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I woke up on a Saturday morning, only to find out that I was in a sequin dress. I tried remembering what happened yesterday. Now it all came to me. The last thing I remembered was that I was at the beach, with Helia. Wait... but how did I get in bed?

I changed into my usual clothes, and walked out of my room. I walked over to Helia's room and slowly opened the door. Helia was asleep. I understand why. We were awake really late yesterday, so he must have been tired. He looked so cute sleeping.

I decided to make tea, for me and Helia. I felt like being really nice to him today. I went to the kitchen and started making tea. When I heard footsteps, I was hoping it was going to be Helia. But instead, it was Nabu.

"What are you making?" Nabu asked.

"Some tea." I said.

"Aw man. I thought you were making breakfast. Never mind. I'm going back to sleep." Nabu purposed.

Nabu walked back to his room. A few minutes later, I heard footsteps again. This time, it was Helia with messy bed hair. I smiled.

"Helia, you want some green tea?" I asked.


I handed him the green tea. "Thanks." he said.

Helia and I sat down on the counter and drank our tea.

"Helia, I just wanted to ask... but how did I end up on the bed?" I questioned.

"Well... you fell asleep on the beach, so I carried to you the car, and then carried you back to the dorm room." Helia explained.

"Really? Thanks Helia." I gave him my best smile. It was thoughtful of him to carry me back to the bed.

"Hey, let's make breakfast." Helia suggested.

I agreed with him, and walked back to the kitchen with him and started making breakfast.

The next day...

It was the day of our date. I examined myself in the mirror, to see how I looked.

I was wearing cream strapless with white flowers on the bottom of the bust along with white lace heels with a white flower on it. I accessorized myself with layers of pearl necklaces, pearl teardrop earrings, and a three layered pearl bracelet. Lastly, I placed my hair to the sides plus had it tied up into a ponytail to the side. To finish off my look, I placed a white flower hair clip onto my hair. I grabbed my white ruffled clutch. (AN: If you want to know what her outfit looks like, just check it out on my homepage.)

There was a knock on the door, which made my heart dropped to my stomach. "Flora, are you ready?" I heard Helia asked.

I opened my door swiftly, and smiled.

"Ready." I whispered.

We started walking to the elevator, and pressed the button to go down to the parking garage.

"You look really nice." Helia said, when we got in his car.

"Your just saying that." I chuckled.

He cupped my right cheek with his hand, but he didn't kiss me, like I hoped he would.

"No. I mean it." he finally said.

I felt my heart flutter, and I felt the butterflies forming in my stomach.

Cheesy, I know. But, that's how I really felt.

He let go of my face, and started driving. We uncomfortably sat in the car, neither one of us knowing what to say. Honestly, I had a lot to say. But, I didn't want to irritate him, especially since we were on a date.

We pulled up to a restaurant I've never heard of, and got out. While I was walking my way to go inside, he held my hand. The spaces between my fingers fit perfectly between his.

"Well, let's go." he said.

I nodded.

There was one table in the middle of the porch outside, the fences surrounding it had pretty, coral lanterns hanging from it, and there were pink peonies everywhere. On the table, there was one single red rose in a glass vase in the middle, a candle, two champagne glasses, and silverware for two. Helia politely pulled out my chair for me, and sat on the opposite side.

"Can I get you guys anything to drink?" the waiter asked.

"I'll have water." Helia and I said at the same time.

I looked over at him, and I blushed.

"Two glasses of water?" the waiter asked.

"Yes." Helia replied.

"Alright, anything to eat?"

"I'll have spaghetti without meatballs." I said.

"I'll have the same." Helia said, slyly smiling at me.

"Alright, I'll be back with your drinks in a minute." the waiter said, leaving.

"Helia, why did you order the same thing as me?" I asked.

"Because, I'm a vegetarian." Helia told Flora. What? Helia was a vegetarian! I always wanted somebody else to be a vegetarian just like I was. I feel more connected with him.

"What, really? Me too." I said.

Helia gave me a smile.

"So, Helia. I never knew you could be so, romantic." I said, slightly smirking.

"Well, I am." he said.

"Hmm, you seem good at setting up things like this. I bet you've done it for many other girls." I smiled.

"No, Flora. Only once." he chuckled. "For you."

My face turned tomato red, as I bit my lip from smiling.

"Your drinks." the waiter said, coming back, and handing us two tall glasses of water.

"Thanks." I smiled.

The waiter nodded in return, and walked back inside.

"Flora, have you ever been in love?" Helia asked, staring at the flame of the candle burning on the table.

"Yeah." I said, thinking thoroughly.

"How is it like?" he asked, frowning.

I almost choked on my water.

"You've never been in love?" I asked.

"No. Not until now." he admitted.