Paying in Blood – Pilot #2


Aeris walked through the cemetery on this rainy morning with flowers in her hands. It was March, 4th 2013. She went to the rear of the cemetery and found the tombstone she was looking for. She walked over and looked at the tombstone for a long time. On the tombstone it read: "Leo Leonardo the Third January, 3rd, 1991-March 4th 2011" Two years had passed since he had died by the hands of the mob. He was mistaken as someone who had witnessed an assassination that they had pulled, and was taken for three days. They were the worst three days of her life. Three sleepless nights looking for him. When he was found, he was dead in an alley from a gunshot wound to the chest. For a year she sulked, never beating anything since he died. She had been tracking down the people who did this for a year now, after she started recovering from the loss. Yesterday she made useful progress and tracked down a man who might be able to help her find them, and if they do find them… Let's just say justice will be served, Aeris style.


Aeris bent down at the tombstone.

"Hey Leo." She said to it.

"I brought you some flowers, hope you like them." She said placing the flowers against the tombstone.

"They're blue, your favorite color." She said smiling

"I'm sorry I couldn't bury you with your collar. Those bastards took it." She said bitterly.

"I'm going to try and find the men who did this to you." She said to the ground.

"I found a man who might be able to help me get the bastards who did this to you… Who took you away from me. She said quietly, fighting back tears.

Memories began flooding back, the three days. She remembered the morning of the day he went missing…

Two years and three days earlier…


Aeris lay asleep in her bed, it was a Saturday morning and she wanted to sleep in. But the alarm clock had other plans for the unsuspecting Aeris… It waited, displaying the time so innocently and so calmly, but it knew its true purpose, because this was no ordinary clock… No… This was a genuine alarm clock, with an alarm that could wake people from a coma. It waited, 6:25… 6:26… 6:27… 6:28… 6:29… and then as soon as the clock turned to 6:30am… BEEP! BEEP! The alarm woke Aeris with a jolt, scaring the living shit out of her. But right as the second beep ended, so did the alarm clock's life, ended by an angry pink fist. "DUMB PIECE OF SHIT!" She yelled into her pillow. She forgot to turn off the alarm. She would never be able to go back to sleep now. "Might as well get up I suppose..." She thought. She got up and stretched then walked to the kitchen and made some toast. It was about the time that the toast popped up, that Leo came walking in.

"I heard you yell, what the fuck happened?" Leo asked concerned.

"I forgot to turn off the alarm and I uh… smashed it." Aeris said slightly embarrassed.

"No way, you smashed it! Like, to pieces?" Leo asked excitedly. "

"Yeah something like that." She replied.

"I got to see that!" He said excitedly and ran out of the room.

In the next room you could hear him yell "Hot damn!" as he saw the smashed alarm clock. This made Aeris chuckle a little. Leo walked back into the kitchen.

"Man you fucked that thing up!" Leo exclaimed.

Aeris laughed. "Yeah I guess I did." She admitted.

"Well you want to play Gears 3?" Leo asked his roommate.

"Yeah I'm up for some horde." She replied.

"Cool I'll get it set up." He said smiling.

They played for the whole morning…

Back to present…

General POV

The memory started to fade away, the last good time her and Leo shared together.

"Goodbye Leo, I'll visit again soon." She said to the tombstone

She got up and started towards the gates of the cemetery, she was to meet the man at the gates at 9:30am. She saw him, he was leaned up against the gate with his head down. He was wearing a black jacket that was unzipped reviling a worn blue shirt. His pants were also black and worn. He looked up and looked off into the distance. She got a good look at his face. He had back fur around most of his head except for his nose down, that was grey. There was a short scar that was just below his right eye, and another on his neck. His eyes were mostly grey with a hint of green. Aeris though he was a pretty good looking guy actually. Reminded her a bit of Leo, but more not as lively as he was. He was always so full of life and very happy. It looked as though he was dead on the inside, like her. She knew how he felt. He looked over and saw her, and he seemed be a bit shocked. His eyes became a little greener and he stopped leaning on the wall and stood up straight. She walked over to him.

"What's the weather looking like in 3 weeks?" Aeris asked the stranger.

"Clear as the sky's in Berlin." He said back completing the code.

"So you're Eli." She said.

He nodded. "That means your Aeris then."

"Yes" She said back. "Pants Man said you could help me with this problem I'm having.

"Your roommate was murdered right?" He asked.

"Yeah, I want to find the people who did it." Aeris replied angrily.

"Well that search is over." He said.

"You know who did it?" She asked, her eyes lit up.

"Yes. Have you heard of the Toronto underground?"

"No." She replied

"It's the mob that controls drugs, gun racket, extortion and all other types of organized crime in Toronto." He said.

"Jesus…" Aeris said.

"The police said they had no leads or anything." She said.

"The TU are pretty elusive and have cops in their payroll." He replied.

Aeris stared steadily at the ground, thinking. Then suddenly looked up at Eli.

"Can you help me take them down?" Aeris asked.

"More like can you help me." He replied.

She looked at him seriously.

"I've never shot a gun before." She said.

"I'll teach you." He said

"Will anyone else help us?" She asked

"No it will be just me and you."

"Can we do it?" She asked

"We sure can try." He replied. "My car is over there, I'll take you to the safe house and you can decide whether to help me or not there."

She looked at him confidently. "Let's go."

Well that was the pilot new pilot! Yay! How'd you like it? Better or worse than the old one? It makes more sense now it seems. To anyone who didn't read the old one how'd you like it? To the people new to this story it is a darker story than the one I wrote before witch is called goodbye. You can check that out if you want. The two stories are in no way related to each other, other than the characters of course. But many people say it's a cute little love story so if you're into that than check it out!

Thx for reading! ~Foot Pains