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A/N: I've been in a Portal 2 mood and I wanted to write something with Human!Wheatley cause I was tired and bored. So uh... enjoy! :'D

Chell grabbed onto Wheatley's hand, trying to pull him in and refusing to let go of her only friend. The only human she knew, who'd been trapped in Aperture Laboratories and was told he was an android.

A brilliantly clever moron with low self-esteem and bad social skills.

She was killing him. He couldn't breathe and neither could she. Her eyes were closing and his hand was slipping.

His voice was fainter, but he was still begging her to pull him in.

A claw wrapped around Chell's body, pulling her back in through the portal. Wheatley's hand fell out of hers and Chell's eyes opened, adrenaline pushing and forcing her to stay up just a little longer.

"Pull me in, pull me in!"

She caught his hand again and pulled him in with her.

The two passed out on the floor, GLaDOS the last thing they both saw.

Chell woke up.

She didn't know how long she had been asleep, but she knew that Aperture Science Laboratories was not supposed to look so up to speed and perfectly okay.

GLaDOS greeted her warmly.

Too warmly.

The sickeningly nice tone dropped once a computer announced that Caroline had been deleted.

Chell expected that to happen and she relaxed when the nice voice disappeared and was replaced with a cold bored tone.

She noticed something when GLaDOS was in mid-sentence, telling her she could leave. She didn't want to leave, though.

Not without him.

Not without the person missing from the room.
Not without Wheatley.

Her voice, faint and sore, itchy and cracking, carried softly to GLaDOS. She hadn't spoken since before she woke up the first time. It surprised GLaDOS.

"Where's Wheatley?"

The red headed moron had woken up to a sharp jolt of electricity in his sides. He let out a scream at the pain and the woman next to him shifted, but stayed asleep.

He stared frightfully up at GLaDOS and opened his mouth to apologize, tell her he was sorry for what he had done and that it'd never happen again.

A metal claw lifted him up before he could say anything. It squeezed him tightly, enough to break a few ribs. He knew it was only the beginning.

A few broken ribs was nothing compared to what GLaDOS was going to do to him now. She dropped him down a chute and he thought it was the end.

She was going to incinerate him like all the other horrendous trash and that was going to be it. Tiny little Wheatley was going to die.

That would have been merciful.

He hit the ground hard and was carried away again by another claw, taken to an old experimentation room with old computers and a turned off sphere just like Space and all those other personality cores.

He was set on a table and small claws strapped him down to keep him in place. The next fifteen minutes were a blur of wires and pain as he was hooked up to different machines.

If she had stopped there, he would have been so thankful.

Searing pain was the next thing he remembered. Burning white pain that trapped him. He forgot everything in those moments. The pain was all he could think about.

It was the only thing he could feel for years.

Well, really, it had been a half an hour.

His eyes closed when the pain simply vanished and his heart ceased.
The sphere began to boot up and a blue light slowly glowed in the core's optic. It had no clue what was going on but it had never felt better.

Well, never felt anything at all before, really, but that was alright, too.

"GLaDOS," Chell repeated, pausing to cough after she said the name shakily. "Where's Wheatley?"

Mercy would have been leaving him to drift in space.