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"I was hoping it would make you happy," Tails said smiling. Cosmo certainly is special, I only wish I could tell her how I feel, he thought. "You're so beauti-AHHHH," Tails said out loud.

"It's true the stars are beautiful, I'm so happy right now! I feel like I could stand here staring at them forever," Cosmo said innocently.

Tails blushed. "So do I," he said gently, glad that Cosmo didn't catch him calling her beautiful.

Soon the party was over and everyone was off in their rooms. Tails was walking down the hallway when he ran into someone. "Sorry," he mumbled. He looked up to see Amy, who had this evil smirk on her face.

"You like Cosmo don't you," she snickered. Her arms where crossed like she knew something was up. Her eyes had this mischievous look to them.

Tails shook his head. "No I don't! Amy quit stalking me," Tails said as he blushed. He prayed that Amy wouldn't find out. If she did she would torture him forever.

Amy smiled. "Oh come one Tails! Admit it! You like Cosmo, I can tell," she said. This made Tails blush even more.

"Why do you care," he mumbled, "Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you."

Amy frowned. "You know, you should tell her what you were going say earlier. About how she's BEAUTIFUL," Amy giggled. Tails blushed even more.

"You heard that!"

"Of course I did!"

"But how?"

"Oh I've got my ways, now I have to go," Amy said as she walked off. She turned around when she was right next to the door to her room. "You should have finished that sentence, she's been waiting for it," Amy said right before she went in.

Tails stood in the middle of the hallway for what seemed like an hour. "She's been waiting for it," he repeated what Amy had said. Soon Tails got an idea. He ran and grabbed some of the extra streamers and snuck into Cosmo's room. He quietly tore the pieces so they looked like rose petals and set them in a pattern on the table near Cosmo's bed. He smiled at her and left the room.

That next morning Tails woke up early and went straight to work. Soon everyone was awake. "Cosmo, what's up," asked Cream.

"I'm not really sure," Cosmo mumbled.

"What do you mean you don't know," Amy asked Cosmo. She looked at Tails, making him blush.

"Well, I woke up this morning and on the nightstand was this note made out of tore paper," Cosmo said.

"What did it say," Amy asked, still looking at Tails.

"It said, 'You're so beautiful,'" Cosmo said.

Amy smiled and looked at Tails. "Well, who do you think gave it to you," she asked.

Cosmo shrugged. "I don't know," she said softly.

Amy smiled. "I wonder…"

The End

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