A Present

Out in the middle of an eerie highway, drenched with sweat and rain stood a young female with chestnut hair glued to her face. She kept her arms crossed and on her face was a look of frustration and annoyance; the woman kicked the door of her rusty dingy old car in vain and muttered a few choice curses at the lifeless inanimate object besides her. This blasted car had been a gift from her parents to celebrate her return from her first successful year as an independent college student.

More like a curse… she thought viciously.

Her parents had admitted that the car wasn't really much of a looker and it wasn't in the best of shape, but it's all they could afford for her at the moment; plus, it was the thought that counts. Mikan, for that was the young woman's name, wanted to get it checked out as soon as possible, but her parents insisted that she drive it back to the small town her college resided in, where she could probably get a better deal fixing the pile of steel and rubber then she would get from the overpriced city she was fostered in.

I really wish I had said no… then I wouldn't be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken piece of vehicle at 2:00 am, soaking wet. Where the hell is that stupid mechanic… the station I called promised me one hour ago…

Mikan grew impatient and began tapping her foot against the tire of the red rundown vehicle.


The thunder bellowed suddenly, startling Mikan. She jolted and jumped in the air.

That was a big mistake.

With the rain pouring down as swift and brutally as it was, there were bound to be puddles: big, slippery puddles. And a puddle was exactly what Mikan jumped into, or rather, slipped into. She could no longer maintain her balance and fell facedown into a relatively immense puddle.


Gee, isn't she just lucky?

She gingerly crawled onto her knees; taking note she was defiantly going to feel it tomorrow. Her eyes glimpsed at herself in the car window to survey the damage and hell there was a lot of it.

Argh… nowIlook like I need a tune up… or maybe a complete overhaul…

Before she was just soaked, nothing a hot bath and a hairdryer couldn't fix but now… Her hair was tangled and covered in grease, her hands and knees were red, scratched, and slightly bleeding, the new jeans she bought yesterday were torn and beyond repair, and her poor defenseless green blouse was now soaked in oil that leaked from her car… wait a minute…leaked from… her car!

Damn! This only seems to be getting worse! If that bastard of a mechanic doesn't get here in the next sixty seconds, I swear when he does, he will never be able to see sunshine ever again.

May I please reiterate? I think I will anyways. Gee, isn't she just lucky?

The infuriated spitfire leaned on her bruised knees and let out a hiss of pain as she looked under her car. Yes, her car was defiantly leaking, and leaking at a profuse rate. Her day couldn't possibly get any worse, and the day only technically started two hours ago.

That ass has 45 seconds left…

That was the sole thought that kept Mikan from going wild and ripping the door of her stupid locked car. Yes, of course the door of her car was locked and the keys were snuggly inside with the rest of her luggage. I mean why else would someone wait for a mechanic outside her car while it was raining?

Thirty effing' seconds… BOOM

Mikan didn't fall this time; she was expecting it but it didn't do much to alleviate her fears and frustration. Did I say the word 'fears'? Why yes I did! I'm so glad you are paying attention! You readers make me so proud! Now back to Mikan; yes fears. Even with all the bravado and fury, she was still a little nervous deep down. Alone, standing in a deserted highway with no protection or transportation, doesn't really leave someone with a sense of security. She shivered from the combination of panic and cold.


Mikan's head snapped up from her contemplations. She heard a noise and it certainly wasn't her. Her eyes grew wide and hurriedly searched the highway from front to back. Nothing… or at least that's what her eyes told her… at 2:00 am in the morning with no real clear lighting. Like I said before, it doesn't really leave someone with a sense of security. The anxiety was really getting to her. Her heart started stammering in her chest as she tried to think a way out of this mess.

Oh shit! I'm going to get raped or killed, or both! Darn… I can't scream… no one will hear me… I can beat an attacker off; I'm barely able to stand… Darn it… I'm royally screwed.

A large shadowy silhouette approached her from the left and it didn't make Mikan feel any better now that she could see it.


What was that?

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