The two ponies walk back into the TARDIS, struggling to keep each other steady for both were laughing too hard to stand up straight.

"You're right, that was the best party of all time!" Twilight Sparkle, faithful student of a one physical goddess, Princess Celestia. Now currently a temporary traveling companion of her friend, and apparent alien time traveler, Pinkie Pie.

"Of course, Silly! That was the first, and last time Celestia ever got drunk. Don't think she ever truly remembered the entirety of that night…" Pinkie Pie, once she was thought of as a rather mad earth pony with a penchant for throwing parties for literally any reason she could think of, now she was revealed be a 532 year old mad alien time traveler known as a 'Time Lord' with a penchant for throwing parties for literally any reason she could think of. Not much had changed in the past few hours other than the fact that she was now actually starting to make a whole lot more sense. Other than that, she was still Pinkie. The ultimate party pony…er…alien. Right.

"I still can't believe she actually did that!"

"Never would've pegged her as an affectionate drunk. What was it like?"

"…Unique…" She was blushing now, the memory called forth. "Oh I hope she forgot that, I would hate to have to explain how I ended up there…"

Pinkie giggled at her friend's embarrassment as she worked the controls of the TARDIS. "I do think that she doesn't quite remember that, seeing as how she gave no hint to it before, then again, she could just be repressing it. Think we could stop by the palace and ask? Would make for an interesting conversation."

"For you maybe! I, for one, am quite happy with her not remembering that part." She shot her friend a glare.

"I'm not gonna deny it would be kinda funny." She was already fighting her laughter, the conversation playing out in her head in all its hilariously awkward glory. Maybe she could…

"You had better not try to drop us in on her just to see if you could dreg up the memory of that for your own amusement." Oh she was good.

Pinkie pouted, and pulled her hoof away from the controls that would have sent them there. "Was it really that obvious?"

"Do you really want the answer to that question?"

"Dangit, ruin all my fun…"

"Just take us back home, Pinkie." She was shaking her head, though she was still fighting a smile. The concept of it was still rather funny.

"…Pin the tail on the pony."

That did it, both of you were laughing again.

"Poor Luna…" Pinkie manages to gasp out between guffaws.

"I shall never be able to look at another game of Pin the Tail on the Pony the same ever again!" Twilight was rolling on the floor.