Title - Coulda Woulda Shoulda
Author name - Soy
Author e-mail - soywon
Disclaimer - All of the Ducks are owned by Disney. Most of the schools and players I use in this are real and are owned by themselves. Big shout out to Avon Old Farms for unknowingly lending me not only their name but also their captain, coach, and a few random others.
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Chapter 1 - Welcome to Florida

Connie's POV



"How many skirts did you pack?"

"Three, why?"

"Well, that's three more than I brought with me..." I flash my roommate the 'Please-iest' smile I can and she sighs.

"Here, take this one." Julie gives me a sympathetic look as she throws a black ball of fabric across the room at me. I unroll it and drape it in front of myself. It's not bad, for a skirt. I like the one that Julie's wearing more, but since I'm already being demanding as it is, I really can't complain... Wait, Julie's changed into a skirt already? I'm really moving slow...

"Thanks," I say, tossing the skirt down onto my bed before digging through my unpacked suitcase for a shirt to match it.

"Huh," Julie begins, "I swear I reminded you to pack a dress or a skirt or something. You know They always make us dress up at things like this-"

'Things like this', that's code for 'Let's show off our money! events'. Since we started playing for Eden Hall, we've been dragged to quiet a few of these.

"I know, I know... And you probably did tell me, I just somehow forgot..." Stress. Stress makes me forget the unimportant things. Why am I under stress, it's spring break? Could it be all the pressure Orion is putting on us to be good little ambassadors for Eden Hall?

There's a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Julie and I yell in unison. We smile at each other in that 'Why are we so alike?!' way. We're roommates at school, we're used to one another.

"Hi," Guy sticks his head into the room.

I don't know whether to smile or frown, so I do nothing. Guy. What is he doing here?

Guy and I have a real 'on-off' relationship. I was pretty sure that, this morning, when we left Minnesota, we were still on the off. On the plane, though, we had seats next to each other. The entire way we didn't talk, but then, as we were landing, Guy reached over and grabbed my hand. He remembered that I hate planes. Not that that's an easy thing to forget, I've been talking about how much I've been dreading the flights to and from Florida for weeks now. I hate planes.

"Hi," Julie says, sounding as if she finds this moment awkward. She knows about Guy and me.

"Hey," I say with a wave of my hand before turning back to my suitcase.

"Connie, can I talk to you for a second?"

I look at him. He's giving me his 'Sad Guy' face. I can't resist it.

"Sure," I sigh.

"Good," he takes a step into the room.

"I'll give you two some privacy." Julie starts to back away. I try to grab hold of her arm before she can go, but it doesn't work and she sneaks past me. Sometimes I think she's on Guy's side...

Julie shuts the door behind herself as she goes, and now it's just Guy and me, alone in a room, together.

"So..." I try to seem casual. "What did you want to talk about?"

"I don't know..."


"Look, I was thinking. Maybe the last time we broke up-" two months ago "-we, well, we shouldn't have."

"Guy, I don't know..."

"I know, I know... I can act like a jerk when we date." That's true, he really can. He forgets anniversaries, cancels dates, and even flirts with the occasional other girl. "And you know when I get nervous I say stupid things-"




"I know-"

This conversation is going nowhere. Why do we keep cutting each other off? I think it may be a pride thing. Or one of those 'Who has the power?' trips.

"No, I don't think you do. I mean, you can't just come into my room, kick Julie out, and tell me that you want us to date again-"

"I didn't kick Julie out-"

"You know what I mean..."

"I didn't kick Julie out."

"You did-"

"Did not-"

"Did to-"

"Did not-"

This could go on for awhile.

Guy and I have been fighting a lot recently. I think our entire relationship is based on us fighting.

"Fine, you didn't kick Julie out!" I concede sometimes, but only to work towards a greater good. "Back on topic, you can't just come into my room and tell me - out of nowhere, I might add - that you want us to be a couple again! Real couples don't work like that!" Not to mention the fact that we're fifteen, and I don't think couples are real at fifteen years of age. It all seems kind of cheesy...

"Come on Connie! We're not like most people... We're different," if he says 'We're Ducks', I might have to kick him out, "We have different ways of doing things."

"Different ways of doing things?!" Deep breath in, deep breath out. Breathe Connie, calm yourself down. "Guy, you know I would never want to be with anyone but you, but, really, why can't you just ask me out like a normal-"

"You would never want to be with anyone but me?"

Sure, that's what he picks up on.

Julie's POV

I rest my head in my hands as I sit against the wall with my legs folded in front of me. Next to me is the door to my room, the room which I left twenty minutes ago to give Connie an Guy some time to talk. I'm hoping they finally work out whatever minor problem they're having this week. Those two are always getting into fights about the most random things...

"Hey Julie..."

I look up to see Portman, the more intimidating of the two Bash Brothers, just coming out of his room across the hall. He's still talking, but I haven't really been listening.


"Nice outfit." He smirks and I look down at my clothes. I'm wearing a big red polo shirt and a mid thigh length blue skirt. They don't match in the slightest, I forgot that I was only half way changed. I also realize that sitting this way while wearing a skirt isn't the smartest I idea, so I resettle myself with my legs closed in front of me.

"I was in the middle of changing when I got kicked out of my room," I point to the door to my side. "Connie and Guy are having 'alone time'."

"Again?" Portman asks, his eyes widening. "They seem like they're at it all the time-"

"Oh, yeah," I sigh sarcastically, rolling my eyes. "Those two love birds..."

"Is something wrong between them?" There's no concern in his voice, just interest. That's the Portman I'm used.

"No," I sigh, "It's business as usual for them."

They're always mad at each other now. I guess they always have been, but I didn't know them in the very beginning, back when they were ten... It's odd how they claim their 'relationship' started when they were ten. That just seems a little young to me...

I look up to tell Portman this, but I realize he probably wouldn't care. I also realize that he's already dressed for this dinner thing...

"How much time do we have before we leave?" No, that wasn't an obvious topic switch or anything...

"About half an hour," Portman informs me. "I'm gonna be in the kitchen if anybody needs me."

"Okay," I nod after him, but he's already walking away. Half an hour. I wonder if Guy and Connie are almost done talking... I would kind of like to go to dinner in matching clothes...

The door opens. Guy steps out.

"Did you work it out?" I ask him, and he looks down at me, startled, as if I was the last person he expected to see sitting outside my room.

"Julie..." That's his evasive tone. No, I guess they didn't solve anything. "Maybe. I'm not sure, though."

"Not sure?"

"I never can be with Connie..."

I smile. Yeah, Connie has a way of always keeping Guy at bay...

It's amazing how much control she has in that relationship. I wonder if Guy notices it. I think he does. I think he's always known that Connie's the controlling one, but that doesn't seem to bother him too much. He always comes back for more.