I couldn't wait to continue the story. I know that some of you guys think that Flora and Helia is a bit off character but if you think about it, it's not really off character in a way. I kind of don't want to explain because it might spoil the story. So here you go.

It was the weekend and I was on the couch. I was glad. The classes were hard. But I could handle it. I was the only one up except Helia since it was only around 9 in the morning. I had no idea where Helia was, but I don't really care. He was such a jerk. I went to my laptop to check my email. I saw one email from my aunt that lived in New Jersey. My aunt never emailed me. I clicked on the email and started reading the email.

From Aunt Marguerite:

Hi Flora! It's your aunt Marguerite. Guess what? I'm getting married! He's a really nice guy. I heard that you transferred to a boarding school in New Jersey. Can you come to my house at 8:00 PM tomorrow for a celebration? And next Sunday, it's going to be my wedding. Can you make it?

I pressed the reply button as I was done reading the email. I started typing.

Hi Aunt Marguerite! I am happy for you! I will be able to make it to the party tonight and the wedding.

After I was done typing, I sent the sent button. For after a few minutes, Helia came back to the dorm room. Helia smirked.

"Great, seeing your face has officially ruined my morning." Helia stated.

"Now my morning is ruined too, since I saw your face. Now both of our mornings are ruined." I snapped.

I walked to the small kitchen and open to the refrigerator for food to make breakfast. The fridge was almost empty. There was only milk and a few eggs. In the freezer, there was nothing but ice and a
unfinished ice cream sandwich.

"That's it, someone needs to shop for food around here." I admitted.

"Well, it doesn't seem like anyone is willing to go grocery shopping." Helia said.

"I'll do it. But the problem is I don't have a ride. I don't want to ask you this, but drive me to the grocery store." I demanded.

"Why should I?" Helia questioned.

"Fine, I guess you'll be eating eggs, ice, and a unfinished ice cream sandwich." I said.

Helia had a thinking expression on his face.

"Fine, but it's only because I want food around here, and no one is willing to go shopping for food here." Helia said.

I went to the restroom got dressed. After I was dressed, Helia and I left the dorm room and the campus and got in Helia's car.

"Put the radio on." I demanded.

Helia putted the radio on. I heard the song that I was currently into so I immediately started singing.

"Do you really have to sing? Oh come on. Can you stop singing?" Helia sounded like he was a little annoyed by my singing. I started singing louder. Helia groaned. Helia started to look even more annoyed. For after a few minutes, we were finally at the grocery store.

"We both will be paying for the food." I said.

Helia rolled his eyes.

We went to a couple of isles. There were a lot of vegetables and fruit in the shopping cart so far. We both saw green tea and both immediately stared the green tea on placing them on the cart.

"You like green tea?" Helia questioned.

"Yeah, I love green tea." I said.

We went to a couple of other isles. We also collected bread, peanut butter and jelly, butter, yogurt, ice cream, snacks, pasta, tomato sauce, and a couple of other things but it's not important. I grabbed cake batter and added it to the cart. I love baking homemade cakes. Helia grabbed the cake batter and putted it back to the shelf.

"Why did you put it back?" I asked.

"We don't need cake batter." Helia stated.

"Well, I want to buy it. I want to make cake." I said.

"It's going to be a waste of money because your cake is probably going to be horrible." Helia said.

"Please, like you can bake, jerk. I can bake, and I can buy whatever I want too." I snapped. I grabbed the cake batter and putted it back onto the cart.

"Ugh. But you will be paying for it. Don't blame me if you end up eating bad cake." Helia mentioned.

I rolled my eyes.

After the thirty minutes, we were done getting everything we wanted to buy. We paid for the food, and headed back to the dorm room. When we opened the door, we saw that Layla and Nabu was awake and watching TV.

"You guys bought food? Finally! It's about time we had food around here!" Nabu beamed.

"Yeah, no thanks to you guys." Helia joked.

"How come you guys can't buy groceries?" I asked.

"I have too many things to do, and I guess Nabu is just lazy. I'm starving. And I was wondering where you guys were the whole time!" Layla said.

"Wait, you guys actually went grocery shopping TOGETHER? I thought you couldn't stand each other!" Nabu said.

"Well, that's true, but I needed a ride to the grocery store so Helia had to drive me there. Only if you guys were awake. Helia was being such a jerk." I explained.

"It's not like you see me bossing around people, unlike somebody." Helia informed.

"Ugh, you're such a pain in the neck." I said.

"Okay, let's stop arguing. I want food now!" Nabu said.

Everybody went to the kitchen and started unloading the food into either the counter top, refrigerator, or freezer. After everybody was done unloading, I started grabbing out all of the groceries and started making breakfast. I was starving after all of the shopping. I managed to make pancakes for everybody. Layla, Nabu, and I started eating the pancakes.

"Yum, these pancakes are good!" Layla said.


"It been a while since anyone made breakfast around here. We always go buy breakfast. But this is a great way to save money." Nabu said.

I noticed that Helia was staring at the pancakes.

"Helia, you look hungry." I said.

"Well, yeah." Helia admitted.

"Just have some pancakes." I said.

Helia grabbed a pancake and started eating.

"I tasted better." Helia said.

I rolled my eyes.

"Could have at least said thank you!" I snapped.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. The books are here." Helia showed me the textbooks that I needed.

I took the textbooks and placed them on my room.

"No thanks?" Helia asked.

"You didn't even thank me for the pancakes." I mentioned.

"Touché." Helia stated.

So... still liking it? Who knows what I have in store for you guys!