk towards the podium, whilst she asks for volunteers. No-one comes forward. But it doesn't surprise me at all. I stand by the podium. Effie looks at me, her silly grin still plastered on her face, but her eyes show remorse. I risk a glance at my parents. Mum is crying, Dad trying to console her. He shoots me a reassuring glance.

"Well, now for the boys." Effie says, reaching into the other glass bowl. She opens the chosen paper, and looks close to tears. No. No.

"E-Ethan Mellark." She whispers. I glance at my brother, and try to stop from screaming. My little brother. Only fourteen. It's bad enough I'm in the stupid games, but now my brother is too and there's nothing I can do about it. I try to quell my tears, by covering my face.

"Any volunteers?" Effie asks. Please. Please let someone save my brother.

"I volunteer." A voice says. I nearly faint with relief as I look up and see someone gently place my brother back in line. He looks familiar as he strode up to Effie.

" What's your name then young man?" she asks.

"Lewis Hawthorne."

Gale's son. That's why he looks so familiar. Gale moved back here from District Two with his wife Tessie and son Lewis a few years ago, but I've never met Lewis since I was 3 years old. He walks over to me, and we are expected to shake hands. As our hands clasp together, I look at him properly. He resembles Gale fully, but instead of eyes of grey, they are a luminous green. They bore into my eyes and I mouth something, that I cannot possibly say enough.

Thank you.

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