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(Located in New York City is Stark Towers. Belonging to Tony Stark who is the world's wealthiest and smartest man alive. But is also a complete Douchebag)

Balcony at Tony's apartment

Tony: (eating breakfast) It's a shortlist, Jarvis.

Jarvis: (pouring coffee) Yes, sir

Tony: Two things we don't allow in here, what are they?

Jarvis: (sighs) Dogs, and Vanessa Masters.

Tony: That's a very short list, isn't it?

Jarvis: Yes but..

Tony: (Frowns) What?

Jarvis: ...she was quite...

Tony: What, what was she?

Jarvis: ...insistent that she be let in.

Flashback to the previous night

Vanessa: DING DONG!
(Before Jarvis can get to the door, it's busted down and as the dust settles, A Tall Dark haired woman, sporting a purple cocktail dress, three gold bangs on her left wrist and holding a Battering Ram)
Jarvis: Evening, Mrs. Masters.

(Vanessa tosses aside the battering Ram and casually walks into the Apartment.)

Vanessa: Evening, Jarvis, is Mr. Stark in?

Jarvis: No, Madam, so i must insist you lea...

Vanessa: Well, i'm sure he won't mind me sticking around.

Back to the balcony

Tony: Of course I would mind, Jarvis! She freaking destroyed my Kitchen!

Jarvis: In all fairness, Sir, I think it was the faulty wiring in the oven that caused...

Tony: Stop! (Holds up a palm) Do not Let her in...Ever

Jarvis: Yes, Sir.

Tony: If she barges in again. Call the Sentry Robots to deal with her. Okay?

Jarvis: Yes sir.

Tony: Vanessa Masters is not to be trusted in my home. Or in my Social Life.

Jarvis: Very good, Sir. What should I do about the stain on the couch?

Tony: Torch it...it is unclean after what she did.

Jarvis: (Sighs) Of course, Sir.

(Jarvis the sports a mask and Flamethrower, as Tony Leaves the Apartment, setting the couch on fire on the Balcony)

Laundry entrance to G-FORCE Headquarters

(An Indian man is Indian garb is waiting for Stark at the front Desk)

Laundry Guy: One entire whole week, we've been calling you. Highly unprofessional.

(Sneering Tony snatches the Laundry shirts he'd left and heads to the Elevator hidden behind Washer's.)

Tony: Really, because I find your sweatiness unprofessional. Now we have something else in common. Besides the fact that, now, both of our shirts reek of curry.

Laundry Man: (Flashing Unpaid bills) And when will you settle you account?

Tony: When will you buy some dress shields?

Laundry Man: This is not a dress.

Tony: (Leaning out the door) Are you serious! that's not a dress?

Elevator to G-Force

Tony Oh god, with the curry again. This shirt smells like Indira Gandhi's thong.


(Meg Griffin is shown at a Desk talking to someone on the Phone.)

Meg: I'm sorry Owen, but we can't go to Sizzlers...Why? Because, you're not welcome there anymore. *listens to Owen talk* You took half the dessert bar home in your pockets! *listens to reply* I know it's "All You Can Eat" AT THE RESTAURANT!

Tony: (holds up shirts) Hey, wanna smell something?

Meg: Swear to god Mr. Stark, I have Courtney's Lawyers on speed dial!

Tony: Shut up..(Falls to ground as lamp is thrown at his head) WHOAH!

(Tony is then shown peering into a Laboratory)

Tony: Hey, Professor LGM, you've got to smell this...(no one is seen) LGM?...Huh...

(Captain Cool and the Incredible Blook are fighting Rhino and Scorpion, sent by Lady Despair, when Captain Cool's cell rings. He answers it, as he holds back Scorpion's tail.)

Captain Cool: Hello?

Tony: Hey you geeks want to smell something?

Captain Cool: Stark, GET THE HELL OFF THE LINE! *Dodges a swipe from Scorpion's tail* Yikes!

(Tony is left staring at his Cell Phone rejected)

Tony: What is it with you people? Try to include people in your life, and then you..(Spots Rocky, as she walks down the aisle of Desks that fill up the room) Rochelle! Hey, hey what does this smell like?

(Rocky is a tanned girl, with the most sparkling brown eyes anyone's ever seen. Her hair is held back by a yellow headband, her canary yellow sundress matching it, as she walks the gold bracelet with ruby's jingles on her right wrist. Her eyes narrow as she sneers at the older male.)

Rocky: Oh, One: Don't call me Rochelle. Two: I don't care what any part of you smells like. And Three: You think I want anything to do with you, after you broke up me and Dib six months ago!

Flashback to Dib and Rocky in their Apartment

(Rocky and Dib are sitting at a table, in the aftermath of a finished meal)

Rocky: Oh my god, you're amazing at cooking.

Dib: Well Mrs. pesky taught me some of her skills.

Rocky: I wonder if you learned anything else from another girl.

Dib: Like what?

Rocky: *leans forward* Like...kissing?

Dib: Oh. OH! (leans forward wagging his eyebrows) Well, I may have learned a few tricks.

(Beofre they can kiss, Iron Man is sent crashing into the apartment. He lands on the table, the two daties still sitting in their chairs. Before he retracts his face-mask, looking at them.)

Iron Man: Sorry about that Kids. (Looks at table he crashed) Oh, were you gonna tell Dib you liked him?

Rocky: *frowns crossing arms* I was...

Iron Man: Hope it goes better, then when you told Zim, you loved him and he rejected you.

Dib: *Stunned* WHAT!

(Rocky giggles nervously, before she gives Tony an Evil stare)

Iron Man: What?

Back to G-Force

Rocky: So don't speak to me. Ever. And while you're not speaking to me, Ever *Grabbing his shirt, she tears it to pieces* go jump in a hole, and die.

Tony: Oh, and after all that HR mediation. Really?

Rocky: *Walking off-screen* Yup.

Tony: After all the hard work Fluttershy did?

(A tall handsome man, with white hair, a business suit, blue eyes and gold cufflinks reading "Vlad" walks up to Tony)

Vlad: Is that Stark?

Tony: (squeezes eyes shut) God damn it.

Vlad: Tony.

Tony: Go away. I've already had my suit's torn, I don't need you bothering.

Vlad: (crosses his arms in no-nonsense expression) Regardless, of wether or not you want my company. We need to talk about your operations account.

Tony: Vlad, not now.

Vlad: Yes, now.

Tony: Not a good time.

(Vlad sighs pinches his nose bridge)

Vlad: You've got some serious...

Tony: (turns to face him) What?

Vlad: ...discrepancies in your personal account.

Tony: No, Vlad.

Vlad: (sarcastic) I'm sure you wouldn't use operational funds for personal expenses.

Flashback to Spending Spree and Casino

(Spending at casino montage, Tony is shown with his arm around a red haired chick. Looking at a roulette wheel in anticpitation.)
Tony: Come one Black, 22, Black, 22, Black! Ass! Son of a bitch. (See's luke cage frowning at him, with arms crossed) Not you, giant African man. Sorry, can I offer you a drink? How about this expensive prostitute?

Luke Cage: I'm married.

Tony: (looks at his 'Escort') To a prostitute?


Tony: That is a very serious implication, Vlad.

Vlad: Well, so is embezzlement.

Tony: Yeah, well, So's the fact that you, some crazy how, are screwing my ex.

(Vlad throws open his arms exasperated)

Vlad: Tony, please.

Tony: What, is that not common knowledge? (turns to everyone in the room) You all know about Vlad and Vanessa getting married, two years after she broke up with me! DON'T YOU!

Vlad: (snarls) ANTHONY STARK!

Tony: Because if Abjay knows, then everybody knows. Because of Abjay's huge mouth.
Right, Abjay? (Said girl is standing in a nearby doorway. She has two black ponytails on both sides of her head, which is covered by a wrestling mask, the area around the eyes a dark red, a purple star at the spot where the eyes meet. She wears a school girls jacket, open it shows her dress shirt, last she sports a pink skirt and some red cowboy boots. She gasps, insulted when Tony points at her.) HR mediations are supposed to be confidential, Abjay, you manatee. (Whips head at Vlad) And as for you, Mr. Masters, Good Day Sir!

Vlad: Hey wait. What about your account? (Realizes what happened) Oh I get it. Classic misdirection.

Outside Vanessa's office

Tony: {when looking at Vanessa's door} Ah, the big, golden door to mediocre management.

(A young woman in blue office suit is shown, sitting at a desk in front of the door. She's best known as Eva from Total Drama island, except her hair is loose and in a wave.)

Eva: A little respect for our fearless leader, please.

Tony: It's my boss' secretary, Eva.

Eva: It's my boss' whipping boy, Tony Stark/Iron Man.

Tony: And why should I respect her? I've worked in the Hero Business longer than she has, you know.

Eva: And you're proud of that?

Tony: Hmmm. Good point.

Vanessa's office

(Vanessa is shown leaning back in her chair, Double D and Sierra are shown, putting a wet washcloth on her forehead, while rubbing the back of her hands)
Vanessa: Lord this hangover! I swear it's like a bunch of monkeys, fighting over a bucket of marbles.
(Tony enters)
Vanessa: Oh God. What the hell are you doing here?

Tony: Come to meet you. Since you said I was to meet you to my butler, who's currently now. Torching my couch you defiled last night.

Vanessa: Spare me your drivel! (waving her hands at Edd and Sierra, the two scurry out of the office.) I'm in no mood to volley words with you.

Tony: (smug smirk) Too hung over.

(He proceeds' to pour himself some gin. From Vanessa's Decanter, seated on the shelf against the nearby wall.)

Vanessa: Ah..Actually, for your information, I've just been reviewing your operations account.

Tony: (whips head at her) No

Vanessa: Yes

Tony: (sits down in front of desk) No

Vanessa: Yes

Tony: No

Vanessa: (leans across the desk) YES!

Tony: No

Vanessa: And it makes for fascinating reading. (the bookshelf behind her, lowers to reveal a screen. Showing all the spots in the world Tony was at) Shall we go over some expenses?

Tony: No.

Vanessa: Let's see, you turned in an expense report from Berlin, where the German desk says you never checked in.

Tony: Oh ah Berlin.

Vanessa: Ditto Buenes Ares. Too busy to check in?

Tony: Oh yeah..

Vanessa: Or already off to Morocco?

Tony: I'm off Super heroing.

Vanessa: Or was it Majorca. (Fake Chipper tone) Oh, or Tunis?

Tony: Tunis kind of rings a bell

(Slamming her fists on the desk, as she stands up, obvious that she's going to regret that action later. She snarls at Tony with her eyes glowing purple and her voice distorted.)

Vanessa: G-FORCE ISN'T YOUR OWN PERSONAL TRAVEL AGENCY! (Calming down due to a stab of pain in her head, she settles but her eyes still glow) It doesn't exist just so you can jet off to.. Whore Island.

Tony: That's not...a real place.

Vanessa: Listen to me you Ass Munching, Whore Mongering, Sex Maniac. I set up this Agency becuase it is my son's one big dream. AND IF YOU THREATEN IT!

Tony: Geez, settle down, your eyes are glowing again.

Vanessa: (Her finger pointed at him like a dagger) I have fifty Ex-boyfriends, who would literally kill to be in your position. And if you don't square up your operations account by Monday, they won't need to. YOUR POSITION WILL BE VACANT! (She finishes her shout, noticing Tony isn't paying attention) STARK!

Tony: Sorry, I was picturing whore island.

Vanessa: Have I made myself clear?

Tony: You're looking for the answer yes?

Vanessa: Yes

Tony: Then yes.

Vanessa: Good, now get out. (pointing to the door, Stark heads toward it) And for God's sake, take a shower. (lifts glass of water to mouth) It smells like a whore house in here.

Tony: OK, your own fingers.

Vanessa: What?

Tony: Nothing. (Vanessa glowers at him from over her glass) Johnny Bench called.

Vanessa: GET OUT! (Hurling the glass at Stark, who dodges it fleeing thru the door, Eva comes in concerned. Seeing Vanessa slumped in her chair, grabbing her forehead) Eva...get me a relaxing mud mask. I'm in Serious need of a spa treatment.

Eva: (sighs) Right away, Vanessa.