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AN: I know it's early in the season but this is just a little drabble about Vi and Tate.

Violet hated when people stared at her. She never understood why they had his stupid need to watch or why men thought they could ogle at girls as they walked by. She hated it; it made her feel uncomfortable, like she was some piece of meat. She had hated men in a general way for a while, especially after what her dad had done.

Whatkindofmancoulddowhathedid?Tocheatonyourwife?Aftershehadthemostbrutalmiscarriage?Andwithastudent?Onenotmucholderthanyourownteenagedaughter?She though and felt sick to her stomach because of her father's actions and her mother's weakness to take him back.

She decided when she found out about what happened that no man would ever have that kind of power over her. But now, as she walked down the basement stairs to meet Tate there like he asked, she wasn't so sure anymore. For the first time she liked a boy, actually liked him looking at her, it made her feel interesting, attractive and giddy and had the butterflies in her stomach running around in circles and screaming bloody murder.

She wasn't so sure about what exactly they were exactly. Sometimes they were friends who hang out and listened to music together when she was home alone, sometimes they were two teens who made out. She liked her time with him but for the very first time she wanted more. She wanted Tate to be hers, to be her boyfriend, as clich├ęd as that sounded. She day dreamed about him all the time, about walking in the park with him as they held hands, about him picking her up for a date, about their "alone time" together and much more. So much more.

She might have been unclear about what they were but down in that basement, where dark and evil creatures roamed and thirsted for blood she could at least pretend. She could make believe that Tate belonged with her, toher, and nothing could tear them apart.

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